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The main objective of Ayurveda is to keep its practitioner healthy and fit Ayurveda is been practiced in India from many centuries From primitive age Ayurveda is used to get cured from aches and pains Ayurveda is an ancient and holistic system of medicine that starts from India which understands health of people in terms of the constitutional model or energetic forces The word Ayurveda is basically originated from Sanskrit language where Ayu means life and the meaning of Veda is knowledge The regular practice of Ayurveda has helped the mankind to keep them healthy and fit The herbal medicine benefits of Ayurveda have helped to people to get relief from constant pains and aches Many ayurvedic medicines are easily available in the market that helps the people in getting cured from blood cancers lung cancers heart strokes arthritis and liver disorder In the present day and world nobody is completely fit Therefore due to it the regular practice of yoga naturopathy meditation and the Ayurveda have become very much important in our day today life Ayurveda suggest a healthy living and healthy eating This is the main reason why Ayurveda has become hot favorite in present age A person practicing Ayurveda on regular basis is free from all types of worries and miseries The practice of Ayurveda supplies a positive energy in the body it increases the rotation of blood in the body It also increases the hair growth Ayurveda is very essential if you want to improve your eye sight The ayurvedic benefits the mankind by increasing their self-confidence helps in increasing their life span and improving their digestive system Ayurveda is known as the science of life and it also have invented its branches which are bhuta vidya agada tantra bajikarana shalakya tantra kaumarabhritya tantra rasayana tantra shalakaya tantra and kayachikitsa The meditation is also included in the branches of Ayurveda Meditation is well known as the foundation of science of life which is practiced right from ancient times and it is also a part of formation of the educational stages The Ayurveda benefits also includes preventions from body aches and pains it also helps in increasing the life span improves the body disjoints and improves the digestion system and avoids the gas troubles It helps the person to get relief from stress and tension The regular practice of Ayurveda helps the people to look younger and makes their skin fair and glowing The person feel energetic and self confident Ayurveda has a natural ability in it that heals the person and removes the difficulties right from its roots Along with positive effects there are Ayurveda side effects also: it includes certain alarming elements which makes person life one-sided These are kapha vata and pitta which are the main causes of depression and stress The ultimate goal of ayurvedic medicine is to create holistic health state of a person and thus create a healthy society and environment with the help of its herbal health remedies Ayurveda is not only the treatment of various diseases but it is a way of living a healthier life It teaches people how to live happy healthy and disease free long life and provides total knowledge about life And thus with the help of Ayurveda a person can succeed in gaining dharma Artha Kama and MokshaThus the regular practice of Ayurveda helps a person to maintain and build a perfect physique It also helps in increasing the hair growth so that you can look younger and ever charming Ayurveda increases the life span of the person supplies positive energy in the body so that he/ she can lead a stress free life.

The ayurveda beauty care is itself a part of ayruvedic life style which mainly includes the usage Ayurvedic ointments lubricants and a complete diet chart in it. The ayurveda beauty skin care includes a complete makeover of the skin that removes all marks and pimples from the face and makes the skin fair and glowing. ayurveda beauty care products .The ayruvedic beauty care an improved technique for increasing the hair growth improving the eye sight foot care and keeps the body fit. Ayurveda beauty tips help in removing all the body waste from the body if followed religiously. The ayurveda beauty care products remove the bodily toxic wastes which are also known as ama. For complete beauty care it is very much necessary to have nutritional diet. Ayurvedic beauty care balances the life in such a manner that it removes mental and physical stress and accumulation toxins. The ayruvedic beauty care not only helps in dealing with external beauty it also deals with the internal feelings like mental peace and stability happiness and calmness because no one in the whole world can hide their worries tension and miseries behind the makeup. The ayurveda beauty tips is to practice daily exercises like jogging and yoga because to look good it is very much necessary to have a good figure and physique and those women who wants to look ever charming and beautiful should practice yoga asana daily. The daily practice of yoga not only makes the women young but also helps them to get relief from menstrual difficulties and helps in delivering the child easily after the pregnancy to the women is completed. The ayurveda beauty care products made of plants like sandalwood aloe Vera tulsi and henna which is widely known as mehndi are easily available in the market. An ayruvedic specialist should be consulted to get a complete knowledge about the nature of the body and skin of a person. So any kind of skin ointment and lotion should be purchased only after consulting the ayruvedic specialist. Lavanya sutra is one of the types if Ayurvedic beauty cares treatment that deals with that deals with the beauty care of women. The meaning of lavanya is beauty and sutra suggests its techniques. Lavanya sutra is not only used for just beauty care but it is also used to lead a healthy life. Lavanya sutra is also used in beauty care of hair eyes, mouth, nose and nails. The physical beauty is not dependent on a single organ. In health care it is noticed that only a healthy person can have an eye capturing beauty for this the Ayurvedic beauty care is dependent on allowing the body to remove its wastage by supplying nutrition to the body.

The ancient science of Ayurveda is an ancient philosophy based on Eastern ideas about the body and the mind. Ayurveda teaches that each individual has the power to heal themselves, and that diet should be based upon each persons unique constitution. The constitutional types in Ayurveda are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Each person can favor one type, or have attributes of different constitutions that affect the way their body functions. Many of the Ayurvedic tips and practices meant to benefit the skin and aid beauty can be utilized by people of any body type. Follow these tips to experience the natural remedies offered through Ayurvedic tradition. 1. Use Turmeric and Sandalwood to Control Acne:A paste made out of turmeric and sandalwood powder can be used externally to fight acne. Make the paste by combining one teaspoon of each ingredient with enough water to make a spreadable paste. Leave the paste on for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water every night. 2. Avoid too much Salt and Naturally Salty Food:Salt causes the body to retain water which can lead to skin inflammation, rashes and pimples. Keep these foods to a minimum, or cut them out of your diet altogether to help your skin avoid the affects of water retention. 3. Purify the Blood to Battle Acne:A persistent rash can be a symptom of toxins in the blood. To purify the blood, take a mild herbal laxative followed by a cup of burdock tea. Make the tea by steeping 1 teaspoon of burdock root powder with 1 cup of hot water. Drink the tea nightly until symptoms dissipate.

4. Make a Pulp out of Cilantro to Fight Against Rashes:Take fresh cilantro and chop it until you make a pulp. Apply the pulp externally on the affected areas of the skin to help relieve the symptoms. 5. Bring out Boils with Onions:Boils are infected regions inside of the skin that fill with fluid and can be very painful and are often times hard and red in appearance. To treat a boil, cook onions and apply them directly to the boil as a poultice. Once the boil has fully developed and has become soft, it will be ready to be drained so that it can fully heal and the pain can be relieved. 6. Drink Coriander Tea to Aid in Treatment of a Rash:Treat a rash internally as well as externally to get the benefits of both kinds of Ayurvedic therapy. Ayurvedic medicine recommends drinking one glass of coriander tea every night until the itching and redness of the rash are gone. Make the tea by steeping 1 teaspoon of coriander seeds with 1 cup of hot water. 7. Employ Aloe Vera Juice to Help with Acne:Drinking aloe vera juice may be beneficial for problem skin. Try drinking ½ cup of the pungent flavored juice twice daily until the skin is clear. 8. Treat Sunburn with Coconut oil:Coconut oil is helpful oil for the skin, and can be used topically to help heal the skin after any kind of a burn. Coconut oil helps re-hydrate the skin.

1. Home Pedicures, Tips Dont even think about going to a beach party or wearing those sexy, strappy sandals without properly groomed toenails. If youre baring them, they are going to be noticed -- so give them some attention and make them feminine and flirty. Conservative or trendy, we have got some quick tips for home pedicures to make even the dullest toenails look hot and professional! It doesnt take long if you learn the basic routine, then you can modify it however you like. Lets take it step-by-step... 2. Prepare Your Toenails Before you begin a home pedicure, you need to remove your old nail polish with polish remover using a cotton ball or swab. Swipe around the edges to ensure the polish is removed completely. Use clean fingernail clippers to trim your nails straight across. Dont cut them too short, you can then use an emery board or fingernail file to shape your toenails exactly how you want and remove any sharp edges. 3. Cuticles Soak your toes in a basin of warm water [with salts if desired] for about 5-10 minutes to clean your toenails and soften up your cuticles. Cuticle cream or lotion can also help soften your cuticles if you plan on trimming away any access. If you want to push back your cuticles, use an orangewood stick to loosen them and press gently back so they dont cover your nail. 4. Painting Your Toenails You can paint your toenails as you would your fingernails, but you need to keep your toes separated so they dont rub each other. Generally, applying two coats of polish is ideal, allowing them to dry in between. To add some staying power, apply a clear topcoat and let it dry too before you put any shoes or socks on. For quick touch-ups to your pedicure, you can apply another coat of the same color polish. Dont get too many layers or theyll chip off more easily. 5. Decorating If you want to add some nail decals, do this right before your topcoat. If you dont have a topcoat, apply a layer of clear fingernail polish over your decorations so they stay put.

Aloe Vera is used for skin and it is a very good health drink. The juice. Aloe Vera can treat it all. manganese. magnesium. choline and the minerals calcium. lecithin. It is favorable for all kinds of skin. CHINESE HERBS IN USE The Chinese herbs are used from many centuries Shennong was the first and foremost herbalist in the history of China who imparted the knowledge and explained the difference between poisonous plants and medicinal plants to the people of china The Chinese herbs are used for the preparation of Chinese medicines.5. Aloe Vera is effective for treating wrinkles. vitamin C. leaf or gel extracted from the Aloe Vera can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions or to soothe the intestinal system.the herb Ginseng is used in preparation of Chinese medicines for more than two thousand years It is mainly used to enhance the energy in the human body helps in increasing the stamina and for the reduction of stress The herb Ginseng includes ginsenosides the quantity ginsenosides usually depends upon the plant cultivation and upon the roots The cultivation of ginseng plants has become extinct and are sold in the market at high price The use of this herb is useful to increase the vitality health and energy in the human body. 4.The Chinese herbs play a very important role in their lives and are essential part of Chinese culture. boils. consider growing an Aloe Vera plant in your house. 2. Dong-quai. even eczema. 2. MIRACLES OF ALOE VERA Aloe Vera is a drug of wonder whether it is used internally or externally. Wolf berry. sodium and zinc and all these ingredients are a must for radiant skin.this herb is also known as female ginseng It is an aromatic herb which is mainly grown in china Korea and Japan It is mainly used to control the menstrual rotation and also beneficial to treat from the symptoms of menopausal that cause hormonal changes This herb is also very much beneficial for both men as well as women because it is useful to cure liver and kidney disorders heart strokes and spleens. and 6. . 3. Astralagus-Astralagus roots are usually used for the protection from allergies and deficiencies In china the dried power of Astralagus roots is used in to increase the stamina provides protections from infections body aches and recharges the vitalityThe other important Chinese herbs that are used as Chinese medicines are Atractyodes Ma-hung Bupleurum licorice cinnamon Rhubard coptis poeny ginger hoelen Rehmannia Tang kuei and salvia 6. Aloe Vera is extremely nutrient-rich: it has 18 amino acids: B vitamins 1. The herbology means the ancient Chinese art of combining the Chinese medicinal herbs . If you rub Aloe Vera on your face it will decrease pigmentation and dark spots. niacinamide. potassium.the production of wolf berry is mainly done in Far East part of china It is in form of creepers each of the creeper is enclosed with tiny trumpets like shape of flower that further develops and changes into huge red colored berries These berries are that dried and used as medicines and also for food preparations. Ginseng. stretch marks and pigmentation. iron. Aloe Vera is best for pimple treatment. Aloe Vera helps keep the skin firm and supple and aids in the treatment of acne too. Dry or irritated skin. In the method of herb logy different types of Chinese herbs are mixed and provided to the patient From ancient times the main occupation of the people of China was to grow various types of Chinese herbs The method of herbology includes the use of Chinese herbs along with different parts of plants flowers stem roots leaves and the minerals of animals The beneficial Chinese herbs are:1. Aloe Vera also provides anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving substances. You will look beautiful without any makeup with the use of Aloe Vera gel and this is what is called natural beauty! So instead of buying hundreds of dollars worth of beauty products.

