Interactive Petrophysics Version 3.5 Update History Version 3.5.12.

Real Time Data Link

Digital Signature updated fixing a problem where a WITSML connection would come up in Evaluation Mode

Fix Version

Licensing Issues

Fix to further address license issues seen in patch

Geolog Connection

Fixed issue where multiple tops were not being imported/exported to/from IP This patch has been issued to address a problem that some users have been having with patch which causes a fatal exception in IP. The patch includes the changes in IP3.5.9.0 but included an older version of a dll that we think is causing the problem. Addressed issue where not all wells were being successfully output to hardcopy When copying/moving a curve between sets in Manage Curve Sets Module there a curve history entry is now made for the new curve MD elevation is now calculated from 'Elevation of permanent datum 'plus the 'elevation above permanent datum' fields in the well header. The user can override this calculation from the TVD module window. Conversely, if the value is changed on the TVD window it will be posted back to the elevations of the KB, DF or RT (what ever the 'Log measured from' has been set to) Fixed issue where the Cancel button would cause an error window to come up If the output depth offset curve's output set does not cover the full interval of the curves to be shifted then a message error dialog now prompts the user to change the Depth Offset output set. Previously this would result in the curves not getting shifted. Fixed issue when selecting an input set and a new output set would cause the application to hang when the Start button was pressed. Fixed issue when negative TVDSS with limited interval set would cause the data not to be seen in the plot when Settings > TVD button were clicked. Fixed issue with headers and footers being misaligned in the hardcopy if a track is hidden. When you copy a well using the ‘save as’ option, the History parameters file is now copy correctly.


Multi-Well Correlation Plot Manage Curve Sets


Interactive Block depth Shift

Depth Shift

Depth Shift

MW Correlation Viewer MW Correlation Viewer

History Module


The window gives important information regarding changes to the way IP is supported. The code has now been reverted back to the original code and has fixed the problem.Module NMR Update Fixed bug in the NMR Sw Calculation if the input PhiT < CBF.5.0 3.8. Popup message when license is <30 days until expiry now refers the user to contact IPSupport@Senergyworld.0 3.1 Real Time Data Link (Osprey Connect) Monte Carlo Error Analysis Fixed a problem where Osprey Connect would launch in Evaluation Mode Fixed a problem with the Tornado Plots where the midpoint of the Tornado Plot for Cumulative Height Averages was labeled with the Average value rather than the Cumulative Height Average value Fixed bug which prevented Log Attributes being added via the user interface under Tools > Options Resolved problem where points on the left hand group of plots were plotted in a different well order to the other plots if scales were reversed.5.8.5. added to list. often un-readable due to code change to .0 3.5. This has now been fixed.5.plt file which had curves which didn’t exist in the well an error would be thrown and the formatting of the Curves Tab in the Log Plot Format window would be wrong.5.0 Log Plot 3.5. which in turn would cause an ‘Arithmetic Data Overflow’ error to occur.5.5.0 3. the reports were printed at random sizes. 3. A window inviting users to register their copy of IP is launched the first time IP is opened after this patch is installed. deleted all and then tried to change tab.6. This could not be done in previous patches.8.0 Multi Curve Crossplot IP Registration Page 3.5.0 Curve Statistics 3.0 Help 3.0 Input/Output 3.5. Added option to use the ‘Column Same’ button for the 'Final' flag. sold and marketed.0 Log Attribute 3.5.5. Two additional links have been added to the Help dropdown menu: • ‘Senergy IP Support Portal link’ • ‘Register IP link’ LAS/LAS3 Loader: Fixed issue with some LAS3 subsection parameters being included as curves Changed form so that the curve grids expand when you expand the form.5. .5.0 Log Plot When using "default" plot header report tick boxes (e.0 License Message 3.6. Zonal Summation Report).0 Multi-Well Curve Headers Multi Well Curve Headers 3. When loading a .g.5.NET.5. ** This patch was not for general release ** Fix Version 3.5. Fixed bug which caused an ‘Object Reference Error’ when the user filtered on curve type.6.0

