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Off Limits: NASCAR The Ringer

Running Video Description Time Code 00:02 Various shots of Malcolm racing as a kid and a trophy 00:12 00:19 00:23 00:26 John OC, various shots of Malcolm Shot from Malcolms car spinning out Shawn OC Various shots of a live race, shots of fans cheering Narration Malcolm: Ever since I was old enough to understand the concept of racing, I really wanted to make it big. John: I think for throwing him into the fire, short notice, no testing, hes done very well. Very impressed with him. Sound Up: Malcolm spins out Shawn: Must have spun out or went off track Narrator: No form of motor sports racing is rooted as deeply in American Popular Culture as NASCAR. Sound Up: Fighter jets fly over a NASCAR event Narrator: Today, its by far the most popular form of auto racing in the USA. Each summer Millions of rabid stock car fans flock to events across North America to watch their heros race at speeds of more than 260 kilometers per hour, in NASCARS premiere championship: The Sprint Cup Series. At larger tracks such as Daytona International Speedway a sprint cup race can draw crowds in excess of 160,000. To keep fans on the edge of their seats, NASCAR fills their track with a seemingly endless supply of highly skilled drivers and teams. This deep talent pool is filled by several smaller series where up and coming drivers and teams cut their teeth and hone their skills. Key: Richard Buck / NASCAR Director of Touring Series, North America Richard: Like most stick and ball or hockey leagues if you will, NASCAR


Various shots of a live NASCAR race


Various shots of a live NASCAR race

Richard OC


CU of Nascar Canadian Tire series truck and fans cheering Shot of fans taking pictures at a race Brad OC


has a Structure and a system. You start at the grass roots level and there you go cut your skills, you see if youve got what it takes, so really it is based on the talent, um thats what the top tiered teams in NASCAR are looking for. Theyre looking to spot that raw talent out there that next pitcher, that next goalie that next, that next talent. Narrator: In Canada, the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series is the place for aspiring Canadian racers and teams to strut their stuff, in preparation for a shot at the bigs. Key: Brad Moran / Director, NASCAR Canadian Tire Series Brad: Well the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series is the only National Series in Canada. We run coast to coast our farthest race west is Vernon BC and we go to Antigonish, Nova Scotia. We run 13 events across the country. Richard: It is the top series in Canada. Its a place for Canadians, and for that matter Europeans, weve had Australians, we had a young man, Joey from Holland. He races here so its attracting um it is high on the radar if you will of the NASCAR world. Key: Prince Edward County / Picton, Ontario, Canada

Various shots of Nascars in a parking lot

MS of Joey from Holland Richard OC 02:43 Various shots of Picton, Ontario MS of Malcolm Camera pans left on a house Shots of Malcolm holding a trophy and of a trophy room

Narrator: Picton, Ontario is not high on the radar of the NASCAR world. Its population could fill the 168 thousands seats in Daytona Speedway 40 times over. But thats never stopped this small town boy from dreaming of the big time. Malcolm Strachan has spent his entire 25 years in Picton, most of it trying to drive as fast as he can. A room filled with trophies shows just how

WS of an old building 03:24 WS of a school Malcolm OC

serious he is about the sport. Malcolms success was fueled by the passion of his parents; owners of a small photo business on Pictons Main Street. Key: Malcolm Strachan / Amateur Race Car Driver Malcolm: Picton was a decent place to grow up, this is where it all began for me where I dreamed of being a bigtime racing driver and having all the money and the fame and all that kind of fun stuff. Everything from my father putting together a pedal car; taking out the pedals, putting in a belly-pan for it so that I could go flying down paved hills and go sliding around on the plastic tires, it was a lot of fun. Sound up: Home movie young Malcolm races down a hill in a pushcar. Dad: Hey, thats good! Hey yeah, you bet.

Old footage of Malcolm as a kid

WS of the arena Pans right following a car Several still shots of Malcolm as a kid Malcolm OC

Malcolm: This is really a hockey-town, uh, motor racings most definitely not what people think about when they come to the county but uh, through the influence of, I think, of my father growing up a lot of weekends at racing circuits and that sort of thing I definitely had dreams of going fast on four wheels instead of skates or kicking a ball around. Ever since I was old enough to understand the concept of racing I wanted to be behind the wheel. I wanted to get up into the big time, whether it was NASCAR whether it was Formula 1 whether it was Le Mans, anything like that. I really wanted to make it big. Sound-Up: Malcolms mother Angela

Home movies of Malcolm in a toy car


Malcolm OC Various shots of Malcolms

parents business

and Father David serve a customer. Key: Angela Strachan / Malcolms mother

Various shots of Malcolm racing as a kid Angela OC

Various still shots of Malcolm racing as a kid

Shots of Malcolms trophy collection


WS and CU of Malcolms Dad working on a car in garage

Angela: His first cart I ever watched him in, I mean he started mid grid, and I mean the sea of little cars take off and you just kind of go huh! My child is in the middle of that! And suddenly he miraculously appeared at the front by the 1st corner at Shannonville and I thought, ok stay there because I dont want you in that mass in the middle and he seemed to always do that. Right from the very 1st race I know he had it in him he had that analytical brain and he could analyze set ups and situations, tell his father and his father would make the cart too what they ended up having was a winning combination. David of course, Malcolms father has done extensive racing through his career, so I think it was all just inevitable that he would be where he is today. Sound Up: Malcolms dad raises the hood of a car in the family garage. Key: David Strachan / Malcolms father David: There are a lot of memories in this garage; weve spent so many hours out here.