LEMON BEAUTY TIPS Lemon juice is naturally rich with fruit acids and natural sugars. Wash your hands well [if some one else is preparing them for you make sure his/her hands are clean] before preparing the packs. Also dont let them get warmer than room temperature. Not only does it remove dead skin cells but it also bleaches darkened or discolored areas. Pamper your hands with this simple and inexpensive lotion. Lemon for chapped lips Mix a teaspoon each of cream lemon juice and honey and rub it on your lips. Rub the skin gently with this mix.7. This lotion keeps well for 2 weeks. Clean and sanitize all counters and utensils used in preparing these packs. Lemons also contain a high amount of Vitamin C. Fruits and fruit packs should be prepared and applied on the same day so prepare only the required quantity. People with dry skin can use all the above mentioned fruits. Fruits can be used either alone as facials or can be mixed with other face packs. Massage well into hands for 10 to 12 minutes. Apply this on the face and allow it to dry for 20 minutes and wash off. Lemon and almond oil lotion for beautiful hands You will agree that your hands are on show just as much as your face. Some ingredient in the pack might not be suiting you. They act as good exfoliators. For sensitive skin the only fruits that can be used are banana almond and olive [olive oil]. Also scrubbing is not recommended for oily skin. 8. Fruits like strawberry aloe and lemon are recommended for oily skin. These fruits are also rich in vitamins. Few things that you must keep in mind when you make a fruit pack are : Choose the right fruit. Lemon juice is a natural antioxidant which helps stimulate collagen production in your skin. Lemon face scrub Mix cold milk and fresh lemon juice with powdered almonds or powdered orange peel or oatmeal. Lemon as an anti-wrinkle mask Mix a teaspoon of honey a few drops of fresh lemon juice and a drop of sweet almond oil. It is best to use them two to three times in a month depending on the skin type.In spite of all the precautions if you feel any irritation on the skin remove the pack immediately.Do not overdo.Most people in todays times have busy schedules and do not get the time to pamper themselves with these packs. FRUITS FOR FACIAL BEAUTY A fruit pack or a fruit facial sounds very tempting because you are sure of getting a natural facial. For them there are a lot of . On the other hand fruits like lemon and orange do well for oily skin. But before you decide to go for a fruit facial it is best to understand the properties of these fruits and choose the right one for your skin. Fruits are rich in vitamins and thus give an instant glow. Organically grown fruits give better results. Also the acidic nature of these fruits could irritate their skin. Rub this gently on the face. Rinse off with warm water. Mix 3 tsp lemon juice 6 tsp honey and 8 tsp almond oil in a dish. Mix a tablespoon of honey with two tablespoons of finely ground almonds and half a teaspoon of lemon juice. However fruits like banana almond and olive need to be avoided as they can aggravate acne. Most fruits like lemon orange pineapple and strawberries are acidic in nature as a result they act as good exfoliators. In people with sensitive skin the upper layer of the skin is very thin and so exfoliation could do them more harm than good. Though resulting to an instant glow these cannot be used on sensitive skin. Most fruits are acidic in nature and excessive use of these packs can cause damage to the skin. Take the fruit out of the fridge and keep it for at least half an hour before using them. Preserve this lotion in a bottle for use on your hands. It is not only important to use the right fruit for your skin type but also to check if the fruit is fresh and of good quality. Wash with a mixture of equal portions of vinegar and water. Use for a week to see results. To target the dryness of the skin they need to use fruits like banana almond olive and the other fruits that are acidic in nature.

NATURAL BEAUTY TREATMENTS It is only natural for human nature to desire for an appealing appearance. regular natural skin care tips can resolve most of the skin problems. If you think availing the natural beauty products will be instrumental for achieving the best skin. it will definitely become an effective mixture. Before jumping on the bandwagon of several natural beauty treatments. Get an idea about natural skin care regime through the following: A beautiful face is not complete without beautiful hair. Do not be partial with your natural goodness of homemade recipes and restrict to face only. You need to discipline yourself to attain that glow on your face. you can take two to three tablespoons of lemon grass. Use it on your face with the help of this cotton ball. because hands and feet are as important as your face. Rinse off with cool water. After 15 to 20 minutes. natural beauty care regimens.products available in the market that are made from natural ingredients and give the same results as fresh fruits do. Natural Skin Care Treatments Turmeric and orange juice therapy: To reflect the glowing complexion. Mix them together. you may choose turmeric powder. as the face is one of the most pampered parts of the body. Keep at least for half an hour and then wash the face. Papaya fruit facial mask 1/4 of a ripe papaya 4 teaspoons of green cosmetic clay 1 1/2 teaspoons of aloe vera gel Make a pure of the papaya fruit. In this way. This natural ingredient is wonderful in improving your beauty. The good news is. you can eliminate any imperfection from the skin. Steam Therapy: For enjoying better skin tone. Accept your unique qualities and make the most of it by using natural beauty products or even following natural beauty tips. Walking towards the path of natural beauty is not difficult if you really desire for it. There are many ways to experience the real natural beauty without getting obsessive for achieving beauty as an award. 9. Now boil it and take the steam on your facial skin. Rose water and Lemon juice: You have to take same amount of lemon juice and rose water. then you are wrong. Keep it on for approximately 20 minutes. Now take a cotton ball and soak it in the mixture. Peach tightening mask 1 peach ripe peeled and pitted 1 egg-white Whip the peach and egg-white together in a blender until smooth. you will be able to get a glowing skin. . Try to apply it on your facial skin. Skin is responsible for our appearance and is vulnerable to lot of problems. best hair or the best body. If you add some turmeric powder to orange juice. Gently pat the mixture all over your face. Some of the body parts remain neglected. good nutrition and definitely physical exertion. Doing this therapy for at least 15 to 20 days. Follow natural body care tips diligently and feel the difference. It is better to wind up your natural beauty treatments with natural hand care and natural foot care. This will work as a good exfoliater and the dead cells of your skin will also be removed. Natural beauty is a combination of natural beauty products. Add it in a cup of water. it is necessary for you to understand your skin type and the changes that you wish to make for your look. Mix clay and aloe vera gel with it. Acne and pimples are also removed through this process. it is important to follow natural hair care tips for keeping your hair grounded and soft. Therefore. So go ahead and pamper you skin. Relax for 30 minutes then rinse it off with cool water. use cold water on the skin. Apply the mixture over the face and neck regions. This vapor will help you to enhance your blood circulation on the face.

3. Mix orange peels sun dried and powdered with milk. Mix a slice of pumpkin with egg yolk and milk. For supple skin apply a ripe mashed banana on your face for 20 minutes daily. 8. 1 tablespoon of liquid soap. Leave this on for 20 minutes. Dandruff problems will be removed through this process. Carry around one or more bottles and aim to finish them off every day. Paste of mint leaves and almonds mixed with warm water and applied all over body till it dries and rinsed off with warm water makes a soothing body pack. 1 egg. This natural remedy will help you to get rid of hair loss problem. Try this natural bleach to lighten the tan. ¼ honey. Extract the juice and use on your hair. 10. A mix of crushed mint leaves and oats applied for 20 minutes and washed off with warm water will reduce pimples. Apply this paste for 25 minutes and rinse off. 1 tablespoon of water. Fresh Pink Lips: You may get a natural pink shade on your lips. 9. Follwoing are some tips for natural beauty 1. burdock. For hairs on your face apply a sticky paste of egg white blended with sugar and corn flour. 6. 10. When it dries gently peel it off. Repeat this three to four times a week. Boil all of them together in water. You just have to take 1 tablespoon of almond oil. Now add 2 tablespoons of curd to it. For treating dry lips. you can use it on your skin. Hair loss remedy: An effective natural hair care treatment is done with rosemary. this shampoo is fantastic. Use beetroot juice several time a week on your lips. This will make the lips pink and beautiful. It will greatly treat your hair. peach leaf. 1 spoon of witch hazel. . Natural ingredients available at your home have essential vitamins minerals nutrients and healing properties that work with your body to heal and protect the skin naturally without any cosmetic cover ups. nettle. For dark underarms and neck apply lemon juice mixed with cucumber juice and a pinch of turmeric daily. 1 spoon of rose water. 5. Your complexion will also be enhanced. 4. Mix half cup honey to your bath water for soft and smooth skin. These two natural elements will offer a soft effect on the lips. Those who have oily skin type can get lots of benefits from this mixture. boil it well. Let this mask set on your face for 30 minutes for a glowing skin. For regular use.Tomato or orange juice: Extract the juice from tomato or from orange. Homemade shampoo: Make a natural shampoo at home. its a wonderful remedy. 7. After mixing them properly. Hair Care Natural Treatments Dandruff Therapy: Prepare a mixture with the help of olive oil and almond oil. Mix them properly in a container and store in a bottle. Lots of clean filtered water will give you a beautiful and youthful complexion. NATURAL BEAUTY SECRETS Beauty is the evergreen topic especially if you are very concerned to your look. sage. Natural Lip Treatments Milk and Rose Petals: To achieve a smooth lip. apply milk and rose petals paste. Before using it on the hair.

These problems could easily be solved if you look a little closer. vital energy and vitamins that the sun supplies to the body are missing and this affects your health and attitude. I have left probably the most important beauty secret until last and that is the benefits of true. burning calories and eliminating toxins from the system. now that is a powerful beauty secret. so drinking plenty of water is an excellent way to flush it out.You shouldn’t be shy of physical exercise as it’s another good way to improve your health and overall beauty. Homemade beauty secrets go a long way in maintaining your glow even without the involvement of the chemical products. can have particular benefits on your skins health and fruit juices assist us with our health and energy levels. although walking may be the most common. so why aren’t Western women using them? Some natural beauty secrets are so close by we overlook them. Your friends know you for who you are and although may judge you. Some of us take a good night’s sleep for granted and do not realise how those that are not luckily enough to have one. for instance. There is nothing like a positive outlook on life and this is something else that regular exercise brings. A beauty secret that is pleasant and painless is daily bathing: it invigorates the body and refreshes the mind. water is probably the best known. deep relationships with friends or family. It is always nice to have your loved ones around yu especially when things aren’t great. culture or creed. in your own home and search for materials that are easily available to make some useful products that are harmless and inexpensive. Having a positive mental attitude is beauty secret that has helped many people increase they’re life expectancy and resistance to illness. High factor. Natural methods to maintain and enhance beauty are not so common in the Western world where women go to extreme lengths where using some form of medical procedure is the norm. there is also running. the body becomes more adept at digesting food. nails. We are not very good at living our lives totally on our own other than for short periods as it tends to cause sickness and ill health. its inexpensive and the results can be astounding including an increased oxygen level in the blood. Unfortunately. nothing short of surgery can help a women repair the stress she has put on her skin from UV rays. HOMEMADE BEAUTY TIPS Have you always felt drawn towards the consumer beauty products that you hear about on television channels and magazines and see in markets? Perhaps you have spent thousands on simply searching for the right one that suits your skin and hair type and was never satisfied with the end result. accept and support you no matter what. 12. find their working day much harder. Each fruit or vegetable. Water has no equal when it comes to hydrating the skin and cleansing it of impurities. . THE SECRETS OF BEAUTY Theres no secret that women all over use a variety of products to keep their beauty.11.With exercise. good quality sun creams are a necessity if you have regular exposure to strong sunlight and it’s a beauty secret that can help with your long term skin care. Once the damage has been done. Why not try having a shower before work to wake you up and prepare you for the day and a bath in the evening before you go to sleep. Another beauty secret is exercise. swimming and cycling as well. You must have met people that have started to look younger and healthier when they have become fit.It has been know for quite some time that fruit is very good for the skin. today world is full of pollution and our skin absorbs this. People in countries where the sun is strong have learnt to adapt to its rays but in areas that see little sunlight. and hair and in a juice they are easily consumed. From generation to generation. this information has been handed down with no regard for social background. Natural health and beauty secrets are all around us and have no risks attached. Fruit and vegetables are another great healthy source of vitamins and minerals to help keep us healthy. race.

