Laura (Lolly) Anne de Jonge (née Goulet) Ph. D. (b.

Laura was born on September 2, 1960, the Metis daughter of George R.D. Gou et !herese "!err#$ Gou et, n%e &o#er de a Giroda#. Laura de 'onge was a Senior (ro)e*t Manager, +ea th, Safet#, ,n-ironment . So*ia Responsibi it# at /e0en 1n*. Laura is a fami # ad-o*ate, *orporate so*ia responsibi it# pra*titioner, fi mma2er, and maga3ine founder.

Laura 4nne de 'onge at 5on-o*ation with her proud parents George and !err#

Laura is a 16th generation 5anadian M%tis7 a des*endant of Louis +%bert and Marie Ro et7 5anada8s first permanent *o onia sett ers. Laura earned a Masters in ,n-ironment and Management from Ro#a Roads 9ni-ersit# where she re*ei-ed the 5han*e or:s 4ward for highest a*ademi* performan*e in her program as we as the ;ounders 4ward for the graduating earner in ea*h program who e0emp ifies the <ua ities of eadership, sustainabi it#, and persona de-e opment. Laura and her husband, Mi2e de 'onge, estab ished an a*ademi* bursar# at Ro#a Roads. 1n 2010, Laura was the re*ipient of the prestigious =.L. Ma*2en3ie >ing Memoria !ra-e ing S*ho arship, and in 2011, she re*ei-ed a Master8s Degree in +uman De-e opment. Laura has )ust *omp eted a (h.D. in +uman and ?rgani3ationa S#stems from ;ie ding Graduate 9ni-ersit#. She is a so a graduate of Red Deer 5o ege, the 9ni-ersit# of 5a gar# and the 5ertifi*ate (rogram in 5orporate So*ia Responsibi it# at the 9ni-ersit# of !oronto.


Laura has wor2ed with /e0en 1n*. for o-er fifteen #ears. During her time as the Dire*tor, G oba &usiness (ra*ti*es she ser-ed on the 4d-isor# 5ommittee of the 5orporate ,thi*s Management 5oun*i for the 5onferen*e &oard of 5anada in addition to ser-ing as the @i*e 5hair of the So*ia Responsibi it# =or2ing Group of the 1nternationa (etro eum 1ndustr# ,n-ironmenta 5onser-ation 4sso*iation Aa parti*ipant of the &usiness 4*tion for ,nerg#B whi*h in* uded *hairing the human rights tas2 for*e. She has a so sat on the boards of 5anadian &usiness for So*ia Responsibi it# and the 5a gar# So*iet# of 1ndependent ;i mma2ers where she was a so the (resident. 1n 200C, Laura produ*ed and dire*ted the fi m What Goes Around Comes Around whi*h was re*ogni3ed b# the 5r#sta @ision 4wards in 200D. Laura is an outspo2en ad-o*ate who supports natura pregnan*#, *hi dbirth and parenting. She p a#ed an a*ti-e ro e in a*hie-ing re*ognition of midwifer# as a profession in 4 berta in 1992. Laura was re*ogni3ed in the 4 berta egis ature when the funding of midwifer# ser-i*es was announ*ed in 200E in addition to being one of the donors to estab ish the Sandra &otting &ursar# at Mount Ro#a 9ni-ersit# for students in the &a*he or of Midwifer# degree program. 1n 2012, Laura and her husband Mi2e de 'onge, estab ished a s*ho arship for 5anadian students attending ;ie ding Graduate 9ni-ersit#. Laura8s wor2 as a *orporate so*ia responsibi it# pra*titioner was profi ed in Deb 4bbe#8s bestse ing boo2, Global Profit and Global Justice, Using Your Money to Change the World. 1n Ma# 2010, Laura fa*i itated a presentation on the di-ersit# of the 5anadian Lands*ape for the 4 berta =omen:s S*ien*e /etwor2 ?peration Miner-a (ro)e*t F 4borigina Gir s (rogram for students from the 5a gar# &oard of ,du*ation, the 5atho i* S*hoo S#stem and the Si2si2a ;irst /ation *ommunit#. She is a so the founder of Birthing Maga ine pub ished b# &irth 9n imited. Select Publications Creating !hared "alue# Using !ocial Media to $%tend a Cor&oration's Commitment to !ocial (es&onsibility, Do*tora Dissertation A2016B. A4 *ase stud# of =est'et 4ir inesB. )ntegrity Program, =riterGDire*tor H!raining @ideosI A/e0en 1n*., 200E and 2001 whi*h was trans ated into three anguages and shown on si0 *ontinentsB $n*ironmental, !ocial and Go*ernance Considerations in +ecision Ma,ing# What Are the (es&onsibilities of Cor&orate $%ecuti*es-, Master8s !hesis A200JB. 4-ai ab e from (roKuest Dissertations and !heses Database A9M1 /o. 1CJ216J961B. What Goes Around Comes Around, =riterGDire*torG(rodu*er HShort ;i mI, 4 Mo-ing ,0perien*e 1n*. A200CB7 re*ogni3ed with a 5ertifi*ate of Merit b# the 5r#sta @ision 4wards A200DB Pre&aring for "erification and Monitoring, with '. &. M*=i iams, 1Jth =or d (etro eum 5ongress ARio de 'aneiro, &ra3i , 2002B )ntegrating Cor&orate !ocial (es&onsibility into a Cor&orate Culture, the .uest to $mbed )ntegrity into the Wor,&lace, =ith Randa G. Gossen and Garr# '. Mann, So*iet# of (etro eum ,ngineers A>ua a Lumpur, Ma a#sia, 2002B D?1L 10.211EGJC0D9FMS.


,dited and 5ompi ed b# Lawren*e &ar2we 5oordinator of Metis +eritage and +istor# Resear*h Louis Rie 1nstitute


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