David OC beside his car

Its unheated and sometimes those hours were very uncomfortable so it was sweat like blazes in the summertime and freeze our fingers off in the winter but I wouldnt trade it for anything. Weve learned how to do a lot with very little primarily because I really couldnt afford to pay someone else to do it. It

Various shots of Nascar cars

David OC Still shots of newspaper articles about Malcolm David OC WS of Malcolm walking down street Malcolm OC

actually always did my heart good because wed go out and race against quarter million dollar twin turbo Porches and Ferraris and our home build Corvette with used tires and pump gas would invariably beat them and I put most of that down to Malcolms driving talent more than the uh, perhaps the car preparation but at any rate the trophys came home with us and thats what counted, so uh, proud father no question about that. Sound Up: Malcolm walks down Picton Street Malcolm: Every time I turned a wrench on a car it was always a thought of how can I get up to the big time and I quickly came to the realization that a lot of it is money and if you- youve got to either come from money or youve got to be well connected with good sponsors to be able to make it in this business. Sound Up: Dad: Hey Buddy. Malcolm: Hows it going? Dad: Good.


Malcolm walks into his parents store

Various shots of Malcolm talking to his Dad in store


Malcolm OC

Narrator: In professional racing, no sponsor means virtually no chance but just before Strachan parked his racing career for good, Television Network RUSH HD has thrown him a lifeline. Malcolm: I was pretty much running out of hope in terms of making it as a professional racing driver. I really didnt know what was going to happen and uh, came across RUSH HD and thought well, heres an opportunity that might exist so I got in touch with a few people and managed to show them what Im all about and we

Shots of Malcolm holding a RUSH HD helmet Camera tilts up on RUSH HD racecar


Malcolm peels sticker off his RUSH HD helmet Shot of Malcolm in his car Shot of race on jumbotron WS of fans and nationwide series car


David OC Camera scans several team trailers David OC


Malcolm OC Shots of the big teams trailers and different team logos Malcolm OC

put together a really good deal and Im really excited to be running the Rush HD dodge in Montreal. Narrator: Rush HD has offered to give Strachan one shot at his dream. They are sponsoring his entry into this years NASCAR Canadian Tire Series race, at Montreals legendary Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. This is a massively popular Canadian stock car event that shares the bill with a NASCAR Nationwide Series round. Its a chance to impress some of the NASCAR Big wigs. Best of all Its a road course, which is Strachans specialty. David: Im really pleased with the fact that there are going to be a number of really big NASCAR teams there and I just hope that somebody takes the time to watch the Canadian Tire Series race and takes notice of him it because Im sure hell put on a pretty good show. Malcolm: I really think this is my biggest shot at making the big time. If I can impress the right people and influence the right people, maybe I could get a shot at being a road course ringer for some team in the Nationwide series. They only run 2 road races a year so they need a pro driver in there to get the job done and hopefully I can convince them that I can be that pro driver. This will definitely be the biggest race Ive been in and Im really looking forward to basically show what Im made of and show that I can hustle a car around a track as well as look good on camera for the sponsor so well have to see how it goes. Narrator: In just 2 days, racecar driver Malcolm Strachan gets one shot at a dream. He will be competing in a NASCAR Canadian Tire Series race at

Montreal race t-shirt, and WS of packed grandstands Malcolm OC


Various shots of Malcolm at the Gilles Villeneuve race track in Montreal

Montreals Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. WS of NASCAR nationwide trailers WS of lots of fans cheering This NASCAR sanctioned event will lead into a bigger race, a Canadian stop in the Nationwide Series - and 70,000 stock car fans are expected to attend. For this once in a lifetime opportunity, Strachan will be competing in the RUSH HD Dodge owned by Jim Bray Racing. Jim Bray is a NASCAR veteran with more than 40 years under his belt. Hes one of the few Canadians to have ever actually raced with NASCAR in the prestigious Daytona 500. Key: Jim Bray / Owner, Jim Bray Racing Jim: I ran in 2 Daytona 500s 64 and 65, and met a lot of great people. Richard Pettys a personal friend and I was at his 1st race and his last race. What I know about Malcolms driving ability is from what I hear from other people, and I heard good things about him. To me its as important how a guy conducts himself off the racetrack, you know I mean you might say there are lots of drivers around but sometimes theres not lots of good people you want to run your cars so, were a little fussy. Narrator: With Team Brays hauler set-up in the paddock, Strachan heads off to park his car. Hes a long way from the red carpet. In fact, hes a long way from everything. Sound Up: Malcolm walks away from car. Its uh, its about quarter to 2, way out in P3 parking. Any further wed be in the water. Were about a 10 minute walk away from the pits which is another 2 km from uh, from the start/finish line, so a lot of walking

MS of Malcolm talking CU of RUSH HD car MS of Jim Bray in and around his truck

09:58 Jim OC

MS of a truck moving a trailer

Jim OC 10:36 Shot of Malcolm driving away in a car


Malcolm OC talking while walking away from his car


WS of the team trailers Shot of people sitting around

around. My father actually raced here back in 1986. Pretty impressive stuff. Narrator: The teams trucks are parked in the makeshift pits, and the rolling technical inspection area is set to go, but no ones allowed to pull their cars out and get to work - until NASCAR gives the green light. Every race team will be given precisely the same amount of time to prepare their entry for NASCARs very strict rolling technical inspection. Sound Up: NASCAR OFFICIAL Sounds the horn, Pit crews get to work. Key: Tim Ellis / Technical Director, NASCAR Canadian Tire Series

Various shots of guys screwing something together 11:38 MS of NASCAR official blowing horn and teams unloading their cars

Tim OC


Various shots of teams pulling their cars out of the trailers Beauty shots of the exterior and interior of the Rush HD car

