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With Darrie Turner

The KEY RING is a monthly publication by the Kampala Baptist Church Mens Ministry that seeks to provide an avenue where men can share knowledge and understanding of the word of God, experiences, encourage one another as the older men also perform the act of paralambano to the younger men. Our prayer is that the Lord will speak to you through these publications.

Issue 13 - April 2013

4. Can someone be beautiful inside and yet the beauty never finds its way out to manifest itself? All I know is that whatever is inside always comes out. It is just like blood, though you have to first be pricked for it to come out. What comes out when things are hard is the real indication of what is inside us. 1. Have you in your life found When troubles come, they allow us to see ourselves and sometimes we are surprised and dont anything that you would like what we see. That is an indicator that is there more that God needs to do in our life. describe as beautiful? 5. How can men work on their inner beauty to make it better? Yeah, my wife, literally! I also You can build a house the way you want it, but you cannot build yourself the way you like. We think, though, that beauty is all need to let God build us the way He wants. around us. We just have to take Gods Word is a great re-programmer; it sets the standards. And Gods Spirit convicts us and time to see it and enjoy it be- causes our nature, say anger, to subside because, Gods standard rises up and now you have a cause life goes very quickly as choice: to submit to His standard or go your own way. It doesnt alter the fact that you may get we attend to our daily obliga- angry at times but when you do, you have a choice to make. tions. To actually see beauty So I think reading Gods Word really helps in ones process of becoming like Christ. Also, if you you have to look at it reflective- are struggling with something and havent quite beaten it, it helps having a couple of other guys ly. Beauty demands some admi- you are accountable to. ration. And for men I will say that one of the things God uses is humility. He says in His word that He 2. What is it about your wife resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. The ability to own up when you do things wrong that made you come to the is important. To say, I am sorry and ask for forgiveness instead of saying, if you hadnt said conclusion that she is beautiDarrie Turner and his wife Debbie that, I wouldnt have done that! is humility. ful? Repentance and humility are tools God uses to change our hearts; they are painful tools, but It is a multiplicity of things. Beauty has to be multidimensional. If it is one dimensional, if there is only one face to it, it turns out like a painting of a vehicle that looks so real it makes you say, oh they are supposed to be painful so we can take caution next time. wow, that is a cool car! But when you get closer you say oh no, that is just a painting! 6. How best can KBC men outwardly express the beauty inside them? The reason for your disappointment with the painting is that you expected more of it than what Let us start with the reasons, because reasons do motivate us in many ways. So what are your you first saw. And if beauty is like that (one dimensional) it disappoints because it draws to itself, reasons? Do you want to be a better you, do you want people to say, oh that guy has really got but it cant sustain. For Debbie, I think she is a very attractive lady, not just physically, but the things that make her it together! or do you want people to admire Jesus? I think as Christians, our lives are supposed to reflect Jesus beauty which is even beautiful are her composure, her kindness, her sense of order, her love of God. And when I saw who she was a higher standard than having people admire us. despite her difficult background, it meant that it was a If your motive is to reflect Gods beauty, Gods Justice, Gods anger at a given choice of her will to be beautiful; she wasnt just going time or the Fathers heart, then you will see yourself as a conduit and not as a with the crowd. source. 3. There is only reference of inner beauty in the Bible If you start with yourself by saying I want to be a better person then you are the about women in 1 Peter 3; do you think there is anysource and are just polishing your reputation. thing like inner beauty in men? Is it even necessary for But we cannot deliver the likeness of Christ unless we are connected to the a man to possess inner beauty? Source. I dont know about you, but sometimes I worry, and worry can lead to I think you are asking the wrong guy because I am somedespair and hopelessness, or it can lead to Gods throne where you say, okay Lord, I know you times like a bull in a china closet. You know there are men who are so organised, very proper, will provide. who always say the right thing and I am the opposite. Like when I worry about providing for my daughters college education, I am reminded that I I think we men can bring order but not the same way women do. I think there is a beauty of power have lived 62 years by the grace of God, even my next breath is by the grace of God. So did God and emotion that men can have that women do not possess. I think our gifts are best used when not know about my daughters education? Of course He knew! Did it take Him by surprise when we use power and our ideas to serve, especially our families because I think that is where men the government said they would not continue their support? No, He knew. At that point, my learn to serve. fears begin disappearing. It doesnt mean I deny my parental obligations. No, we do what we So yes, there is a beauty in what we do, but I think the beauty is different from that of the women. can. But it does mean I cast my cares and burdens upon Him and focus on Gods ability. I wouldnt necessarily call it beauty. Even in love, how do we (men) love as Christ loved the church, how do we respond in a Godly Paul uses the illustration of an aroma in I Corinthians 2:15 I think that is what men have. Men way to abuse faced by others before our eyes? How you choose to respond will determine have a fragrance because of Christ. For some people it stinks and for some people it is good. whether you are a conduit or a source. Now Paul is not saying that we shouldnt stink because I think we should stink in some places I think we have a great role to play; we can bring the image of God to the world, in justice, truth, sometimes. We should be like the aroma of death to some people because we are opposed to strength, and love; and that to me is masculine beauty. what they want to do.

I think as Christians, our lives are supposed to reflect Jesus beauty which is even a higher standard than having people admire us

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