3 3.0 Plotting .7 Log Plots 3. This has now been rectified and added new scale defaults to allow time in 100’s of seconds to be scaled appropriately Code changed to speed up plotting after recent plotting enhancements resulted in the hardcopy output being slowed considerably.7 Curve Splice 3. This would have caused an error to occur in previous patches.7 TVD Calculation 3. Pasting Survey data and loading from a file now checks for ‘hidden characters’ (spaces etc.0 Cutoff and Summation 3. When multiple zones are used this could give the impression that IP has crashed.3.Module Cluster Analysis Update Added message to alert user if no Well is selected ‘for Model Run’ on the Input Tab when the Multi-Well Plot button is pressed.0 Log Plots 3. Weatherford’s NMRT tool has been added to the list of tools.5.5. Also changed the Plot Output screen under the Advanced tab to better highlight shading options. so this needs to be added manually.5.) which prevented survey data being loaded properly Fixed bug when running the basic Log calculations module from within a batch in the Realtime Data Link module where only one tab was run. Real Time Data Link NMR Normalization and Interpretation 3.9 History Module Fixed bug where the History Module failed to pick up all but the last curve which were deleted using Curve Header or Multi Curve Header Fixed issue which caused blurry text when a text file was included in a plot Fixed issue when splicing curve data in irregular sets when the occasional data point appeared to be excluded from the resultant curve Survey files with “hidden” characters next to the data are now checked on load / paste to remove the hidden characters after this was seen to prevent correct loading LAS Writer – resolved issue of writing an LAS file when there are multiple periods in the well name. Electrical Image 3.3. 3. If an error message occurred it would need to be OK’d for each zone in the cutoffs tab. Code changed so that error message is only displayed and cleared once.5 TVD Calculation 3.5.5 Input / Output 3.5.5. Multiple words with spaces now allowed as log track header names For ‘Time Wells’ the scale label was not visible.3.5. This will be fixed in the next patch). Fix Version Log Plots 3. The user is required to complete the correct T2 Stop Time due to the ability of this value to be changed in by the Field Engineer Added VSilt as a curve type and updated the Composite Plot to allow the VSilt curve to be plotted and shaded correctly regardless of which set it is in.5. (Note: There is a known issue with the PhiSw module that doesn’t assign the Vsilt curve type correctly.3 Log Plots 3. Added Weatherford’s OMI tool to the list of tools.5.

Pasting Curvenames.3.2 Log Plots Update When plotting curve track headers the module checks for any additional space and resizes the header.0 Log Plots 3.1 Capillary Pressure Data Loader Mineral Solver & Curve Aliasing 3. Plot Output Selection window made resizable to allow users to see pathnames and lists more easily. Fixed “Curve Filter” module which didn’t run properly in Multi-Well Batch Fix Version 3.0 Log Plots 3.3.3 3.0 Log Plots 3.5. The issue no longer exists.0 NMR 3.5.0 Multi-Well Batch 3.5. Fixed bug when “Cumulative” style was used and null data were present.5.5. Now fixed.2 Neural Networks 3.5. units and type from a spreadsheet now works correctly with a single paste Fixed bug in curve aliasing which caused a zero value in a Mineral Solver model Unity Equation to be converted into a curve. When displaying capillary pressure curves using zones the curves are now drawn cleaner (without a line joining the end of one curve to the start of the next.5. Now plots correctly.5. Fixed bug which would cause a ‘invalid set name’ error when regression was run for a RQI method and a new output set. Bug caused the null data to be treated as absolute value -999 for calculation purposes rather than 0.3. Fixed issue when Capillary Pressure input curves for the setup module were depth shifted and the module re-run then some of the depths were missing Fixed hardcopy bug for Windows Vista Switched off Verbose Trace which caused the message board to appear.2 Log Plots Capillary Pressure Setup Log Saturation Height Functions Capillary Pressure Setup .5.3. Both the Acoustic Image and the Electrical Image creation modules now have and ‘Invert Azimuth’ check box for if the user wishes to correct for a Relative Bearing curve which increases anticlockwise looking downhole rather than the default clockwise convention.0 Image Creation 3.0 3.3.0 Interactive Block depth Shift Fixed bug that crashed IP when using this module Addressed a ‘divide by zero’ Arithmetic Error when ‘Calibrate T2 Porosity using input curve’ is checked and used on certain data sets from older NMR tools 3.3. This setting was on to allow fault finding of an intermittent issue during training. Addressed issue whereby electrical images were plotted on a black background rather than transparent.