Tim: Yeah, its pretty cool to see when all the gates go down, the cars start coming out, the pit carts are rolling out. Guys get working on stuff, theyre all excited to get going here and as you can see behind me, theres lots of work going on here today. Malcolm: Uh, car looks good. I like it up close. Cant wait to get out in it though, thats for sure. Yeah the cars quite a bit different than the Corvette that I used to race big carbureted V8 - a bit more power should be a closer ratio gear box. But uh, drove a late model stock car on an oval for a total of about 20 minutes once, so hopefully that will give me a bit of experience in a similar type of machine. I uh, definitely want to get in and even just feel out the gear box see how it feels, see what I need to do to get used to it, especially for qualifying, so that I can turn in a quick lap but yeah, it should be fun Im looking forward to tomorrow. Narrator: Before the RUSH HD Dodge

Malcolm OC Beauty shots of Malcolms RUSH HD car


Malcolm OC Various shots of people

working on the RUSH HD car and pushing it to the inspection area

CU of John Fletcher talking to someone 13:19 RUSH HD car being pushed to inspection area

can take part in tomorrows practice, it must first pass NASCARs technical inspection. Luckily, this pit crew doesnt have much to worry about. The number 49 Car was built from the ground up by Jim Brays Crew Chief, John Fletcher, a talented fabricator who has built upwards of 50 stock cars during the course of his career. Key: John Fletcher / Crew Chief / Jim Bray Racing John: Inside and out we built the car from scratch in 2003. Jim Bray bought it 2 years ago I think, um, so we had this opportunity this week-end with Malcolm and I told Jim go for it, you know it will be fun. Theyre about 125 thousand turn key. Theres a lot of work in them. Theres a lot of cheaper race cars out there but they dont have the man hours in them more production line stuff. This is a, its an oddball car, and um, its much like a cup car was 15 years ago, or a bush car. Um, theyre a great car theyre just their own beast, you cant take them anywhere else, so theyre unique to what theyre doing. Sound Up: Official: ok thats mine, you can have that back because Im happy, youre good to go. Ok thanks. Sound Up: Shawn: Malcolm this is where youre earning your stripes Pit crew member put yellow tape on rear bumper. Narrator: The RUSH HD Dodge passes technical inspection without a hitch. Now, as per NASCAR rules, Inspection Officials put a strip of whats known as, Rookie Tape, on the cars rear bumper. This simple yellow tape lets the other drivers know that the #49

John OC

Various shots of the RUSH HD car being inspected


Shot of NASCAR official handing paperwork over NASCAR official gives RUSH HD team yellow tape to put on cars bumper


RUSH HD team pushing their car back to pit area


Shot of an official filling out paperwork Malcolm and NASCAR official OC as they talk


MS of Malcolm looking at his helmet 15:05 Malcolm OC

entry has a rookie on board. Narrator: Just a few hours later, team Bray runs into an unexpected snag during a mandatory safety gear inspection. Sound Up: (Official taps helmet) Official: Those are counterfeit Malcolm Really? Official: Yes. They have theyre supposed to be magnetic. If theyre real Hans theyre supposed to be magnetic steel. Malcolm: So what can I do about that? Official: You can get them changed here. Malcolm: Yeah. Official: You have to go down to the nationwide garage to get it done though. Malcolm: Ok Hmm. Thats a little unsettling. Malcolm: The Hans device basically goes underneath the uh, your shoulder belts and then goes up behind the helmet, and then there are 2 tethers that goes to- that attach to the helmet, so in an accident, basically your head cant extend too far forward, Its a bit unnerving that the past couple years, I have been racing with counterfeit safety pieces. Malcolm: I have to get them changed before Im allowed on the track. Narrator: Luckily, Malcolms counterfeit Hans device will be repaired in time for tomorrows practice run. Relieved, Strachan takes a moment to stroll through the Nationwide Series paddock to catch a rare glimpse of life in the fast lane. Malcolm: its funny because you get into something like the Nascar Canadian Tire Series and its a, its a big deal and then you walk down a


Malcolm looking at his helmet and various shots of Malcolm in the garage


Malcolm OC walking

pathway a little bit and all of a sudden youre next to the bigger guys and then its like oh, well, its another step up. Beauty shots of NASCAR nationwide series cars Theres a little bit of the Kid in a Candy Store type of feeling but at the same time its kind of like the kid in a candy store that doesnt have any change in his pockets and uh, Hopefully I could talk to a team or 2 or, at least have a few people watching the Nascar Canadian Tire series race and if they can see how well I do then, they might be willing to pick me up for a road course race or 2. Malcolm: The forecast is for rain tomorrow. If there is rain, it might play into my hands I tend to go well in the rain, Ive had some good results in the rain and I absolutely love racing in the rain, so if there is some inclement weather, then I think I have a better chance of finishing higher up in the order. When I was very, very young I had a lot of experience in the rain. Its definitely not normal for racers to enjoy racing in the rain - but then there are the few odd-balls like me that absolutely love it so, well have to see how it goes. Key: Circuit Gilles Villeneuve / Day 2 NASCAR Canadian Tire Series / Montreal, Quebec, Canada Various shots of teams preparing for test runs Narrator: Today, the competitors in the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series will get their only official practice session. It will be their first look at the Montreal street circuit. For Malcolm Strachan it is also his 1st and only chance to drive the RUSH HD Dodge before qualifying and to raise


WS of cloudy sky Shots of windshield wipers being installed on the car Malcolm OC

