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Prashna-Hora (Horary Astrology & Cosmic Psyche in Classical and Naadi)

Before proceeding further, I would like to quote dictum from Prashna Marga:

Kaala hora phalam vaacyam prashturvismaapanam param. Vishwaartha swabhaartyaastadapyatha vilikhyathe 8th chapter, 54th dictum

To create confidence in the Jyotisha Sastra and to Predict amazing events and to make believe the words
of astrologer, the astrologer should predict the results through kala Hora.

In the next Sloka, Prashna Marga gives the results of planetary significations for each Hora lord. This evidently proves that Hora system of prediction, gives amazing results which is based on only planetary significations. This is acknowledged by none other than the authenticated text like Prashna Marga. In other words, a system of prediction based on signification of planets exists and used in giving amazing prediction. This is the proof of the system used in Naadi prediction. I have been experimenting on Naadi system and brought out four books so far. The first one is Prediction secrets-Naadi Astrology, second book is Celestial Matrix, the third is Revelation from Naadi Jyotisha and 4th book is Orbital Providence. Publication of first book has given a wide awareness about the Brughu Nandi Naadi system of Sri R. G. Rao across the ocean and in India. For the last 6 years, I am taking the classes on Naadi system at different institutions. During the last two years, I am taking classes in Shravana Astrological Research Institute. These 2 years has been a brain storming session due to participation of intelligent, interactive and responsive students. This has given me opportunity to go in for deeper research and bring out the books Revelation from Naadi Jyotisha and Orbital Providence. Mrs. Satyamma Bharadwaja is the principal of this Institute and also a devoted student of Naadi astrology. She has sincerely made the notes of my lectures and now she is writing the articles based on these lessons in Modern Astrology Magazine published from Bangalore. This is truly a tribute to my Guru Sri.R.G. Rao whose system is appearing in an Astrology Magazine normally dedicated to traditional approach of Astrology. Astrology has many braches and horary astrology (Prashna Sastra) is branch which deals with answering questions. Prashna Marga is a great work exclusively accredited with prime place especially in Kerala state in south India. Shatpanchasikha is another great work by Sri Prithuyashas, son of great Varahamihiracharya. Prashna Marga is extensively followed in Kerala state in southern India. This is the most authenticated work. This deals with many methods of Horary Astrology including Ashtamangala Prashna which is the home town subject in Kerala. Prashna Marga is available in English. However, this subject cannot be learnt by theory. The secrets of application are transferred traditionally by guru parampara. However, some of the scholars from this traditional cult have written some books in Kannada language which


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helped me to grasp some secrets. Similarly, the Shatpanchasikha was excellently translated by Sri V.A.K Iyer in 1986. However, in the recent past, this book of Sri V.A.K. Iyer was reproduced in Telugu language. Some of the authors from Karnataka have translated 56 Sloka of original text of Shatpanchasikha with explanations to each Sloka in Kannada. Though the main aim is to introduce the structured method in Naadi Horary astrology, I have introduced some portions from Prashna Marga and Shatpanchasikha as there is close relationship with regard to selecting a reference point in the Horary chart. In both these system the Aroodha Lagna is given importance which is computed by different selection methods. In Naadi, the selection of reference point is Hora lord.. I have been experimenting to combine the principles of Parasara, Jataka Chandrika, Bhavartha ratnakara and Phaladeepika. Exploring the link between Kendra and Kona houses, lead me to reframe the rules not only to Parasara but also to Prashna Hora in Naadi. In my previous book, Orbital Providence I have introduced the psychology in Astrology. Here I am elaborating the subject on conscious levels in relation to Astrology and established that a Problem and solution will be in the different conscious levels of the person approaching the astrologer. It is the art of astrologer to read the conscious levels of the Person asking question and find out the solutions to the problems through the help of Astrological tools. The sub title of the book Psyche in Horary Classical and Naadi suggests this aspect of the book. The book is designed to cater not only to beginners in Astrology but also to practicing astrologers as a standard horary astrology guide. 1. Origin of Prashna (Question)-Ancient texts and scientific analysis (Conscious and brain wave theory) 2. Concepts from Classical texts 3. Essential ingredients for Prashna 4. Naadi Prashna Hora principles and Experiments We recommend the readers to study the entire four chapters sequentially. This would enable easy understanding. Though this work is based Naadi Horary system introduced by Sri R.G. Rao of Bangalore in his book Kashyapa Hora, not deviating with the spirit of original work, I have rephrased the rules as said above to bridge the gap between traditional astrology and Naadi system. Having reset the rules for Prashna Hora in Naadi, biggest task was to apply them to practical case studies before publishing the same in the form of book. This task was taken up by forming an organization consisting of Sri Ravi Gollapalli, Sri.Yamajala Srinivas, and Sri. Ramachandran Murty Gudipudi, Sri Hema sunder and myself. The name of organization is CHRONOS DATABRIDGE, The aim of this organization is to conduct research work on occult sciences, Veda in relation to modern psychology, establish a databank on astrology, collect rare works on astrology & religion, and translate rare works into English and Telugu languages. My English books Revelation from Naadi Jyotisha Celestial Matrix and Orbital Providence are being translated into Telugu. This institution has contributed conducting practical experiments on the charts applying rules set in this work. The data collection and getting the feedback is not an ordinary job, it needs lots of dedication. I am very much indebted to active members Sri Yamajala Srinivas, Sri Ravi Gollapalli for their enthusiastic services in conducting practical case studies and collect feed-back within a short period. They are in fact no less than co-authors of this work. I thank the entire students who are actually inspiring force behind my research work. I am also thankful to Sagar Publications for their ever ready attitude to publish my books.


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Na aham Karta sarvasya hari Karta Always in the service of Lord Yours truly SATYANARAYANA NAIK


Grandeur of our Indian philosophy is Karma theory. Unless this is understood, it is impossible to know the purpose of birth on this earth. We have extensively discussed this subject in our earlier books Revelation from Naadi Jyotisha and Orbital Providence (both from Sagar publications). It is due to previous Karma which needs to be nullified or experienced by Jeeva. A life-force takes birth on this earth with reminisces (Vasanas) attached to soul. Based on the time and place, on the day of birth a heavenly chart is erected. This is the birth chart which indicates the past influences, present actions and the course of life during this birth. Birth chart analysis is made based on classical approaches of various methods including Naadi. The Karma effects and the free-will are studied by the birth chart. The 12 zodiac signs are computed with a reference point of Lagna which varies based on the Date, time, and place of birth. From Lagna the other 11 reference points are called houses. Each house will have certain set of significations relating to matters of life. These are space matters distributed in the 12 reference points in the zodiac. The planets are dynamic representation of these houses and also influence with their natural attributes and time factors of such experiences in the present life of the individual born. When there is such a structured approach to know the destiny why again a Prashna? The horoscope indicates the matters of relating to Karma and free-will to be experienced at certain intervals. The Prashna precisely differentiates the reasons for Karma and free-will pointing out the methods to overcome adversities if any. This is also used to prepare birth charts in the cases of lost horoscopes or used for those who do not know exact date of birth. This is extensively used to know the effect of certain actions and their results which could be experienced in short period. Almost all the matters related to life can be answered through Prashna. Especially, this is useful in finding out the reasons for diseases, its aggravation or cure and the time factor involved. It is used in tracing missing persons or articles. It is also used in travel effects to certain places. Prashna Marga especially deals with possessed spirits, illeffects due to curse of deity, parents, relatives and society in general. If we look at the initial chapters of Prashna Marga, we will be surprised to know that the person coming for asking a question is generally pre-warned with the matters relating to question. When he approaches the astrologer, the astrologer is equipped with tools to study details of his limb expression which relates to Question. Even the answer to question is cognized by certain unusual audio visual effects that takes place on the spot. All these significations are attributed to the matter and its out-come. We will discuss some of these from Prashna Marga and try to assess, what exactly these denote for our Prashna Hora theory.


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poorvajanmaarjitam karma soochayanteeha janmani PM-Sloka 37-Chapter 1








Good or bad effects to be experienced due to past karma are indicated by nine planets.

praagjanmaarjita jatakachintanam








PM-Sloka 39 Chapter 1
The pleasures and pains being experienced during this birth due to merits and demerits of previous karma can be distinguished by the analysis of planets.

Both the Sloka points out clearly that these planets are representative factors of our own Karma effects. In other words, reasons for such pleasures and pain are the actions of the Jeeva. Therefore, no body, either the planets or any other super energy is dignified to bestow pleasures or pains to the person with its independent will. Point- 1 We are responsible for all that we are experiencing in this life. When we say we are responsible for our experiences during this birth it could be due to present actions or previous stored effect. Point- 2 Effects of past both Karma and free willed actions will influence present situations.

kasya paktiriti jnatumidaaneem poorvakarmaannam Ihaarjitam cha vijnatum karma prashno vidheeyate PM-Sloka 41 Chapter 1
Prashna Sastra is used to know whether a particular experience is due to past karma or free-willed past


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actions in this birth.

Point- 3 Whatever is being experienced is only because of our own actions. Using both birth chart and question chart, astrologers will determine whether the pleasure or pain is due to merits and demerits of previous karma or is it due to free-willed actions. This drives us to the point that it is essential to study Prashna chart even while studying birth chart. We are repeatedly stressing this point in all our works. Coming back to the subject, the above Sloka from Prashna Marga and our philosophy of karma both points out that planet is only representative factors of our actions both past and present. When we address merits and demerits of previous life, it indicates some positive or negative energy factors that are influencing in the present birth. Similarly, the resultant effect of present actions will also be either a positive or a negative energy being experienced. These energy levels are stored in the individual and they are identified by planetary configuration in the birth chart for past merits and demerits and in Question chart it represents the effects of actions from the present birth. We are well aware that everything beneath and above the sky are all represented by planets. Therefore, what is signified in the Prashna chart by planets will also be signified by many other audio visual effects surrounding the Person asking question at the time of thought process of a particular matter relating to either present or past effects of Karma. These audio visual effects are to be attributed to planets. However, in Prashna Marga, instead of attributing the planets to these audio visual phenomena, they are used for certain significations relating to the matter. We give some of them for quick reference. In the first chapter of Prashna Marga, Sloka 46 says that: With divine guidance the Person asking question himself having the problem when willfully goes to an astrologer seeking answer to his question, the question chart itself will be equal to birth chart. The mode of assessing the chart should be similar to that of a birth chart. This drives us to two points. That is Prashna is applicable to human beings to know their personal problems. Secondly, unless a person approaches with his question, The Astrologer voluntarily should not give his consultation. Gesture of the Person asking question: If a person entering the place of an astrologer puts the left foot in front, the matter will be favourable. If he puts the right foot in front, the matter will be unfavorable. If he is shaking his legs, there is some malefic effect to the matter. If he sits comfortably straight and occupy the seat in front of Astrologer without any hesitation then the matter will be favourable. If he is uncomfortable and occupy seat in wrong direction, the matter will be unfavorable. Number of times frequently the person gets up and sits that many days the matter in question will be delayed.


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While the question is on if somebody goes out crossing between the Astrologer and the person questioning, it indicates the failure of expected help from others to the matter in question. If there are symptoms of unrest, confusion and struggles to ask the question or asks the question turning away his head, the answer to the question will be negative. While questioning if some article fall on the person questioning or if he fall down on some material and get hurt, if the question is about health, it indicates danger to life. Similarly, at that moment any audio visual phenomena relating to danger or struggle to life is observed by the Astrologer, it indicates undesired effects. If the person put the question with sleepy eyes, rubbing eyes, tears in eyes, depressed mood, crossing his legs and arms and expressing no confidence in his life, the answer to the question will be negative. During the question session, if articles of red, rope, sharp instruments, grass, empty rice barn, animal skin, horn, till, red flowers and any other article which normally disturbs the mind, if seen the answer will be negative. If the person questioning is expressing anger, haste, tired and distress, then also the answer will be negative. The person while going to astrologer if he encounters a favourable audio visual phenomenon relating to the matter, the matter will be positive. If it is question of union, if somebody is joining two items, or two sets of cloth or any signification of unification will result in successful union of the persons involved in the question (Marriage, partnerships, Person returning from other place etc). If somebody drilling a hole, or trying to put their fingers into orifice of an article, it indicates the doubtful character of the woman involved in the question. While questioning about the progeny, if ink, book, and ornaments to be worn below the belt and hands, or pregnant women, child etc., are seen, the questioner will be blessed with child. A question during a pregnancy being asked, if any incident that indicates purging or exit is observed, it indicates abortion. There are number of articles, audio visual effects that are discussed in the Prashna Marga to indicate the matter and the results. Drawing the information and arriving at conclusion from the Audio Visual effects are also found in many other classical texts dealing with Prashna. With the foregoing details, we can conclude that, the person who is approaching an Astrologer carry with him both the matter and the solution which are expressed in many perceivable eventualities. That is the matter and the solution both are with the person coming for consultation. In other words, details of a question, results and the time of its fructification are all closely associated with the person and they are beyond the perception level of the person. This exactly matches with the subject consciousness and brain.


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Conscious and Brain Mr. HERE, was sitting in his sales office, Mr. THERE, came and introduced himself and made enquires about the product X and returned leaving his contact details. Mr. HERE follows up his sales process, call up Mr. THERE for the first time taking data from his notepad. Next time he calls him up again with the help of notepad. For subsequent calls, he dials directly without the aid of notepad. He remembers his name, his contact number. This is due to repeated firing of information the digital, audio visual data gets hardwired in to different areas of brain. Once the sale is closed over a period of time, Mr. HERE may not be able to repeat the task without the help of notepad. Digital and visual data though hardwired is not active to trigger the thought wave with its information. On the contrary, Mr. HERE learnt car driving over a period of two months, and has experience of driving in heavy traffic for the last 5 years. He was off the road for 10 years due to some reason or the other. After 10 years, he was again driving the car without any re-learning. The experience of car driving has gone into permanent hardwiring. This Synopsis is to establish that there are two different types of hardwiring that takes place in the functioning of brain. One that is temporary hardwiring which is erasable and the other type is permanent hardwiring. There must be some other energy which takes these discriminative decisions of hardwiring in the brain cells. This is where the conscious comes into picture. Conscious is energy in its multifarious capacity uses the brain as an instrument and triggers the respective cell areas to generate thought waves. These thought waves are the mind. Even if there is no thought the - conscious exists. It is a like a - computer server providing information from a remote unseen place. With all its excellent mechanism of sense, vision, hearing the brain itself cannot emote any of these without liking the data from conscious and it acts on both input and output mechanism. Persons in coma do not respond to external stimuli but there is a life force keeping them alive. This force is conscious energy which is triggering voluntary functional areas of brain to maintain activities of breathing, heartbeats and blood circulations etc. In such cases, certain areas of brain responsible for generating thought waves are not active to respond external world stimulus. That is what we call it as absent of Mind. Mind or a thought wave is the product of triggered brain activity by conscious. We will discuss some points of neuroscience which is relevant to the Prashna as explained in earlier paragraphs. Subjective and Objective consciousness Consciousness of two types, one is subjective consciousness and another is objective consciousness. The subjective conscious allow us to think, observe, behave, and perform activities in relation to self and the perceivable world around us. The other objective conscious with built-in intelligence, maintains the life and performs many activities without seeking the interference of subjective consciousness. This objective conscious is the expression of universal intelligence in the body. The subjective consciousness expresses our unique character, quality and ability to remember, create, prefer, reject and represent the perceivable self. This consciousness is in both the body and independent of the body. There is a process called out-of-body experience induced through deep meditation. During this period, the subjective consciousness cognizes own body lying on the ground. This drives us to conclusion that consciousness is not the body but it uses the body. Through the traits and activities directed by this consciousness is identified as self. On the other hand, the objective consciousness or the Super-conscious is awareness distinct from the subjective conscious. With its amazing intelligence operates through other parts of the brain processing millions of automatic functions in fraction of seconds, manages, and control biological activities including altered DNA structures. This awareness or sub-conscious mind has more information about the personality and self than that of subjective conscious. This awareness is basic and universal of every


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human being. This is the true intelligence power which operates at different situations and times. This is where the past information, trained activities, reflexive indexes are managed and processed for presenting at the functional objective conscious. The human being is a super intelligent life force controlled by the universal objective conscious and personality awareness through subjective conscious. With this discussion, we have identified the two levels of consciousness. For the purpose of easy understanding, henceforth, we term them as Super conscious and conscious. The brain is an instrument with innumerable neurons and the level of intelligence is directly proportional to the quantity of neurons. Conscious and Super conscious are the source which uses this brain and triggers the neurons to generate electrochemical impulses which we call it has thoughts. The mind is nothing but the collective thought forces. In other words, without the triggering of consciousness, the brain itself cannot create thought waves. When there is no thought wave, there is no mind. Either this no mind phenomena occur by transition to higher consciousness known as self realization or by death of a person. The later part is out of the scope here to discuss. A self realized person is capable of operating from the Higher conscious level. That is he crosses both level of conscious and super conscious level which we call higher consciousness or God consciousness. However not many could reach to this level. In the process of self realization, many people experience the strange state of consciousness shifting between Super consciousness and consciousness. This is a process of spirituality where the super consciousness will be transmitting the glimpses of spirit of self or Godliness. Several neuro-imaging experiments like functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and Quantitative electroencephalography(QEEG) etc on religious, spiritual and mystical experiences spot several regions in the brain involved in functions like emotions, selfconsciousness, body representation, spirituality perception, audio visual feasts. It also confirms the brain wave activity records more theta wave ranging between 4 to 7 Hz causing spatially extended neural circuits covering many regions of brain. We are concerned with the spatial extension of neural circuits. These circuits are triggered by external stimulus. This external stimulus we call it as Super conscious and at a perceivable level conscious. Fig 1


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The super conscious being universal factor, it has all the information, be it of past or the present trained activities which are influencing the conscious. The effects of Karma are also energies either positive or negative will be stored in the Super conscious. The learning, new experiences and the free willed training etc are functional at conscious level. The brain has attributed with different zones to handle these two levels of conscious. This can be explained with a picture more clearly. Fig 2

Front part Day to day alert functions, reasoning, planning, emotions problem solving etc Mid part Motor and Sensory cortex involves in activities limb movements and sensory effects etc. Hind Part cerebellum is a region of the brain that plays an important role facilitating automatic hardwired memories and behavior. It is also involved in some cognitive functions like, attention and language, and emotional functions such as a secondary role in the fear response, and a regulatory role in pleasurable stimuli. (Note automatic hardwired memories can be due to encoded positive or negative energies by previous Karma, inherited DNA structures, and also due to powerful impact from past incidents in the present life) Lower Part Thalamus All most all sensory information enters this structure where neurons send that information to the overlying cortex. Hypothalamus The structure is involved in functions including homeostasis, emotion, thirst, hunger, circadian rhythms, Blood sugar levels, hormone levels and emotional reactions are regulated with control of the autonomic nervous system.