Regular usage of the beauty products made at home and remembering the useful homemade beauty tips will help you to keep the youthful look even in the later stages of life.For the face. . and any milk related items. mix a little amount of vinegar in the water after conditioning and wash your hair with it. . almond oil. cheese for fat loss. This can be prepared with coarse sea salt. Prevent drinking Coffee. little lime juice and rose water and apply on face before going to bed. It cleans the face of impurities and helps you to combat blemishes. Keep it for 10-15 minutes and wash off with water. apply a mix of almond and castor oils every night before going to sleep. Walking atleast 5 to 6 Kms everyday is best for bulky folks. basically the food quantity should be reduced. sauce.Replace cosmetic after shave lotion with a mix of witch hazel and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. use ground apricot mixed with fresh cream twice a week for excellent exfoliating effects. 8. 3. So go through the links of beauty tip shub to know about all these tips in details! 13. These can also be helpful to those who wish to save money or want to combine the best of both homemade beauty products and parlor services. Never go to sleep right after taking the food. . . then put a mixture of coconut oil and castor oil in the area and massage very gently with the ring finger until the oil gets absorbed. Should go to bed atleast after 2 hours. 5.For soft lips and lightening lip pigmentation. These homemade beauty tips are time tested and can be used by people with any type of skin or hair. For reducing the fat. tea frequently and instead take fresh fruit juices. mix honey with cream and apply on the wet ends of the hair [not to the roots]. SLIM BEAUTY TIPS Following the below steps regularly will yield definite structured body for men and women within a months time. . 7. Mountain climbing[at least short hills] once in a week will yield guaranteed results within a month. . mix glycerin.Age old Beauty Tips:There are plentiful of homemade beauty secrets that have been passed down from times immemorial. .For adding extra shine to dry and dull hair. sweets. Taking bath/Swimming in flowing water like river daily for upto 1 hour is best exercise.Drinking plenty of water. 2. 1.For natural conditioning. 6. make a scrub at home.In order to get rid of pimples and blackheads naturally. having fruit and cereal enriched diets and exercising for 30 minutes twice a week will enable you to get the over all glow. Fried items need to be avoided. butter.If you have dark circles or puffiness under eyes. Fatty people should do daily exercises. . lavender essential oil and water – mixing all the ingredients well. Massage well on your feet and hands. 11. 10. Fiber related food items is always best for fatty people. Avoid eating cashews. Avoid milk. Dry your hair with towel.For keeping your hand and feet soft and keeping age spots away. . Valuable Homemade Beauty Tips:. groundnut. Leave on for 5 minutes and wash off for a very smooth feel. 9. This will not only refresh your senses but at the same time have a natural cooling and disinfectant effect on your skin. . These tips come especially handy to those who are busy and have no time for parlor visits. 4.

To get rosy and soft lips massage it with coriander leaf juice. You also can find this ingredient in skin creams if you want a double dose of those good for your skin benefits. Why they make you look good: In addition to being a lowfat source of protein. which is great for healthy hair. Simpson says. and grated almonds on your face to bring a glow in your face. 3. Indian beauty tips for body care : For taking care of your body. 2. Fitness programs such as Yoga and meditation will also help in increasing your beauty and glamour. For having long eyelashes you can apply castor oil every night. 1. Beans : A. It hydrates you. To get a beautiful body you need to apply the mixture twice a week on your arms and legs to avoid dryness. They also provide the fatty acids your nails need to stay strong and prevent splitting. making beans a great part of any nutrition plan. INDIAN BEAUTY TIPS The health and beauty industry in India is growing at an extraordinary rate. Find below various Indian Beauty Tips which will solve your beauty related problems. Indian beauty tips for eye care : You can dip a roll of cotton in a chilled mixture of potato and cucumber juice. To reduce puffiness of the eye you may grate os potato and leave it over the eye for 15 minutes. For treating rough palms apply a mixture of lime juice with glycerin. Indian beauty tips for lip care : You can use Vaseline to get beautiful lips. 4. a mineral that can help prevent acne. Leave it on your eye lids for 15-20 minutes and then wash off with normal water. glycerin. You can also apply a mixture of yogurt. Also try: chickpeas. Simpson says. You also need to drink sensibly to maintain a young look. 15. B. which can . Green Tea : A. Lemon juices can be applied on the lips. FOODS TO MAKE YOU BEAUTIFUL 1. chicken. B. Also try: eggs.14. you can form a mixture of lemon juice. You can also mix cucumber juice. B. Lemon peels can also be rubbed for removing scars and marks. Indian beauty tips for skin care : To get glowing skin you can apply egg white and honey on your face. Pumpkin Seeds : A. People are becoming very conscious about their health and looks. Why they make you look good: Pumpkin seeds have lots of vitamin E. It is highly recommended not to smoke. It has seen a robust development in the recent past. It will help to lighten the lips. honey. It will help to remove tan from your face. shellfish contains high amounts of zinc. which helps your skin: its loaded with antioxidants that have been shown to protect skin from sun damage: and it has an active ingredient that promotes a healthy metabolism. Also try: white tea and black tea 4. Why it makes you look good: You cant get enough of green tea. lean meats and lentils 3. Oysters : A. a powerful antioxidant that helps slow down skin aging. Studies also have shown them to reduce the appearance of acne and other skin problems. and those omega3 fatty acids that keep your skin smooth and your hair shiny. Simpson advises. sunflower seeds and chia seeds 2. glycerin and petroleum jelly. You can also massage coconut oil on your feet and keep it dipped in warm water to cure cracked feet. You can apply the solution overnight. Choose a premium or organic blend to get the most active ingredient. One easy way of removing dark circles round the eyes is by placing cotton balls dipped in cold milk on the eyes. You need to carry on with this for 10-15 days. and rose water for removing sunburns. boost your immune system and aid healing. Shellfish also contains B vitamins. India has been known for providing herbal solutions to beauty problems. To get rid of cracked heels you can mix wax and mustard oil. Why they make you look good: Beans are high in protein but are also very lean.

Protein helps in the build up of keratin. Other good sources are oranges. 5. Protein: To keep nails strong and moisturized by eating plenty of protein. Tomatoes : A. They contain a lot of vitamin E and have a high amount of fatty acids that help to keep your skin supple. low-fat cheese and yogurt. Collagen helps skin look young and plump. Why they make you look good: Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that mops up free radicals. Swelling causes the stretching of skin that in turns leads to wrinkle formation. turkey. Kiwi fruit is the best source of vitamin C. Why it makes you look good: Salmon contains skin beautifying omega3 fatty acids that hydrate and help reduce redness and inflammation. which aids in the development of skin cells and the maintenance of skin cell health. Skinless. those nasty molecules that cause skin to age prematurely. 16. Why they make you look good: Tomatoes are full of fiber and vitamin A. Simpson says. onions and bean sprouts are rich in this mineral. but helps in clearing your skin too. Therefore eating a proper healthy diet is important to keep looking beautiful. 6. A handful is enough. Vitamin C: Vitamin C helps in the build up of collagen. Eat plenty of peaches and blueberries to increase the build up of vitamin E in your body. tuna and beans are rich in proteins. you can take omega3 supplements. Zinc and Calcium: Both these minerals help in eradicating pimples. BEAUTY DIET Your diet contributes a great deal towards making you beautiful. Fish: Eating oily fish like salmon that contain omega-3 fatty acids will help hydrating and nourishing skin. 7. It also contains bioflavonoid. honeydew and papaya. such as those produced by overexposure to the sun. Salmon is one of those super foods. shiny and healthy. 3. mussels and lobster. When your skin has more collagen your skin retains its elasticity and wrinkles take longer to form. seafood. cucumber skin. mango. 4. B. B. lean turkey. Zinc is found in oysters. . Vitamin B: Food that is rich in vitamin B makes your hair shiny. Also try: clams. that lead to the premature aging of skin. B. milk. eggs and milk. Given below are a number of food items that you should include in your beauty diet. Why they make you look good: Theyre sweet and loaded with vitamin C and immuneboosting antioxidants that stimulate collagen production to help keep skin smooth and supple. Berries also help combat toxins in the body and free radicals.make hair look shinier. A vitamin A deficiency can lead to dry skin. Calcium is no doubt good for your bones. which reduces wrinkles. which improves various skin problems and overall skin health. Oranges : A. If you dont like the taste of salmon. 2. Almonds also contain antioxidant selenium. Wild Salmon : A. Blueberries : A. 6. Also eat: sardines and mackerel 8. Keratin is the substance that makes up nails. Raw oats. Salmon also contains selenium. Also eat: grapefruits. And tomatoes have lots of lycopene. cantaloupes and lemons 7. Silica is important to keep your hair elastic. 1. Important sources of this vitamin are eggs. which studies have shown helps protect the skin from UV stress [you still dont want to forgo the sunscreen]. Vitamin E: Vitamin E is known to ease the swelling and redness associated with sunburns. which promotes stronger collagen in the skin. 5. boneless chicken breast. Calcium rich foods like skim milk. Almonds: These nuts are known for their anti-aging properties. These foods not only remove pimples but reduce wrinkles as well. green vegetables and poultry. Do not too many of them as they will add calories.

