we continue to focus on delivering quality as well as achieving economies of scale. Meanwhile.241. we have operations Kuala Lumpur. we will continue to remain the most Innovative trading house in the region NEW System To increase sales and revenue 84.4% Internet sales growth for Malaysia market 2009/2010 Truly Outstanding 2010 saw Universe Technologies Marketing Sdn Bhd (“UTM”) maintain its strong growth trajectory despite being a challenging year for the Technology Industry.21% . Seremban . Hong Kong and Mainland China Supporting our expansion across Malaysia is the continued enlargement of our network and an increased quality of all our products To realise our Marketing strategy. In addition in Malaysia. Underpinning our growth is our increasing penetration in Malaysia . Ipoh .71% Profit increase From 26. Penang . 2010 saw “UTM” successfully integrate our products to Malaysian and have created a seemless structure. This innovation will result in major cost savings and efficiency enhancements. with its population of almost 27 million people. driven by the passion to be the best in the business. In this way.

Top Selling Products & Profit Margins . Income Statements 8. Four-Month Financial Highlights 6. Corporate Social Responsibility 7.Contents 4.

229 4.500 17.500 28.Four-Month Financial Highlights 2010 (RM.500 12.334 MAY 38.580 Revenue Operating Expenses Profit/(loss) before tax Net profit/(loss) Our goal is to communicate with our guests by boosting our online experience with creative innovations to give them more control over each stage of their purchase .834 8.492 4.054 APR 28.500 21.427 4.080 23. unless otherwise stated) MAR 39.554 17.826 13326 JUN 53.121 4.


We consider it a duty – a calling. This fundamental principle defines UTM’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) At UTM. UTM put on a special “charity day” from 30th September 2009 which lasted 2days . But CSR and community service are not just about rushing to help when tragedy strikes. age or gender. They are also about making dreams come true. And we share those values. and we extend a helping hand in times of tragedy or disaster. a 17year-old girl suffering from terminal leukemia to fulfill her dreams. Our perspective is simple: We share the values of the communities in which we live. Community Beyond the confines of our workplace. We engage them through our multiple interactive platforms every day. The community was plunged into utter desolation. including food. creed. doctors advised against travelling the long distance. Padang. Eventually.Corporate Social Responsibility That was just the beginning. Gender. without regard to their race. Staff are hired and promoted based on their ability and capabilities. However due to her condition. Indonesia. addressing their concerns. giving away profit to help the needs families of the victims. We practice the traditions and values that guide their daily lives. operate and with whom we do business. One such occasion was when UTM collaborated with Children Wish Society to help Nur Hidayah Aziz. Among the relief agencies and NGOs that sent goods and volunteers to assist No corporation can live apart from the community it serves. medical equipment and clothing. religion. We are a meritocracy. resolving their complaints and dedicating ourselves to earning their trust. The helping hand was also extended from Penang to KL. The provincial capital. We believe our communities expect us to treat our staff equally. She had made a wish to travel to the holy city of Mecca before the cancer took her life. A case in point: On 30th September 2009. similar relief efforts were undertaken when an earthquake struck Sichuan province in China and when Cyclone Nargis left a trail of devastation in its wake in Myanmar. In 2008. helping provide a sliver of joy that pierces the cloud of darkness in an individual’s heart. but continued to work harder at their office to help the victims . we are of the firm conviction that CSR is much.100 people were killed. And given that we are in the trading industry. UTM donated – more than Rm5600 of goods. much more than what it is sometimes perceived to be It was not the first time UTM demonstrated its commitment to the communities it serves.6 on the Richter scale struck West Sumatra. We believe our guests expect us to be thoroughly professional in our duties – and we strive to exceed their expectations. snapped up. One example is our workplace. we consistently adhere to these standards throughout the diverse and vibrant region in which we have our footprint. even – that we conduct ourselves as a corporation in a manner befitting this trust placed in us. Our staff were among those who saw their homes destroyed and donated partial of there salary. an earthquake measuring 7. We celebrate with them in times of joy. we often find that we are uniquely positioned to do so. age or ethnicity – none of these enter into the calculation. it was a time of deep sorrow and heartbreak. And being a truly TRADING company. was almost completely destroyed and more than 1. UTM is firmly committed to helping communities in times of turbulence.

054 APR 28.427 4.826 13326 JUN 53.Income Statements (RM.580 Revenue Operating Expenses *Staff cost *Utility Bills *Listing Fee *Courier Service Profit/(loss) before tax Net profit/(loss) .500 -2400 -600 -1000 -500 12. unless otherwise stated) MAR 39.080 23.229 4.834 8.121 4.500 -2400 -600 -1000 -500 28.500 -2400 -600 -1000 -500 21.492 4.334 MAY 38.554 17.500 -2400 -600 -1000 -500 17.

3" GPS Remote Mini DV 5" GPS Wifi Netbook TV USB 34 25 58 15 120 16 38 11196 2064 5039 7077 9594 9693 3097 6460 750 1595 3000 3600 3040 1235 4736 1314 3444 4077 5994 6653 1862 .3" GPS Remote Mini DV 5" GPS Wifi Netbook 25 31 44 24 24 13 9667 3071 4642 9384 3092 6937 4750 1008 1650 5160 1320 2730 4917 2063 2992 4224 1772 4207 4.Top Selling Products & Profit Margins March Product Number Of Item Sold Total Sales For Product Total Cost Of Item Gross Profit April Product Number Of Item Sold Total Sales For Product Total Cost Of Item Gross Profit May Product Number Of Item Sold Total Sales For Product Total Cost Of Item Gross Profit June Product Number Of Item Sold Total Sales For Product Total Cost Of Item Gross Profit 4.3" GPS Remote Mini DV 5" GPS Wifi 16 17 20 15 44 6227 1085 1596 5851 4060 3040 374 440 3225 1276 3187 711 1156 2626 2784 Netbook 9 4610 1890 2720 4.3" GPS Remote Mini DV 5" GPS Wifi Netbook 26 26 42 14 103 8 8677 1632 3275 5743 10031 3608 4940 780 1512 3080 2987 1840 3737 852 1763 2663 7044 1768 4.

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