Shots of Malcolm and his car

Malcolm OC Malcolms car gets put away in the trailer, fade to black 17:21

Shots of Malcolms car

17:51 Shot of Malcolm preparing his car Richard OC

the stakes even higher - For the first time in his racing career getting noticed by NASCAR is a real possibility. Key: Richard Buck / NASCAR Director of Touring Series, North America Richard: Its not only possible but its happening today. Its been happening since the inception of the NASCAR Canadian Tire series. Um, probably the 1st one was Pete Shepherd, he got recognized by Jack Roush got a ride in the truck series and you know, weve got guys like Andrew Ranger that compete down there and DJ Kennington is very well respected already and recognized in that garage area so many of them have crossed over from this end to that end and are recognized. Narrator: With his Hans device now up to spec, Strachan is geared-up and ready to roll, but his pit crew still have some last minute set up adjustments to make. Jim: You can be here for a week and at the last minute theres a bunch of stuff that uh, my friend one time she said, Is the car ready? I said, the cars never ready, she said, what do you mean? I said, well, it doesnt matter how much time you have, theres always something to do right in the last few minutes. Malcolm: I got here around six, um, theres been a lot of stuff going on right now- they think the batterys a little bit low so theyre just charging it a little bit. Yeah, Im really happy to see the rain this morning, uh, it should be a bit of an advantage, uh, it would be nice to get a bit of dry time in the car just so I could get a feel for the balance of it and everything. Ive driven similar cars

Shots of the teams Richard talks about

Richard OC 18:17 WS of the Hans device CU of under the cars hood 18:27 Jim OC CU of the cars engine


Malcolm OC Shots of people working on Malcolms car Shots of the rain and windy weather MS of man installing tire

Malcolm OC 19:14 Montage of Malcolm getting into the car CU of Malcolm and John talking before he takes the car out

before so, this one in the rain I dont know, I should be able to figure it out. Fingers crossed anyway. Sound Up: Malcolm: This is a triple disc clutch right? John: Yeah, you push it as much as you need and thats it. Malcolm: Right, so when Im starting, like when Im going John: Once you get her rolling just you let it out. Malcolm: Let it out, so like I dont want to slip the clutch at all. John: No dont drag it, just get rolling, let it off. Malcolm: Let it out, let the tires spin a little? John: And only spin it as much as you need. Malcolm: Yeah? Ok.


Shots of mechanics working on Malcolms car John OC CU of Malcolm in his car CU of Jim, and of Malcolm in his car CU and MS of John and Jim talking

John: We dont have to coach him on his driving, we know he can drive we have to coach him on this car. These are a different animal from anything else, so uh, just try to keep him out of trouble till tomorrow then well turn him loose. Narrator: While waiting in the hot pits for his practice to begin, Strachans pit crew hits speed bump. Sound Up: Jim: They want you up there I think. John: What did they say... We gotta fix the light Jim.

20:03 20:12

Jim: Huh? John: Gotta fix the light. If its not on, they dont go on the racetrack Pit Crew Member: Thats what Ive been trying to say. Narrator: According to NASCAR rules, during rain conditions cars must be equipped with brake-lights. Unfortunately, the plug required to activate Strachans brake lights is back in the teams hauler parked in the paddock 1 mile away. John: For the wet youre supposed to have it on - on a switch. Well, we hardly ever run in the wet, so its got a plug. Its all hooked up but the plugs in the other trailer... Typical. Typical motorsports. Narrator: If Strachans brake light isnt working within the next few minutes, hell be barred from entering the track. Losing his one and only chance to get used to the car before the qualifying session would be devastating. Crew Member Shawn McGlynn pleads with the officials for permission to run without the lights. Sound Up: Official: Ready to go? Shawn: Do we have to have a break light? Official: Pardon? Shawn: Do we have to have a break light? Official: Uh, 49 is having trouble with their break light, are they required to have it for practice?.........Ten-Four, Thank youDont need it, just roll out


WS ZI to CU of a mechanic stripping some wire


John OC


MS of Malcolm sitting and waiting in his car Shots of crew members working


Official and Shawn OC as they talk


Camera pans left following the RUSH HD car line up

Narrator: At the last minute, NASCAR Officials rule that the 49 can run, and the RUSH HD Dodge is allowed to enter the track. This practice session is crucial. These are extremely difficult cars to drive and Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is unforgiving. For Strachan, this will be a fast and steep learning curve. Sound Up: Strachan enters the racetrack in 49 car. Narrator: This is also a crucial session for the number 49 Pit Crew. They will be monitoring the cars performance from pit lane. Vital information gathered here will be used to tweak the cars set up before this afternoons qualifying session. After 1 warm up lap, the practice goes green. Sound Up: Strachan races by Narrator: Mother Nature has decided to keep the weather conditions for this practice session, less than ideal. Most drivers hate running in the wet, but rookie Strachan loves nothing more than racing in the rain.

MS of John on his headset Shot from inside race car 22:08 Shot from inside race car Shot of pit crew, tilts up to race on jumbotron Shot from inside race car


Camera pans left as Malcolms car races by Camera looking out the windshield of Malcolms car CU of Malcolms coach



Camera pans left as Malcolm drives by Sound Up: Strachan races by Shot of car spinning out from Narrator: It doesnt take long for the camera inside Malcolms car wet conditions to take their toll. Near the completion of lap 1, the 41 car spins out and Strachan squeezes by narrowly missing a collision that could have ended his week-end early. Camera looking out the Narrator: On his second lap, windshield of Malcolms car Strachans wet weather skills shine though as he makes an impressive pass. Key: Malcolm Strachan / Driver # 49