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Amygdala Involved in memory, emotion, and fear from external perceptions and internal thoughts. It helps to experience emotional charges and signals vital sensory information. Hippocampus Formulates to experience emotional memories and encoding long term memories. This part of the brain is important for learning and memory. Converting short term memory to permanent memory, and for recalling spatial relationships in the world about us Midbrain acts as chemical brain. It helps co-ordinate signal from external world with our internal world. It is also involved in functions such as vision, hearing, eye movement, and body movement Pons It is involved in motor control and sensory analysis. It has parts that are important for the level of consciousness and for sleep. Medulla Oblongata It is responsible for maintaining vital body functions, such as breathing and heart rate This gives a fair idea of parts of brain. We are considering the major four division of brain with their non technical names like Front, Middle, Hind and Lower parts. The Front part of the brain and the Middle part of the brain is activated in day to day affairs and movement; we can say that conscious triggers these two parts of the brain. The other two areas Hind and Lower parts are concerned with involuntary activities and also help in voluntary activities. Therefore, it is triggered by super consciousness. Apart from this four divisions there are number of other parts of brain which has specific functions in each of this part. However, for the purpose of our work we are concerned with these four major parts.
Note: The brain areas illustrated are based on information documented in several books evidencing changes in brain activities in parietal lobes during meditation or prayers. There could be more unexplored areas in the brain fired by conscious which might be more useful in studying the spiritual aspects.

We have represented the Neuroscience semi technically for adaptation of astrological understanding. We are researching on the consciousness and brain wave programming theory in relation to Veda mantra and rituals like Homa, Pooja etc. We are planning this project to complete by next year and publish our products. Coming back to the subject the Front part of the brain is the place, where the day to day activities and related thoughts emerges with plans and future actions. It is the curiosity to know the end results in advance that makes a question to arise. This curiosity has developed due to triggering of super conscious from the Hind and Lower parts of brain with its stored information. This super conscious has stored data of previous life and also information from the previous experiences of this birth structured to fulfill or disturb certain events. Harmony between the conscious plan or thought of activity and the stored information fired by super conscious will result in pleasurable experience of plan or action. When there is disharmony, the thought and action directed will result in painful experiences from such plan or action. This is what we call it as fulfillment of desire, or failure of attempt. Activities planned at Neocortex, that is conscious level if not properly supplemented by relevant supportive information at the Super conscious level, the planned activities remains at thought level and passes off without any activated results. Supplementing at Super conscious level can be either by the information already stored due to past life, or it could be repeatedly fired information from the conscious thought process by which the new set of


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hardwiring will take place at Super conscious level to accept and support when the activity relating to that information is triggered at conscious level. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an action but a habit Aristotle With the above quote, we shift this knowledge of science to fit in to our subject astrology in general and Prashna particular. All the above factors indicate that the question and the related answers are all at different conscious level of the person who is approaching the astrologer. Conscious are energy waves, which trigger electrochemical and magnetic waves in the brain. The waves are measured in cycles per second. Depending upon their wave cycles the conscious is divided into Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta, Gama etc., and the divisions of the brain are again to be identified with these levels of thoughts. Before bringing this science of consciousness into astrology, we have to regroup the astrological significations into these wavelengths. For this purpose, we have to seek the information from classical texts. We are aware that prime component in astrology to study the matters of life is compartmentalized in 12 houses of zodiac as stated below: First house that is Lagna: Native, Character & Capability Body, Health, Country, Politics, Lively hood, Longevity, Body, Skull, Teeth, Head, Nose Second house Family, Affluence, Plan & Learning Accumulate Treasure, Finance, Learning, Trade, Speech, Gift, Food, Death, Family, Face, Right Eye, Throat, Mouth Third house Sibling Harmony, Communication & Courage, Suicide, Servant, Life span, Writing, Intellect, Meeting, Interview, Brokerage, Short Travel, Shoulder, Hands, Skin Fourth house Mother, Emotions, Mood & Comforts, Education, Crops, Change, Liquid, Water, Estate, Vehicles, Land, Chest, Lung, Blood Fifth house Children Past Merits, Virtue & Wisdom, Womb, Special knowledge, Occult, Speculation, Intellectual and Pleasurable pursuits, Love, Politics, Heart, Belly, Liver, Spleen, Pancreas. Sixth house Enemy Efforts, Challenge & Adversity Litigations, Disputes, Distress, Worry, Blames, Dishonour, Enmity, Hard work, Injury, Disease, Debts, Aunts, Uncles, Intestine, Spinal disk, Waist. Seventh house


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Spouse, Unification, Transact & Socialize Partnership, Sex-Adultery, Marital life, Legal matters, Business, Societal, Foreign link, Death, Spouse, Urinary system Kidneys Eighth house Mystery, History & Obstruction Evil, Accidents, Violence, Risk, Destruction, Attack, Arrest, Black magic, Chronic or hidden diseases, Life span and death, Insult, Loss, Defeat, Unearned wealth, Sexual organs, Semen. Ninth house Father, Destiny, Divinity & Expertise, Truth, Government favours, Higher learning, Distant Travel, Happy events, Thighs, Sciatica nerve Tenth house Karma, Work, Status & Fame, Business, Passport, Service, Longevity, Agencies, Mother in law, Knees, Articular cartilage Eleventh house Gain Fulfillments & Support, Elder brother, Ankles and Buttocks Twelfth house Termination, Expend & Relinquish, Foreign, Asylum, Bed comforts, Feet From the above 12 houses we bring in the following title significations in the ambit of consciousness theory. 1. Self, Character & Capability 2. Affluence, Plan & Learning 3. Harmony, Communication & Courage 4. Emotions, Mood & Comforts 5. Past-Merits, Virtue & Wisdom 6. Efforts, Challenge & Adversity 7. Unification, Transact & Socialize 8. Mystery, History & Obstruction 9. Destiny, Divinity & Expertise 10. Work, Status & Fame 11. Gain Fulfillments & Support


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12. Termination, Expend & Relinquish In Parasara, the houses are grouped as follows for the purpose of functional attributes to the lords of the houses. 1. Lords of 1, 4,7,10 are called Kendra Lords 2. Lords of 1st, 5th and 9th are called Kona Lords 3. Lords of 2, 12 and 8 are neutral that support the other house the lord owns. 4. Lords of 3, 6, 11 are sinister. 5. Lords of Kendra and Kona establishing relationship between them are yoga karaka. 6. Lords of 6, 8, 12 are evils. Point No 5 prescribes the condition for yoga. Relationship between Kendra and Kona results in yoga. A relationship is established in the following manner. A When there is an exchange between the two planets B When there is mutual aspect between two planets C When the planet is posited in Kendra or Kona to each other D When it there is a conjunction of two planets. This is one set of principle from Parasara. For this, we have to append another classical approach from Phaladeepika. In 15th Chapter of this great work which explains in detail about the analysis of Bhava. It says that: If the lord of the house is influencing his own house or if benefic planet influences a house that house will flourish Influence means, a planet having aspect on a house, occupying that house or being in Kendra or Kona counted from that house. With confluence of both the principle of Parasara and Mantreshwara, we have derived the new technique as follows: A. the houses 1, 4, 7, 10 represent the essentials of present life. B. the 5th house represents the Past merits, Virtue and Wisdom C. the 9th house represents the Destiny, Divinity & Expertise. The other houses are places between the two groups of Kendra and Kona counted from each other. These houses are gain or loss (2), fear or courage(3), challenge and adversity(6), Mystery, Misery and History(8), Fulfill or reject(11) Terminate or Expend(12) which cusses anxiety, or thrill which are transitory in nature. Therefore, we call them as Interchanged transitory houses


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Let us take each of the Kendra and find out how the other houses evolve in relation to Kona from them. The Kona houses represent: 1st House - Native, Character & Capability 5th House Past-Merits, Virtue & Wisdom 9th House - Destiny, Divinity & Expertise The present life is influenced with, the essence of Past Merits, Virtue, Wisdom, Destiny, Divinity and Expertise. Inter position of any of these lords in relation to 1st house supports the past influences. 4th house Counted from 4th Kendra (Emotions, Mood & Comforts) the 5th house (Past-Merits, Virtue & Wisdom) becomes 8th house (Mystery, History & Obstruction) from reference point Lagna. Counted from 4th Kendra (Emotions, Mood & Comforts) the 9th house (Destiny, Divinity & Expertise) becomes 12th house (Terminate, Expend & Relinquish) from reference point Lagna. Therefore, the confluence of Kona counted from Kendra gives the following two interchanged transitory houses to influence positively or negatively the matters of 4th house to be experienced by Lagna the first house. 8th House - Mystery, History & Obstruction 12th House Terminate, Expend & Relinquish Adverse planets in these two positions will prevent the good effects of 4th house to be enjoyed by the native. Benefic planet or the owner of Kendra in these places will boast the good effects of 4th house.
(This theory is based on assessment of each house considering it as Lagna. According to the traditional teachings of Jataka Chandrika, these places are exclusively recommended to nullify the Kendradhipatya Dosha of a Planet. This applies to all the Kendra houses discussed below and conversely apply to Kona houses)

7th House: Counted from 7th, house (Unification, Transact & Socialize) the 5th house (Past-Merits, Virtue & Wisdom) becomes 11th house (Gain Fulfillments & Support) from the reference point Lagna Counted from 7th house (Unification, Transact & Socialize) the 9th house (Destiny, Divinity & Expertise) becomes 3rd house (Harmony, Communication & Courage) from the reference point Lagna. Therefore, the confluence of Kona counted from Kendra gives the following two transitory houses to effect positively negatively the resultant factor of 7th matters to be experienced by Lagna the first house. 3rd House - Harmony, Communication & Courage 11th House - Gain Fulfillments & Support Adverse planets in these two positions will prevent the good effects of 7th house to be enjoyed by the


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native. Benefic planet or the owner of Kendra in these places will boast the good effects of 7th house. 10th House Counted from 10th house (Work, Status & Fame) the 5th house (Past-Merits, Virtue & Wisdom) becomes 2nd house (Affluence, Plan & Learning) from the reference point Lagna. Counted from the 10th house (Work, Status & Fame) the 9th house (Destiny, Divinity & Expertise) becomes 6th house (Efforts, Challenge & Adversity) from the reference point Lagna. Therefore, the confluence of Kona counted from Kendra gives the following two interchanged transitory houses to effect positively or negatively the resultant factor of 10th matters to be experienced by Lagna the first house. 6th House - Efforts, Challenge & Adversity 2nd House - Affluence, Plan & Learning Adverse planets in these two positions will prevent the good effects of 10th house to be enjoyed by the native. Benefic planet or the owner of Kendra in these places will boast the good effects of 10th house. Let us take each of the Kona house and find out how the other houses evolve in relation to Kendra from them. The Kendra houses represent: 1st House - Native, Character & Capability 4. Emotions, Mood & Comforts 7. Unification, Transact & Socialize 10. Work, Status & Fame Emotions, Mood, Comforts, Unification, Transactions, social life, Work Status and Fame of present life either get influenced or add up to Past merits, Virtue, Wisdom, Destiny, Divinity and Fortune. Counted from 5th Kona house ((Past-Merits, Virtue & Wisdom) the 4th Kendra (Emotions, Mood & Comforts) will be 8th house (Mystery, History & Obstruction) Counted from 5th Kona house ((Past-Merits, Virtue & Wisdom) the 7th Kendra (Unification, Transact & Socialize) will be 11th house (Gain Fulfillments & Support) Counted from 5th Kona house (Past-Merits, Virtue & Wisdom) the 10th Kendra (Work, Status & Fame) will be 2nd House (Affluence, Plan & Learning) Therefore, the confluence of Kendra counted from 5th Kona gives the following three interchanged transitory houses to affect positively or negatively the resultant factor of 5th matters to be experienced by Lagna the first house. 8. Mystery, History & Obstruction 11. Gain Fulfillments & Support


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2. Affluence, Plan & Learning Adverse planets in these two positions will prevent the good effects of 5th house to be enjoyed by the native while benefic and own lord of Kona will boast the desirable good results. Counted from 9th Kona House ((Destiny, Divinity & Expertise) 4th Kendra (Emotions, Mood & Comforts) will be 8th house (Mystery, History & Obstruction) from Lagna Counted from 9th Kona House ((Destiny, Divinity & Expertise) 7th Kendra (Unification, Transact & Socialize) will be 3rd house (Harmony, Communication & Courage) from Lagna Counted from 9th Kona House ((Destiny, Divinity & Expertise) 10th Kendra (Work, Status & Fame) will be 6th house (Efforts, Challenge & Adversity) from Lagna. Therefore, the confluence of Kendra counted from 9th Kona gives the following three interchanged transitory houses to affect positively or negatively the resultant factor of 9th matters to be experienced by Lagna the first house. 8th house-Mystery, History & Obstruction 3rd house-Harmony, Communication & Courage 6th house-Efforts, Challenge & Adversity Adverse planets in these two positions will prevent the good effects of 9th house to be enjoyed by the native In the above unique combinations, both the principle of Yoga karaka effect and the house analysis are interlinked. With this, we have derived the following factors. Houses 1, 4,7,10 are indicators of essential matters of life at the conscious level and the houses 5th and 9th are past merits and destiny either favourable or unfavorable to essential matters of life. Table shows the resultant houses due to Kendra to Kona or Kona to Kendra houses.

Count From




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First Fourth Seventh Tenth Fifth Ninth

5 9 4 7 10

Kona Kona Kendra Kendra Kendra

8 12

11 3

12 6 8 11 2 12 3 6

In order to establish these astrological factors in the structure of brain to determine the different conscious level functioning we have to go back to the anatomy of brain. Fig 3 Location of Kendra in Brain

1st house is concerned about more of self and conscious activities; therefore, the Front Part of the Brain represents it. 10th house is peak energy required for performance which includes the limbs of body. Therefore, action orientation is at the Middle Part of Brain 7th house is house of union, socialization seeking relaxation therefore it has its place near Hind Part of Brain 4th house is house of emotional and comfort experiences, for learning and encoding long term information having its place in Lower part of Brain Kona Location in Brain 5th House is wisdom which is a function in the brain which maintains the involuntary actions supporting life. This we call has merits of past. 9th House is Fortune, which is a function in the brain, which coordinates and facilitates automatic hardwired memories and behaviors which we call it as destiny.


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Both these houses are functionally relatable to the other parts of the brain like Amygdala, Hippocampus, Midbrain, Pons, and Medulla Oblongata located nearby lower part of brain In fact, the detailed structure of brain in relation to Astrology is a separate subject to be taken up in our subsequent projects Nevertheless, for the present work this broader grouping of the astrological signification adopted in brain structure is sufficient. Having established spatiality of the houses in the brain, we have to identify them with the different conscious levels of brain.

Frequency (cy/sec) 1-3 4-7

Name of Wave Band Delta Theta

Description Deep dreamless sleep. Associated with dreamy, creative, intuitive states. Associated with a calm and relaxed state when the person is not thinking. Associated with being alert, with normal thinking, with processing information.