apply lotion after every time you wash your hands to keep them soft and smooth feet . Youre an individual--theres no one in the world like you--and you should take advantage of that. 2. Water removes the toxins from the body and refreshes your skin and makes in glow. Make it a habit to take care of yourself on a daily basis. but no one remembers a clone. and putting your best foot forward. but itll definitely make you look better and feel better about yourself. Be distinct ------As human beings. Your self-esteem really does affect the way you look. Eat skinless chicken and red. To increase the bodies absorption of lycopene cook tomatoes in a little olive oil. now is a good time to start. hair . People who are confident [not arrogant] get noticed. Develop good character to match your good looks. Eat tomatoes in any form and you will ingest these antioxidants. 11. eat healthy. And what better way to look healthy than to be healthy? If you arent taking good care of your body. we gravitate towards what is rare and unique. Be humble and honest. 3.shower daily.keep them trimmed and clean: if you have long fingernails. Theres a lot of pressure to look like others. 9. 4. Be hygienic.brush at least two times a day. being good-looking these days isnt just about being born that way. Be yourself and flaunt it. Begin with the basics: drink more water. your eyes. if you wish nails . Dress well -----Take the time to pick out clothes that you feel comfortable in and that make you feel happy to look in the mirror. These are rich in both and will help in reducing dark circles. vitamin C and lycopene. Theres no guarantee that following these steps will make you one of most good-looking people on the planet. Water: Drink as much as water as you can. your height. wash hands regularly scent . HOW TO BE GOOD LOOKING Sure. but it certainly doesnt hurt to have an image thats easy on the eyes. whether its your hair. just find several outfits that look good on you. C. Vitamin C and Iron: Vitamin C and iron together help to reduce the dark circles under your eyes. B. Be confident. It changes the way you carry yourself. Tomatoes: Tomatoes contains skin-caner-fighting antioxidants beta-carotene. Show people that you care about your appearance.8. People who look healthy look good. 5. Floss: visit the dentist regularly: whiten your teeth if necessary. your shape.wear sunblock: apply lotion daily to keep your skin soft hands . Start from the inside out ------A. ----Keep up with your physical maintenance. Dont get obsessed with clothing. Make your appearance reflect your unique personality. 17. especially after coffee or smoking: you shouldnt smoke: it is bad for both health and looks [it causes wrinkles and yellowed teeth]. then consider shaving or waxing it. 10. Even a little smile will make you more attractive. Water hydrates your skin and keeps it supple.apply lotion after taking a shower: keep them clean: prevent foot odor teeth . These details make a big difference. and get fit. Apples and Celery: To remove stain from the enamel of your teeth eat crunchy foods like apples and celery. keep them painted and shaped skin . and so on. yellow and orange peppers. Focus on: cleanliness . Give people more to appreciate. Be healthy. 1. looks arent everything. Fortunately. What else could be more inviting and approachable? . Be well-groomed. Dont dress like you just rolled out of bed.wear a deodorant: wear cologne or perfume. Its about appreciating and emphasizing your best features. Be a good person. Smile ----Dont walk around all the time with a frown or even a neutral expression on your face.keep it neat and clean: If you have unwanted body hair. Emphasize the things that make you unique.

Choose the focus on either the lips or eyes to avoid a ghastly look. stretch marks. vitamin deficiency. happiness is in accepting who you are. . A healthy lifestyle will help you in achieving an eternal beauty. If you Care About your Health and beauty. 6 Use high quality eye make up and specific eye cleansers to remove cosmetics. Eyes are the windows of the soul and healthy eyes make the view clearer. 5 Apply mascara on the tips of the eye lashes. Keep the old you somewhat intact. In this article. These are few beauty tips for girls that will help create a natural beauty and maintain your looks. Mineral makeup helps brighten the skin without the use of heavy foundation. However. I try to cover many health and beauty tips that can help you become and remain an ideal woman. Plus it shows that you care about you! Be confident in yourself. Make sure you are who you want to be. They just need to take some special care to maintain the magic. Your bodys needs when you were a 17-year-old girl cannot be the same as when you are a 57 year old. 18. Avoid alcohol drugs and smoking to keep your beauty long lasting. 4 Use darker makeup during the night and keep the look subtle during the day. If you love yourself then other people will love you too They may not be in love with you but they definitely will love you for loving yourself. 7 Dab a little orange shadow into the inside corner of your eye to create the wide eyed look. 2 Read the instructions carefully before using contact lenses to avoid infection. cellulite. Trying to fit in and be good looking doesnt mean you should throw away who you are. WOMEN HEALTH AND BEAUTY TIPS Being a woman is more than having feminine organs. your health and beauty will be affected by one of the following conditions: facial wrinkles. Warnings ------Do not lose yourself. abnormal menstruation. Beauty is skin deep thus only a beautiful soul reflects true beauty. menopause. Long lasting. Remember.Tips ------Tell yourself youre beautiful. breast drooping. spider vein. It is best to avoid cosmetics and cosmetic surgeries to look beautiful All members of the female species of the human race are born beautiful. Remember its more important to be a good person. at one time or another. Constipation. Dont let other people make you feel any less than what you are. but dont be too confident. women infertility. 8 Use minimum makeup on your face as it damages your skin. no matter your age. is learning to understand your body at different stages of life and anticipate the small ailments before they become real problems. 9 Use a lip balm on your lips to prevent it from drying and chapping. this article is Specifically Designed for you. varicose vein. OVERALL BEAUTY TIPS FOR GIRLS Eyes and lips attract attention. and the list goes on. 11 Sleep on satin or silk pillow cases as it creates fewer creases on your face and delays the onset of wrinkles. vaginal infection. perfectly colored and those that are made from ingredients that are safe are best for your lips. being women. 19. 1 Wash your eyes with cool water daily to get rid of germs and dirt. 3 Eye makeup should match with the overall look. depression. 10 Use lip colors that suit your skin. A positive attitude will help create a glow on your face. and remember: you must feel beautiful inside before you can look beautiful on the outside! Just be optimistic and things will go great.

However. Each day. their pH [acidity level] is different from that of our skin and does not respect the natural balance. Femininity of a beautiful neckline The arms and chest areas are very sensitive and are also a sign of femininity that each of us likes to discover.How to Have Healthy. hydrated and treated the same way as the face. pollution. taking care to apply a light massage that will activate the superficial microcirculation. Taking care of yourself is taking care of your skin on a daily basis. The skin of your face is constantly assaulted by the environment: temperature too high or too low. beautiful skin. By its peripheral position. Beautiful Skin? Every woman wants to have a radiant skin: unfortunately. What products to use for personal hygiene? All products. the neck and chest are forgotten in the care of daily hydration. . Be simple and natural in your vaginal care: any negligence or overuse of chemical can lead to vaginal issues. I am talking about feminine beauty to please men and make you feel good about yourself. with a few kilos too many. and not enough physical activity. too often. which mingling to the sebum and sweat disrupt the balance of its surface. vaginal odor is a tough problem for both partners. Cleaning the skin must be made daily using products that do not alter its natural balance or damage it. Safe and natural products. the sun. intimate hygiene should not be overlooked. Taking care of your face Your face is your passport: do not ever neglect it. To preserve the elasticity of the skin of those areas. sometimes. people tend to excessive use of gels or anti-aging products that are. What are the gestures to comply. the choice of your cream depends on your skin type and your needs. most of them dont figure out the causes of their skin problems. products to use. the subject of personal hygiene is often not discussed despite the great importance it takes. Be aware that those products can increase your skins risk of UV damage. In a relationship. most of times. My advice to you is using safe and natural skin products. our body is attacked by pollution. wind. alcohol and unhealthy fast foods. can help greatly to protect your look from the ravages of time and pollution. oily skin. mean that our arms. But often. shower gels. Intimate hygiene Often taboo. However. Protective cream or restorative cream. skin falling and flaccid. It needs to be protected by the use of an anti-oxidant cream. cold. temperature changes. all these efforts on a daily basis are not enough. sweat. it is important to apply every morning a nourishing and moisturizing cream. and frustrating for the male. It must also be adapted to the nature of your skin [dry skin. pollution. mixed skin]. soaps and bubble baths variety are not necessarily suited for intimate hygiene. do more harm to the skin. the more the body requires small attentions that require a little cosmetic. it is important to reverse the effects of those aggressors by adopting a healthy lifestyle including eating a healthy diet regular exercise. the skin is unavoidably attacked by dust. abuse of all kinds such as tobacco. To have a healthy. your cream facial must also provide a degree of protection that suits your lifestyle. You need natural antioxidant cream to repair those damages. Because staying fresh is a daily concern for both well-being and health. unconsciously. Living in cities. Apply a special cream by massaging lightly and gently from the center of the breast to cover the entire breast and up to the neck. learn all relevant information. Often too aggressive. and good sleep. the years pass. The skin is exposed to external aggression. Finding yourself beautiful is essential to live in harmony with yourself and others. they must be washed. working outdoors or in a confined place. The more we advance in age. applied regularly. For. The acidity of genital mucous makes it possible to ensure the maintenance of vulvo-vaginal flora necessary to preserve the female genitals of fungal infections and diverse. It is embarrassing for the female. Today. These areas are very fragile because they do not have true muscle support and are therefore subject to rapid aging. our breasts are no longer as energetic as before and become a real complex. Keep your skin clean and clear. stress. the choice of your moisturizer is essential to better protect the skin of your face and allow it to find the right balance. wrinkles.

In the same way. but can also be a source of much inconvenience. Luminescent eye shadows look good too. Healthy and beautiful legs Take care of your legs. choose small sized products that are sold for introductory or promotional purposes: dual function products to save space: and natural look makeup foundation that gives a finished look. Their muscles develop harmoniously and the entire body usually takes profits with improved blood circulation. stretch marks and small vessels that burst. Advice to have beautiful and healthy legs . cake eyeliners and matte lipsticks last longer. Most men get turned on by a hot womans legs. be sure to choose the model adapted to the flow of your menstruation. they say. Diet Numerous researchers confirm that a healthy nutrition makes a positive difference in skin rejuvenation. . even if you eat a healthy diet. . The legs acquire. Here are some tips and trends that you should know: . . What could affect the beauty and health of your legs? . which also varies between the beginning and the end of your period. Energy needs vary depending on sex and a multitude of other factors. obese].For instant party touch to day makeup. adult. Adjust your diet to your life [sedentary lifestyle.For everyday purposes. greater finesse and elasticity. Men love looking at womens hot.Hygiene and menstruation Whether you use tampons or pads. belly fat. Those who have heavy legs. It should be understated and not very dramatic or you may end up looking overdone or a plastic doll. . you also need to avoid eating late at night.High heels. at the end of the cycle. consumption of alcohol and cigarettes and an unbalanced diet are all aggravating factors of poor blood circulation and therefore pain in the legs with obviously appearance of cellulite.Use natural tones for eye shadow and blush and use a nude lip color for daytime makeup and for going to work. eczema. 20. which can lead to acne. BEAUTY TRENDS AND TIPS The desire of being the beauty is innate in all women and this notion is the backbone of the beauty industry and busing that is in boom all over the world.Cleanliness of the parlor. sportive]. However. sexy legs: maybe there is a secret in that. pay attention to your legs. . elderly] in order not to create imbalance in your diet. about every 4 hours [except at night where you can keep them until morning]. the quality of the products used there and how qualified and experienced are its attendants and the owner should be your criterion of choosing one to get latest beauty treatments.Every woman deserves a makeup kit for home and another for traveling purposes. Do your best to eat at least 3 hours before going to bed. If you want to attract men. change them regularly. A tampon too big and absorbing. Your beauty has a close relationship with what you eat.Waterproof mascaras. varicose veins or Restless legs syndrome know what I am talking about. and psoriasis. You are what you eat. can irritate the vagina and lead the development of a fungus. Know about the treatments and its possible side effects. they say. active.Make only informed choices. If you use tampons. a tampon changed too frequently can be a source of irritation. Eating late can cause chronic indigestion. through regular exercises. youth. go for quick and simple products that are long lasting and keep you looking fresh to the end of day. Quality is the keyword to beauty and skin care products including cosmetics to prevent the negative side effects and full realization of the fancy world of beautiful transformations in women. . .The fundamental solution is regular exercises with more precisely jogging and jumping. just brush up deep and vibrant eye shadow to define your eyes. your condition [pregnant. bad breath. your age [children. allergies that it may cause and get the patch test done before opting for one of them. The legs are one of the female assets. For traveling.