Rush HD/Dodge Malcolm: The skills needed for that are to be gentle with everything to be really smooth, to have a good feel for the cars doing, uh, you also need to experiment a lot to find where theres grip on the track. Uh, you dont want to stay on the dry racing line because thats where all the rubber is. Its grippy in the dry but its really, really slippery in the wet, so you actually want to go off-line, around the outsides of corners to try to get grip where the asphalt is basically untouched. Narrator: Five minutes into the session, Strachan is 11th fastest. Suddenly he starts to struggle with the number 49s adjustable breaking bias system. Within seconds he looses control and is forced to pull off onto an escape road. Key: Jim Bray / Owner, Jim Bray Racing Jim: He was driving a high performance corvette before so, I told him, dont be disappointed if youre 25th or something. These cars are difficult to drive, theyre different, theyre heavy, they have- they dont have as much break as a lot of cars, they have less tire, theyre heavier, and uh, restricted engine a little bit. Narrator: The rookie makes a quick adjustment to the breaking system, gathers his composure and pulls back out onto the racetrack. Sound Up: (Malcolm drives back onto the track) Shawn: Oh, hes doing alright, he said that he had a wheel hop issue in one of

Malcolm OC

MS of Malcolms car driving Shot from inside Malcolms car 23:59 MS of scoreboard shot from inside Malcolms car

24:17 Jim OC

CU of Malcolms coach and Jim watching the race


Shot from inside Malcolms car


Shawn OC


Shot from inside of Malcolms car

the straight always and had to take a run-off route. Just to avoid, you know, spinning, but hes doing ok. Didnt hit anything yet, thats good. Narrator: With only 9 laps under his belt, Strachan kicks things into high gear. He powers through some technical turns and increases his average lap speed to an amazing 8th fastest in the session. Sound Up: Malcolm makes some impressive turns. Shawn (on radio): Malcolm everythings going good, your lap-times are good, so uh finish this lap and then bring it in. Narrator: Strachan has finished the practice session with a best lap speed of 74.393 mph. Thats 12thfastest out of a field of 34 cars a very impressive debut. The NASCAR rookie lapped faster than some of the top competitors in the series, like Andrew Ranger and DJ Kennington.


MS of Shawn talking into his radio Malcolm pulls into the pits


Various shots of Malcolm talking with coaches and looking at lap times MS of John working on the car 26:01


Now, the #49 Pit Crew has just a few hours to fine-tune the RUSH HD car for the qualifying session. Malcolm OC Malcolm: Im happy with the result, uh for 1st time in the car, 1st time in the wet in this car, um 1st time on the track. I dont know um no complaints here, I think that worked out pretty well. Various shots of Jim and Sound Up: Jim: And you were Malcolm taking about the car comfortable in the car? Malcolm: Yeah, yeah, the car seemed to be fine. Jim: Like you felt ok, you didnt feel like you were overdriving it or anything. Malcolm: No, uh, it took me a little while to realize that the break biased was a little bit too much to the rear and it hopped the rear under the- Jim: Oh, I was going to ask you


Various shots of the crew working on the car

Malcolm OC


Shots of the pit crew working Shot of officials looking at times WS of Malcolm talking to coaches Brad OC


about that talk you you about brake biased. Malcolm: But, yeah, car seemed to be working well. Jim: As long as you felt comfortable about it, thats the important thing. Malcolm: Yeah, yeah, oh yeah. But I think if we make a few more changes I dont know what the weathers going to do but if we can make the rear end just a little softer for on throttle coming out of the corners then Jim: Yeah, Johns the guy to deal with. Malcolm: Yeah, Ive been talking to both John and Shawn: Jim: Yeah, John and Shawn. Theyre great, yeah; theyre both great chassis men. Malcolm: Yeah, yeah. Jim:...And races are won with chassis - and horsepower. Malcolm: Yeah exactly. Malcolm: I think theres still more in the car. Obviously Ive got probably about uh, 20 minutes in the car so Im far from an expert but just based on what it feels like compared to the other, like uh, one of the quicker guys, I think softening uh, up the rear, somehow, would uh, would help get a bit more rear grip. Narrator: As the pit crews prepare for the qualifying session the power tools arent the only things creating a buzz in the Paddock. Strachans surprising 12th place finish has turned some heads. Key: Brad Moran / Director, NASCAR Canadian Tire Series Brad: The kid did great, I mean you know a 12th place, I believe he finished 12th in the practice session uh just outside of the top ten there are some big names, uh definitely that were behind him, so Im sure hes pretty excited a great start on wet conditions uh so he made, he certainly could handle the car in the wet thats for sure.

MS of Malcolm working on his helmet


NASCAR official talking to pit crew CU of weather patterns on a GPS Beauty shots of cars and tires

Sound Up: Tim Ellis talks to another official: No. Right now no tires, no tools. Take the car in dry conditions Narrator: No one knows what mother nature has in store for todays qualifying session. Right now, NASCAR Officials are ruling that the competitors must start with a dry set-up, but this could change at any time leading up to the start. Key: Tim Ellis / Technical Director, NASCAR Canadian Tire Series Tim: Theres lots of questions from a lot of teams trying to figure out what they need to do next. Uh, their set-ups in their cars are different from dry to wet, so their looking for a little more than just changing tires, so were trying to work with them, we need a good show, we need to make sure theyre safe so well try to work with them the best we can so we can make all the adjustments and accommodate their needs as we go along here so, uh theres just many questions about what were going to do next. And uh, mother Nature Keeps changing on us here. One minute were looking for Jackets and the next minute were nice and dry and warm so well just take it one step at a time here. Narrator: While the RUSH HD Dodge goes through the pre qualifying technical inspection, Strachan mentally prepares in the teams trailer. Strachan: Sound Up. Im just focused on the job at hand, and uh just thinking about what I have to do as a driver. Im not really thinking about uh wow, Im so lucky, wow, all this kind of stuff like, I am lucky, that usually, that feeling usually comes after but uh, or leading up to the race but, when Im lacing up