8 - 10


15 - 30


Beta level is the thought process which is active at Neocortex. Alpha, Theta and Delta is active at Midbrain, Thalamus Hypothalamus Amygdala Hippocampus Pons Medulla Oblongata (Not essentially in the same sequence- refer to above paragraph of their functional natures). Beta level Functions are connected with day to day conscious alert activities. Alpha level Functions at relaxed and hypnotic state this is a bridge between Beta and Theta/Delta. Theta and Delta Functions at deep state of activities hardwired with intuitive powers and memories of past. Therefore, the matters of essential of life are at alert level represented by houses 1, 4, 7, 10 are at Beta level consciousness. Past merits, Destiny represented by 5th and 9th houses represented Theta and Delta level or super


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conscious level The interchanged transitory houses reckoned from both Beta level houses and Theta level houses are source for anxiety and thrill which generates Alpha waves originating question. Due to the very fact that super conscious is universal, it is obvious that the electromagnetic waves would reflect on many related audio visual phenomena around the person. The audio visual omens around the person questioning will indicate the matter and its outcome. This cannot be cognized by the brain functioning at Beta level. It is essential to transport the wavelength from Beta to other levels. Step by step ritualistic way of erecting the birth or Prashna chart, the exercise involved in computing different tables, identifying confluence of significations of houses, planets and the different dignities are all the process by which an Astrologer will shift his wavelength from Beta level to other levels of consciousness and then link the same with the origin of planetary configuration to the person questioning. The Planets as dynamic time wavelengths with their significations and the signs with space significations will shift the conscious level of the astrologer to the matters and its fate relating to the person asking the questions. This is one of the reasons Prashna Marga or for that matter any classical text on astrology prescribes the duties and rituals to be followed by Astrologers. The whole of physical world is the nothing but a wavelength of consciousness and this include the perceivable body as a self. This has been proved beyond doubt that there exists the phantom limb in the brain conscious even after the physical limb is lost. There is much modern research in the recent past by great scholars in this field of neurons psychology leading to a structured scientific approach to answers to metaphysical phenomenon. However, this is the time for us to re-construct the approach of occult knowledge on similar lines and use the these science tools to establish the facts in subjects like Astrology, propitiation and rituals with convincing logic avoiding superstitions and meaningless rituals. We shall conclude this chapter with the following astrological summary. 1. A person questioning will come with all the signification of the question, its progress and the results thereof which he cannot perceive due to his different mental wavelength. 2. The subtle electromagnetic waves will trigger the surrounding audio visual phenomena relating to the subject matter, which the person himself or the astrologer has to grasp. This possible when the astrologers mind is tuned to the wavelength cycle. This can also be perceived by the person himself if he can alter his conscious cycle. 3. The tool to travel through different wavelength of the subject or the person in front you is astrological chart, planetary significations and the audio visual phenomena noticed at that particular moment.

CHAPTER 2 Concepts from Classical texts-Fundamentals

Fundamentals relating to classical astrology are available plenty with regard to Signs, computation of Lagna, Constructing a chart etc. We are not repeating them here and restrict ourselves only essentials


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required for this work.

Character and elemental details of the 12 signs ARIES

Nature Moving Lord Mars Element Fire Type Quadrupeds Strong in Night time Rises by Hind Power in 10th house Some of these essential are very much used in the Shatpanchasikha and Prashna Marga, therefore, we are giving these sign significations for ready reference.

Nature Fixed Lord Venus Element Earth Type Quadrupeds Strong in Night time Rises by Hind Power in 10th house

Nature Common Lord Mercury Element Air Type Bipeds Strong in Day


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Rises by Head Power in 1st house

Nature Moving Lord Moon Element Water Type Centipedes Strong in Night Rises by Hind Power in 4th house

Nature Fixed Lord Sun Element Fire Type Quadrupeds Strong in Night Rises by Head Power in 10th house

Nature Common Lord Mercury


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Element Earth Type Biped Strong in Day Rises by Head Power in 1st house

Nature Moving Lord Venus Element Water Type Bipeds Strong in Day Rises by Head Power in 1st house

Nature Fixed Lord Mars Element Water Type Insect Strong in Night Rises by Hind Power in 7th house

Nature Common Lord Jupiter Element Fire Type Bipeds Quadrupeds


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Strong in Day - Night Rises by Hind Power in 1st House 10th House

Nature Moving Lord Saturn Element Earth Type Quadruped Water mammals Strong in Night Rises by Hind Power in 10th House 4th House

Nature Fixed Lord Saturn Element Air Type Bipeds Strong in Day Rises by Head Power in 1st House

Nature Common Lord Jupiter Element Water Type Priest


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Strong in Day and Night Rises by Both Power in 4th t House Note: Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius are called Ubhaya Rashi. Chara is moving, Stira is Fixed and Ubhaya means containing both Chara and Stira. Based on this concept, in the classical texts some of the dictum says that first half of the Ubhaya Rashi to be treated as Chara and the second half as stira. If we call this as dual sign, it will not be logically fit into it for Virgo and Sagittarius. Because, Virgo symbolizes with a virgin lady and there is no dual aspect here. In Sagittarius there are no doubt two symbol but are merged as half human and half animal as on unit. Only Pisces has two fishes and Gemini has two babies of same kind. Therefore, in English we have named them as common sign. .

Planetary Dignities
JUPITER- NATURAL BENEFIC Benefic strength 100% Exalted in Cancer Debilitated in Capricorn Gender Male Class Priest Gems Yellow Sapphire-Topaz Metal Tin Grain Bengal Gram Colour Yellow

VENUS- NATURAL BENEFIC Benefic strength 75 % Exalted in Pisces Debilitated in Virgo Gender Female Class Priest


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Gems Diamond-Zircon-White coral Metal Ornamental gold Grain Beans Colour White FULL MOON- NATURAL BENEFIC (Depending on Sun distance) Benefic strength 75 % - 100% Exalted in Taurus Debilitated in Scorpio Gender Female Class Trade Gems Pearl Moon stone Metal Silver Grain Rice Colour White MERCURY - NATURAL BENEFIC (Alone or with above planets) Benefic strength 50% Exalted in Virgo Debilitated in Pisces Gender Eunuch Class Trade Gems Emerald- Onyx Metal Brass Grain Green-dal Colour Green SATURN - NATURAL MALEFIC Malefic strength 100%


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Exalted in Libra Debilitated in Aries Gender Eunuch Class Working class Gems Blue Sapphire-Lapis lazuli Metal Iron Grain Sesame Colour Blue

MARS - NATURAL MALEFIC Malefic strength 75% Exalted in Capricorn Debilitated in Cancer Gender Male Class Warrior Gems Red-Coral Red stone Metal Gold Grain Red gram Colour Blood Red SUN- NATURAL MALEFIC Malefic strength 50% Exalted in Aries Debilitated in Libra Gender Male Class Warrior Gems Ruby- Garnet


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Metal Copper Grain Wheat Colour Orange

MOON- NATURAL MALEFIC (Depends upon the closeness to Sun) Malefic strength 100-75% Exalted in Taurus Debilitated in Scorpio Gender Female Class Trade Gems Pearl Moon stone Metal Silver Grain Rice Colour White MERCURY- NATURAL MALEFIC (Associated with above planets) Malefic strength 50% Exalted in Virgo Debilitated in Pisces Gender Eunuch Class Trade Gems Emerald- Onyx Metal Brass Grain Green-dal Colour Green RAHU- NATURAL MALEFIC Malefic strength 100%


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Exalted in Not applicable Debilitated in Not applicable Gender Male Class Foreign Gems Hessonite - Gomed Metal Lead Grain Black gram Colour Black

KETU - NATURAL MALEFIC Malefic strength 100% Exalted in Not applicable Debilitated in Not applicable Gender Female Class Saintly Gems Cats eye Vaidoorya Metal Mud Grain Horse-gram Colour Ash-Multi-colour

1. Planetary friendship and enmity

Planet SUN MOO MAR Friend Moo, Mar, Jup Sun, Mer Enemy VEN, SAT MER Neutral Mer Mar, Jup, Ven, Sat Ven, Sat




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Jup MER JUP VEN SAT Sun, Ven Sun, Mar Mer, Sat Mer, Ven Moo, MOO MER, VEN MOO, SUN SUN, MAR MOO, Mar, Jup, Sat Sat Mar, Jup Jup

Strength of Planets
Not on Sl No either Planet side of Sun Deg Winner in War Friends House Own House Exalted Peak Degrees Having aspect of Strong in House


Moo, Mar, Jup


Aries 10 Deg

Moo Mar Jup

10 South


12 & within 72 Deg

No enemy


Taurus 3 Deg

Sun, Jup Mar

4 North


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Weak Ahead of planet in a sign Ahead of a planet in a sign Sun, Moo Jup Sun, Moo Jup



Aries, Scorpio

Capri 28 Deg

10 South


14 -12 (R)

Sun Ven

Gemini Virgo

Virgo 15 Deg

Sun Ven

1 East

Strength of Planet Contd

Ahead of a planet in a sign Ahead of a planet in a sign Ahead of a planet in a sign Sun Moo Mar Sun, Moo Mar



Sagitt Pisces

Cancer 5 Deg

1 East


10 8(R)

Mer Sat

Taurus Libra

Pisces 27 Deg

Mer Sat

4 North



Mer Ven

Capri Aqua

Libra 20 Deg

Mer Ven

7 West


Rahu posited in Cancer, Taurus, Aries, and Aquarius & Scorpio. Ketu posited in Pisces, Virgo, Taurus and 2nd half of Sagittarius.



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Planetary Weakness
Sl No Combust on either side of Sun Deg Defeated in War Enemy signs In the house of Neutrals Debilitated Peak Degrees By Aspect of Planets Fall in House



Signs of Venus and Saturn

Sings of Mercury

Libra 10 Deg

Ven Saturn Rahu

4 North


12 & within 72 Deg Weak

Signs of Mars, Jupiter Venus and Saturn Signs of Venus and Saturn

Scorp 3 Deg

Rahu and Ketu

10 South



Behind a planet in a sign

Signs of Mercury

Canc 28 Deg

Rahu, Mercury Saturn

4 North




Sign of

Signs of Mars




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(R) 4 MER*

a planet in a sign


Jupiter and Saturn

15 Deg

Mars Ketu


Planetary Weakness Contd

Behind a planet in a sign Behind a planet in a sign Signs of Mer and Ven Signs of Sun and Moon Signs of Sun Moo and Mars



Sings of Saturn

Capri 5 Deg


7 West


10 8 (R)

Sings of Mars and Jupiter

Virgo 27 Deg

Sun Moo Ketu

10 South



Behind a planet in a sign

Signs of Jupiter

Aries 20 Deg

Sun Moo Mars Ketu

1 East


Rahu Not posited in Cancer, Taurus, Aries, and Aquarius & Scorpio. Ketu Not posited in Pisces, Virgo, Taurus and 2nd half of Sagittarius.


We can allot each one point to horizontal positions, derive the Positive points and Negative points of planets, and arrive digitally the strength of planets. These positions will also cover the different Avastas (states) of planets which can be assessed for their


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nature of results as given in the classical texts.

Chapter 3 Different approaches from Classical works. Principles Based on Parasara

Prashna Lagna: Erect the chart for the day and time of question and mark the Lagna. This is Prashna Lagna. Aroodha Lagna:
Count the number of houses from the Lagna to the sign where Lagna lord is posited. Again, count the same number of houses from Lagna lord and note that sign as Aroodha Lagna. If the Lagna Lord is posited in 7th to Lagna Lord, the same Lagna will be counted from Lagna which is not correct. Therefore, count 4th house from 7th house and that will be Aroodha Lagna. If the Lagna Lord is posited in Lagna, again Lagna cannot be Aroodha therefore count 4th house from Lagna and call it as Aroodha. If the Lagna lord is in 4th from Lagna, 4th house itself becomes Aroodha. These two are the reference points which are essential for analysis. Gulika The origin of Gulika Ravana with his great occult powers commanded the celestial bodies to occupy perfect positions at the time of birth of his Son. However, Saturn was allotted the 11th house which is supposed to be a best place for him. Saturn obeyed the command with little difference he put his one foot in 12th house. Furious Ravana cut off the leg and this cut off portion fell in Lagna which is termed as Gulika. There could be other stories appended to this. However, for our purpose it is enough that Gulika is a sensitive point related to Saturn. This sensitive point is generally obstructive in its nature. Most of the computer programs give Gulika in their charts. However, the method of computing Gulika is given below:


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We calculate Gulika for today that is Monday, December 28, 2009 at 12.05 pm at Hyderabad. Note the Sun rise and Sun Set for to-day at Hyderabad Sun set is 17:49 and Sun rise is at 6:48 The day span is (17:49 6:48) = 11: 01 - Divide this day span into 8 parts. Each part will be 1:22:38. Every day the first part belongs to the weekday lord, 2nd part to the next day lord, 3rd part the 3rd day lord it continues for all 7 days for 7 parts and the 8th part has no lord though in Prashna Marga it is allotted to Rahu. In this example to-day being Monday the First part 1:22:38 will be for Moon 2nd Part 1:22:38 will be for Tuesday Lord is Mars 3rd Part 1:22:38 will be for Wednesday Lord is Mercury 4th Part 1:22:38 will be for Thursday Lord is Jupiter 5th Part 1:22:38 will be for Friday Lord is Venus 6th Part 1:22:38 will be for Saturday Lord is Saturn 7th Part 1:22:38 will be for Sunday Lord is Sun 8th Part 1:22:38 will be no day no Lord The part where Saturn falls will be the Gulika part. Here we get Saturn at 6th part which comes after laps of 8 hr: 15 min: 48 sec from Sun rise time at 6:48 Lagna at Sunrise 6:48 is in Sagittarius 12: 19 degrees Add the time taken for Gulika part from Sunrise i.e. 8:15:48 to 6:48:00 The time is 15:03:48-Now calculate the Lagna at this time: The Lagna on Monday, December 28, 2009 at 15:03:48 is Taurus 3:36 degrees. Gulika falls in Taurus in 3 degrees 36 minutes. Similarly, for Night time take the next day Sun rise, deduct the Sun set time of Monday, and calculate on the similar method. Though in general matter of questions we do not consider the importance of Gulika, however, it is plays a key role in many matters indicating hindrances in many matters especially when the question is about ill-health, Black magic, insanity and death.


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Most of the classical texts delineate the effects of Gulika in different houses and its effect on lord of the houses and planets. We culminate a few of them for the ready reference. Gulika in Lagna Capricious, Unethical, Diseased, Weak personality, Defects in Progeny and eyes. Thievish tendencies, irreligious When associated with malefic planet the effect of Gulika will be severe. Gulika in 2nd House Obstructive vocabulary, Learning affected, Disputes with family, Liar, Bad tongue, Antisocial, Sinister. Gulika in 3rd House Lack of siblings, Quarrelsome, Long life, moderately good life, troubles and travel for lively hood, Lack of communicative skills Gulika in 4th House Lung diseases, enmity kith and kin, unethical dealings, Loss of movable and immovable assets, homeless, unhappy from relatives, Unrest, problems to mother Gulika in 5th House Speculative loss, progeny problems, Mental disturbances Gulika in 6th House Enmity, Black magic, Diseased, Quarrels Gulika in 7th House Litigation and disputes with Partners and spouse. Marital disturbances, extra marital relationships, Henpecked, death fear, loss of vigor Gulika in 8th House Ugly appearance, Difficulties, Bad nature, short life, Chronic diseases Gulika in 9th House Irreligious, Bad manners towards elders and father, lack of progeny, trouble to father, Misfortune, Evil deeds, Devoid of divine protection, Injuries and violent death. Gulika in 10th House Unethical deeds, fall from family dignity, lazy, ill-fame, behavioral defect Gulika in 11th House


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Good Longevity, Success in life, happiness, royal favours, hidden treasures and comforts, Gulika in 12th House Starving for good food, Misfortunes, engaged in bad habits and unethical activities, defective limb, loss of spouse, Sinful, Loss.

Dasha and Bhukti computation

Though we recommend attempting questions that would materialize with in the span of 2 years time which is time taken by Saturn (karma karaka) to change a sign, it is advisable to have minimum 5 years data of Dasha Bhukti. This will help in giving predictions to persons who do not have birth details for their future prediction at least for 5 years.

Transit chart
Prepare a chart transit of planets for next 5 years.

Key rule
This chapter is innovatively designed for applying Parasara principles unifying the traditionally inherited secrets from the works like Jataka Chandrika and Phaladeepika. However these principles are to be used in birth chart analysis and selectively some of these rules can be applied in Prashna.


FLOUNDERING PLANETS Natural malefic planets Saturn, Sun, Rahu, Mars, Ketu associated Mercury and Moon less than 72 Degrees from Sun and Gulika are all natural malefic planets.

