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SMC Group, founded in 1990, is India‟s best Equity Broking House and the Largest Distribution Network,providing a wide range of financial services and investment solutions. A blend of extensive experience, diverse talent and client focus has mad e us to achieve this landmark.

Over the years, SMC has expanded its operations domestically as well as internationally. E xisting network includes regional offices at Mum bai, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Bangalore plus a growing network of 2500+ offices spread across 500+ cities/towns in India.

W e offer a diverse range of financial services which includes institutional and retail brokerage of equity, currency, commodities, derivatives , online trading, depository services , fixed Deposits, IPOs and mutual funds distribution, dedicated desk for NRI and institutional clients , insurance broking , clearing services , margin funding, investm ent banking, portfolio management, wealth advisory & research. We have a highly efficient workforce of over 3250+ employees and over 16,500 fi nancial advisors serving the financial needs of more than 7,20,000 satisfied investors.

W e are also amongst the first financial firms in India to expand operations in the lucrative gulf m arket, by acquiring license for broking and clearing mem ber with Dub ai Gold and Commodities exchange (DGCX). The SMC Advantage:

The SMC Advantage:

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Large avenues of investment solutions and financial services under one roof Personalized solution and attention offered to each investors Research support and timely advice by our high-tech research wing An extensive network of branch offices A perfect blend of latest technology and rich experience of over 20 years Honesty, transparency and fairness imbibed in all our dealings Providers of one of the best trading platforms in terms of speed, convenience and risk m anagement to trade in NSE (Cash, F&O, Currency), BSE(Cash, F&O), NCDEX, MCX, NMCE, ICEX, ACE, USE, NSEL, NCDEX SPOT, MCX-SX, DGCX & DGR

SMC Group) Mr. distribution of Insurance. IPOs. His extraordinary leadership skill. He has an in -depth knowledge and strong understanding of various intricacies of Securities Market and Financial Servi ces. His efforts have led to the diversification o f group business from Stock Broking and Arbitrage to Commodity Broking. S C Aggarw al (Chairm an & Managing Director. He is a fellow m ember of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Investm ent banking. Mahesh C Gupta is a Co -founder and Prom oter of the SMC Group with more than 23 years of widespread experience i n Securities Market. Mahesh C Gupta (Vice Chairman & Managing Director. Fixed Deposites and other 3rd party products. Merchant Banking. Insurance Products. currency & derivatives. He is also the Co -Chairm an of the Capital Market Expert Committee of the ASSOCHAM. Mutual Fun ds. Gupta has al so given his vital contribution in various conferences & seminars on securities market. depository services.Key Management Mr. W ealth Managem ent and Advisory Services. Mr.Opted Mem bership of National Council of ANMI (ASSOCHAM Nom inee). portfolio & wealth managem ent. commodity. IPOs & Mutual Funds distribution. He is a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). clearing services. It is through his exceptional leadership skills and outstanding commitment towards the company that SMC today has becom e the Best Equity & Currency Broker and the Largest Distribution House of the country. astute business acumen and disciplined life style have helped SMC strongly diversify to a fully fledged financial services fi rm with a Pan India presence across 500 cities providing Brokerage services in equity. His principles of honesty. SMC Group) Co-founder and promoter of the SMC Group. Along with this he holds the Chairm anship of “Capital Market Vision .2020 Committee” of ANMI & Co. transparency and m oral integrity have given SMC strong foundation based on which it has become the Best Equity Broker and the Largest Distribution House in India. Mr Aggarwal has rich and extensive experience of more than 23 years. . Aggarwal is a m ember of the Managing Committee & Cost Accounting St andards Committee of the Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ASSOCHAM). Mr. Mr.

