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Stop Global Warming

Project Title: Stop Global Warming Category: Application Development, Enterprise. Objective:
This is a social website for encouraging people to abstain from various pollution causatives. It works on the principles of health promotion and strengthening the society. It not only makes the users aware of the diseases caused but also how to prevent them. It encourage, conduct and participate in investigations and research relating to problems of water, land and air pollution and its prevention, control and abatement thereof. Global warming refers to an average increase in the Earth's temperature, which in turn causes changes in climate. A warmer Earth may lead to changes in rainfall patterns, a rise in sea level, and a wide range of impacts on plants, wildlife, and humans. When scientists talk about the issue of climate change, their concern is about global warming caused by human activities. While the Earth's climate has always changed naturally, for the first time human activity is now a major force affecting the process, with potentially drastic consequences. Huge volumes of fossil fuels in the form of gasoline, oil, coal and natural gas are used every day, releasing carbon dioxide. This, together with other emissions generated by human activity, such as methane and nitrous oxide, accentuate the natural 'greenhouse effect' that makes the Earth habitable. Carbon dioxide is the most important anthropogenic greenhouse gas, with annual emissions growing 80 per cent in 19702004.

i. To shed light on the various inspiring stories of those who have contributed against pollution. Group members will have opportunities to run various anti-pollution awareness programmers in public places, colleges, etc. It should spread awareness about the ways (direct, indirect etc) in which a person can help to overcome pollution. To evolve efficient methods of disposal of sewage and trade effluent on land. To facilitate members to interact with people, conduct counseling and clear doubts via discussion forums/chat/mail. Secure registration and profile management facilities for registered members and government and non government agencies. A regular news-letter should be sent to registered users to spread awareness. To collaborate with Central Pollution Control Board in organizing the training of persons engaged or to be engaged in programmers relating to prevention, control or abatement of water/air pollution and to organize mass education programmed relating thereto. To identify and monitor the isolated storage of hazardous chemicals. Basic and advance admin facilities like add/update members, back up/recovery of data, generating various reports, etc.

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Stop Global Warming

Out of Scope
The Admin acceptance criteria of the Govt. Agents & Doctor, Group Members registration is out of scope. To monitor the generation, transportation, treatment, storage and disposal of hazardous wastes.

Additional Information
Database connection can be switched to MS SQL Server-2005 are above. User authentications through a Role Based which can be used to cross check the User credentials. The Reports can be generated for the History data like Training Schedules, Population, etc.


The existing system is a manual system. Here the User of the system needs to save his information in the form of excel sheets or Disk Drives. There is no sharing is possible if the data is in the form of paper or Disk drives. The manual system gives us very less security for saving data; some data may be lost due to mismanagement. Its a limited system and fewer users friendly. Searching of particular information is very critical it takes lot of time. The users cannot able to restrict the information sharing options. The users only know his information only not others. It is very critical to share public information to all users.


The development of this new system contains the following activities, which try to automate the entire process keeping in the view of database integration approach. User Friendliness is provided in the application with various controls provided by system Rich User Interface. The system makes the overall project management much easier and flexible. It can be accessed over the Intranet. Various classes have been used for file uploading and down loading.

Stop Global Warming

The user information files can be stored in centralized database which can be maintained by the system. This can give the good security for user information because data is not in client machine. Authentication is provided for this application only registered users can access. User can share is data to others, and also he can get data from others. There is no risk of data management at any level while the project development is under process. Report generation features is provided using crystal reports to generate different kind of reports.

Modules i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. viii. Administrator Authentication Search General Public Group Members Govt. or Non-Govt. Agencies, Doctors Communication Reports A) Activities of members and counselors by area. B) State and City wise population Details. C) Newsletter review statistics. E) Users who contributes against pollution.

A) General Public General Public (i.e. Guest visitors) should able to access the site Home page, Registration Page, etc. common pages of the site. They should be able to interact with Govt. or Non-Govt. Agencies, Doctors at given appointment timings to clarify their doubts using Chat. They can also send emails to Govt. or Non-Govt. Agencies, Doctors, Group Members with queries. They should able to see the site in Local Language. B) Group Members (Registered Users) Should able to Register to the Web site by providing Profile details which will be accepted by Admin.

Stop Global Warming

These users are authenticated to the website by providing the credentials which they got at the time of registration. Being a Group Member (after registration accepted by Admin) should able to conduct Awareness campaigns and update the details into the system. He should able to see the Training Schedules published by Administrator. Should able to interact with other stakeholders using Email, Chat, and Discussion Forums. They should able to Search for a Govt. and Non-Govt. Agencies, Doctor and can see their Profile.

C) Government or Non-government Agencies, Doctors (Physicians & Counselors) These users are authenticated to the website by providing the credentials which they got at the time of registration. These users registration must be accepted by Administrator to surf the site. While registering, he should also enter the Available Timings for appointments. The User authentication process through a Web Service. He should able to see the Training Schedules published by Administrator. They should able to Search for a Group Members, Users who already interacted with them earlier. D) Site Administrator The User authentication process through a Role Based Authentication. These users are authenticated to the website by providing the credentials which they got at the time of registration. He will approve the registration of Group Members, Govt. or Non-Govt. Agencies & Doctors based on their Profiles. He should publish and communicate the Training schedules conducting by Central Pollution Control Board to Group Members and Govt. or Non-Govt. Agencies & Doctors. He should publish the latest news about the Global Warming on Home Page. He should provide the details of identified and monitored isolated storage of hazardous chemicals. He should able to Add / Update the Group Members, Govt. or Non-Govt. Agencies & Doctors records. Send News Letters to Group Members, Govt. or Non-Govt. Agencies & Doctors. Should able to communicate with other stakeholders (the consumers of the site) like Chat, email, Discussion Forums, etc. Should able to verify the contributions to the site from Group Members in Searching.

KEYWORDS: Generic Technology Keywords: Database, User Interface, Programming Specific Technology Keywords: Asp.Net 3.5, C#.Net, MS SqlServer-05 Project Keywords: Presentation, Business Object, Data Access Layer

Stop Global Warming SDLC Keywords: Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing ENVIRONMENT: Servers: Operating System Server: Windows XP or later Database Server: Microsoft SQL Server-2005 Client: Microsoft Internet Explorer Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio .Net-2008 (Framework 3.5) User Interface: Asp.Net with Ajax Code Behind: C#.Net Hardware Specification: Processor: Intel Pentium or More RAM: 512 MB Ram Hard Disk: PC with 20GB