1. Two or more planets from the above conjoined in a house.

Malefic by lordship

2. Natural malefic as Lagna lord owning other house as 3-6-8-12 3. Natural Malefic not owning both Kendra and Kona 4. Natural Benefic owning house 3-6-8-11-12 not owning other house as 5th or 9th 5. Lords of sign where Rahu, Ketu, or Gulika is posited 6. Planets posited in Baadhaka stana (11th for Movable, 9th for Fixed and 7th for Common sign) 7. Lords of the Baadhaka sign
FLOURISHING PLANET Natural Benefic Planets


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Jupiter, Venus, Mercury (alone or associated) Moon more than 72 Degrees away from Sun Natural Benefic Planets

1. Jupiter, Mercury and the lord of the house will always influence beneficial influence on the houses by occupation and conjunction. Subject to condition

That they are:

2. Lord of Lagna not owning 8th or 6th house 3. Lord of Kona or Kendra and not owning other house as 3,6,11 Section II -BHAVA ANALYSIS
FL0URISHING OF A HOUSE A house will be dignified to give good results when the house is hemmed, having aspect or occupied by a FLURISHING PLAENTS A house will be dignified to give good results when its lord is hemmed, having aspect or occupied by a Planet dignified above as FLURISHING PLANETS. A house will be dignified to give good results when its Karaka is conjoined, hemmed or having aspect by a Planet dignified above as FLURISHING PLAENTS A house will be dignified to give good results of the relative represented by that house if its KARAKA is not posited in that house. .A house will flourish if the lord or House Karaka of the house occupies a Kendra or Kona from that house or from Lagna which is not 6,8,12 to that house. FLOUNDERING OF A HOUSE A house will be floundered to give bad results when it is hemmed, having aspect or occupied by a Planet dignified above as FLOUNDERING PLANETS A house will be floundered to give bad results when its lord is hemmed, having aspect or conjoined by a Planet dignified above as FLOUNDERING PLANETS A house will be floundered to give bad results when its Karaka is hemmed, having aspect or Conjoined by a Planet dignified above as FLOUNDERING PLANETS A House will be floundered to give bad results of the relative represented by that house if its KARKA occupy that house. A house will be floundered to give bad results if the lord or House Karaka of the house occupies a 6,8,12


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to that house or from Lagna that does not form Kendra or Kona to that house or aspect its own house in question. RESULTS OF NATURAL SIGNIFICAITON OF PLAENTS All planets will give good effects of their significations during their period if they are declared strong by the computation strength as per the charts given above. If they do not gain strength, they will give bad effects of their natural signification during their period.


As Kendra Lords Malefic planets as lords of 1, 4,7,10 not owning other house as 3,6,8,11,12 will not give bad results. If they occupy any of the Kendra houses, they will give good results of the houses they own and occupy. If they occupy any other house, by which they can aspect their own Kendra house, they will give good results of houses owned and occupied. They will also give ordinary good results if they occupy 5th or 9th house from Lagna which does not form 6 or 8 or 12 to their Kendra houses owned. If they own other house as 3,6,8,11,12, they will give good results of their ownership houses, if they are posited in their own house of Kendra or in any one of Kona counted from Lagna. Results when associated with other lords: Association of another Malefic owning Kendra and not owning 3,6,8,11,12 will render both of them to give good results. Association of a Benefic owning 5th or 9th not owning 3, 6, and 11 will render both of them to give good results. Association of Benefic owning a Kendra not owning other house as Kona will render both of them give bad results. Association of Malefic owning a 5th or 9th not owning other house as Kendra will render both of them to give bad results. When a natural malefic becomes bad by virtue of lordship dignities exaltation of such a planet is more harmful. Association is considered by Mutual aspect, Mutual exchange of houses, by being in Kendra to each other or by being in Kona to each other.

As Kona Lords


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Malefic owning 5th or 9th not owning other house as 1, 4,7,10 will give bad results. If they occupy any house, by which they can aspect any of Kona houses owned by them they give good result of the house owned, and occupied by them. If they occupy a Kendra counted from Lagna they give ordinary good results of the houses occupied and owned by them. If they occupy 5th or 9th house counted from Lagna they will give bad results. If they occupy any house which is their exalted or own place they give bad results. Results when associated with other lords: Association of Malefic planet in the house where both get the dignity of giving good results, they give good results. Association of Lords of 3-6-8-11-12 not owning Kona house will render them to give good results. If either of them becomes malefic in that place, they exchange their dignities in giving the good and bad results. When associated with a malefic planet dignified to give bad results both give bad results. Association of any lord of 5th or 9th not owning Kendra will render this planet to give bad results. Association is considered by Mutual aspect, Mutual exchange of houses, by being in Kendra to each other, by being in Kona to each other. As lords of 2-3-6-8-11-12 Malefic planets owning houses from the above houses they will give very bad results. If they are posited in Kendra, they will give good effects of the houses they own. If they are posited in Kona, they will give lesser good results of the houses they own. Association of Lords of 2-3-6-8-11-12 renders both the planets to give bad results unless they are posited in Kona or Kendra. Inter changing position between the lords of 6th and 8th will render them to give a specialized good results.

As Kendra Lords Benefic planets owning Kendra houses 1, 4,7,10 not owning other house as 5th or 9th they give bad results. Association of another Benefic Kendra lord will render both of them to give bad results


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If they occupy any house from which they can aspect the Kendra house owned by them they will give good results of the houses owned and occupied by them. If they occupy Kona houses counted from Lagna, they give little good results. If they own both Kona and Kendra house, they give very good results. Planet owning Kendra and Kona if posited in Kona or Kendra counted from Lagna they gives good results. If such a planet is linked to 6th or 8th 12th house or to the lords of 6th, 8th, or 12th who do not own a Kona they spoil the good effect of the house. As Kona Lords Benefic planets owning 5th or 9th not owning 3rd 6th 11th as other houses will give benefic results. If they are posited in 5th or 9th they will give good results If they are posited in Kendra, they give good results. If they are posited in any house with an aspect to the Kona house owned by them, they give good results. If they are associated with the benefic planets owning Kona house not owning 3rd 6th or 11th house both gives good results. If they are associated with a Malefic owning Kendra house not owning 2-3-6-8-11-12 houses they both give good results. If they are associated with the lords of 3-6-8-11-12 not owning Kendra or Kona, the lords of 3-6-8-11-12 will give the good results of Kona lord and the Kona lord will give the bad results of the lords of 3-6-8-1112. As Lords of 2-3-6-8-11-12 Benefic planets owning houses 2-3-6-8-11-12 not owning Kona will render them to give bad results. Except the lords, owning 2nd and 11th house simultaneously will be beneficial for finance matter. If they are placed in, Kona they give good results If they are placed in Kendra, they give lesser good results. Association of Benefic Planets as Lords of 2-3-6-8-11-12 will render both of them to give bad results. However, their position in Kona or Kendra will reduce the malefic effect of the houses they own and at times may give little good results. Inter changing houses between 6th lord and 8th not owning Kona house will give rise to special good results. Gulika the rider:


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Dasha lord as sign lord where Gulika is posited will be miserable. Gulika destroys the good effects offered by other benefic planets if associated with them by occupation. Association of Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu with Gulika will create more havoc of the matters related to these planets. Section IV- EVENT FRUCTIFICATION Conditions to fructify the results of the Question:

1. The house or houses relating to question should not be completely floundered as per Rules in
Section II stated above. Or

2. Karaka for the house relating to question should not be completely floundered as per Rules in Section II stated above.
If both Karaka and houses in question are floundered, there is no use of further analysis. The answer is no. Else

3. If the house/houses or at least Karaka are satisfactorily flourished Then: The houses in question must be signified by Lagna or Aroodha Lagna lord:
Depending upon the matter, the option is left to the Astrologer to choose any one of the above reference point. However we suggest for matter relating to settlement in life, long term progress etc. Prashna Lagna is given importance and for matters relating with quick outcomes like travel, cure of normal diseases, recovery of lost property, Interviews, promotion and small litigations the Aroodha Lagna is considered. This is purely depending upon Astrologers and their faith and practice. The suggestion given above is general practice we adopt and it is our opinion and faith. There are many astrologers who use only Aroodha for every matter and some use only Prashna Lagna. I Compulsory Signification by Lagna lord 4. Lagna lord himself must be the lord of the house or houses in question. Or 5. Lagna lord must occupy or aspect such houses in question. Or 6. By a planet owning or occupying such house must have aspect to or from Lagna Lord


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Or 7. By a planet owning or occupying such house must be in Kendra or Kona to Lagna Lord Or 8. By a planet owning or occupying such house should have exchanged with Lagna lord. All the planets involved in this relationship are called signifiers of the houses involved II Compulsory 9. Any one of the signifiers must establish relationship with Dasha lord By aspect to or from Dasha Lord By being in Kendra or Kona to Dasha lord By exchange with Dasha lord Compulsory I will indicate the fructification of results Compulsory II will indicate the time factor. While Dasha has confirmed the matter the most effective Bhukti and Antra lords will pin down the time of fructification. Some hints about Dasha analysis: Dasha lords must be transiting in the houses, which are favorable houses from Lagna. Similarly, the Dispositer of the Dasha Lord in Prashna chart must be equally transiting in favourable houses. This will narrow down the timing factor. The star representing current lords of Dasha and Bhukti falling in signs must represent favourable house to Chart in Question. The Rules above though given for Prashna is more appropriately applicable in birth chart analysis.

Matters of Life for Prashna: Though there are number of significations for house matters we give below the brief significations of houses in groups of trines 1, 5, 9 - 2, 6, 10 - 3, 7, 11 - 4, 8, 1 2 being the houses of Dharma, Artha, Kama Moksha.

1. Body-Health-Self, Own efforts, Character, Birth place 5. Children, Past merits-Wisdom-Occult-Pleasurable pursuits
9. Father, Fortune Distance Excellence-Religion


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2. Family-Alliance with married spouse, Accumulation-Finance-speech 5. Aunt-Uncle-Illicit relation, Enemy-Disease-Debt-Hardships

10. Mother-in-Law, Profession-Fame

3. Sibling, Courage-Agreement-Movement-Communication-Fortune of spouse 5. Spouse-2nd child-Other person, Union-Desire-Interaction-Partnership-Legalities 11. Elder brother-Friends, Gain-Achievements-Cure-Union 4. Relatives-Mother, Property-Comforts-Learning-Mental attitude 5. Life span-Death- 2nd spouse, Misfortunes-Difficulties-Blames-Chronic-Sudden 11. Sleep, Loss-Expenditure-De-link-Foreign-Asylum
The bold lettered matters are living matters and other represent non-living matters. By this grouping, we can see that Lagna, 5th, and 9th sign indicate to self about the past merits and Fortune and the 11th house it indicates Gains achievements, Cure & Union. To this any house of desired matter linked, it indicates the success of the matter. This is the logic we have used in setting up the rules for Prashna. The details of the matter can further be elaborated with the help of significations of planets as given below:

SUN Father Self Character Country Dignity Government Health Fame Politics

MOON Mother Body Change Death Emotions Face Food Happiness Liquids,

MARS Brother Audacity Accidents Adversity Arguments Authority Competition Construction Daring House Husband Injury Marital life Obstructions Punishments Risks Self actions Suicidal


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Power Truth Separation Status

Mind Short travel Water

Debts Disease Disputes Enmity

Surgery Uniformed forces Violence

Cold Blood Left eye Lungs Urinary Bladder Circulatory system

Hard work

Fire-Bile Bones Eye Skeleton

Pitta Right Heart

Fire-Bile Blood cells Marrow Eyebrow Teeth Muscles

MERCURY Aunts Agencies Brokerage Meetings Occult Partners

JUPITER Children Finance Finance Higher Learning Legal matters Merits

VENUS Wife Adultery Assets

Business Communication Contracts

Pass port Speculation Speech

Bed comforts Comforts Estate Happy events Love Marital life Nature wife Pleasures Sex of

Crops Education Exchange

Trade Writing

Money Treasury Treasury Wealth

Gift Impotency Intelligence Wisdom Womb


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Interviews Learning

Vehicles Water Meha Cold Semen FaceUterus Ovaries Cheek Fluids

Air-Gas Hands Neck Forehead Shoulders Tongue Skin

Either-Gas Fat Brain Thigh Feet Nose Liver Glands

SATURN Elder Brother Danger Defeat Hospitalization Impotency Insult Life-span Lively hood Longevity Loss Separation Servant Air-Gas Digestive Buttock Knee Fore-leg Chin Nerve Secretions

RAHU P.Grand parents Black Magic Foreign Hidden Imprisonments Journey Foreign Separation Un-diagnosed

KETU M.Grand parents Destruction Relinquish Salvation Sudden Attacks

Air-Fire Gas Dilution Intestine Ear Head Mouth Lips Tubes

Fire-Bile Blocks Nails Hair Anus Private part Valves Growths

Apart from this, planets will also act as signifier to certain houses which are tabled below:


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Special signification of houses by Planets House 1st house 2nd House 3rd House 4th House 5th House 6th House 7th House 8th House 9th House 10th House 11th House 12th House Planet Sun Jupiter Mars Moo, Venus Mercury Jupiter Mars Venus Saturn Sun Jupiter Mer, Sun Sat, Jupiter Saturn Elder brother Father In 9th house In 10th house In 11th house Family Siblings Mother Children Uncle Spouse In 3rd house In 4th house In 5th house In 6th house In 7th house Relative Detrimental in


Practical example chart section will have some charts analysed based on this traditional approach along with analysis based on other methods explained in this work.

Prithuyashas Shatpanchasikha


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Aryasaptati, horakrishneeya, prashnajnana, varaprashnadeepa, bhuvana deepika, Prashna Marga and Shatpanchasikha are some of the great works on Prashna. We are selecting the last one Shatpanchasikha a great work by Prithuyashas son of great scholar Varahamihiracharya. This work is named as Shatpanchasikha as it contains 56 dictums. This work was further explained by Utpala bhatta in his horavivrutthi. We selected a few important dictums and with the logical application of some of the fundamentals taken from Varahamihira and Parasara, which can be adaptable for day to day applications and can also be used in other system of Prashna.
Apart from the fundamental given in chapter 2 above, we give few more essentials for this section of Prashna

Planets Time factor

Saturn, Rahu, Ketu One year Sun - 6 months Mercury 2 months Jupiter One month Venus - 15 days Mars 1 Day Moon 1 hour

Age Factor
Sun Elderly Moon Child Mars above 4 years Mercury 5 to 12 years Venus - Youth 24 years Jupiter Middle aged Saturn - Old aged Rahu tall Ketu short



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Jupiter Venus Brahmin Mars and Sun Warrior Moon Trader Mercury Working class Saturn - Servants Rahu Muslims, Parsi, Jains Ketu - Christians, Buddhist, Tribal

Colour of Planets
Sun Copper colour Moon Half white Mars Red colour Mercury Green Jupiter Yellow Venus White mixed colour Saturn Blue black Rahu Black Ketu Textured colour

Direction of Planets
Sun East Venus South East Mars South Rahu South West Saturn West Moon North West Mercury North Jupiter North East


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Ketu Middle, Bramhastana Vegetative world of Planets Sun Trees in forest, Barks, non fruit bearing Moon Planting trees, bulbs (garlic etc), non fruit bearing Mars Thorny trees/plants Flowers Fruit bearing Mercury Domestic/garden plants Leafy Fruit bearing Jupiter Coconut trees Fruit bearing Venus Domestic/gardens planets Fruit bearing Saturn Bitter plants non fruit bearing Rahu - Poisons plants Ketu Roots and bulbs underground Animal Kingdom Sun Forest fiery animals Moon Milking animals Mars Horny animal fierce animals Mercury Quick moving mammals Jupiter Elephants Heavy animals Venus - Horse Cow Saturn Buffalos, Camels and slow moving animals Rahu - Serpent and Reptiles Ketu Insects etc. Metals and Mineral world of Planets Sun Copper Moon Gems Mars Gold Mercury Brass


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Jupiter Silver Venus Pearl Saturn Iron Rahu Alloy, Petroleum Ketu Burnt, coal etc Human tissues of Planets Sun Bones Moon Blood Mars Marrow Mercury Skin Jupiter Fat Venus Semen Saturn Nerves Rahu Toxins Ketu - Ulcers and growth Gender of Planets Saturn and Mercury neutrals Sun, Mars and Jupiter, Rahu Male Moon, Venus and Ketu Female Relationship represented by Planets Sun Father Moon Mother Mars Siblings Mercury Uncles Jupiter Jiva Venus Wife


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Saturn Elder brother Rahu Paternal Grand parents Ketu Maternal Grand parents Apart from the above general signification of planets can be used as given elsewhere in this work. The following sign significations tabled are essential part of this particular method of Prashna.

Sign Signification


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For this section of Prashna, the following rules are prescribed. Rule I Benefic planets

1. Jupiter, Mercury, and Lord of the House will always remain benefic irrespective of their Lordship. 2. Venus owning both Kendra and Kona or owning either of the house and owning other house as 2 or 11 remain benefic.