He possesses excellent communication and inter personal skills & operates collaboratively with his team members to achieve a common goal. Branding. He is responsible and instrumental for Internet Based Trading and Mobile Trading. He is an eminent speaker and regularly presents his views and expertise on various market related issues through print and television media. Aja y Garg (W hole Time Director . He is th e National President of Commodity Participants Association of India. Jt. entire technological functioning of the business. W ith an experience of more than 17 years in equity and commodity market. He is also a fellow m ember of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Mr Aggarwal is a person with unmatched sharp calculative skills and analytical bent of mind.SMC Comtrade Ltd. Under his able guidance within last few years. DK Aggarwal is one of the key architects of success of the SMC Group. Legal & Com pliance.SMC Global Securities Limited. Chairm an . . QFI. Garg leads the Broking Operations of SMC Group including Back office operations. D K Aggarw al (Chairm an & Managing Director – SMC Comtrade Limited & SMC Capitals Limited. NRI an d B2B Businesses. He has a wide e xperience of m ore than 15 years in the Cap ital Market. SMC has evolved into a well known and a preferred brand in the Indian Capital Market.SMC Global Securities Limited & SMC Insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd. He has more than 20 years of wide and rich experience in Equity and Commodity Broking and Arbitrage. Risk Managem ent & Surveillance.) Mr. Innovation in offerings. he innovates. Pradeep Aggarwal is a self m otivated person having a professional app roach em phasising on ethics and integrity.Mr. He is the Chairm an of SMC W ealth M anagement Services Limited. develops and effectively im plem ents new ideas for the growth and progress of the Arbitrage business of the company‟s Securities and Comm odities business. His roles and responsibilities also include Business Developm ent of Corporate Client Group (CCG) and handling of Corporate Hedging Desk (SCHD). Mr. Managing Director .) Mr. Ajay Garg is a fellow m ember of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). Pradeep Kumar Aggarwal Director.SMC Investm ents & Advisors Ltd ) Mr. Mr. Mr. Research and Arbitrage are his forte. Corporate Comm unications & Brand Managem ent and IT & Sof tware Developm ent.

His rich experience and efforts have helped SMC establish as a reliable name and renowned brand in the country. his ideas have helped SMC in the introduction of new services in the Arbitrage business. Mr. His style of working is highly m otivational to his team mem bers.) Mr.SMC Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. A man of great intellect. His roles and responsibilities include management and supervision of business development in the field of prim ary & secondary market through branches spread all over the country. his roles and responsibilities include the establishment and development of Insurance Broking venture. Lalit Aggarwal has a rich working experience of more than 17 years in Securities and Comm odities m arket. He is actively involved in the developm e nt and functioning of SMC‟s Arbitrage business His great dedication and devotion to his work is an inspiration for his team.) Mr. designing of systems and processes and innovative m arketing programs. He possesses excellent communication and inter -personal skills & operates collaboratively with his team mem bers to achieve a common goal. An innovative m ind having a rich academic and professional background. Mr. Ravi Aggarwal has more t han 10 years of experience in Equity and Commodity Market.) Mr. . Institutional Equities business and distribution division apart from legal and other strategic functions of the organisation. Lalit Aggarw al (Director. developing pan India branch network. is a rank holder and fellow m ember of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and a mem ber of Institute of Cost and W orks Accountants of India (ICW AI). Ravi Aggarw al (Director. Anurag Bansal. He is also a mem ber of Institute o f Chartered Accountants of India . He has extensive experience of over 15 years with SMC in Capital Markets . aged 37 years. Ltd.Moneywise Financial Services Pvt. Mr Aggarwal is a person with unmatched sharp calculative skills and analytical bent of mind.Mr Anurag Bansal (W hole Time Director – SMC Global Securities Ltd.