A quarter portion may be required for longer tresses. Mix in onehalf cup of mayonnaise or a few tablespoons of olive oil. Tip 10 . But not just any chocolate will do and you can eat as much of the sweet confection as you might like! According to various studies a couple of squares of unsweetened or semi-sweet dark chocolate a day will do the trick. Then apply the tomato juice straight from the can. You can also add in a few drops of your favorite essential oil to make a luxurious spa treatment that your skin will love. Then rinse the skin pat it dry and apply your normal skin care regimen.Make your own facial scrub by mixing the juice of one orange with a few tablespoons for cornstarch and a few grains of kosher salt. Tip 7 .Liquid eyeliners define eyes better. TEN BEAUTY TIPS USING COMMON HOUSEHOLD ITEMS Lots of us today are just plain tired of throwing away big bucks on beauty products that simply dont work as advertised. Blend well in a blender food processor or Magic Bullet. Apply the scrub to the face and neck area working it in gently with small circular motions.Get rid of the old dead flaky skin on your feet and heels with a homemade foot scrub made from strawberries. 21. Here are some of my favorites: Tip 1. Cut the avocado into small pieces and throw into your blender food processor or Magic Bullet.Make that green cast on your hair that is caused by too much pool chlorine go away with a tomato juice rinse. eyebrows can be colored using eyebrow gel and corrective makeup can be done by highlighting and contouring with skill using right combo of foundations. Tip 2 -Lighten skin discoloration while you soften it by adding buttermilk to your bath water. It has been used for decades as a natural . . Then rinse condition dry and style as usual. Blend about a dozen strawberries together with one teaspoon of kosher salt and your favorite essential oil or some olive oil from the kitchen. Cover it with a shower cap and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. Let the mask sit for between 15 and 20 minutes. Simply wash the hair normally. Rinse the mask off with cool water pat dry and go. Apply the conditioner liberally and work it throughout the hair using a wide toothcomb.Use old coffee grounds to chase away unsightly cellulite. Rinse dry and apply the moisturizing cream of your choice. Follow up by using a wide toothcomb to make sure the oil is evenly distributed.. Tip 3 . Just pour the oil into the center of your hands and then rub them together. Tip 6 . earthy pinks and peaches. blushes and eye shadows. Tip 9 .Help cleanse and detangle hair easily with vinegar. Repeat the treatment regularly to continue fading the marks.Repair dry damaged hair with an avocado conditioner made right in your own kitchen. . Rather than throwing more good money after bad some women today are pulling out products that they already have on hand to make their own beauty products. Work throughout the hair using a wide toothcomb. Tip 8 . Let the grounds sit in place for about 30 minutes. Tip 4 .Keep your heart healthy by eating chocolate. Next wash and towel the hair. Rinse dry and style as usual. About a nickel size portion should be enough for short to chin-length hair. Tip 5 . Next soak feet in Epsom salt for about 10 to 15 minutes.Sheer and light makeup is the trend of the day and best shades to use are neutral browns.Use a dab of olive oil to freshly shampooed hair to add shine and youthful vitality. Let sit in place for between 10 and 20 minutes. Cover and let sit for about 10 to 15 minutes. Apply the scrub to the feet rubbing it in thoroughly with strong circular motions. smudgy greys. Mix one-half cup of plain yogurt with one tablespoon of raw honey and one-quarter mashed banana.Cream and gel blush are easy to use and give you a natural look. Apply the mixture liberally to the freshly cleansed skin of the face and neck. Remove the wrap and wash away the grounds. Apply the grounds directly to the affected area then wrap it with kitchen plastic wrap. Between a pint and a half-quart is more than enough to do the trick. Work the oil throughout the hair. Rinse with cool water dry and style as usual.Make your own facial mask with honey yogurt and bananas.

Perfume Tip Fragrance rises. Hairstyling Tip After applying dry shampoo to day old or three day old hair. keep pore size small and fight sun damage. 23. Be it rains or sunshine. you should swap your usual black or brown eyeliner for purple because its a subtle way to make the color of your eyes pop. THE 5 BEST BEAUTY TIPS WE HAVE HEARD 1. Secret 4 Hands and neck are important too: Treat your hands and neck like your face. 4. You have likely heard this. it will hold the curl up.hair rinse. No one notices its purple unless they are up close. prevent blemishes. Apply it with an eyeliner brush to my upper lash line. Then add a coat of volumizing mascara on top. It will remove product build-up from hairspray mousse gel and other hair setting lotions while it also works to keep the hair from tangling. Makeup Tip Sometimes volumizing mascara formulas can be heavy and weigh down your lashes and take out the curl.and you know the rule. Mind you. it breaks up that shape and de emphasizes the circles. She told me her best formula for the best lashes Use a waterproof. Dark Circle Tip You can use your eyebrows to make dark under eye circles less noticeable. Constantly get compliments on how smooth our skin is and completely attribute that to religious use of a retinoid. Simply mix equal parts of vinegar together with water. only few are worth following. We share some useful beauty tricks! Secret 1 Drink water: Thinking its no secret? Well. but have you tried it. 3. so spritz it on your ankles or behind your knees to help your scent last longer. The mix of the dry shampoo and the natural oils will have the same benefits as a volumizer so you will get an extra day out of your blow out and have major volume. forget about the eight glass rule. UV rays is the most common source of skin cancer and ageing. cleanse and moisturise. When they are arched you get a complete circle effect your brows and the dark circles below and that exaggerates the dark circles. After shampooing the hair apply your normal conditioner and rinse. So this is second hand knowledge. make sure your skin is nicely smothered with sunscreen." Secret 2 Sunscreen is a must: Sunscreen is a guarantee for youthful skin. It helps smooth wrinkles. Rinse again dry and style as normal. 7 BEAUTY SECRETS YOU MUST KNOW We all have read thousands of beauty tips and tried hundreds of beauty products. Just tweeze your brows so they are more straight across than arched. Make sure you drink just enough that you dont feel thirsty. but get a lot of compliments on eyes when wear it. 22. Then add the vinegar mixture and work it through the hair to the ends. "My skin gets all flaky and dry if I am not well hydrated. 2. but if your brows are straight across. It helps you hide spider veins on your legs and give a slimming effect all over. Apply suitable creams and rub it nicely on your neck and hands to make sure they glow . lengthening formula first. Anti aging Skin Care Tip The best way to fight aging and prevent pimples is to use a prescription retinoid. Secret 3 Moisturise: Make sure you have a moisturizing body lotion that includes a self-tanner.apply it 15 minutes prior to walking out so the body absorbs it properly. Says freelancer Prachi. blow dry the roots using a round brush. Wash. It is honestly the one thing that will make a huge difference in the appearance of your skin. 5.

If you look happy you will automatically feel the glow. Scrub it on your face and neck and leave it for 20 minutes. You will jump start your metabolism and circulation and it will give you a nice rosy glow. Wash it with cold water. honey . Mash a banana with milk and apply on face and leave it for 20 minutes. 6. 9. LOOK YOUNGER IN 30 MINUTES 1. Define your eyebrows A pair of full. Short nails Painted sheer and pink give off a young. Apply a firming body cream Toned. 3. Stress a lot on vitamin A. A paste of the fresh fenugreek leaves applied on the face prevents pimplesblackheadsdryness of the face and early appearance of wrinkles.. 1. So smile and stay cheerful! 24. Workouts help improve blood circulation and oxygen capacity. 6.as much as your facial skin. Apply on face for overnight. Make a paste by mixing mashed banana . Wash it with cold water to get a skin that will glow. 3. Wash it with cold water. So hit the treadmill and enjoy the healthy glow! Secret 6 Eat right: Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Pluck errant hairs and fill in sparse areas with a fine tipped brow pencil. fun vibe and make your hands look effortlessly flawless. arched brows works like an instant eye lift. 25. Take a brisk 30 minute walk whenever you can sneak one in. Apply honey on your face and neck for 20 minutes. Mix egg white with honey and apply on the face for 20 minutes. Powder mango peels and mix 1 teaspoon milk powder and rub on face neck and hands. 5. 4. Scrub your face with this paste and leave it for 20 minutes. Keep your eye cream in the fridge For quick under eye depuffing. Wash your face with this water. 7. Rub a piece of papaya on your face and neck for 15 minutes. giving your face a happy boost. 7. Boil cabbage in water. Wash it with cold water. Secret 5 Exercise! If you want glow on your face. Applying antioxidants on the skin also help. HOME REMEDIES FOR GLOWING AND SMOOTH SKIN You can transform your dry skin into a super smooth soft supple and glowing skin by using these home remedies. 4. . Have your stylist snip you some layers Hair that moves lifts your features and just looks fun and free.. Secret 7 Feel good: Do things that make you feel great about yourself. 10. 8. 2. Wash it with cold water. An at home gloss treatment Dramatically amps up shine and refreshes your highlights. C and E and they help deal with skin issues. Smear on hands & feet & wash off in the morning wear gloves in hands and socks in feet. Wash it off after 15 minutes. taut skin is the age defying holy grail. 5. Your skin will glow and become soft and smooth. lemon juice and margarine. Make a paste by mixing 2 table spoon turmeric powder in orange juice. Make a paste of one teaspoon of walnut powder honey and lemon juice. facials are not the only option. The cold constricts blood vessels to help swelling go down and it feels extra refreshing. 2.

Rinse it off with warm water. 13. With home remedies its a trial and error process. You could also try home made fruit packs from bananas or papayas to moisturise your arms and legs. Home remedy wonders Home remedies like milk cream or ghee also work wonders especially on stubborn areas like knees ankles and elbows. While taking bath lather your body and face heavily with a soft soap like Dove. HOME REMEDIES FOR SOFT SKIN Easy and inexpensive home remedies to bid adieu to dry skin and flaunt super soft baby skin. Shower again after one hour. You have to moisturise every day after your shower every evening after your wash and then moisturise some more.11. Mix corn or polenta flour with egg white and apply on your face. 26. Oil massages Try an oil massage with almond oil olive oil or even the more humble coconut oil before your shower also adding a few drops of oil to your bath water moisturises your skin and keeps dehydration and dryness at bay. Scrub the whole body and face with the sugar mixture on the lather. Discipline is the key Having the latest miracle product on your shelf will not automatically soften your skin. Repeat twice a month. 27. Keep a moisturiser handy Opt for the products for very dry skin and massage them into your elbows knees ankles every morning and evening. Avoid very hot water While in the shower avoid very hot water as it is known to dehydrate the skin and avoid harsh soaps and shower gels that will dry out your skin. In fact fill in a few handy sized bottles and keep them in the car in your office and inside your purse and use them at every opportunity you get. Rub your handsfeet or any part and leave it on for 10 to15 minutes. . A honey and rosewater combination is good for moisturising the face and neck too. 3. 14. Repeat daily for 10 to15 days. So just what does it take to look your best during the festivities? Here are a few simple tips to have your skin glowing: Limit your intake of sweets It may seem like wet blanket advice during the season but at least keep consumption under control. When your face is dried completely in about half an hourput your fingers in warm water and massage your face. 2. 4. So convince yourself to eat only tiny portions of sweets for the sake of your taste buds and that too only on Diwali day itself. 5. Mix one cup of sugar with 1 table spoon fresh lemon juice. GLOWING SKIN Everyone wants to look their best but unfortunately often end up looking their worst due to consumption of unhealthy rich food the pollution in the air due to incessant firecrackers and lack of time for skincare. After a shower apply vaseline over your entire body. So have patience and be regular with your skin care regime for soft and supple skin. Moreover it takes time for you to see the desired results. 1. Soft and smooth hands for life Mix 3 teaspoons of baby oil and 2 teaspoons of sugar together. Also make sure to include plenty of fresh fruit and raw vegetables in your diet if you want your skin to boast a healthy glow. If you overdose on sugary and fried goodies in a few days itll start showing on your face breakouts dull skin weight gain not to mention allergies thanks to the artificial colouring and flavouring that goes into massproduced sweetmeats. 12.