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3. Moon more than 72 degrees from Sun remain benefic if do not own 3-6-8-12 houses 4. Sun not owning 3-6-8-12 remain benefic 5. Planets owning Both Kendra and Kona irrespective of their natural nature remain benefic.
Rule 2 Malefic planets

1. Venus owning 2-3-6-8-11-12 houses and not owning other house as either Kendra or Kona. 2. Moon Less than 72 degrees from Sun irrespective of the ownership of houses 3. Sun owning 3-6-8-12 houses 4. Saturn, Mars not owning both Kendra or Kona 5. Rahu 6. Ketu
Rule 3 Beneficially influenced houses Aspect, Occupation by a Benefic will make the house matter to flourish A House hemmed between benefic will yield good effects of the houses. Lord the house hemmed between Benefic will render the lord to give good effect of the houses owned by him. Rule 4 Maliciously Influenced houses Aspect, Occupation by a Malefic will make the house matter to flounder. Any planet posited in 6,8,12 will lose its strength and renders bad results of the house matters owned by those planets. A house hemmed between malefic will yield bad effects of the houses Benefic in 6, 8, and 12 destroy bad significations and enhance good significations of these houses. Malefic in 6, 8, and 12 enhance the bad signification and destroy the good significations of these houses. Lord of the house hemmed between Malefic will render the lord to give bad effects of the houses owned by him. Rule 5 Prashna Chart and reference points For this purpose, erect a time chart for the moment of question with Navamsha and Drekkana. Retain the Lagna for the first person questioning. For the 2nd person we can take the Aroodha Lagna. Aroodha is calculated as follows:


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Count the number of houses from the Lagna to the sign where Lagna lord is posited. Again, count the same number of houses from Lagna lord and note that sign as Aroodha Lagna. If the Lagna Lord is posited in 7th to Lagna Lord, the same Lagna will be counted from Lagna which is not correct. Therefore, count 4th house from 7th house and that will be Aroodha Lagna. If the Lagna Lord is posited in Lagna, again Lagna cannot be Aroodha therefore count 4th house from Lagna and call it as Aroodha. If the Lagna lord is in 4th from Lagna, 4th house itself becomes Aroodha. For the 3rd person, ask a number between 1 and12 and take the zodiac sign of the number given by the person. For the 4th person cast cowries to arrive at the Aroodha Lagna. (For casting cowries, certain occult rituals are to be performed to energize cowries. This is purely based on personal faith on a particular deity through which this has to be performed. The main criterion is to shift the mental wavelengths of both the person questioning and the Astrologer. With simple prayer to personal deity and faithfully invoking, the energy of deity in to the cowries is main object of this ritual. Any method which convinces the astrologer can be adopted for this purpose) Rule 6 Answers to the Question is Positive 1 Question Lagna must be beneficially influenced as Rule 3 above Or 2 In the Divisional chart the Lagna must be in the signs of Planets dignified as Benefic as per Rule 1 above Or 3 The Question Lagna must be in Head rising sign.

Rule 7 Answer to the Question is Negative 1 Question Lagna is Maliciously influenced as per Rule 4 above. Or 2 In the Divisional charts the Lagna falls in the sings of Planets dignified as Malefic as per Rule 2 above. Or 3 The Question Lagna falls in the Hind rising sign.


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Rule 8 Answer to the Question is Positive with obstructions, delay or remedies.

1. Question Lagna is Maliciously influenced as per Rule 4 but the malefic planets are friendly to
Lagna lord. Or

2. In the Divisional chart the Lagna fall in the sings of planets dignified as Malefic as per Rule 2 but
they are friendly to Lagna lord Or

3. The Question Lagna fall in Dual-rising (Pisces) sign and the Lagna is Beneficially influenced in the
net assessment among benefic and malefic planet. Subject to rules mentioned above: Favourable or Unfavorable effects of matters relating to 12 sings are based on the Movable, Fixed and Common signs of the houses they represent. For example in the 2nd Sloka of 1st chapter, the great author Prithuyashas introduces the first set of rules to answer questions by giving importance to four Kendra houses 1, 4, 7, 10 and he attributes single word signification chyuthi, Vriddhi , Nivrutthi Pravasa respectively. Each word convey plethora of matters for answering questions. Chyuthi means: Falling, Degeneration, Loss, aberration, deviation, deflections, Perishing, Changing, Shifting etc. Vriddhi means, Addition, Circulation, Movement, flow, transmission, increase, and growth, Prosperity, Boom, and Multiple etc. Nivrutthi means: Satisfaction, Pleasure, Relaxation, Retire, Stagnant and Return, etc. Pravasa means: Foreign residence, Journey, tour, Leave home, Start, Separation, Pilgrimage etc. The importance of Kendra houses is well established in this Sloka. Almost all the matters relating to life can be answered only with this one Sloka. Chyuthi

1. If the Lagna is in movable sign or 1st half of common sign and having beneficial influence as per

Rule 3 the relating to 1st house will be yield positive results for the questions relating to matters: Falling, Degeneration, Loss, aberration, deviation, deflections, Perishing, Changing, Shifting, Change of Place, Change in Job or any matter that causes displacement will be positive, and Fulfillment of purpose of Journey.

The sign is a space factor and the point of reference Lagna is intention or the thought process. When the intention and the matter in the space both are of same nature there is a positive effect. Vriddhi

2. If the 4th house happens to be fixed sign or the 2nd half of the common sign having
beneficial influence Addition, Circulation, Movement, flow, transmission, increase, and growth, Prosperity, Boom, and Multiple Matters relating to immovable comforts, like property matters will be positive. Similarly, for sale of property the sign must be movable. For mutual agreements or sharing of property it should be common sign.


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3. If the 7th house happens to be movable sign or first half of common sign having beneficial
influence Return from Journey, Foreign matters, Missing person or article etc will be yield positive results. For the matters, that needs no change or movement the Fixed sign will be positive. Compromising factors are indicated by Common sign. Pravasa

4. If the 10th house happens be movable sign or first half of the common sign, and
maliciously influenced Foreign residence, Journey, tour, Leave home, Start, Separation, and Pilgrimage etc will be positive. Logically, the sign signification plays important role in the above dictum. Based on the matter and type of answer desired whether positive or negative to be decided upon the sign signification of movable, fixed or common sign. In general applying these principles identifying the matter which requires, Movement, Stability or Mutuality, all the Questions relating to 12 houses are answered using other sign significations etc., given in the fundamental above. However, we give other rules for some selected Questions. Section A: If Lagna falls in Fixed signs or in 2nd half of common sign 1 Positive results to be predicted relating to Acquiring Land, House, Visa or Green card, Getting permanent Job, settling in profession or business, Lost property gain, Honour of the person, reputation and wining. 2 Negative results to be predicted relating to movements like travel, change, Person in foreign losing job, or place, Possibility of death, Cure of diseases, Missing person gone far away or dead. Section B: If Lagna falls in Movable sign or in 1st half of common sign 1 Negative results to be predicted relating to Acquiring Land, House, Visa or Green card, Getting permanent Job settling in profession or business, Lost property gain, Honour of the person, reputation and wining. 2 Positive results to be predicted relating to movements like travel, change, Person in foreign losing job, or place, Possibility of death, Cure of diseases, Missing person gone far away or dead In case both the influences prevail, consider the strongest effect Benefic effect for positive results and strongest malicious effect for negative results. Questions relating to arguments, fights, elections, and Final interviews where competition is between two persons and withdrawal of enemy or competitor can be answered by: 4th house by its sign quality


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4th house in Prashna chart happens to be Cancer, Scorpio, Aquarius or Pisces, the enemy will be defeated. If that 4th house in Prashna chart happens to be Aries, Taurus, Leo and 2nd half of Sagittarius, the enemy will withdraw. Questions relating to opponent appearing in court case, or hectic competition in examination or interview or a litigation involving powerful enemies can be answered by: Prashna rising sign and position of Moon in sign Answer to the above questions will be favourable to the person questioning if Lagna falls in movable sign and Moon occupy fixed sign. It will be un-favorable to him, if Lagna fall in fixed sign and the moon occupy movable sign. Questions relating to Winning or losing of Court case, arguments, litigation etc by the person who first initiated the situation or filed the case. The person initiated fight will Win If Prashna Lagna falls in Movable sign or in first half of common sign and is having beneficial influence of planets. Or if it is Fixed sign and having strong malicious influence of planets The person initiated fight will lose If Prashna Lagna falls in Movable sign or first half of common, sign and is having malicious influence of planets Or If Prashna Lagna falls in Fixed sign without malicious influence Question relating to Withdrawing from ongoing case, fight or competition or losing by opponent are answered by: 4th, 5th and 6th Houses If 5th and 6th houses are maliciously influenced, the opponent will withdraw half way through. If 4th house is maliciously influenced the opponent will lose the fight. There are few more such combinations for questions relating to fights and competitions which we are unable to elaborate due to space constraint. Auspicious and inauspicious results are to be predicted by


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Planets in Trine, Quadrant and 8th house If Malefic planets are not posited in 1, 4,7,10 or 8 and if benefic planets occupy 5th or 9th houses, then Auspicious results in every matter can be predicted. If Malefic planets occupy 1, 4,7,10 or 8th and if benefic do not occupy 5th or 9th then Inauspicious results in every matter has to be predicted. In other words, Kendra and Kona should have benefic planets, malefic planets should be in other houses, and there should be neither benefic nor malefic in 8th house, to get auspicious results and vice versa for inauspicious results. This leads us to exercise on the quantitative assessment of both Kendra and Kona houses. If Kendra and Kona houses are beneficially influenced, the results will be auspicious else the results will be inauspicious. Question regarding profit or loss By 3rd, 5th, 11th and signs Beneficial influence on houses 3rd, 5th or 11th and signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius will result in profits Malicious influence on houses 3rd, 5th or 11th and signs Gemini Libra and Aquarius will results in loss Again, the ultimate beneficial or malicious influence on these houses and sings either is to be considered for final results profit or loss.

Questions regarding Status in society, Position, Fame and Wealth By houses 7th and 10th and Moon, for Status and Position Benefic planets in 7th or 10th will give positive results of the above question. By houses 1st, 2nd and 5th and Moon for Fame and Wealth Benefic planets in 1st, 2nd, 5th, will give positive results of the above question For both cases if Malefic are posited in these houses, then the quantitative benefic or malefic influence is to be assessed. Even if they are beneficially influenced, if Moon is posited in Lagna and houses 11th and 12th are maliciously influenced the results will be negative Moon in 10th will give positive results. In other words, we should assess the houses 1, 2, 5,7,10, 11 and 12 and Moon for positive influences.


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Question regarding recover from ill health By Lagna, 5th, 7th, 8th and Moon position in 3rd, 6th 10th or 11th Beneficial influence on 1st, 5th, 7th and 8th house with Moon placed in 3, 6, 10, or 11 indicates recovery from ill health. Again, the quantitative assessment will indicate the nature of ill health and the quantum of recovery. Question regarding recovery of Lost articles By Lagna, Sign and Moon If, 1) Lagna in a Head-rising sign, 2) if full Moon or a benefic occupy Lagna, and 3) a powerful benefic occupy 11th house, the lost article will be recovered. If any one of the three conditions is not fulfilled the lost article will not be recovered. The direction of the planet as stated in the fundamentals, and the Navamsha sign, of the benefic planet occupying Lagna or 11th house will indicate the type of article and the Moon or the benefic planet or the number of Navamsha sign of Moon or the benefic planet will indicate the days or months for recovery. Question relating to Marriage and child birth By Saturn and signs In Prashna chart, if Saturn occupies female sign, the male marriage will take place or in case of progeny, it will be a female birth. If Saturn occupies male sign, the female marriage will take place and for progeny it will be a male birth. For male marriage, the female sign as Lagna should not be considered. Question relating to Gender specification of a pregnant woman By Lagna in Prashna chart and Divisional charts In Varga chart if the Lagna falls in male signs and is influenced by powerful male planet it will be male child. If in other signs having influence of female planet, it will be female child. Influence of Mercury on any of these Lagna will confirm the pregnancy of woman. The power of such influence either male or female will decide in case of multiple influences. Mars, Ketu, Rahu and Gulika will indicate dangers and obstructions in child birth. Question relating to Marriage of Sons, daughters and other relatives By Planets and Houses If Moon occupies 3rd, 5th, 7th 11th or 6th house and having beneficial influence or Kendra or Kona houses are beneficially influenced, the marriage of the relative in question will take place. The outcome is to be assessed for benefic or malefic influence to decide the ultimate result as positive or negative.


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The time of marriage is computed based on the number of months indicated by the powerful benefic influencing the 11th or 7th house. We have introduced this great work in brief covering most of the Questions relating to day to day life. This section of Prashna establishes the importance of sign significations, Kendra and Kona houses. The mutual relationship of Kendra and Kona we have discussed in the Parasara section of Prashna. Some of the above rules are applied to charts in the example charts given in Practical example chart section.

Prashna Marga Glimpses

Prashna Marga is voluminous and it is out of the scope of this work to explicit all its contents. Prashna Marga covers many matters that can be answered in the Prashna. I would like to cover certain important matters that do not cover in Parasara or Naadi Prashna. This would benefit the reader in special application in occult matters and remedial measures. Fundamental rules remain same as prescribed in Shatpanchasikha as far as Benefic and Malefic nature of planets are concerned yet it is repeated below for easy reference. Details of Gulika earlier given are an essential part in this section. The sign details and other fundamentals can be accessed from earlier chapters. Rule I Benefic planets


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6. Jupiter, Mercury, and any planet as Lord of the House will always remain benefic irrespective of their Lordship. 7. Venus owning both Kendra and Kona or owning either of the house and owning other house as 2 or 11 remain benefic. 8. Moon more than 72 degrees from Sun remain benefic if do not own 3-6-8-12 houses 9. Sun not owning 3-6-8-12 remain benefic 10. Planets owning Both Kendra and Kona irrespective of their natural nature remain benefic.
Rule 2 Malefic planets

7. Venus owning 2-3-6-8-11-12 houses and not owning other house as either Kendra or Kona. 8. Moon Less than 72 degrees from Sun irrespective of the ownership of houses 9. Sun owning 3-6-8-12 houses 10. Saturn, Mars not owning both Kendra and Kona 11. Rahu 12. Ketu 13. Gulika 14. Lord of the sing where Gulika is posited. 15. Planets in Baadhaka houses 16. Lord of the sign where Baadhaka lord is posited

Rule 3 Bhava analysis

1. A Bhava will flourish by the benefic influences. Influence includes aspect of planets, occupation of planet, hemming of planets, exchange of planet, and being in Kendra or Kona to a house. 2. With above disposition by malefic planets the Bhava will flounder. 3. A lord going to houses 6-8-12 from Lagna will deprive good effects of his house to the native. 4. A Lord influenced by Benefic will flourish the house owned by him and flounder if influenced by malefic as dignified above. 5. A house will flourish if the Bhava Karaka is influenced by benefic as above and will flounder if the same is influenced by malefic. 6. Natural significations of planets will give good effects if they are strong by planetary strength


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assessed as given in earlier chapters. A weak planet will give adverse results of their significations. These are some of the rules essential for the purpose of the matters being discussed in this chapter. The houses are divided into two groups:

External matters: 1 house Body , 2nd house Family, 3rd Siblings, 4th house- Relative 5th house Children, 6th houseEnemy, 7th house-Spouse, 8th house-Death 9th house-Fortune, 10th house-Profession, 11th house- Profit 12th house Separation

Internal matters 1-Health, 2nd house-Wealth, 3rd house-Courage, 4th house-Comforts, 5th house Wisdom, 6th house Disease, Debt, 7th house- Desire, 8th house-Difficulties, 9th house Knowledge, 10th house- FameHonour 11th house- achievement, 12th house-Expenditure-Loss.

If the lord of a house is posited in the same house, it indicates the internal matters else it indicates external matters.

Fructification of results

The Lagna must be well fortified

The House which relates to the question must be strong as per the assessment of House analysis.

There must be a relationship between Lagna lord and the house indicating the question. The Relationship will be established in the following way. 1. The Lagna lord should occupy or aspect the house of Question OR 2. The Lord of the Question house should occupy or aspect Lagna


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OR 3. The lord of the question house should establish relationship by having mutual aspect, by exchange or being placed in Kendra or Kona to Lagna lord.

General effect of houses when malefic and benefic occupies the 12 houses.

1st house occupied by Malefic Defeat, headache, sorrow, de-fame, displacement, financial loss, ill health and sadness

Benefic Winning, health, wealth, fame, gain of comforts, restoration

2nd house- occupied by

Malefic Loss of inherited property, health & other problems to family members, bad tongue, loss of utensils, eye diseases

Benefic Gain in inherited property, love and happiness to family members, gain in utensils.

3rd House-occupied by


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Malefic Native does not get any help, health and other problems to younger siblings; native suffers with fear complex, bad thoughts or illusions and will have problems in chest, shoulders and ear

Benefic Help from siblings, good health, gains, good thoughts, analytical mind, and courage to native

4th House-occupied by

Malefic Heart problems, unhappiness, to native, bad effects to mother, father in law, uncles, cousins and friends, destruction of agricultural fields, water, wells, movable and immovable assets

Benefic Gain of lands, house properties, vehicles, cattle and agricultural benefits, this also ensures a position in occupation.