28:13 Tim OC

Various shots of cars getting worked on in the pits

Tim OC 28:44 RUSH HD car get pushed to inspection area, Malcolm gets ready in the team trailer Malcolm OC talking while getting ready


Im focusing on everything Ive gotta do and just thinking about that sort of thing. Malcolm walking out of the trailer I am definitely very happy that Ive got this opportunity but at the same time Ive gotta make the most of it so Ive got to focus and make sure that I do all the right stuff at the right time. I think I might have a decent chance if it stays dry but if its wet, I think Id have a much better chance of doing well, so uh, Im praying for Rain, if it rains I think uh, I think well be looking a little bit better in the 49 car. Narrator: The RUSH HD Dodge passes inspection and is moved to the hot pits for the 4-lap qualifier. The fastest lap time for each driver will determine the starting grid positions for tomorrows final. For Strachan, a good qualifying time will improve his chances of success on race day. This time on the track, Strachan wont be able to rely on his wet weather skills but rain or not his dream of making it big in NASCAR, really starts right here. Narrator: After the warm up laps, the qualifier goes green. Sound Up: Malcolm races by and into the hairpin turn. Narrator: Strachan gets through his first 2 laps without a hitch, and starts the 3rd lap running hard. Sound Up: Malcolm races through the hairpin again. John and Jim OC talking in the pits Sound Up: Malcolm spins out, tries to re-start the engine. John: (expletive) he just spun. I dont know if he got going or not. (On radio to Malcolm) Did you get going? Malcolm: No, the batterys dead. John: Did the battery

Malcolm walking with his helmet in hand


Shots of the cars lined up waiting to do the 4 lap qualifier, and of the crowd


Malcolm racing on the track


Shot looking out of Malcolms windshield


MS of Jim CU of the race on a small monitor Shot looking out the cars windshield MS of John, Malcolms car pulls into the pit

it wont start. Its off down there it wont start. Jim: It just quit on him? John: No he spun out. Jim: Oh, oh and then it wouldnt start. Okay. Narrator: Strachan miscalculated his breaking speed heading into the chicane and lost control of the number 49 dodge. Narrator: The spin-out caused the number 49 to stall and without a fully charged battery, Strachan cant get the engine to re-start. His best qualifying time will have to be taken from his first 2 laps. Now, Strachan and the rest of the crew must wait for the official results from the qualifying session. Sound-Up: Shawn: What are you thinking? Malcolm: Well, I was overdriving the breaks too much, uh, I was trying to learn the track in the dry, learn the car, how it felt in the dry, and try to pull off a fast lap all at once and uh, I just out-braked myself a couple times. I dont know. Im not pleased with myself, I know I could have done better I was actually on a fast lap and I probably would have knocked off half a second because I was making big gains out there just every corner I went through I was like ok I can do this now, ok I can find out this I can get that 2 tenths in this corner, 2 tenths in that corner, like I am, I am way off my- I dont know - Im way off my own pace in that session so. Shawn: We have more patience for your driving than you do, so thats ok. Dont worry about it. Malcolm: Fair enough. Narrator: While the pit crew works on the number 49 entry, the timing printout reveals that Strachan has qualified 19th fastest in a field of 34. Sound Up: Malcolm: 19th, thats not too bad, Im not too disappointed in that,



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WS of pit crew working CU of qualifying results

MS of Malcolm talking to his coaches

33:36 Jim OC

but the time difference is so huge, but I know Ive got a lot left in me and there may be a little in the car but I dont know. Key: Jim Bray / Owner, Jim Bray Racing Jim: Im very impressed with the 49 car. Hes, hes uh, the thing I like is he said now, I did this and I did that and I did whatever wrong, and, so he knows, hes very intelligent, and very perceptive of what hes doing, so uh he did very, very well. Hes not satisfied, I know, but everybody else is, and when I say everybody else I mean, people in NASCAR, other crew, other teams. Theyre very pleased with what hes done even though hes not satisfied. Maybe thats why hes as good as he is because hes not satisfied. Fade to black Key: Circuit Gilles Villeneuve / Day 3 NASCAR Canadian Tire Series / Montreal, Quebec, Canada Various shots of team members talking in the pits and crowd sots Narrator: For both NASCAR Officials and the teams, staging a round of the NASCAR Canadian Tire series and the Nationwide Series in front of 70,000 fans - takes a pile of planning and preparation. But this morning, much of the talk in the paddock is about the performance of 1st time rookie competitor Malcolm Strachan. His results in both the Practice and the Qualifier have been noticed. Key: Richard Buck / NASCAR Director of Touring Series, North America Richard: Hes already caught the attention almost an unknown if you will, but I mean to step into these cars which are very difficult to drive, uh it

Shot of the car, camera pans to Malcolm and get a shot of him looking disappointed Jim OC WS of Malcolm walking CU of a tire stack


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takes a lot of skill and the circuit is very demanding as well and to do as well as he has already, hes already caught the attention of quite a few people, so your talent really shines, you can come to this series and be recognized for your talent, not just a suitcase full of money. Key: John Fletcher / Crew Chief, Jim Bray Racing John: I think for throwing him into the fire short notice no testing, um, in the rain 1st out, hes done very well, very impressed with him. Um the Drys a little bit different. Um thats where hell have to work at getting a little bit of the speed out of the car. But hes done very well. Sound Up: Horn blows, Pit crews start opening haulers. Narrator: The 7am horn sounds and the crews get to work. Each team has about 2 hours to make any final adjustments or repairs before the final technical inspection. But over in the RUSH HD pit, the crewmember with the keys to the teams trailer is missing in action. Sound Up: Tim Ellis: You should get keys for this thing. Second set. Third set. John: I should get a hammer. Tim Ellis: ha ha ha. There ya go, have a good day Johnny. Narrator: After 25 minutes of waiting for the keys, Crew Chief John Fletcher takes matters into his own hands and cuts the locks. The pit crew now has less than 90 minutes before final inspection. This is not a good start to the day. The rushed preparation could affect Strachans performance.