5. Added a check box to allow the user to switch on or off the Progress Bar (default is off). .1 3. The PC was missing a registry key that would crash IP on load.5.5. Irregular Sets: Can now copy curves from Irregular sets in one well to either an Irregular Set or a Regular Set in another well. This now works correctly.5. 3. 3.5.0 Multi-Line Formula 3.1 Batch LAS Loader 3. This will prevent problems with these curves once loaded in IP. In 3.1 Interactive Curve Edit Copy Curves from Well to Well Fixed bug which crashed the module when trying to cancel or finish editing.5.4 Phi/Sw Parameter Sets in IP 3.1 Crossplot Added aliasing functionality to the Discriminators section of the crossplot. Bug was to do with the Output Set not being set by default.5. on opening Mineral Solver in a well in which the module had not previously been run.0 are picked up by IP The option not to show the Progress Bar can significantly speed up the processing when used in Multi-Well Batch. Fixed issue when using ‘Create Curve from Areas’ where the ‘Display every nth point’ filter in the Crossplot > Discriminators tab was being ignored.2.5.1 Basic Log Functions 3.2.1 Log Plots 3.5.8 Log Plots were unable to be exported to a TIF or BMP output file.1 5. Fixed output units issue in density porosity to bulk density conversion where input units were kg/m3 and output units from module were g/cc Fixed bug which.1 Clay Volume 3.5. caused an error message. The filter is now taken into account for this function. Fixed problem when a second user logs onto a single PC.2. Changes made to Halliburton Neutron Environmental Correction user interface to make it more intuitive.5.2.1 Crossplot Addressed error when scale values of Installation 3.1 Input Output 3. Fixed bug where the depth curve units were wrong Fix Version Environmental Corrections 3.1 Mineral Solver 3.5.0 Crossplot 3.Module Parameter Sets Update Fixed backward compatibility issue when trying to use IP3. Fixed the format issue of the saved parameter set to disk to address an issue where the output name for ‘Other’ would come up blank on recalling the parameter set. Included check in LAS and Batch LAS loader for spaces and other special characters in curve names that will replace them with an underscore.

1.1. Fixed issue with mixings where the models were merged over a distance incorrectly at a zone boundary Fixed error when a . The 3 number is a Minor Version number and is incremented for each patch release signifying ongoing bug fixes and th small changes to the software.1 User Programs 3. The 4 number is now the build number and will allow for better control internally of software versions.. Multi-well Batch 3.5.8 Mineral Solver Fixed problem where Temperature Input Units were not being saved and loaded when module relaunched.8 Rock Physics Mineral Solver 3.7 Electrical Image Creation 3.5.75” tool added to overlay list.NET program used in batch would throw up an error Removed the 1000 line limit for loading Tops into MW Tops Loader from a file Fixed issue which sometimes caused the horizontal log plots to crash when being re-sized Fixed bug which prevented the user from changing the input curves from those that were automatically picked by IP 3.7 6. Geophysics v.1.8 Depth Shift O.1.44 no.3-26) Fixed bug which would hang IP if the Auto-depth Shift was run Fix Version Version Naming Horizontal Log Plots Basic Log Analysis 3.1. (1979) – Synthetic Sonic Logs – a process for stratigraphic interpretation. Changed to match the reference paper (Lindseth. . 3.5.5. also Halliburton HDSN and DSN Neutron Density overlays 3.1 p.Module Update ** Change in IP Version Naming Convention ** First 2 numbers signify the Major Version Number and are incremented when new modules or major functionality is added or changed (usually rd every year).1. resulting in an "Illegal character in path" error and preventing an output from the module Default configuration files added for Baker Atlas electrical imaging tools (Earth Imager and STAR) and Weatherford CMI Neutron-Density overlay for Pathfinder 4.1.7 Input/ Output 3.5. Fixed problem where default output curve names were not being saved and recalled Density Estimation: Lindseth method – small inconsistency in equation between IP and reference paper.1.7 Input/ Output Improved DLIS data loading capacity for files >2GB Fixed a bug when the DLIS exporter couldn’t export some curves correctly.7 Multi-well Zones 3. R.7 Cross Plot 3.

7 3.1. Designed to provide the user with an easy-to-use tool for visualizing the effect of changing any single cut-off parameter (typically Vclay.1.6 Saturation Height 3. Documentation also changed (separate documentation patch) Included the Help file as a separate item for Check for Updates allowing the user to update to the latest help file Improvements made to plotting system improving reliability and support for large files/plots. User Interface now re-orders the user input curves and electrode spacing to honor the increasing spacing criteria.1.1.6 IP Configuration 3. Curves needed to be entered in order of increasing electrode spacing.6 Cutoff Sensitivity 3.1.1. Also IP now checks to see whether file exists to prevent the module from hanging with an error message. Water Saturation) on any 'Summation' Net Reservoir or Net Pay output parameter (Known Issue: An error occurs if an invalid . should a proxy server otherwise prevent it from happening.5.5. Fixed broken path to Neural Network dll’s (3.6 Install/ Update 3. This.Module Cutoff Sensitivity Update When zooming in by clicking and dragging a box on the cross plot.6 Histogram 3.5. the user will now be warned and prevented from updating.1.5) which prevented Neural Network functioning correctly.5.) Under Tools > Options. both X-axis and Y-axis now zoom correctly. installing or uninstalling a license if the server service is still running.7 Neural Network 3.5.7 Cutoff Sensitivity 3.7 Eastern European Resistivity Corrections Check for Updates 3.cosr results file is chosen.5. This will be fixed in the next patch. . After using the ‘Search for best contact using log Sw data in selected wells’ option or ‘Search for best IFT correction factor’. LAS Batch Loader now correctly loads data into ‘Wells with the same name’ if the ‘Use API Number’ or ‘Use UWI’ options are selected Fix Version 3.5.1. then the zonal information is now correctly displayed in the statistics pane.5. Please ensure a valid results file is chosen. documentation regarding Tool Length calculation for Normal devices was incorrect.7 General (Plotting) 3. Porosity. This is aimed to allow IP Updates to be automatically checked for and downloaded via IP.5.7 Cutoff Sensitivity 3. Added check to ensure error messages are only shown once if Results Load results in an error Removed erroneous default filename in the ‘Open Results’ dialogue in Results window.5.1. ** New module included in the Base license.1. as well as other warnings will allow for correct server license upgrade to occur. added an Internet Connection option to configure access through a company proxy server.1.1. and the histogram is coloured by well.6 Input / Output 3. if the user right clicks on the resultant Best Fit Histogram there is an option for exporting the associated data to the clipboard Plugs marked as ‘Plug Bad’ in the setup module are no longer included in the Sw_PcHt curve (saturations with height from the individual plug capillary pressure plots) When Multi-well/Multicurve and Zonal Depths are selected in Histogram. Also.5.6 Saturation Height 3.1. When updating the License on a license server.1.5.6 7.