5th House-occupied by

Malefic Loss of past merits, lack of self confidence, unrest and furious mental conditions, wrong advisors, ill heath and dangers to children, Loss in pleasurable pursuits and speculation

Benefic Progeny prospects, good effects to children, wisdom, recognition, and satisfaction and prospers with past merits

6th House-occupied by

Malefic The limb indicated by the sign will get injury or wound, Fear and trouble from enemies, thieves, waist and back problems, disease indicated by the humour and elements of malefic occupying the house, problems in professional life, Benefic No enemies, good health, cure from disease, protection from theft, smooth career


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7th House-occupied by

Malefic Danger, ill-health, diseases to spouse, separation from spouse, urinary and kidney problems to native, differences in partnerships or breaking up of partnerships, theft, thief, litigations and problems in foreign journey

Benefic Marriage, recovery of lost articles, conjugal happiness, returning of foreign relatives, good partnership, happy foreign journey 8th House-occupied by

Malefic Obstructions in all matters, diseases of private parts, quarrel with others, loss by theft, penalties from government, problems and loss from enemies, nearing death experiences, Benefic Good longevity, and prevents adversities from enemies, government and evil persons.

9th House-occupied by

Malefic Misfortune, irreligious, divine-curse, lack of compassion, diseases, problems to father, grand children and priestly or elderly persons

Benefic Fortune, contended elders, father, priestly persons and their blessings, divine blessings, comforts, happiness with prosperity to grand children, lucky life.

10th House-occupied by

Malefic Fall from profession, Obstructions, de-fame, lack of administrative abilities, de-linking from dependents, agitation from fellow workers, going away to distant places(foreign) diseases of legs

Benefic Good professional life, fame, good administrative abilities, societal constructive works, co-


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operation from dependents, co-operation from fellow workers

11th House-occupied by Malefic Health problems in knees and ears, Health and other problems to elder brother and son, gain from the articles indicated by the planets posited in this house

Benefic Cure from diseases, fulfilment of all desires, financial and assets gain, Happiness, co-operation and help from all including elder brother and son. Overall good results

12th House-occupied by

Malefic Loss, displacement, Expenditure, eye diseases, fall causing injury, unethical activities, hospitalisation,

Benefic Prevention of loss, displacement and control of expenditure, Health, and guarding against unethical activities and cure from disease.

These are the some of the results by twelve houses when occupied by the malefic and benefic planets. When both of them are occupied, the results will be mixed and it will be based on the strength and positional dignities of the planets.

When planets are posited in these houses, consider their natural signification and merge with the benefic or malefic attributes of these houses and delineate the results. (Harmony between natural signification and house matter will yield good results irrespective benefic or malefic nature of the planets).


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Important matters of Prediction in Prashna:

Importance of day lord: In the Prashna chart If the day lord is in exalted place either in Aroodha Prashna chart or in Navamsha or if the Aroodha sign happens to be the exalted sign in the Aroodha chart, then predict good health and good longevity to the person. On the contrary if they happen to be debilitated sing predict negative results. The intermediary positions will indicate moving towards cure and betterment when the exalted place is ahead from the day lord or sign and it will be reverse if the debilitated place is ahead.

Question regarding ill-health:

If Aroodha Lagna falls in Aries or Scorpio predict Headache, Eyes pain, Fever, Wound, Scabies etc., (Take the planetary influences to differentiate).

If Aroodha Lagna falls in Taurus, Libra, predict diseases in private parts, tastelessness, cold, and water related problems.

If Aroodha Lagna falls in Gemini or Virgo predict breathlessness, nose problems, skin problems etc. (Take the planetary influences to differentiate).

If Aroodha Lagna falls in Leo predict Stomach, eyes, Heat and depression problems.

If Aroodha Lagna fall in Sagittarius and Pisces, Predict Mental aberration, ears problems


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If Aroodha Lagna falls in Capricorn or Aquarius, Mental aberration, tiredness, constipation, mobility problems, and if with Rahu influence itches

There is no mention about cancer sign, in the book. However, if it is cancer sign, Lungs, Asthma, pneumonia etc can be predicted.

These predictions can be told with certainty if the Aroodha Lagna is afflicted or if the Navamsha of both Prashna Lagna and Gulika are same.

Person questioning whether healthy or sick

If Lord of Aroodha posited in movable sign and in movable Navamsha or in Kendra with strength, the person is healthy. If it is posited in fixed sign in Prashna chart and Navamsha chart and posited in the chart in 2nd or 12 with no strength, the person is suffering from disease. If the positions and strength are varying, then there the persons will be suffering with diseases very frequently.


For the purpose of Longevity main components to study are Prashna Lagna, The Lord of Prashna Lagna, the 8th house, 8th Lord and Moon.

Lagna and 8th house

Positive points to for long life 1. Hemmed between benefic planets 2. Having aspect of benefic planets 3. Benefic planets posited in Lagna/8th house 4. Lord of (Lagna/8th house) hemmed between malefic planets.


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5. Lagna/8th lord posited in Lagna/8th house respectively 6. Lagna/8th house having aspect of Lagna/8th lord 7. Lord of (Lagna/8th house) exalted, friendly and retrograde 8. Lord of Lagna in Kendra

Negative points to short life 1. Hemmed between malefic planets. 2. Having aspect of malefic planets 3. Malefic planets posited in Lagna/8th house 4. Lord of (Lagna/8th house) hemmed between malefic planets. 5. Lord of (Lagna/8th house) having aspect of malefic planets 6. Lord of (Lagna/8th house) conjunct with malefic plants 7. Lord of (Lagna is/8th house) combust, debilitated, enemy place. 8. Lord of 8th in Kendra

1. From Lagna the matters relating to body (Deha) and from 8 th house matters relating to life force (Jeeva) are to be assessed. Both must have sufficient strength and relates to each other by conjunction or aspect to predict Long life

2. Lord of Prashna Lagna, Jupiter or Venus any one of them if posted in Kendra to Aroodha Lagna good longevity is to be predicted. If all of them are in Kendra or in mutual Kendra reckoned from Aroodha Lagna then also long life is to be predicted.

4. Benefic planets in 5th, 9th, 4,7,10, 1, 2,8,11 and if malefic planets are in 3,6,11 counted from Prashna Lagna long life can be predicted.

5. Conjunction of Prashna Lagna lord and 8th lord in any sign or if they are posited in their own exalted place, own sign or friendly sign or if the lord of Lagna, Jupiter and Venus are posited in Kendra, Kona or


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in 2nd predict Long life. 6. Possible death indications without suffering

A. in Prashna chart, if Gulika is in the birth star of the person questioning, or in the 8 th house from his birth Moon sign B. the lord of the birth star of the person happens to be the lord of sign where Gulika is posited in Prashna chart C. any one out of the lords of birth star of the person, the days star lord of the Prashna chart or the star lord of Gulika, if posited in the 8th house from the moon birth sign of the person in the Prashna chart. Any one of these factors will indicate the death to the person without suffering from illness. Bandana Yoga (arrest or immobility)

1. Two malefic plants posited in 7 or 9 or 5 houses counted from Lagna being owned by malefic planets there is possibility of arrest or immobility to the native If it is a fixed sign arrest will be in nearest place, if it is movable sign it is at a distant place and in common sign it indicate arrest during travel.

2. Similar condition if found counted from Sun the arrest is for father. 3. From Mars it is for brother Similarly for others consider from the planet representing the relative.

Unless Saturn and Rahu is involved the release from these can be told when benefic occupy the said places in transit.

Baadha in Prashna The word baadha in Sanskrit means: Affliction, Annoyance Disturbance, Distress, Danger, Hazard, Injury, Interruption, Molestation, Obstacle, Pain, Peril, Risk, Suffering, Threat and Trouble. Baadhaka means one who causes the above effects. The Prashna Marga, identifies the 11th sign for Movable sign Lagna, 9th sign to Fixed sign Lagna, and 7th sign to Common sign Lagna. This we have indicated in Parasara chapter. In Prashna Marga apart from this, Gulika and Rahu are also given equal importance for indentifying baadha caused to the native.


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Due to placement and aspect, the above Baadhaka planets will create problems relating to many matters in life. The basic idea is to find out the reason behind certain sufferings through these afflictions. There are many types of baadha described in this great work we will discuss some of them here like Sarpa baadha, Preta baadha, Abhichara, Divine resentment, Father resentment, Priest resentment. First, we shall try to define each of them. Sarpa baadha: If Kendra counted from Rahu is occupied by Jupiter as lord of 6,8,12 it is baadha from good Sarpa. If Jupiter is similar dignity is placed in Kendra to Gulika instead of Rahu, then it is wicked Sarpa baadha. Rahu itself in baadha sign indicate Sarpa baadha. If sun is relates to Rahu it is good Sarpa baadha. If Rahu relates to Moon, Mars, Saturn, etc., then it is wicked Sarpa baadha. Rahu posited in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 7 also indicate Sarpa baadha. Whenever such baadha is predominant in the horoscope, several types of mishaps are experienced by the native, like not getting right job, problems in job, mismatch between income and expenditure, denial of marital alliance, denial of progeny, disturbed marital life, depressed mental conditions, non progressive life style, failure in efforts, financial crunch, blames, unethical activities etc., Sarpa means snake, how this is related to human activities is a million dollar question. We cannot deny the fact that often such natives with such combinations are found to be suffering with many of the troubles cited above. When the prescribed remedies are performed, the troubles are vanished. That means there is a link somewhere between the snake and the human activities. In Hindu culture, there is a festival called Naga Panchami especially devoted to snakes. The killing of snake therefore considered as great sin in this culture. Pundits normally attribute Sarpa baadha due to killing of snake either in the previous birth or by ancestors. It is also true that, persons having such afflictions often see snakes in their dreams. The modern thinking does not get convinced with this idea of suffering due to killing of snake. Nevertheless, logically there must be some reason behind this. Mythological epics depict the great serpent as the bed of Sri Mahavishnu. Lord Shiva has a serpent around his neck. Lord Ganesha has a belt of serpent round his belly. Lord Kartikeya has serpents around his seat. There are many stories relating to serpents in the religious scripts. Down the line from the known days of Indian culture, names like Nagaraja, Phaninder, Nagamani and may more serpent names are christened. There are innumerable temples of Nagadevata across the world. The Nagaland is especially a place with the serpent name and historian presumably attributes this place as the kingdom of serpents which was destroyed by Arjuna. In astrology Rahu, Mars, Saturn, Gulika are all in one way or other linked to serpent. More than anything, the serpent which is primarily attributed to poison and death is the fearsome psychosis in the human being. In spite of this there are many who s[w]allow the snake, some kill the snake and use it for some utilities. There many who are engaged snake shows and play with them. On one side the fear of serpent and on the other side the reverence to snake, are two factors which are hard-wired into the human memories especially the later part in Indian culture. The serpent is a poison that is capable of killing a human being. Similarly, a human being is also equally venomous with his negative energy of revenge or hatred. He is no less than a snake to sting the other person for his own benefits. This attitude of revenge and instinct to get rid of other person for self benefits is a dangerous negative energy. This act of destroying others is a continuous process for fulfilling personal needs. This chain of negative energy is symbolically representing the long serpent. The association of serpents to Gods indicates that this negative energy is under their control and they do not use for destruction of


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others for their selfish motives. This is the message they depict which needs to be followed by human race. With uncontrolled venomous energies, sins committed in the past by troubling Jeeva (soul) in any form will haunt the Person birth after birth until he realizes and heals this negative energy. Negative energy is a conscious which triggers and blocks the positive thought wave. According to our karma theory, what you sow so you reap these negative energies generated earlier are in the super conscious and distract our present programming of activities in the conscious level. Deprived of positive approach to life the person experiences failures and hurdles in life. By motivating divinity in poisonous serpent, a psychological program is activated to heal such poisonous thought process. This is one of such attempt to bring science into occultism to understand it better. However, it is a privilege of the person to adhere to either religious sentiment or logical approach. In the nutshell, the chart indicates the past negative actions by the above rules and the remedies (programming to heal negative thought forces) thereof to remove the negative energies are discussed below in accordance with Prashna Marga. Remedial measures for Sarpa baadha Rahu posited in Baadhaka stana, 6, 8, or 12 needs to be remedied with Ashlesha Bali Pooja & Sarpa Samskara. Both are similar to shraddha Samskara performed for the departed souls. Ashlesha Bali is named so as it has to be performed on Ashlesha Nakshatra. For 4th Rahu stone image of Sarpa is to be installed. For 12th Rahu remedy is to be done by organizing musical concert. If Rahu is in 7th, it is to be remedied by performing abhisheka to serpent idol with the mixture of Milk, turmeric powder and rice powder or by arranging a dance performance. However, the ultimate remedy is to perform Samskara in whichever manner. If a person with vengeance commits atrocity on others at times, it not only affects the victim but it will also make his children and family members to suffer. In such cases, the person committed sin will face problems in his entire family as the same negative energy is triggered in this birth. This is identified by: Rahu in Baadhaka place being a Movable sign which indicates That due to evil acts of native in past, the victim suffered growth in family prospects, if it is in fixed sign; he suffered due to destruction of dwelling place, if it is Common sign, the children of the victim suffered. Please note that the victim can be life energy in any living form (human, animal, plant life) In such circumstances, the Sarpa Samskara as said above is done along with the donation of snake along with eggs embedded with it. The number of eggs will be equal to the sign numbers of Baadhaka sign. That is 11, 9, or 7. Logic behind such remedies: All these rituals are scientifically speaking a mental programming sessions. We all know that yearly Shraddha performed to dead souls are to offer our gratitude to them. In other words it is an act of invoking positive energy in which we invite them in the shape of energies by symbolic representation (those who can afford invite Brahmins) and serve them similar to god and feed them. That is healing the negative energies and then empower with positive energy of food items. These departed souls are linked to our super conscious energy. Healing and positively empowering this conscious energy will strengthen our present programming at conscious levels. Similarly, the Sarpa Samskara will heal the negative energies stored in super conscious due to past evil deeds on souls and allow the conscious level to reprogram with positive energies. The musical performance as a remedy stated above, is directly a mental programming process. It is


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scientifically proven fact that many diseases are healed by music. This process works exactly works like a let go thought process which is being advocated by many mind control programs. This process of let go is also a step in meditation. There is some meditation process which induces different level of consciousness through music. The different pitch, wavelength, instruments induces different wavelengths on the mind. Who can forget the famous signature tune of hind film Nagin (Tanu dole, Mandole)? Though they have not used the exact instrument that is used for serpent charming, the effect created is so enthralling that even todays generation gets hypnotized with that tune. This is the fundamental behind this process of remedy. When the music is played continuously while you participate, the let go process begins with the pre-set affirmation. Naturally this works. The dancing remedy is again a rhythmic visual instructive process. Across the world rarely, we find a person not tapping his or her foot to a dancing rhythm. This is a process of diverting thought process by either participating or watching and hearing a systematic body movement. However, you do not participate physically in dance, by watching such a feast, the phantom limb definitely rock with rhythm unconsciously helping cell structures in every part of the body to respond the positive waves produced by audio effects both consciously and unconsciously. This will not only build positive energies but will also throw out toxins in the body. The third process is abhisheka. This is definitely a wonderful process. If we see the article used, we will understand the hidden scientific reason behind this. Milk is the first food support for human being. Rice is the 2nd staple food of survival. Turmeric is a natural antibiotic and toxin remover. With the mixture when we perform abhisheka, it is symbolic offering of these energies and healing factors to the negative energies that are haunting. Continuous pouring on an idol is the nonstop cleaning process of negative energy. With the pre-set affirmations when this is done an automatic programming takes place at super conscious till the process is completed. Unfortunately, the devotee does not understand this and mechanically authorizes the priest to perform it. In fact all the rituals in Pooja are nothing but the re-programming the conscious levels. We are conducting research on this subject using neuroscience, brain waves and Veda Mantras especially connected with Pooja, Abhisheka, Homa and Tarpana prakriya. This is conducted in CHRONOS DATA BRIDGE. Very shortly we will come up with publication of book and an audio self doing disk. This would be first step in seeing the occult subject through science.

