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Lesson plan Class: Form 4A Duration: 40 minutes Level: Intermediate Topic: Topic 4 Checking up on health, Theme: Health Learning

g outcomes: 2.0 Language for informational use 2.3 Present information to different audiences by responding to question orally and in writing Curriculum specification: Level 3- Writing brief reports, descriptions General objective: By the end of the lesson, students are able to share opinions, list out and write two paragraphs on working out. Specific objective: By the end of the lesson, students are able to share thoughts on what do the students think about working out, list out 10 working out activities and write two paragraphs about 3 activities which they think they would do most often. STAGE SET INDUCTION (5 minutes) TEACHER ACTIVITY 1. Teacher introduces the topic of the day-working out. 2. Teacher randomly picks some students to answer the questions about the topic, for example, money or STUDENT ACTIVITY 1. Students who are chosen answer the teachers questions. TEACHING AIDS Whiteboard, marker EXPECTATION OUTCOMES Students are able to answer the teachers questions.

health, which one is more important? Between sleeping and working out, which one do you prefer and why? PRESENTATION (10 minutes) 1. Teacher distributes the handouts to the students. 2. Teacher then shows some videos on working out, slideshows on benefits of being physically active. CONTROLLED PRACTICE (10 minutes) 1. Teacher divides the students into pairs. 2. Teacher asks each pair to list down 10 activities where they need to move. These can include walking, going 1. Students get their partners and start discussing about the task given. 2. Students seek for teachers help if they need assistance. Papers, pens Students are able to work together in pairs and finish the task in group. 1. Students pay attention and write any additional information that they want into the handouts given by the teachers. Laptop, LCD projector, pictures, videos, handouts Students are able to jot down additional notes, view the video and information on benefits of working out.

up and down stairs, and etc. 3. Teacher facilitates the students if there is any enquiry. COMMUNICATION 1. Teacher (10 minutes) randomly picks any group and the students have to present their ideas to the others. 2. Then, teacher can ask the other students whether they like the ideas or not or they have better suggestions. CLOSURE (5 minutes) 1. Teacher gives homework to the students by asking the students to write two paragraphs about which three activities they think they would do the most often. 1. Students do the task given as homework. Task sheets Students are able to write two paragraphs about the title given. 1. Students who are chosen give out their ideas and teacher and the other students give feedback. Students are able to speak out their ideas.

2. Teacher then concludes the lesson of the day by encouraging the students to do some workouts to stay healthy and young.