You complexion should improve. These ingredients are rich in natural oils that moisturise your skin. Stay at least six to seven feet away from lit fireworks. Its imperative to keep your pores open and skin free of environmental pollutants. Make a paste by adding one teaspoon of gram flourone teaspoon of milk and four drops of lime juice. Mix 1 table spoon of milk powder1 table spoon of honey1 table spoon of lemon juice and half table spoon of almond oil. It is a cooling agentstimulantand blood purifier. Use a homemade scrub of ground almonds rava or oatmeal with a little milk and a teaspoon of honey to exfoliate your skin thrice a week. continue to care your skin is always important to maintain your skin and look fresh all the time. Most importantly wash your face thoroughly with a mild soap and water immediately afterwards and follow up with a moisturiser. Use water based moisturizer frequently and drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin. In the morning remove their skin and grind them fine. These fumes and particulate emissions can settle on your skin and harm it causing irritant reactions chemical burns and allergies. A regular massage with this paste will assure a long lasting fairness to you. They exfoliate dead cells and stimulate blood circulation lending a fresh glow to your skin. 28. Remember to cleanse make up off immediately after parties never sleep with make up on no matter how late you get home. It protects skin from the suns raysacts an anti aging . You can do a fairness massage easily at the privacy of your home. For 15 daysapply a paste of gram flour or besan milk 2 teaspoon and lime juice 3 or 4 drops on face and neck for 15 mins and wash with water. Sandalwood has a use in treating most skin problems. Start a rigorous cleansing regime Wash your face at least four to five times a day. Protect your skin from firecrackers Most firecrackers have high smoke emissions due to high magnesium and cordite content. Follow an old tradition The Pehli Anghol or First Bath on Diwali morning is an age old tradition in which people apply a paste of coarsely ground sesame seeds [til] almonds and milk to the body and scrub well. The sudden change of season and drop of atmospheric humidity experienced in this month can shrivel up your skin. Want a gorgeous complexion? Heres how In case of burns wash the area immediately with cool running water for 10 minutes or longer till the burning sensation eases. Dont stop working out In the hustle and bustle of shopping socializing and pre Diwali card parties do not compromise on your health. SANDALWOOD: This is best home remedy for dark skin. If you have sensitive skin its a good idea to tie a cotton scarf or dupatta over your face while lighting or watching a fireworks display. Apply on face and wash off after 10 to 15 minutes. Apply an antibiotic cream like TBact or Soframycin on mild burns and consult a doctor immediately. Repeat every 2 weeks. The circulation boost afforded by a good cardio workout can keep your skin glowing all day. Uttan a fragrant blend of gram flour sandalwood paste and rosewater is also used on the face and arms. This pack helps bring shine to the skin and also removes tan. Soak four almonds overnight. Do not tamper with or attempt to burst any blisters if they appear on the burnt area: they should be drained only by the doctor. Try it every day starting now and see the results for yourself. Continue your exercise regime as usual and you’ll be thankful at the end of the season that you didn’t pile on the pounds.Moisturizer Nothing saps the skin of its luster like dryness. NATURAL TIPS FOR FAIR COMPLEXION Few very good masks to lighten the skin tone and add a glow to the complexion. Rub gently into the face for 10 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. Sandalwood is one of the most expensivemost exoticand most aromatic plants known to humans. Use a soap free moisturizing cleanser if you have dry skin and follow up with toner and moisturizing lotion each time.

This is denoted by a number and is related to duration of sunexposure.Rubbing a mix of papaya cream and sugar into the skin before your bath is also said to remove skin tan. Wash it with cold water after 15 minutes. 29. Blend this mixture into a fine paste using milk . Apply this paste on face and allow it to dry. There is a particular kind of vitaminC called LAscorbic acid which is found in oranges and lemons that is particularly good for skin. 6. 4. remove the dried mask by massaging your face in circular motion and wash your face using luke warm water.Reapply sunscreen if you stay in the sun for a long time. VitaminC supplements are also helpful.Carry your sunscreen while holidaying by the sea or in the hills.Apply the sunscreen about 20 minutes before sunexposure. The skin needs physical protection against harmful rays which is provided by sunscreens. Wash your face when you return home with a good face wash or soap to remove the dirt and other elements from the surface of the skin. 3.agentand keeps skin smooth and aromatic. 2. If your skin is more sensitive choose a sunscreen with SPF of 20 and above. Wash with cold water. 7. Apply a mixture of 3 to4 drops of lime juice and a grated tomato on face and neck for 15 minutes for 15 days. When they are applied to the skin they may soak up free radicals created by sun exposure or pollution before they can do any damage to the skin. Body parts that are protected show less signs of aging than those exposed to the pollutants in the air. There are few creams or gels available which contain LAscorbic acid.A good sunscreen should provide protection against the suns UVA and UVB rays. 3.Juice of ripe tomatoes when applied over tanned body parts helps in getting rid of the tan KEEP WRINKLES AWAY Daily use of vitaminC can help reduce wrinkling and other signs of skin aging. Mix oatmeal with yogurt and tomato juice & apply on the face. Reflective surfaces like water and snow actually increase the effects of UV radiation. Once the skin starts aging it will not return to its youthful condition but anything that can help slow down the process may be cause enough for celebration PROTECT YOUR SKIN FROM POLLUTION Air pollution can wreak havoc on your skin. This gives the skin time to absorb it. To protect yourself there are two things that you can do 1. Shield your face from the pollutants by using a moisturizer or foundation which provides a protective layer. Its a good idea to carry one in your handbag. 5. Make sure you use a mild cleanser regularly if you are outdoors for very long hours. Sandal wood is extremely effective on pimples prickly heat skin erruption sitchin grashes spots freckles and swellings. Mix almond neem leaf turmeric sandle wood and poppy seeds. COMPLETE PROTECTION FOR YOUR SKIN WHICH DELIVERS BEST RESULTS Excessive sunexposure can lead to loss of moisture from the skin dark patches and even premature aging. . A few tips on buying and using sunscreen lotions 1. Many sunscreens offer this additional benefit. Check the SPF or Sun Protection Factor on the label. 2.

or brain power. none of which will require a lot of expense. This is why recipes for homemade skin care products for oily skin and pimples can serve as such a valuable wealth of knowledge. Below are just a few of the most popular.30. Don’t forget to protect your skin when you are out! Many people are thinking sun is dangerous only in summer but its not true! The snow reflects the sunlight so you must wear sunscreen. 31. happy skin you’ve always dreamed of. For this mask you will need: 1 tablespoon of lemon juice [fresh squeezed or concentrated] two egg whites two tablespoons of honey I cup of mashed strawberries . time. Better prepare tepid or even cold water especially in the morning it will awake your skin. Gods original astringent. All chemicals which add scents and color are the reason why our skin becomes dry. discouragement sets in followed by despair that they will never be able to join the ranks of those who enjoy wearing cosmetics without having them absorbed into the face 10 minutes later. Oily Skin: Strawberry and Lemon Facial Mask Before you buy that next over the counter astringent. Use moisturizer with SPF 15 or even SPF 30. remember strawberries and lemon are the natural equivalent of the ingredients found in such a product. Many people experiencing an overproduction of oil go through the usual routine of wasting time and money trying every product on the market. Choose lip balm which includes propolis. That’s why you should use oil-based moisturizer. Knowing how to solve a problem long-term rather than briefly or merely covering it up can empower you to discover the healthy. Your face suffers from biting wind snow frost and heating at home or work. But undoubtedly best way to hydrate your skin is drink plenty of water. When they find there is no over the counter solution. its one of the most sensitive areas on your face during wintertime. you understand the need to find products able to keep your aggravating skin under control. Your facial skin becomes dry sensitive and chapped. You should use scent free soaps and washes also avoid colored or antibacterial facial skin produce. Remember that sun ages your skin. There are countless homemade remedies for out of control skin and blemishes. Your makeup must be with sun protection too. these fruits can actually improve your oily skins condition without causing damage or wasting money. Pamper your facial skin whit mask. Dont use water-based moisturizers because it has a lot of water in it and that might cause a freezing on your face when you are outside. Daily use nutritional face cream enriched vitamins fruity acid. So how can you protect and keep your skin healthy? The most important thing is moisturizing! When you are having a bath dont forget to control waters temperature it cant be too hot and also avoid wash your face with hot water as well. Once a week use moisturizing or nutritional masks. FACE SKIN CARE IN WINTER SEASON Winters season is one of the most dangerous for your face skin. HOMEMADE SKIN CARE PRODUCTS FOR OILY SKIN AND PIMPLES The Punishment of Having Oily Skin: If you are one of the unfortunate individuals cursed with the daily grease and grime of overactive oil glands. Use moisturizing face cream which includes lecithin and vitamins. If you want to have healthy not chapped lips dont lick and bite them! To protect chapped lips in winter season always wear lip balm or lipstick with sunscreen. Also don’t forget protect your lips . For better results apply your moisturizing cream immediately after you have a wash and while skin is still damp. You can buy them in beauty shop pharmacy or also you can make it at home from natural products.

Many over the counter formulations include these ingredients. And neither does your back. drying orange peels and forming them into a powder can work well as a pimple preventer. Keep your skin clean. but plain yogurt can benefit your skin a lot more than your taste buds. Do not scrub your face. The powder can be kept for further applications. Blemish Solutions: Lemon Reigns Supreme Just as lemon is known to tame the oil glands. so resist the urge to refrigerate the extras for later if you are having a makeover party for one. Keep this refrigerated and apply the mixture onto your skin regularly. USE Alpha Hydroxy Acids [AHAs] as a perfect exfoliate for your face. Start walking and building up your muscle tone. 32. The cream will help retain the moisture in the skin. Orange Peel: Switching to another citrus remedy. You can slice a lemon and apply directly to your skin if you are looking for a quick way to reduce redness and swelling with a less than welcome blemish. A good cream should last a . The treatment is most effective when applied fresh. You can add rose water or regular filtered water to the powder to form a paste on the skin. however creating your own home concoction will give you the purest and often most effective version. Applying plain yogurt every day either as a cleanser or as an after-application can help to dry up the excess oil found in your pores and you will quickly observe improvements to the skin. Rubbing lemon peel with a small pinch of sugar on your skin for at least ten minutes can help you to experience less acne and help prevent the risk of pocking and scarring as well. Skin cream on the skin feels soft and smooth but if you want your skin to benefit from that cream you need to dampen your skin first then add the cream. as this works best as a daily routine and can be used indefinitely. Then a good gentle rinse. making the effort of drying the peels and granulating them worthwhile. Making homemade skin care products for oily skin and pimples can be a fun activity for a girls night in.around 4 drops of jojoba oil [available at many organic markets. A warm face cloth with a non-chemical soap patted. Tea Tree Oil and Salt: Applying tea tree oil mixed with sea salt can help ease your oily skin issue without causing excessive dryness. so plan on sharing with a friend at time of application. Go to your local wholesale grocer and stock up on plain yogurt. Plain Yogurt It may be something you always considered to be a negative part of a healthy diet. This can help to reduce your blemishes as well as fade other facial embarrassments such as facial hair. You will find your skin tone more even and your acne outbreaks more infrequent with regular use. In fact the more you scrub on it the more acne you can get and more trauma to your skin. or just a simple and economic way to give your oily skin that boost of help it has been craving. The face does not need scrubbing. This recipe will make enough for more than one mask. it can serve as a healer for pimples as well. Lemon juice combined with tomato juice can also be beneficial. and skincare websites] Mix the ingredients together and apply immediately to the face for around ten minutes. Both ingredients can usually be found in a natural foods store. You next dry your face by patting with a soft clean towel. EXPERT TIPS FOR SMOOTH HEALTHY AND BEAUTIFUL SKIN Beauty of the skin starts from inside your body! Your skin needs fresh air exercise a proper diet minerals and vitamins and it needs protection from the sun. healthcare stores. You can actually not use soap on your face at all especially if you have dry skin. Many people just put skin cream on their skin thinking it is going to make it soft and smooth. Muscle tone will keep your skin from looking so saggy.