Parental curse: Basically, no parent will curse their children unless they are weird. The very word parent when used before a noun indicates something from which one or more similar and separate things have developed or to which they are attached. This is exactly the energy levels which are inter-related with a child and parent. A child is a separately indentified physical body emerged out of common life force emotionally attached at different levels of consciousness. Universally it is a proven fact that the parents get worried and emote if the child is pained. With the growth, the child gradually de-links from dependency and develops individuality. At times, the self gratifying acts of the grown up child may hurt emotional feelings of parents and may distance him from the interlinked energies. These hurt feelings are negative in nature and being closely related to DNA structure in child blocks his positive thinking abilities. This is


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what is called the Pitru-Mataadi Shapa If the parents are alive, the best thing is to please them, serve them, and take their blessings. This is the best remedy. If they are dead, best thing is to perform their last rites and also serve with food, clothes and spend some happy time with elderly people at home for old age etc. Preta Baadha The most controversial subject is about the spirit possession. There are arguments for and against, belief and superstition about the existence of departed soul as spirits. There are different groups of spirits based on histories, moral states and the nature of spirits. The person possessed will behave abnormally. However, there is a subject called parapsychology which deals with paranormal experiences which are described by the observations which presumably violate scientific laws Examples of paranormal experiences include Extra-sensory perception Psycho kinesis (movements of cell or organism by stimulus like light etc) and phenomena of human consciousness after death. Parapsychology is also deals with human consciousness, including altered states of consciousness, dreams, hypnosis and trance, etc. Parapsychology accepts the fact that consciousness is fundamentally unexplainable by modern scientific models. It further confirms that in every individual there is layer of the psyche (different level of conscious) which is beyond the scope of time and space. This psyche extends beyond the self. This consciousness slips in to other individuals, living and deceased, as well as objects and/or locations which are meaningful to the individual. This unique consciousness is the main source of paranormal experiences which are exhibited either behaviorally or subliminally. We have earlier explained about the super conscious and conscious which triggers the brain to create a thought wave. With the support of parapsychology, we would like to establish logical interpretation of the spirit world. In the earlier subject on parental curse, we have discussed about the negative energies. A suffering, an anger, hatred or ill feelings are all thought wave. Every thought wave is energy. Since they are wavelengths obviously, they travel in space. Both positive and negative energies do exists in the space. We have seen that conscious is also energy which has different wavelengths. Whenever a this conscious of this person encounters an energy either positive or negative, of wavelength which matches with the wave length of consciousness, it responds and records in that particular wavelength of consciousness. We have seen that the brain is driven by consciousness at different levels of its functioning producing actions reactions and though processes. Whenever there is energy, which falls under the category of paranormal the person attitude will be psychic in nature and will be against the normal accepted behavior of the person. This will also fire information to different parts of brain to cause chemical changes resulting in damages body parts including brain. The functions of the brain are amazing; in the scientific analysis in the recent year Sri. V.S. Ramachandran MD, PhD, Worlds leading brain researcher USA has established many case studies, establishing strange physical and visual abnormalities of patients who have suffered with different diseases and accidents. There are number of other research oriented materials which will enlighten about the functioning of brain. We attribute the importance to the Super consciousness which is universal in nature and has the


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capacity to create unbelievable visual panorama. This though we experience in dreams at the conscious level we fail to screen them. Driven by psyche such phenomena will overtake the normal consciousness activities and the person will be operating from this psyche level. This is what we logically conclude about the possessed person. It is therefore true that some other energy will be driving him to act strangely. Prashna Marga deals with this subject and provides tools to identify the sufferings due to Preta baadha and provide remedies to it. Is this not a subject of parapsychology? Are we not studying a subject of advanced science? Have our sages not given us the best miniature equipment of diagnosis in the shape of astrological chart? Spotting the spirit effect in chart: If Gulika is in 6, 8, or 12 from Lagna or if it is in posited in Baadhaka house it is an indication of Preta baadha. If Mars is related to Gulika in the Prashna chart, the departed soul had violent death and its negative energies are haunting the person. If Saturn is related to Gulika, it is the soul of some relative suffered in life or separated from kith and kin or due to lack of gratitude to the departed soul from its living relatives. If such Gulika is related to Rahu, the death of that person was due to poison. If Gulika is in above places in water signs, the death was due to drowning in water. Similarly fiery signs indicate death by fire or bullets, if it is Airy sign it was due to choking, hanging, or Air accidents. Similarly logical combination house and planets will decide the relationship of he departed soul to the person affected with the spirit. It is the astrological house and signification planets, by which different kind and relationship of the departed soul is to be identified. Prashna Marga elaborates on this. However due to space restriction in this work we limit ourselves giving the above the hints for finding out such details. Evil effects of spirits There could be progeny loss, ill-health, Mental abnormalities etc. However, it cannot be specifically determined as to how these effects affect a person. There could be different symptoms and behavioral changes quite opposite to accepted social norms. Prashna Marga also gives how these evil spirits capture a person. If we study these, we can understand the nature of effect the person will be subjected due to this evil spirit possession. Persons of more selfish nature, persons with violent mental conditions, persons with fear complex, persons repeatedly defeated and failed in life, persons who are not hygienic, persons not having enthusiasm in life are prone to get possessed by evil spirits. Similarly, women who are equally disposed and mentally weak due to many reasons of female biological reasons are prone to such possession. At the outset, it is only those who are mentally weak, who are prone to evil spirit possession. In other words, thought process of people triggered by conscious which has linked to negative energies are the people who suffer with such spirit problems. We have already established the theory of conscious and karma having similarity and conscious being universal in nature exists beyond the limitation of space and time. It is the previous hardwired information which relates to the negative energies, triggers different brain centre to produce audio visual effects, and creates strong negative processes which


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results in undesirable effect in normal living. The Remedial measures In most of the cases, the remedies prescribed are unique in nature. An orthodox exorcist that is Mantrika is pressed into service. There are certain places with a particular deity exclusively empowered for removal of evil spirits. These occultists are experts in their own way and perform different ritualistic processes to cure the victims. Some of the places noted for such cure are Kamakhya in Assam, Chottanikkara Temple in Kerala, Many places in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Whichever the place, whoever the Mantrika, whatever the process, ultimately it is the deep level of conscious cleaning and correcting and shifting of conscious level is the ultimate aim. Off course these traditional process involve the invoking the divine energy and also some Mantrika will have the capacity to transport their conscious wavelength and converse with the possessed energies triggering the victims brain to communicate. These are all nothing but highly technical hypnotic suggestion embedded in sound waves of Mantras and ritualistic visuals that would enable shifting of conscious levels of victims. Care should be taken to identify the right experienced Mantrika and the right place where such energies are discomforted due to space influences. Abhichara & Drishti baadha There are certain tricks and techniques, by which a person is induced with negative effects, and cause injuries to that person. This is called Black magic or Abhichara. Playing with psyche of the person is the art which a Black magician adopts. Such effects will work on a person who is mentally weak. If the person is strong, the first step adopted is to create a complex in him and then make him a subject for such process. This is generally common in villages or in the community where psychologically they easily prone to such effects. Even in the educated urban folks, person with weak psyche are prone to black magic. In general most of normal person experience the influence of stronger person on them. We will explain this with day to day affairs of the person. There some persons, when the talk they do not give you chance to express your views, you feel weak in front of them and at a particular point of time, and you submit yourself to listen to him. Similarly, when you idolize a person due to some reason or the other you follow his words and actions without any logical thinking from your part. Some good orators on the stage can create an impact on the audience with their ideas and they have the capacity to ignore and shut up any one who stands up to oppose him. These are all the some of the influencing factors which we generally observe and forget because perceivably they find causing no harm at that stage. When such incidents are repeated these negative effects will get hard-wired in conscious levels and our personality start portraying with negativities and we will be subjecting ourselves to get influenced by others. It is not only by words of the person or the actions of the person, some even communicate through eyes and transfer the negativity. Because, ultimately it is the wavelength that matters at the different conscious level, the sight is light waves driven by the thought process which is either negative or positive. This is exactly the same way when a hypnotist transfers tranquility through his eyes and words. This is also called Drishti baadha in Prashna Marga. When we study the Prashna Marga with the Para-physiological knowledge, we can explore the occult matters clearly and it would be easy to prescribe remedies using the existing authenticated orthodox tools, modified or appended with modern scientific cure methods.


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There are number of such unique matters which are explained in this great work. Subject to such special topics all other questions can be answered with analyzing the house related to question logically applying the sign significations along with the effects of Gulika, Rahu, Saturn and Mars effects and the lord of the sign where these planets are posited.


In the preface, it is mentioned that the Kashyapa Hora written by Sri R.G. Rao of Bangalore is the base for the Naadi Prashna. I have been experimenting to bring in the classical approach into Naadi system of prediction or at least incorporate the Naadi system into Classical approach. In my previous book Revelation from Naadi Astrology, I have made little progress in this direction. The experiments on Classical approach especially with the trick behind the traditional approach to dignify a planet as yoga karaka when they are attached with Adhipathya Dosha, has revealed the common approach towards Bhava analysis and the yoga karaka selection. This I have discussed in the earlier chapters. While discussing Shatpanchasikha and Prashna Marga, it can be noticed that the reference point can be either Prashna Lagna or Aroodha. In Prashna Marga, the Aroodha is computed on many ways. This particular aspect of selecting a reference point and the key behind Parasara has made me to find a structured method to approach Prashna in Naadi. In Naadi, the Hora lord will be the reference point. Therefore, it is simpler now to apply a modified classical structured approach. Therefore merging these principles, I


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have evolved some rules for application in Naadi Prashna. The Rules are explained in the later paragraphs. Before going into details of these rules and their application, certain fundamentals are essential for the purpose of Prashna in Naadi.

Essential ingredients Signs and their significations

Aries Dhatu-Tamas, Krura, Male, Warrior-Fire -Adya -Kriya Vishwa Blind rasi East-Subramania
Husband/Brother Central Govt- Hills- Proud- Ego- Stones-Hardships HEAD

Taurus Moola-Rajasic- Soumya-Female Work class Earth Blind rasi South-Meenakshi -Sri Krishna
Treasury-Wealth- Joy-Pleasure Luxury Arts House of Mother in law FACE-THROAT

Gemini Jeeva-Satwik- Kroora- Male Trade class-Air Blind rasi West-Mahavishnu Intellect-LearningHouse of Siblings & Friends, Green-Land Meeting Communication Media-Journey NECK- SHOULDERS

Cancer Dhatu Tamas-Soumya-Female Advisory-Water Blind rasi North-Adiparashakti- Sri Rama

Mother- Emotions Change-Travel-Art Blames-Theft Liquids CHEST AND LUNGS

Leo Moola-Rajasic- Krura-Male Ruling-Fire Blind rasi East-Lord Brahma-Eswara Father/Son

Government Ruling Royal-Jungle- HEART-BELLY

Virgo Jeeva-Satwik- Soumya-Female Work class-Earth Blind rasi South-Mahalakshmi Love-Friend

Trade intelligence Commerce-Account illegitimate wealth WAIST-LOWER BELLY

Libra Dhatu-Tamas- Krura-Male Trade class-Air Deaf Rasi West-Saraswathi House of Test WifeDaughter(in law)-Females Business-Banks City or Town KIDNEYS AND LOWER BACK

Scorpio Moola-Rajasic -Soumya-Female Advisory-Water Deaf Rasi North-Ganapathi Enmity-Haste

Envious-Coward-Punish-Hardship Blames-Cave-Forest Holes-Asylum Black magic PRIVATE PARTS

Sagittarius Jeeva-Satwik - Krura-Male Ruling-Fire Deaf Rasi East-Venkateswara Religious Guru

Self-centered Ambitions-Preach Justice-Forests Defence-Space THIGHS - HIPS

Capricorn Dhatu-Tamas- Soumya-Female Work class-Earth Deaf Rasi South RajarajeshwariEswara Place Security- Water bound Service Hard work- Low profiles-Dragged Hold-drowning KNEES

Aquarius Moola-Rajasic- Krura-Male Trade class-Air Lame Rasi West-Parameswari Mahavishnu

Secrets Elder brother Gambling-Filled Research-Occult- Kumbhaka-Impregnate ANKLES-LEGS

Pisces Jeeva-Satwik -Soumya-Female Advisory-Water Lame Rasi North-Durga Preach Renounce

Elope Cleaning Karma Occult Mystic Pilgrim Endowments Temples-Heaven, Holy Places Fruits


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Flowers FEET

Planets and their significations


Royal, Prestigious

Male Dignified,

Tejo Tatwa Satwik Father Son

Character Knowledge Profession Material Experience Disease

Govt or Reputed, Politics HealingMedicine, Societal, Ranks, Legacy Bringing to light, Status, - Male progeny East-R.Window Eye-Headache-Heart-Stroke-Diarrhea Loss of appetite-Bile




Jala tatwa Satwa/tamo Mother (Fe/M) Relations


Divine-Fickle-CheatAdultery BlemishThievish-Eloping

Knowledge Profession Material Experience

ChangeDistraction-Blames-Cheating Arts-Liquid-Food-Travel-Water-Sell-Loss Adultery-Love-Elope-Female Progeny North west-L.Window-Store-Well-Water Eyes-Venereal-Cold-Sinus-MeaslesMental EpilepsyInfections-Blood Impurities



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Daring, Stubborn Quarrelling

Male Ego-Fury, Emotional

Agni Tatwa Tamas Brother Husband


Knowledge Profession Material Experience Disease

Power-Technical-Machinery-Physical Construct-Agriculture-Uniformed service Harass, Obstruct-Enmity-Female Marriage South - Kitchen Part bedroom Accident-Cut-Injury-Dog biteBlood/Heart-Piles-Surgery-Burn BP



Male Female

Bhoo tatwa Rajasic Friend Siblings

Character Knowledge Profession Material Experience Disease

Intelligent, Witty Diplomatic-Friendly

Education-Communication-Commerce Media-Training-Teach-Broking-LandGreen Love-Friend-2nd Relationship North-Treasury Reading/Guest Room Allergies-Stomach-Leprosy Skin-Speechbaldness




Akasha Satwik


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Character Knowledge Profession Material Experience Disease

Noble, Honour, Respect

Jeeva Karaka

Spiritual, Divinity, Religion, Healing, Preaching, Endowment -Self efforts Good relationship - Union North EastPooja Direction of house Hernia Bronchitis-Liver Jaundice-Obesity




Jala Rajasic Wife (Fe) Daughter (Rel)


Pleasure loving Luxurious-Artistic

Knowledge Profession Material Experience Disease

Luxuries-Arts, Higher Learning, Money, House, Vehicle, Comforts, Male Marriage & Female Progeny South East BedroomPart kitchen Venereal diseases, Uterine-phlegm Wind, Diabetes-Ovaries-Abortion




Vayu tatwa Tamas At El.Brother Other Person (F)


Work minded-Slow times lazy

Knowledge Profession Material Experience

Profession, Low profiles-Delay Affluences-Old-2nd hand-Slow Laziness of Jeevakaraka West Dining Hall Old materials, Gas-Rheumatism-Organ defects


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Indigestion - Breathing-Asthma




Vayu tatwa Tamas Paternal Grands


Illusion - Eccentric-Pervert Fraud-AntisocialAddictions

Knowledge Profession Material Experience

Illusion- Repeat-Air -Foreign-Shadow Atomic-Electronics Big, Tall-WheelImagine Mimic /Impostor-UnethicalSecretive South west-Waste-TerraceOpen Intestine-Ear-Cataract Pimple/Pox-Fear Abortion-Accidents-Poisons-Pains-Sick





Agni tatwa Tamas Maternal Grands

Character Knowledge Profession Material Experience

Spiritual-Unworldly Deject-Stubborn-Argue

Law, Medicine, Occult, Bondage Low Narrow, Small, Block, Dispute, De-link Obstruct, North East - Staircase Bramhastana Blocks -Growth-abortionRemoval ImmobilitySickness-Arrest-PainsSuicidal



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CHAPTER 4 Prashna Hora principles and Experiments

In general, Naadi principles of linking planets are taken into consideration except that planets posited in 11th to Hora lord will extend help to Hora lord and 2nd will indicate the efforts in the matter. This rule is given in Kashyapa Hora written by Sri.R.G. Rao In the earlier chapters, we have explained about the houses and their traits in relation to brain wave theory. For the purpose of Naadi, astrology in general and to frame rules for Prashna Hora in Prashna in particular I have simply eliminated the concept of houses and retained them as sings. This is due to the fact that the reference point for Naadi Prashna will be the Hora lord. With this, the concept will be as follows: Planet in 11th duly modified by the Planet in 3rd, except Rahu and Ketu, to any planet under consideration will indicate the support to the planet under consideration irrespective of enmity or friendship factor, unless the Planet posited in the 7th sign is an enemy to the considered planet. The Hora lord indicates both the person questioning and matter. When the matter relates to relatives or to other persons involved the planet in 12th will indicate it. This will also indicate the history and mystery of the matter. A related question to this will be predominant when the Hora lord links by Retrograde to this planet. Planet in 2nd to Hora lord will indicate the positive or negative plan of action and gains while the planet posited in 6th and 10th will modify the effects of planet in 2nd. This leads us to the fact that if we study the planets in 7th, 4th and 10th from Hora lord we will know the nature of Opposition or operation, history and Mystery and progress and plan of action of the matter. MAIN RULES

1. Planets in Kendra to Hora lord will indicate the matter and planets in Kona will indicate the
fructification or failure of matters by their friendly or enmity disposition towards Hora lord. Even if there are, no planets in Kendra plants in Kona to Hora lord will indicate and decide the fate of matter as indicated above.

2. Subject to
A. Friendly planets posited in 2nd and 12th counted from Hora lord will indicate matter and decide the results positively while enemy planets will indicate hurdles and negative results. B. Planet posited in 7th to Hora lord will modify the effect of Lord positively or negatively based on friendship or enmity factor. C. Planet irrespective of its nature if posited in 11th counted from Hora lord will always support the matter positively provided it is not afflicted by enemy planets in its 5th or 9th or 7th sign from it.


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3. Rule 2.A, 2.B, is common for assessing effects of all planets. 4. Above planetary Positions can occur due to Retrograde or due to Exchange of planet. 7. Retrograde planet indicates the reversal or going back of the matter and the Exchange of planet
indicate modifications and intervention in the matter.

