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Fujian Fujian Energy Investment Co., Ltd.

(referred to in the Fujian Energy Company) in September 1993, approved by the Fujian Investment and Development Corporation, established name registered Fujian Fujian Energy Development Corporation, registered in the Trade and Industry Bureau of Fujian Province in October 1993; August 8, 2008, approved by the Fujian Investment and Development Corporation restructured into a limited liability company (a limited liability company), change of registration in the Trade and Industry Bureau of Fujian Province on September 8, 2008; Fujian Investment and Development Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Fujian Investment Group) set up after the energy company in Fujian in August 2009, was completed in the Trade and Industry Bureau of Fujian Province shareholders to change registration. The resolution of the shareholders' meeting on December 13, 2010, the shares of Venture Capital Co., Ltd. of Fujian Province, Datong Min energy company and the timely completion of the industrial and commercial registration,. Currently, the Department of energy company in Fujian, the Fujian Investment Group Holdings subsidiary, Fujian Investment Group's stake to 78.62 percent, Fujian Province, Datong Venture Capital Co., Ltd. 21.38% stake. The Min Energy company is mainly responsible for the construction and management of wind power and medium-sized hydropower and other clean energy projects. After the establishment of the company, successive controlling investment in building and operating management of the Fuqing Ka Confucianism wind farms, two, Ze Qi wind farm, the Xiapu Daikyo wind farm, Pingtan Qingfeng wind farms connected the Jiangbei giraldii wind farm and other wind power projects; equity investment Chengguan Shaxian hydropower, of Longyan Wan'anxi Hydropower Youxi River Hydropower Development Company and other hydropower projects; cooperation business debt even Jiangshan Aberdeen Dam project, Xianyou nine Xianxi cascade hydropower stations and other power projects. And reserve multiple onshore and offshore wind farm projects. Company a wholly owned holding enterprises: Min (Fuqing) Wind Power Co., Ltd in Fujian (Pingtan) Wind Power Co., Ltd., Fujian Province in vote (xiapu) Wind Power Co., Ltd., Fujian cast (Lianjiang) Wind Power Co., Ltd.. Min energy company with registered capital of 318 million yuan as of the end of June 2011, the consolidated total assets of 1,921,618,000 yuan, liabilities 1,268,881,800 yuan, 652,736,200 yuan of owner's equity, liabilities was 66.03%. Be completed by the end of June 2011 operating income of 40.5992 million yuan, net profit of 8,168,900 yuan. Wind power and other new energy, renewable energy as a major investment in the development direction, has good development prospects and the expansion of capacity, late 2012 even twelve five companies in the field of wind energy, including onshore wind, offshore wind electricity will have considerable the installed

capacity, the economic zone on the west side of the Straits of renewable energy, clean energy development and energy saving, play an important role. The company as a subsidiary of Fujian Investment Group Holdings, according to the Group's development strategy and planning, in the 12th Five-Year period to increase wind power project investment and construction, while actively developing other new energy investment field, the pursuit of maximizing investment returns, effectively preventing market risk, to ensure sound and rapid development, and the timely introduction of strategic investors, the implementation of the joint-stock reform, and strive to achieve in 2013 in the domestic stock exchange listed directly in the capital markets to raise more capital investment in wind power generation and other clean energy projects, and gradually developed into Fujian Investment Group, engaged in the power of professional investment management, with strong competitiveness and make a positive contribution to the growth of listed companies, as the Hercynian achieve scientific development, leapfrog development.