The skin needs physical protection against harmful rays which is provided by sunscreens. Once the skin starts aging it will not return to its youthful condition but anything that can help slow down the process may be cause enough for celebration . Reflective surfaces like water and snow actually increase the effects of UV radiation. Keep using for a month your skin will be firmed your wrinkles will disappear. Ancient Chinese Secrets from Ning Hua: Wrinkles Reduction Two tablespoons of fresh cucumber juice and same amount of egg white [about one egg] stir well and then apply on wrinkles every night after cleansing. Rinse it off. It makes your skin feel very soft. This is denoted by a number and is related to duration of sunexposure. You can make masks of many things that are right in your kitchen such as oatmeal. 7. This gives the skin time to absorb it. It is derived from fruit milk and sugar cane and when used on the skin it helps remove the dead skin cells which will give your face a much younger fresher look. Another one: Take plain egg white beat up the egg white and then spread it on your face until dry about 20 minutes rinse off with water.Rubbing a mix of papaya cream and sugar into the skin before your bath is also said to remove skin tan. Mix it up. Easy effective and cheap ways to do a mask are: Use an egg yolk and honey mask. 3. If your skin is more sensitive choose a sunscreen with SPF of 20 and above. In the morning rinse off thoroughly using warm water. Apply after cleansing avoiding eye and mouth areas leave on for 20 minutes and rinse off thoroughly. 5.Carry your sunscreen while holidaying by the sea or in the hills. Grind it up. 6.Reapply sunscreen if you stay in the sun for a long time. 33. This leaves your face refreshed and helps clean the pores. It is good for acne too. There is a particular kind of vitaminC called LAscorbic acid which is found in oranges and lemons that is particularly good for skin. A few tips on buying and using sunscreen lotions 1. Keep using for 10-15 days your pigment will fade away. Check the SPF or Sun Protection Factor on the label. Another one: Use plain egg yolk. Mix it with some skimmed milk and let it dry. There are few creams or gels available which contain LAscorbic acid. Rinse well.Apply the sunscreen about 20 minutes before sunexposure.A good sunscreen should provide protection against the suns UVA and UVB rays.long time and not be expensive. When they are applied to the skin they may soak up free radicals created by sun exposure or pollution before they can do any damage to the skin. VitaminC supplements are also helpful. Fruit Mask: Juice apple cucumber and pear mixed with flour add a teaspoon of water and stir thoroughly. 4. Just mix one egg yolk with a little honey and spread it on your face and neck. Use it at night when you wash your face before going to bed. When it dries rinse it off. Milk can attract bacteria so you dont want to leave it on your face. Spread it on your face for 20 to 30 minutes. 2. Its a good idea to carry one in your handbag. Pigment Fading: 5 teaspoons fresh tomato juice with 1 teaspoon honey apply on the pigment rinse off thoroughly. COMPLETE PROTECTION FOR YOUR SKIN WHICH DELIVERS BEST RESULTS Excessive sunexposure can lead to loss of moisture from the skin dark patches and even premature aging.Juice of ripe tomatoes when applied over tanned body parts helps in getting rid of the tan KEEP WRINKLES AWAY Daily use of vitaminC can help reduce wrinkling and other signs of skin aging.

If you dont get wheat husk then you can use wheat porridge grains as well. To protect yourself there are two things that you can do 1. 3. Many sunscreens offer this additional benefit. The scrub cleans the dirt from the pores and helps in removing the dead skin cell giving the face a brighter look. Orange And Lime Peel Put the orange and lime peel to dry until they are brittle. Wheat Husk Add 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of milk to half a cup of wheat husk. Add half a tablespoon of honey and a little milk to this. Then gently wash with warm water. For 5 minutes rub the paste on the face in strong circular motion. Also the natural face scrubs do not come with any side effects and they can also be safely used for any skin types. Needless to say such products come with a weighty price tag attached. Grind them together to form a fine powder. Shield your face from the pollutants by using a moisturizer or foundation which provides a protective layer. To this mixture add a little bit of almond oil and mix thoroughly. Leave the brown sugar on the skin so that it dissolves well into the skin. 34. Mix the grounded almond with 3 tablespoons of medium oatmeal 2 tablespoons of powdered milk and 2 tablespoons of powdered rose petals. Dont be surprised when you watch the glow on your face. Supple facial skin is also a major factor in beauty which explains as to why the shelves at departmental stores these days are groaning under the weight of skin care products with a significant portion being devoted to face scrubs. Brown sugar exfoliates the skin like a mild chemical peel. Body parts that are protected show less signs of aging than those exposed to the pollutants in the air. Unlike the rest of the body scrubbing the face holds special importance as the facial skin is the most exposed part of the entire body. Honey Take some almond and grind them finely to get 2 tablespoons of almond paste. Make the mixture into a thick paste and apply it on the entire face. Wash your face when you return home with a good face wash or soap to remove the dirt and other elements from the surface of the skin. Brown Sugar Take half a cup of brown sugar. Add as much water as to wet the sugar but not dissolve it. Mix them thoroughly to form a paste. Rose Petals Grind a handful of almonds to get about 3 tablespoons of the almond powder. 2. Wet the face with a damp cloth and apply the brown sugar gently in circular upstrokes. In a small bowl take 2 tablespoons each of this peel powder and wheat bran. Make sure you use a mild cleanser regularly if you are outdoors for very long hours. Make sure that the sugar is not golden. Use this paste to scrub the face in circular motions and then wash. However dont put them to dry in the sun. Scrub the face with this paste to make the face clean and glowing. Thus no skin care regimen is complete without face scrubs. Rub this gently on the face for a few minutes and then rinse with warm water. Natural face scrubs that are made from homemade ingredients are as effective as commercial products if not more and they dont even make a dent in your pocket. Now are you at a loss of whether to think about the skin or the money? Go the organic way and you can take care of your skin without ripping off your wallet. In a small bowl mix together this almond paste with 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Since face scrubs need to be used regularly they can prove to be quite a money drainer in the long run. After about ten minutes wash the face. HOMEMADE FACE SCRUB Facial scrubs are the perfect recipe for smooth glowing and blemishfree skin.PROTECT YOUR SKIN FROM POLLUTION Air pollution can wreak havoc on your skin. .

Following are a few homemade face wash recipes for all the skin types. lemon juice 1 tbsp. in a circular motion. finely ground almonds 2 drops orange essential oil 2 tbsp. Do not add water if you want to store it. Everyone of you must have experienced the layers of dirt and dust on the face at the end of the long tiring day. Face wash helps to cleanse the face by removing dirt and also moisturizes it. plain yogurt 1 tbsp. add water only before application. This is especially good for people with oily skin. massage in a circular motion. apricot or almond oil 1 tbsp. honey Process: Add honey to yogurt and mix well. almond and ground almonds. honey 1 kiwi fruit 1 tbsp. including the face. Homemade Face Wash for Sensitive Skin 1 1 part baking soda 2 parts ground oatmeal Process: Mix oatmeal and baking soda and add ½ tsp of warm water. but also exfoliate it naturally. Homemade Face Wash for Oily Skin 2 1 tsp. Compared to soaps. Add orange essential oil and mix. you can heat it up. There are different types of skins like dry skin. Homemade Face Wash for Sensitive Skin 2 1 tsp. You can refrigerate this mixture for further use too. 35. yogurt 1 tsp. Rinse away with warm water. Blend until it forms a cream. Due to industrialization and other reasons. While applying the face wash. Form a coarse paste and apply it on the face in circular motions. Face wash can be a good substitution to the regular soaps. After it is blended well. HOMEMADE FACE WASH Traveling is a must for most of us. Apply to the face and let it set for about 10 min. . There are also special face washes for acne. More on natural skin care. Rub gently on the face. oily skin. Only soap is not sufficient to clear it. Wash after 10 minutes with warm water. the pollution has increased to such an extent that it has effects not only on our inner body but also our skin. Homemade Face Wash for Oily Skin 1 7oz yogurt 1 tbsp. If the honey is hard. start applying it to the face. Yogurt will not only clean the face. yogurt. Apply it on the face in a circular motion so that it penetrates in the skin and results into proper skin care. including the T zone. To this add half a tablespoon of turmeric powder a few drops of rose water and milk. Rinse with warm water. honey Process: Add lemon juice and honey to yogurt and mix well.Chickpea Take 4 tablespoons of chickpea powder. Leave the paste to dry and then wash off. orange water Process: Prepare puree of kiwi fruit. Face wash should be chose according to the skin type. Homemade Face Wash for Different Skin Type : I am giving 2 face wash recipes for each skin type. Heating will smoothen hard honey. you can try both of them. etc. sensitive. face wash contains less chemicals and that is why it is a better choice. add orange water. Rinse off with warm water. Apply evenly to the entire face.

Add milk cream to the powder and apply it evenly to the face. Apply this cream all over the face and leave for about 5-8 minutes. one tsp. oatmeal 2 tsp. Homemade Face Wash for Acne 1 ¼ tbsp. Apply once or twice in a week. You can use this face wash daily. glass bottle. Put a small amount of face cleanser on your hands. Apply on the face evenly and wash off with warm water. Rinse off after application with the help of warm damp cloth and water. Apply on the skin for about 2 minutes. Your face wash is ready. Remember to clean your face with water applying the face wash. oil and honey in a bowl and mix together well. Homemade Face Wash for Acne 2 3 drops vitamin E oil 7 drops lavender essential oil 3 tbsp. This was all about homemade face wash. More on natural acne cures. Therefore. at a time. 2. Shake well before use. If you have bangs wear a headband or use a hair clip. HOW TO WASH YOUR FACE Washing your face may appear to be the simplest and least talked about topic on earth. 36. Massage gently. 4. cleansing your face properly is basic to a good body care routine. Homemade Face Wash for Dry Skin 2 100 gm green lentils 10 gm turmeric powder 50 gm gram flour 10 gm fenugreek seeds Milk cream Process: Blend fenugreek seeds along with gram flour. also remember to take general facial care. in a mixer. but if done properly. in place of a soap. Wet your face with warm water or steam to open your pores. Something too strong will just dry the skin out and stimulate the oil glands to produce more oil. Steps :----1. More on homemade face masks for acne. it can promote a healthy glow. You can store the powder and just add milk cream while applying. Use a product that is gentle enough for your skin. Along with the use of face wash. Keep adding water till it forms a thick paste. Tie your hair back from your face. so that you get maximum effect. Rinse with warm water. honey Process: Add milk. whole milk 1 tsp. First wash your hands with a good antibacterial soap to clean them. This face wash recipe not only treats acne but also makes the skin healthy. A face speaks volumes about ones self image and a well looked after face can attract attention and foster confidence in a person. in a circular motion. Massage in a circular motion and wash off with warm water. 3. You are trying to remove oil and retain . like applying a good moisturizer and washing it at least twice a day.Homemade Face Wash for Dry Skin 1 2 tbsp. about the size of a nickel. Rub some on your wet hands. baking soda Water Process: Mix oatmeal with with baking soda. jojoba oil 3 drops geranium essential oil 8 drops tea tree essential oil Process: Mix all the ingredients and put them in a 2 oz. almond oil 1 tsp. add water.

