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Dear Member, Please find enclosed details of the first AGM of the 1895 Trust, which will take

place in Tolka Park on Friday the 26th of April at 8pm. The business which will be transacted at the meeting is detailed in the agenda, which you can find below. Also attached are further details on how elections to the Committee of Management of the trust will be conducted. A preliminary description of the different roles on the Committee, along with the required skills profile, has been drawn up. If your skill set matches that of any position please consider putting your name forward for election. We would also urge all members to attend to help us reach quorum on the day, which is set at one fifth of our membership. Please also take the time to familiarise yourself with the rules of the Trust, which can be found on our website You can also request a hard copy of the rules from us, for which there is a charge of 10 cent to cover copying costs. Should you have any queries, please contact us at the below details. We hope to see you there on the 26th. Kind Regards, The Acting Committee of The 1895 Trust.

Agenda The 1895 Trust Co-operative Society Limited Society Number: 5594R Annual General Meeting Location: The Small Bar, Tolka Park Date: 26th of April Starting Time: 20:00 Names of Acting Trust committee members: Martin Grehan, Olivia Smyth (Treasurer), Shane Folan (secretary), Conor McManus, Kevin Doyle, Barry Worthington, Niall Farrell, Aidan Geraghty, Gavin Doherty, Lee Daly (Chair). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Acting Chairs Report Overall report on Trust activities and presentation of business plan. Acting Treasurers Report Financial Activities to Date Acting Secretarys Report Membership Appointment of Auditors Elections (21:00) Any Other Business Question and Answer Session (21:30)

Election Procedures 1. There are 7 open vacancies on the committee, although further positions may be filled by co-option. 2. Nominations must be submitted in writing to the societys acting secretary: Mr Shane Folan, 126 Pinebrook Road, Artane, Dublin 5 or via email to Nominations must arrive before 5.30pm on the 23rd of April 2013. 3. Each nomination must contain -Full contact details for the nominee. -A statement from the candidate expressing their intention to run for the committee and detailing the experience and skills they feel are relevant. -Contact details of a seconder, who must be a member of the 1895 Trust. 4. If there are seven or less nominees, no election will take place and the nominees will have been deemed elected to the committee. 5. If there are more than seven nominees, an election will be held. All members over the age of 18 will be given a stamped ballot at the AGM. They must mark an X beside the name of the candidate they wish to vote for, with the top seven candidates being elected. If any candidates receive an equal number of votes another round of voting will take place between these candidates. 6. In the event of a competitive election, candidates may be asked to make a short speech at the AGM prior to voting, outlining why they feel they are suitable to be elected to the committee. 7. Results will be tallied and announced by an independent adjudicator. 8. Committee members will then take up their posts at the next committee meeting, subject to signing a code of conduct. The committee will then decide on how to allocate positions, after undertaking a skills audit to determine what posts suit best.

9. Should a skills gap arise within the committee, additional committee members may be co-opted on, subject to an advertisement of the vacancy, an invitation for expressions of interest and a formal interview. Preliminary Committee Positions: The purpose of the below descriptions is to aid members in deciding on whether to run for committee, as well as preparing a roadmap for the future working of the committee. Chairperson - Chairing Committee meetings and General members meetings - Act as the public face of the Committee of Management. - Use their casting vote at Committee meetings and AGMs. - Must delegate but be prepared to take responsibility where appropriate . Qualifications:

Experience of chairing and facilitating meetings Ability to work with different groups and interests, listen to their concerns and chart a plan of action Excellent communication skills

Secretary - To ensure that the company complies with the law and observes its own regulations, by fulfilling: Statutory duties; Duty of disclosure; Duty to exercise due care, skill and diligence, and Administrative duties, including: - To organise and issue timely notice for the AGM and to include all required documentation with the notice - To take, prepare, amend and store minutes from all Committee meetings as well as General Meetings and the AGM of the Trust - To maintain all legally required registers - To ensure that all required policies and procedures are in place, are fully implemented, and are monitored and evaluated on an annual basis - To protect members interests and see that the Trusts constitution is adhered to at all times - To seek outside help if any concerns are raised - To send all rules changes and other relevant decisions made at members meetings, to the Register of Friendly Societies. - To deal with all correspondence to the Trust - To ensure the Trusts directors retire and that that new directors are elected on an annual basis in accordance with the relevant legal requirements Qualifications:

Experience in note taking and administration Detailed understanding of the responsibilities of a secretary under Company Law Attention to detail, particularly in written communication Familiarity with Company Law in relation to co-operative societies

Financial Officer - Ensure that members are kept informed of the financial situation of the Trust - Approval of expense payments and authorised cheque signatory - Oversight of the Trusts financial assets including bank accounts - Prepare and present financial reports, including a Cash Flow Forecast, to the Committee of Management on a monthly or quarterly (as required) - Prepare and present financial reports at general members meetings and the AGM Qualifications:

Education in accountancy or financial management Experience of producing Cash Flow Forecasts, managing cashflows and bank accounts Budgeting experience

Membership and Volunteering Officer -Manages the Trusts Online and Offline membership systems, working with the secretary to maintain an accurate record of membership. -Manages this record of members in a responsible manner and in line with data protection guidelines. -Responsible for membership drives and recruitment, working with the PRO on these initiatives. -Sources and manages volunteers for Trust activities in line with the Trusts policies and in line with legal guidelines and regulations, with special regard to Child Protection and Garda Vetting. - Responsible for the formulation, implementation and monitoring of the Trusts Child Protection policies. Qualifications:

Ability to manage records in an accurate manner Experience in assessing skill sets and managing volunteers Management, co-ordination and communication skills

Fundraising Officer -Responsible for sourcing ideas for fundraising and ensuring their successful execution, subject to Committee of Management approval. -Works with the treasurer to plan and execute events in order to maximise profits for the Trust from fundraising activities Qualifications:

Background in marketing/charitable fundraising Event management experience

Community Officer -Responsible for acting as a liaison between the Trust, the board of the Shelbourne FC football club, and other groups within the Shelbourne FC community (under age section, fans groups, etc.) -Also responsible for any charitable or community based initiatives undertaken by the Trust. Qualifications:

Detailed understanding of the Shelbourne FC community and the groups and organisations within it Experience in community based work such as coaching, education and charitable activities

Communications Officer -Responsible for communications with members, other trusts and the general public. -Writes press releases, membership updates and content for social media and the Trusts website. -Acting as spokesperson for the Trust in media outlets. Qualifications:

Excellent written and verbal communication skills Background in media and/or public relations Contacts within local and national press

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