5.1.3) Positional numbers for UTM data expressed fully (not in scientific notation) to prevent rounding errors when the information is exported Module now allows U/Rh/Dt option to only be used with 4 mineral setting and will open an error message if the user tries it with 3 mineral setting. Fixed bug where DST symbol height value would change as you went between the values in the annotation setup Addressed an issue where Depth Curves plotted numerically with ticks did not place the minor ticks correctly Added functionality when loading Geolog-produced DLIS files to use the DLIS file name as the IP Set name when ‘Auto New Sets’ is selected When saving a IP 3.6 Log Plots Log plots at the “Are you sure you want to upgrade this well?” prompt. to prevent confusion there is no longer a message at the bottom of the IP window saying “Well Saved”. Log Plots 3.4 Manage Well Header Environmental Correction 3.5 Input / Output 3. Fix Version 3.1. .5.1.5 Log Plots 3.5 MW Parameter Distribution 3.2 and 3. any value which falls outside the Minimum or Maximum value defined for a palette is displayed as transparent unless ‘Clip to Min/Max’ check box is selected Plot Output options window is now re-sizeable to allow the full pathname of files under the Plot Header tab to be seen Fixed bug where Line thickness value would change as you went between the values in the annotation setup Schlumberger Density Correction – the Mud Weight input box is blanked out for the FDC tool to avoid confusion.5 IP General 3. This will prevent incorrect results (volumes add to less than 1) with the U/Rh/Dt option and 3 minerals selected. if the user selects “No”. 3.5.4 PhiSw 3.4 Database Well in IP 3.1.4 Mineral Solver Mineral Solver now combines models correctly (issue in 3.5.1.Module Multi-Line Formula Update Fixed issue when a MLF is used in a Multi-Well batch operation ignoring a zone interval and outputting a value over the whole well When displaying images.5.1. Fixed error in “Your Toolbars” when trying to sort alphabetically on the menu items on the Toolbars tab.5.1. Also removed an error message that came up when “Your Toolbars” is selected.4 Input / Output Resolved issue with LAS Loader causing an error 3.5.1. Parameter Distribution module will now log more information about failures running the Clay volume and PhiSw modules.1.6 Toolbars 3.6 Log Plots 3.1.1.

and Basic Log Functions.3 Log Plots 3. OC connection has been fixed Fix Version 3. In addition a check has been added to ensure that more than 2 data points exist in the training zone and informs the user if more training data is required.5. Updated neutron lookup table routine to correct minor inconsistencies between PhiSw and Mineral solver.Module Crossplot Update In Standalone Pickett Plot fixed a bug where filling in a value of Rw did not change the intercept on the plot.5.3 9. APLC and FPLC to reflect the latest chartbook 3.3 Input /Output Changed the curve name limit from 10 to 14 characters. SNP.3 PhiSw 3. Improved UI function when managing Plot Annotations IP now prevents 100% being entered into the Cross Validation option under Training Parameters.5.5.3 Log Plots 3.4 Input / Output 3. Updated the neutron lookup tables for SLB Charts for CNL. This used to set up an infinite loop and effectively hang IP. Addresses rounding errors even if the new ‘Lock’ feature was applied. .1.3 Log Plots Resolved issue with improper handling of numeric data in irregular sets. For example this prevents a heavy line being plotted in the wrong place when 6 chart divisions are used.3 Neural Network 3. Log grids: changed the way heavy track lines are plotted when track widths are not in multiples of 5 chart divisions.5.1.

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