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MS of Nascar truck 35:29 Various shots of the crew members working on cars

Shot of the RUSH HD cars crew 35:50 Tim and John walking and talking OC


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Key: Shawn McGlynn / Pit Crew Member, Jim Bray Racing Shawn: its just a schedule change initially the pit was opening up at 8 but they changed it to 7pm there was some confusion whether it was 7pm or 8pm. We didnt guess right.

Various shots of people working on cars

Malcolm OC Various shots of the crew pushing the car.

Malcolm: Its about 8 O Clock, um the garage opened at 7 but I didnt really need to be here that, quite that early its basically just getting the car ready for tech inspection and uh, last thing they need is a driver poking their nose in everywhere to try to see whats going on so The weather channel said, uh its supposed to start raining around eleven oclock, and our race is at 11:45 so my fingers are crossed for the rain because I think that will uh, thatll help me out quite a bit. John: Hes got a good motor, good set up. Hes happy with the car we tightened him up a little bit for today. Um, I think hell do fine, a top Id be happy with a top 15 um, and 23 laps would be a great- its a tough race Im not sure he knows how tough a race it is, its gonna be for him. But uh, well see what he looks like at the end. Key: Malcolm Strachan / Driver, #49 Rush HD / Dodge Malcolm: A little bit anxious about getting the race underway and trying to improve upon my lap times and qualifying and work my way up if possible. Um, big thing is attrition in these races, a lot of guys go 110% from the drop of the green flag all the way to the finish, so there might be some broken gear boxes out there, broken clutches uh, bent cars, stuff like

John OC Various shots of crew working in pits

37:30 Malcolm walking towards his car Malcolm OC

Cars pulling out of the pits

Rush HD car lining up on race track Malcolm walking around on the racetrack

Malcolm OC

that so Im going to try my best to keep the nose of this thing clean and uh just stay on the track. A few people have told me that - some drivers to watch out for and that sort of thing so Im gonna try to keep that in mind as well and um, yeah, Ill just try my best to keep smooth, consistent and be there at the end. The shows pretty impressive, Im looking forward to getting out there, it should be a lot of fun, thisll be the first time Im actually even racing on TV so thats uh, kind of fun too, but uh, but yeah, most of all I just cant wait to get out there and get down to the actual business of racing Sound Up: Announcer introduces Malcolm Strachan in French. Applause. Malcolm: This is definitely the biggest race Ive been in, uh, Ive done a lot of road racing but nothing compares to crowds like this and a series like this there are a lot of good drivers out these so its gonna be an uphill battle but uh I think I know where I can make some big gains on the track. And uh, I think that hopefully, hopefully I can work my way up the field a bit and uh, be smooth with the gear shifts so I dont mess up the gear box or anything like that I think a few people are going to have issues like that. See a few guys wheel hoping and when you wheel hop you break stuff so. So if I can be smooth with everything and make it to the finish and conserve the brakes, should be good. Sound Up: Official: Were gonna do Start your engines in about 3 minutes, ok? Malcolm: ok Official: 2 minutes.

Announcer OC calling Malcolms name, Malcolm walks on stage and shakes everyones hand 38:52 Malcolm OC

Various shots of Malcolm getting ready and jumping into his car

Beauty shots of Malcolm putting his helmet on and getting into the car

Malcolm: It makes me excited all the cameras around, the fans its great to see everything it definitely gets me excited but uh, in terms of getting nervous I think its just the cars around me that give me the only sort of uneasy feeling, Ive never raced with these guys, Im going into the 1st corner, Im not sure what to expect. I dont know if Im going to be hit from behind, I dont know if anyones gonna even touch me, its a really big unknown at this point so uh, Ill probably be a little conservative into the 1st corner and then start pushing harder and harder from there. The last thing I want to do is end up in somebodys rear bumper, or have something go wrong there, so uh. Yeah, you dont win the race in the first lap. Sound Up: Cars move towards starting grid Narrator: The first 2 laps are driven under a waved yellow caution. This gives the drivers time to warm-up their tires and to preview the tracks condition. Strachans hope for a wet race have dried up, as the sun beats down on the racing surface. Sound Up: Race begins.


Malcolms car takes off on the race track Shots from inside Malcolms car looking out windshield WS of Malcolm warming his tires up Shot of a sunny cloudy sky, tilts down to racetrack The race starts, camera pans left following cars around 1st turn


Narrator: The race goes green. Right Camera inside Malcolms car out of the gate, Strachan gives up his looking out of windshield 19th place stating position, and now the fight begins. Sound up: Strachan accelerates, catches up to field. Narrator: Still on lap 1, Strachan regains 19th place by aggressively


In car view of Malcolm passing a competitor and

flying through track

making a pass on the inside corner of the chicane. Sound Up: Race continues Narrator: On Lap 4, Malcolm snatches another position, and closes in on 17th. Sound Up: Strachan heads into hairpin turn with group of cars. Narrator: On Lap 5, another competitor spins out in front of Strachan, forcing him to cut through the infield. This off track excursion has cost Strachan 4 positions. He is now in 22nd place on lap 5, and must push even harder to re-gain ground. Sound Up: Strachan accelerates to catch up to the field. Narrator: Strachan barrels into the chicane, and fights his way back - up to 19th. Sound Up: Shawn cheers for Malcolm from pits. Narrator: On Lap 8, Strachan and the number 49 Rush HD Dodge grab 18th place.