8. Timing of event is based on linking Jupiter or Saturn to Matter. In timing of getting over a troubled
situation is to be studied from the planets troubled by enemy planets getting released from them by their transit to next sign having no enemy factors.

9. If the question time is Rahu Kala Study from Rahu and also from Hora lord who will either be positive
or negative being friendly or inimical to Rahu. 10. The Hora lord will indicate matter and/or person relatively depending upon the question. Alternates to Hora lord When there is more than one question during the same Hora or if different person asks a question during same Hora, the following alternatives are to be considered. 1. Planet or planets associated with Hora lord next to Hora lord in the same sign. 2. If no planet ahead of Hora lord in the same sign take the immediate planet posited behind the Hora lord in the same sign. 3. Planet or planets posited in 5th sign from Hora lord 4. Planet or planets posited in 9th sign from Hora lord 5. Planet or planets posited 11th sign to Hora lord 6. Weekday lord 7. Sign lord where the Hora lord is posited and from that sign lord assess the matter. 8. If the question is asked in Rahu Kala then consider Rahu as Hora lord and take the signification of the planet which is actually Hora lord merging with the signification of Rahu. PLANETARY SIGNFICATION TO STUDY Normally From Hora lord most of the matter can be assessed if the question is asked by the native himself. For this purpose, the following planets are to be studied for each of the matter. For Education, Friends, Land Study from Mercury For Marriage if it is male study form Venus For Marriage if it is female study from Mars For Profession study from Saturn


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For House and Finance study from Venus For Vehicle study from Rahu and Venus For Health Study Rahu in relation to Hora lord For Occult matter Study Ketu in relation to Hora, lord For Disputes and Litigation Study from Ketu and Mars to Hora lord For Loss, Mother, Mother in law and daughter study from Moon. For Daughter, Daughter in law study from Venus For Father and Son Study from Sun Combination of Planets is the utmost importance in Naadi system. The Planetary significations given in this book will be useful in deriving the matter and the answer to the question. One important combination is discussed here. Normally, when the results of Sun with other planets are given the other planets signification is transferred to Sun. We forget that Sun will have Mercury or Venus with him or in his adjunct sings. Normally Venus will move maximum to 3rd sign from Sun and 11th sign to Sun. Mercury will be with Sun or it will be in 2nd or 12th sign from Sun. Therefore, while taking Sun, or Mercury or Venus automatically other two planets will have its effect. The following combination will have to be considered whenever any of these planets are combined with other planets. SUN MERCURY VEN SUN VENUS MER MER SUN VENUS MER VENUS SUN VENUS SUN MERCURY VENUS MERCURY SUN For example, Jupiter is With Sun This means Jupiter not only will have the signification of Sun but will also have signification of Mercury and Venus. It not only indicates the dignity of the native but also indicate his intelligence, his affluences or luxurious mentality. In Prashna, this combination should be carefully considered. Planets in 11th irrespective their nature will support the Hora lord. In the above combination of 3 planets, I there is possibility of any one of them being 11th to another. This point must be kept in mind when any of one of them happens to be Hora lord. While considering the planet in 11th the influence of sign significations are also to be taken into account for the persons or matter indicated by the planet supporting Hora lord.


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Subject to above, all other rules of combination will remain same as per Naadi system of prediction. Though we suggest basing the prediction on the signification of planets given for each planet and signs, some of the combination is given below for guidance. These combinations are considered with limited significations of planets and without the influence of sign significations. Sun as Hora Lord with other planets: Sun: Living matters Father and Son Non living matter, Government, Success, Fame, Medicine, Bringing to light or Brightness Moon in 11th it indicates help from Influential person or Famous persons who have changing or travel aspects. Moon in other places it indicates change of place or travel for living matters and in non-living matters it indicates changing factors for positive effect of the significations. Mars: In 11th indicates the powerful person behind to support Father /Son. In Other places it indicates the force required to achieve the material matters Mer: in 11th indicate helping hand from a friend or relative towards business prospects to father or son. In other places it indicates the link of a friend to father or Son. In non living matters it indicates the intelligence prospects or Land related matters influencing with Sun significations. Jup: In living matter it indicates the nobility fame and position of the person asking the question and in 11th it indicates a helping resource from a noble person. In non living matters it indicates prosperity relating to Sun significations. Ven: In 11th it indicates wealthy helping person, wife or female relative. In material matter it indicates Affluence and luxury factors of inheritance. It will also indicate the same matters relating to Father or Son or about a female folk in the family. It also indicates the marital prospects of the person questioning or his Son. It also indicates the funds from Government either due or expecting. Saturn: in 11th it indicates helping opportunity from a servant related to government. It indicates the professional matters of the person questioning. It can be professional matters of father or Son. It can also be a misunderstanding between father and Son. In material matters it indicates delay in materializing desirable results and obstructions from higher ups to get benefits. Rah: in 11th it indicates the helping matter from a stranger or different community. It indicates dangers and ill health factors to person questioning or to his father or son. It also indicates matters relating to foreign either to self, father or son. It also indicates de-linking factors from the kith and kin. It indicates problems in material matters to be enjoyed by the persons. Ket: in 11th it indicates helping hand of spiritual personality or different cast person. It indicates matters of getting title, honour. It indicates ill health factors to Son or Father and to person questioning. It also indicates the legal matters. It also indicates bandana yoga to father or son depending upon the position of other planets.
Though planet in 11th indicate co-operation it all depends upon the other planets posited in its 5th 9th and 7th that will decide the favourable or unfavourable support to Hora lord.

Moon as Hora lord with other planets


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Moon: Indicates, Mother, mind, sister, and a person (woman or man basing on the gender involved in the question). It indicates cheating factors, adultery, Loss, changes, travel, transport, Food and water etc. Sun: in 11th it indicates support of influential person in the matters of person involved in the question. It indicates the success father or prospects to women folks indicated by Moon. It indicates positive effects for the negative significations of Moon. It indicates the matter relating to parents and their problems. It indicates change or travel prospects to persons involved in the question. Mar: in 11th it indicates support from a powerful person in making changes in matters relating to persons involved in question who are distressed. It also indicates the blood relative staying away from the persons asking question. It indicates hardships and mental tensions in material mattes. In case of lost article or persons it indicates involvement of powerful persons. Mer: In 11th it indicates support for a love affair, it also indicates the same matter even if it is linked from other places, and it indicates commercial aspects and changes in such activities. It also indicates matters of agriculture or water treatment. This indicates changes in educational pursuits. It also indicates matters of mind and psychology. It indicates the cunningness of persons involved in question. It also indicates changes to siblings or friend. Jup: in 11th it indicates the noble person who is supportive to person involved in question. It indicates the getting over negative effects of non living matters of Moon like preventing loss, recovery of lost article or finding lost person etc. Ven: in 11th it indicates support to recover lost property provided if it is Bright Moon. It indicates all negative effects of cheating loosing property and prosperity and subjected to cheating and cunningness involving attractive persons. Sat: in 11th it indicates changes in professional matters It indicates blames, and unnecessary travel. There will not be expected benefits. It indicates ill health conditions to the persons involved in question. It indicates trouble to mother and female folks in the family. Rah: in 11th if it indicates positive results for foreign matters. Rahu combination is always indicating problems to the persons involved in the question. It indicates danger to Mother, female folks and also any other person indicated by Hora lord. It also indicate illicit relationship, mental illusions link of outcast person Ket: in 11th it indicates agricultural benefits. It is normally obstructive planets and therefore, it denotes, quitting of job, legal litigations, and pilgrimage and spiritual attitude of the person related in question. It also indicates Bandana yoga i.e. blocking from movement. It indicates financial blocking. Ill health problems are indicated. Persons involved in questions will be stubborn in nature and will not yield to suggestions. Mars as Hora Lord with other planets Sun: It indicates the adamant nature of the person involved in question, It also indicate the power and positions relating to politics and government etc., It indicates the surgery and medical matters in health or education and profession. It also indicates uniformed services. It indicates hardship or enmity faced by father or son. It indicates the status to husband who suffered earlier. Same results for brother factor can be predicted. Moo: It indicates unrest mentality of the person indicated. It indicates harsh nature of mother. It indicates


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change of place or position to brother or husband. The person involved in the question will have mental unrest at the time of question and will be in irritated mood. There may be travel aspects them. Sale or transfer of machinery is possible. Mer: It indicates involvement of and support of a friend. It indicates matter relating to landed property. It indicates the educational obstructions and business problems. It indicates problems to the siblings and it also indicates the interference of third person in husbands life. It indicates technical education. It indicates frequent power disturbances. Jup: It indicates trials for progress in life. It indicates help from nobles. It indicates good times for brother or husband. It indicates good times in near future for the persons involved in the question. In female questions marriage are indicated very shortly. Ven: It indicates expenditure matter. It indicates matter relating to husband and wife. It indicates matters of daughter and female folks in family. It indicates the problems of wife. It indicates educational breaks to female folks. It indicates higher studies in technical side. It indicates atrocity on women (if Rahu joins). Sat: It indicates present problems in profession and the trials for promotions, it indicates the professional matters of husband or brother it also indicates their problems it indicates the problems of elder brother Rah: It indicates the dangers to the persons involved in the question. It also indicates hardships, unpleasant situations pertaining to husband, brother. Persons involved will be subjected harassments and troubles. The person involved may be prone to accidents and suffer from emotional discouragement. Till Rah leave the present position only negative results are expected. Abortions, operations are all possible during this period. Ket: Persons involved in this question will be face dejections, obstructions and even entangle in litigations. There will be problems in marital life especially if the question is about women folks. There will be separation or heading towards divorce. Most of them will be very adamant and will not listen to others. Mercury as Hora lord with other Planets Sun: It indicates intellectual matters of person involved with societal status and success in education etc., it involves help of elite circles. It involves education matters of Son or even Father. It indicates the successful communications. Questions regarding interviews, meeting with government officials, land related matters etc., are involved. Moo: Travel, blames, Love affairs and future prospects etc are involved in this combination. It also indicates changes in educational matters. It indicate theft and also nature of thief etc., it indicates failure attempt in education. It also indicates skin problems. It indicates food related questions. Mar: it indicate changes to husband or brother, it indicate mothers mental unrest. It indicates irrigation. It indicate sale of machinery or business prospects. It indicates blood related problems. It indicates problems to female folks in family. Jup: Normally this indicates good education, prosperity in landed matters. It indicates matters of siblings and their progress. All good is expected for the involved persons. There could be little health problems. Ven: Wealth through land, female supports, joyful events meeting other person close to heart. Dual marriage or relationships are all indicated. Higher education is also indicated.


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Sat: Business, education, is the main matters covered in this combination, it also indicates the slow growth in educational matters, and it indicates ill health to siblings It indicates some distance with respect to relationship with other person. Rah: Intelligent plus bigness, is big plans in business or related matters. It indicates problems thereof. It indicates danger to sibling or friend. Ket: It indicate obstructive aspects of education, litigation of land, it also indicate some affair with opposite sex. It indicates occult and religious prospects. Jupiter as Hora lord with other planets Sun: It indicates the honour and respectability of the persons involved in the question. It indicates achievements, prosperity in the elite field like politics or society. It indicates prosperity to Father or Son; this also indicates male progeny matters. This also indicates success and name to persons involved in question. Moo: It indicates travel aspects, good times to female folks and change of place or residence and cold problems etc. Mar: It indicates the efforts for progress; it also indicates surgery and obstructive matters. It indicates unrest conditions. But all will overcome with in short period Mer: Educational prospects or commercial prospects are involved for the person in question. Interfering of female in the life of male or vice versa is possible. There could be landed matter involved. Ven: Matter relating to marriages of self or female folks in family or wealth related matters are indicated. Sat: It is normally dharma karma yoga, indicating good supports in career matters Promotion, etc., are all involved in this Rah: Ill health, obstructions, dangers and difficult periods are to be predicted. Ket: Dejection, divinity, ill health and bandana yoga. This is not good for material benefits. But it is a time when the persons involved are eligible for getting some title of honour (subject to sun). Venus as Hora lord with other planets Sun: It indicates wealth and achievements. It also indicates the fathers prosperity or Sons prosperity. It also indicates the status of female folks. Success matters of daughters etc., involved Moo: It is the blocking of finance by others, debts and financial crunch are some of the matters covered in this. Female folks are subjected blames, it also indicate wealth of mother under duress. Blemish tendencies are foreseen in female folks. Blocks for higher education and indicate possibility only by change of place. It indicates travel to female folks. Mar: It relates to financial matter of husband. It relates to brothers financial or marital matter. It relates to solving the financial problem of the person involved in the questions that are tensed with this. Mer: Support and benefit from friend is indicated. Landed property or house property are on cards. Involvement of another person in romantic life is possible. It also indicates higher educational matters.


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Jup: disputes in family indicated, it indicates good time to wife or female folks in the family but they face ill health problems. There are good times as far as material matters are concerned. Sat: Financial and affluence matters are indicated. Female folks will have professional career. Elder brother will be helpful with financial support. Sickness to female folks is indicated. Rah: It indicates bigger financial matters, house and vehicular property matters. Danger to female folks is indicated. It indicates ill health problems to persons involved in the question. Ket: It indicate blocking of funds, it indicates disputes. It indicates ill health matters to female folks in the family. Saturn as Hora lord with other planets Sun: It indicate status in profession, opposition for it, and also success in that matter. It indicates about prosperity of son or father. It also indicates difference of opinion between son and father. Moo: It indicate change in profession or change of place, it also indicate blemish tendencies in professional matters. It also indicates some cheating involved. It indicates the ill health conditions of female folks like mother etc. Mar: It indicates harassment or obstructive effects in professional or life matters. Brother or husband will have career prospects. Mer: Commercial and business orientation are indicated. It indicates the involvement of male or female friends. It indicates gain through lands. It indicates ill health to siblings. Jup: It indicates that some good persons are supporting the person and it will take some time to get their support, however the professional matters will be good. Ven: Wealth and luxury matters are involved. It indicates the career options of female folks. It also indicates some sickness factors to females. Rah: It is hardship and unethical tendencies at professional sphere. It also indicates involvement of foreign element. It is ill health conditions of the persons involved in the question. Ket: It is impediment factors of professional life; there is tendency to lose the job. It indicates dejections and depressions. Confusions and unrest prevail. Note: Though we have hinted some of the significations by combination of planets, they are only
guidelines. It all depend upon the placement of these planets in relation to other planets whether inimical or friendly towards them. Mere signification of planet does not give complete picture of events unless sign significations are also taken into consideration. We recommend studying the sign significations and planetary signification thoroughly to have a grip on predictive abilities.

Gulika in Naadi In classical astrology there number of energy zones like Rahu and Ketu. Even the shodasha Varga and the Ashtaka Varga and Aroodha Lagna are all energy zones. Similarly, there are certain sensitive points for all the nine planets. However, we are concerned with only one sensitive point which is connected to Saturn. This sensitive point is called Gulika. This sensitive point is extensively used in Kerala Prashna


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Sastra. Probably, the use of Gulika is not that prominent in other places. However, having seen the main utility factor in Prashna in Kerala and having studied their method of using Gulika it is felt that it is an essential feature in Naadi Prashna. The general effect of Gulika is harmful. It is the prime planet (that is the sensitive point) to give bad effects. The computation part of Gulika is given in earlier There are number of other delineations for association of Gulika with planets and lords. However, we are more concerned about the effect of Gulika on other planets in this work. Gulika with Sun Danger and disgrace to Father or Sun, lack of support from elite circles and Government. Chances of ill fame or unnecessary blames Gulika with Moon Dangers and diseases to Mother, de-link with mother, (Same with mother in law), Trouble to daughter, Thievish tendencies, subjected to blames, Stale food, polluted water, poisonous chemicals, acidity, blood and urinary defects cancers Mental unrest and imbalance. Gulika with Mars Adamant, Quarrelsome, Devoid of help from other, Enmity, Hardship and low level efforts, Lack of energy and power Danger and diseased, sadistic, weak and de-linking nature of husband Gulika with Mercury Lack of intelligence, Nerves disorder, break in friendship, polluted or disputable land Gulika with Jupiter Weak tendencies, Sinful thoughts and acts, ill health, illusion in progress Gulika with Venus Danger and disease to wife, daughter and daughter in law, lesser value of assets and restricted finance, unethical luxuries disease due to bad association with low level ladies, Diabetes and venereal diseases. Gulika with Saturn Short life, chronic diseases, problems in profession, unethical aspects in work sphere, obstruction and stoppage of work Gulika with Rahu Poisonous effects, violence, antisocial activities, low level activities, black magic Gulika with Ketu Evil effects, burns, fire, possessed by evil energies, Pathological works We have yet to explore the effect of Gulika in Naadi system and in this work; we have sparingly used


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this aspect on the experimental basis. We are sure that in the coming projects we would be framing the rules including Gulika with appropriate effects with the combination of planets. With this, we conclude the rules part of Prashna Hora in Naadi Prashna and continue with practical examples.