. through superior efficiency and com plete transparency. W ith more than a decade of work experience in Insurance and Financial Industry . Pravin Agarwal possesses a result oriented professional approach towards the functions of the organization. with relentless focus on investor care. Exper tise: Know-how and skills to provide investors an edge. Per sonalised Sol uti ons: Every investor is unique.SMC Capitals Limited) Ms. Ltd. she was the catalyst in successfully setting up of the Hum an Resource function. Currently. strategizing and directing it through its next phase of growth.SMC Insurance Brokers Pvt. she represents SMC in the JV and oversees the working of both the Com panies. Experi ence and tr ust: Over 20 years of experience has m ade SMC earn the trust of more than 7. Aggarwal joined the SMC group in 2005 and in a short span of time. Mr. she has successfully handled multiple critical assignm ents. He is a man with a vision to create a wide -spread business of excellence. he is the inspiration as he spearheads the company‟s management and operations. She heads the investment banking vertical of SMC. Her efforts in the i dentification of a new global partner to the creation of SMC‟s Joint Venture with Sanlam Investments of South Africa. In her very first assignment at SMC. Corporate Ethos Our Vision To be a global m ajor in providing com plete investment solutions. devising strategies for insurance broking and undertaking business developm ent responsibilities. Core Values Ethi cal deal s: Honesty is the only policy. Every solution is unique.) Mr.20. Shweta Aggarw al (Director. he is actively involved in the developm ent of insurance broking venture. Pravin Agarw al (Director.000 Investors.Ms.

2011 & 2010) India‟s Best W ealth management Company (Source : Busines s Sphere 2011) India‟s Best Market Analyst awards. convenience and hassle free trading experience. IIFS has conferred him with „Glory of India‟ award recently . honesty and transparency are the underlying principles in all our dealings. Also. Research based advi sor y services: SMC offers proactive and timely world class research based advice and guidance to its clients to enable them to take informed decisions. 2010) Received Major Volume Driver award from BSE for 3 years consecutively(2004 -05. 2012 & 2011) Best Equity Broking House in India (Source: BSE -D&B Equity Broking Awards. 2012) Institute of Economic Studies (IES) has honored our Chairm an with the „Pride of India‟ and „Udyog Rattan‟ awards.IPO & Commodities – Viewers‟ Choice (Source: Zee Business Best Market Analyst Awards. I ntegrity and honesty: Integrity. Per sonaliszed attenti on: The m ost valued asset is our rela tionship with the clients. 2012) Awarded the Fastest Growing Retail Distribution Network in financial services (Sou rce: Business Sphere. 2012 for Equity Fundam entals . by acquiring license for broking and clearing member with Dubai Gold and Commodities exchange (DGCX) One of the largest proprietary desk for doing near risk -free arbitrage in equities and comm odities Our chairm an has been awarded "Enterpreneur of the Year in Innovation in Financial and Business Services by Franchise India. in the CNBC Optimix Financial Services Award 2008 under "National Level Retail Category" Am ongst the First Financial Firms in India to expand operations in the lucrative gulf m arket. (Source Entrepreneur India. 2005-06 and 2006-07) Nom inated amongst the top 3. Network which works: SMC has a vast network extending to 500+ cities and towns ensuring easy accessibility. which has been built over years by giving personalized attention. 2010) Largest distribution network in the country (Source: BSE -D&B Equity Broking Awards. Our Credentials             Best Currency Broker in India (Source: UTV Bloom berg Financial Leadership awards.Our Approach Val ue for i nvestor ’s tr ust: SMC values the trust reposed in by the clients and is committed to uphold it at all cost.

F&O). NMCE. NCDEX. NMCE. MCX-SX. USE. F&O. MCX. Currency).Memberships & Registrations         Trading mem ber of NSE (Cash. NCDEX SPOT. DGCX & DGR Clearing Mem ber in NSE (F&O. ICEX. NSEL. USE. Currency). NSEL. NCDEX. MCX-S X & DGCX Depository Participant with CDSL & NSDL (SEBI approved Qualified Despository Participant (QDP)) Category 1 Merchant bank er Corporate Insurance Brok er for Life & General Insurance (Registered with IRDA) Distributor of IPOs & Mutual Funds (Registered with AMFI) Portfolio Managem ent Services (PMS) registered with SEBI Non Banking Financial Company (NBFC) registered with RBI . ACE. ICEX. NCDEX SPOT. MCX. BSE(Cash. BSE (F&O). ACE.