In car view looking out of Malcolms windshield


Split screen showing 2 angles of spin out

In car camera view looking out windshield


In car view looking out windshield

42:47 WS of the crowd cheering

Sound Up: Crowd cheers Malcolm spins out on track 43:05 In car view watching cars pass Malcolm spun out Malcolm takes off to get back into the race Sound Up: Malcolm spins out of control Narrator: While dicing for 17th place, Strachan hit the brakes a split second too late and lost control of the number 49. Almost the entire field races by Now, he must drive as hard as he can to catch up to the pack. Sound Up: Malcolm turns around and accelerates past the pits. Key: Shawn McGlynn / Pit Crew Member, Jim Bray Racing


Shawn OC


In car view looking out windshield, Malcolm slows down

Sound Up: Shawn: Must have spun out or went off track, looks like hes ok I didnt see any body damage so, maybe somebody spun him. Narrator: Now on Lap 11, Strachan looses sight of the field as he tries to re-gain ground. Sound Up: Strachan accelerates. A thump is heard from under the car. Strachan slows down and pulls into an escape road. Sound Up: Malcolm (in car): Im done guys Im sorry. Coming into the corner I broke the drive shaft or something.

Shawn OC

44:28 Jim OC

Shawn (in pits): Looks like uh Malcolm had to pull off track, something happened, I dont know if its engine or what it is, so were done for the day. Key: Jim Bray / Owner, Jim Bray Racing Jim: Well, Malcolm radioed in that there was a, as he said a bad sound, a vibration or something in the drive line, so he coasted into the hairpin run-off, and uh, that may have- he spun out once and sometimes a strain like that will put something in the drive line, or who knows, but anyhow, something in the drive shaft universal joint, something in the drive line he said went on it so, unfortunately its a DNF. Key: Malcolm Strachan / Driver, #49 Rush HD / Dodge Malcolm: Yeah, it broke. I broke it. Im not sure which, but yeah, just disappointment big chance and uh, snap a piece of metal and its all gone Narrator: Even though he DNFd or did not finish the race, Strachan officially records a 28thplace finish in the field of 34 entries. This NASCAR

In car view of Malcolm spinning out

Shot of officials directing Malcolm where to go 45:05 Malcolm OC, sitting on his car 45:22 MS of Malcolm In car view of Malcolm racing

Various shots of Malcolms team working 45:42 Shawn OC

WS of team member working on car 46:00

rookie is not happy with that result, but his team has a more positive view of his efforts. Shawn: Aw, I think he did great, theres a lot of talented drivers out there in this class and he did a good job, were proud of him. I mean when youre running competitive, qualified well, running the race well if the car wouldnt have let us down we would have had a top-ten finish I think so, it would have been a great, great weekend. Key: John Fletcher / Crew Chief, Jim Bray Racing John: Pissed off. Malcolm did very well, sorry the car broke, but broke an upper link but uh, it happens 4 or 5 of them broke today so not like its uncommon, um, I think he was surprised at how hard they run from practice, qualifying to the paying race, everything picks up a little bit but uh, he did awesome. Good feed-back, did a good job. Malcolm: Yeah everyone was driving close I think theres uh, marks all the way around the car except on the nose, I didnt hit anyone but everyone else seemed to be hitting me. A lot of close quarters fighting it was uh, definitely the most fierce battle that Ive ever had because youve always got a car behind you, you always got a car in front of you, youre trying to pass the guy in front of you without screwing up your line and letting the guy behind you ahead. Jim: Well you know the expression: It, it wasnt especially good but it can be a heck of a lot worse. Uh, the best part of it was Malcolm. Of course hes an old, uh go-cart racer and it shows up go car racers show up immediately. Theyre smooth and pretty intelligent.

John OC


WS of cars going around a corner in the race Various shots of the damage done to Malcolm car

Malcolm OC


In car view looking out Malcolms windshield Jim OC

Various shots of Malcolm, and the crew after the race Jim OC MS of Malcolm signing autographs 47:27 Various shots of Malcolm getting into the Rush HD car

Malcolm OC 47:44 Fan OC, camera pans over to Malcolm posing for pictures with kids Various shots and angles of the race


Malcolm OC


Shot of Malcolms car going back into the trailer

But Malcolm did a great job, great job I thought and the crew, the crew thinks the same way and so does NASCAR and the other drivers. I just hope we can find some funding to run him again, because uh, were very satisfied with him. Certainly have him back for a season if we could get a, get a deal, yup. Not a problem. Malcolm: Id love to hop back in this car again at some point if I could get the uh, if I could get the budget to do so, it would be uh, another good experience, the car seems strong. I think its got a good amount of power, I think that Id be able to at least get a little higher up. Sound Up: Fan: I got Rush HD at home, so Im getting a photo of the car with my boys. (takes photo of boys with Malcolm) Malcolm: I still think I can uh, be a road race ringer, I think it will just take a little bit more testing time, a little bit uh, a little bit more preparation and I think if Im in the right equipment and the right opportunity comes I think I can get the job done, and uh, Im just really hoping that something like- this situation maybe I can make it happen the next couple of years. Fingers crossed. Credits roll