It gently exfoliates your skin and improves circulation. When youre 50. Work up a good lather by rubbing both hands together and applying it on your face. Use a mask and exfoliant once a week to get rid of dead skin and deep oil and dirt. but do it anyway. The vitamin C helps to give your skin a healthy glow and removes dirt and oils from the skin. If you have flaky skin. 9. Washing too much will irritate and dry out your skin more. so dont neglect that area. a toner. is a good idea to help tighten the pores. Use one that says it is for eyes only: otherwise it wont be rich enough. and cold water after. Add 1 Tbsp. Lemon Juice. If soap gets into your eyes. and cant be rinsed easily. Plus it feels great! 11. Wash your face twice if you have been wearing makeup. If your skin is too dry after washing. If you are one of those people. 12. Here are some very effective. which promotes a more youthful look. 12. It will also clean away the last of the cleanser. try using a face brush instead of your hands. Dont forget eye cream. Vitamin C in high concentrations has also been shown to help re knit collagen. 10. 37. Use grapes as a facial cleanser. The area around your eyes has no sweat or oil glands. Cleanse the neck using upward strokes. 6. For some people. 11. 2. Warm water opens up your pores and cold water closes them. it should not be watery or too dry.water [moisture] at the same time. revealing fresh new cells. Use a soap that suits your skin type: oily. 7. Make sure the moisturizer is oil free or it may cause acne. Make sure you pat it dry gently. Talk to your doctor about possible dermatological issues if you have chronic skin problems. concentrating on first the hairline. Search google for juice grape facial for details on this natural home remedy. immediately rinse your eyes with water. Let a pot of water boil and hold your head over it for 5-10 minutes to open pores so the cleanser gets deep down to wash away hidden toxins. Using your fingertips. 8. massage the cleanser all over your face removing any dirt and oil. But dont go crazy with food facial remedies. 4. The first wash removes the makeup and the second cleanses the skin. Take 30 seconds or so. 7. it could break capillaries. then paying special attention to the T-zone forehead. 13. 6. nose. nostril area. Mix the sugar and lemon juice together well. Please do not use soap. try using a gentle face-wash. Rinse your face and neck with clear. Or you can use makeup removing towlettes instead of the first wash. or apply a moisturizing lotion afterward. normal or dry. Tips :---1. 3. If you have large pores. and a moisturizer will help keep the water in the surface cells. Washing your face twice a day should be enough. 9.. Pat your face dry with a clean and soft. use water only and pat dry. If you find that the sugar is to dry add a few more drops of juice . very simple. 2. then around the mouth and chin. Steaming your pores before hand is good. even if you use lotion to moisturize. Instructions 1. 5. itll do more harm than good. This should make a paste. Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells. Always treat your face with respect. Dont scrub your face too hard. It is too strong. and must be treated differently than other skin. Measure out one forth cup sugar and pour it into a small bowl. 10. You have just washed off dirt and oil. tepid water. Make sure you rinse your face with warm water before using cleaning products. You have oil glands behind your ears. absorbent towel: linen is a good choice. then cheeks. Moisturizer is a very good thing. Its messy. or astringent. you will be glad you went to the trouble to help your mature skin look its best. cost efficient way to achieve this and it works beautifully. If it is too cold. HOW TO MAKE YOUR FACE GLOW IN 5 MINUTES Exfoliation and Vitamin C are two very important factors in making the skin glow. washing their face with soap can dry their skin out. 5. They may very well stem from things you put on your skin: like soap! 8. Do this every morning and every night for the best result.

Do not use oily products like pomades or hair spray on your hair. Wet your face with warm water. Oatmeal masks are good for mature skin. 38. Apply the sugar mixture to your face and massage in a circular motion for a few minutes. Apply toner with a cotton ball to clear skin of mask residue and any remaining dead skin cells. Wait for few minutes before washing it first using warm water. Put little moisturizer on hands and apply on face till it gets absorbed. Home facials provide an additional benefit of saving you a lot of money. 2. Drink at least 10 glasses of water in a day.and mix well until paste is formed. Do not pluck out pimple with bare hand as that may leave permanent spot on skin 39. Take some time to pamper yourself and relax at home while not having to make appointments at expensive spas. Eliminate toxins from your pores and increase blood circulation to your skin by steaming your face. Teenagers must not wear heavy makeup on faces. 3.People generally do not give toning any importance and it is often left out. Rinse and pat dry. The warm cloth will open your follicles help to deeply cleanse your skin and soften dead skin cells. 4. Use aloe vera or an herbal toner with a witch hazel base. Other options are a chamomile gel mask or a honey and aloe vera gel mask with vitamin E. People with oily skin must use water-based soap. If you have to use water based products avoiding oil-based products.. Do tone your skin after cleansing as it clears face of any leftover cleanser. Do not steam for more than 5 minutes. If you have large pores or sensitive skin your face should be more than 24 inches from the water. Mask your face to draw out dirt oil and impurities and to tone and nourish your skin. Use a claybased mask for younger or oilier skin. Cold water can then be splashed on face to close open pores. Dont use body soaps on face as that may clog pores causing acne pimples. Water is a best cleanser as it helps flushing out toxins of the body. Actual cause of having pimples is still not very clear but we believe that hormonal change happening in our body during adolescence and stress may lead to it. Avoid scrubbing so you do not irritate your skin. 1. add more sugar. Soap must be rinsed off using cold water so that pores are closed. If residue is left on face that clogs the pores resulting in acne. Toner can be easily applied by soaking a cotton ball in it and running over face. Add fresh fruits vegetables in diet and take vitamin chromium zinc supplements. If you are looking for tips on how to prevent pimples you may find following tips quite helpful: Honey has lots of curing as well as cleansing properties. Wipe your face in upward and outward . Open pores in face by applying warm water or mild steam and then apply honey. Let the tea bag steep and cool for a few minutes. 3. Drape a towel over your head and lean over the bowl with your face about 20 inches from the water.. Boil a small pot of water and pour over a facial teabag in a bowl. Remove makeup from your face with your regular cleanser or makeup remover and place a warm wash cloth over your face. People with oily skin must use an oil-free and light moisturizer. If the mixture is to wet. Leave the wash cloth on for a few minutes then gently cleanse your face. HOW TO PREVENT PIMPLES Pimples are quite a common problem especially with teenagers and most of us experience it at. People with dry skin must use extra moisturizing creams. Remember to splash warm water before applying soap as that opens the pores in skin allowing deep penetration of skin by soap. Tone . HOW TO DO A HOME FACIAL IN STEPS Facials provide several benefits for your skin such as deep cleaning toning and moisturizing. Pimples make us conscious reducing the confidence level. Wash more often in summers to prevent oils from getting accumulated and keep face clean. Wash your face at least twice a day first time in morning and second before moving to bed.

CURES FOR CRACKED LIPS Do you know the benefits of smiling? Smiling goes a long way to reduce stress levels as well as increases how attractive you look. kissable lips again. soft. Having soft lips can create a big confidence boost and reason for you to smile. Add the coconut oil to petroleum jelly if you need a more substantial treatment for extra dry lips. Sugar Exfoliation Exfoliation or the sloughing off of dead skin is a necessary step in achieving soft and kissable lips. This is a common problem. HOMEMADE BEAUTY TIPS TO MAKE SOFT LIPS Soft and supple lips are a physical trait that is highly sought after and attractive in men and women. 4. 41.strokes. 1. Remedies For Chapped Lips: 1. or in some cases due to illness and neglect. 3. However. Shea butter is rich in vitamins A. Cracked lips can cause pain and discomfort. This intense exfoliation should be done once a week. 40. Toothbrush Exfoliation Gentle dry exfoliation can be done to remove any dead and dry skin and allow moisture to soak in. and will keep the skin smooth and soft. and a few simple remedies can go a long way to aid in getting back smooth. Cracked lips can be caused when the natural oils that protect the lips are affected due to natural reasons like weather. According to Home Remedies Web rubbing a small amount of rich coconut oil on your lips several times per day will promote high levels of moisture and softness. Lastly moisturize your face with your favorite moisturizer. Coconut Oil A completely natural ingredient such as coconut oil is a great alternative to chap sticks and lip balms that are on the market. 5. . Hydrating Masque Create an intense hydration masque for your lips by mixing up a small amount of equal parts petroleum jelly and honey that can be applied liberally to your lips. This is a quick and easy exfoliation technique that you can do anywhere. This natural mixture will seal in moisture and help protect your lips. This technique is also less abrasive than the sugar scrub so it can be done daily or as necessary. Apply this treatment before going to bed to allow the treatment time to soak in without being rubbed off. and F and It nourishes and heals lips. Use a soft clean dry toothbrush to gently brush off any dead skin from your lips. You could try mixing it with a little beeswax to get better results. It will also cause a degree of embarrassment since it causes one to be noticed for the wrong reasons. 2. Many store bought products combine harsh chemicals that can cause more irritation to chapped and cracked lips. Dry dead skin can build up on chapped lips so using a homemade scrub consisting of equal parts granulated sugar and olive oil can be rubbed on your lips in a circular motion to remove the dead skin and add extra moisture. Hydration is beneficial to all aspects and functions of the body but the symptoms of too little water can manifest physically in dry chapped or cracked lips. heal quickly. According to Mayo Clinic you should consume upwards of eight to nine cups per day. Shea butter is very hepful in healing cracked lips. Water Consumption The best tip that you can follow to keep your lips soft and moisturized is staying hydrated. Clarified butter or ghee helps cracked lips. Do not use alcohol based toners because they will dry out your skin. People around you will be pleased with you and you will radiate warmth. There are a plethora of products on the market that are targeted at achieving and maintaining this goal but for an inexpensive and easy alternative you can use ingredients and items you already have in your own home to make your own lip softening treatments. 2. Drinking plenty of water every day will help keep your lips moist and supple. apart from detracting from your looks. E. your smile could be ruined when you have chapped lips.

7. Dry cracked lips do not flatter your lips and if you are suffering from such. then protect your lips with ‘triple lipstick’ that has both moisturizer and sunscreen to create a protective shield. Do not lick or chew your lips. including your lips. 9. Different oils such as coconut oil. 4. 42. It is also just as good for cracked lips and can heal them very quickly. Applying a mixture of milk cream and a few drops of beetroot juice or pomegranate juice is also known to heal dry chapped lips and restore the pink color. 10. Avoid exposing your lips to extreme temperature or too much sunlight. pink. you can also use peanut butter or coco butter and leave them on overnight. and castor oil are very effective and can work wonders. 11. as lip maintenance is something that needs to be done as well. The only solution to dry chapped lips is to keep them well moisturized at all times. Keep your system clean and healthy and it will show on every part of your body including your lips.3. . It is a nasty habit and also does not help the lips. Vitamin-rich foods are mandatory and drink at least two liters of water every day. which gives similar results. Therefore. There are numerous choices of lip balms and brands of petroleum jelly in the market. But that is always not the case. before you turn off the lights apply a healthy portion of moisturizing cream so that you wake up with super soft lips. Do not forget to exfoliate your lips gently to remove the dead skin. be sure to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water each day. Lips are the first part of the human body to show signs of dehydration by cracking. it is time you corrected it and took a step towards making your lips supple and beautiful. You can also apply a combination of almond oil and coconut oil and leave it throughout the night. KNOW HOW TO HAVE BEAUTIFUL AND SMOOTH LIPS Smile makes for a major portion of your personality and nothing like having beautiful lips for a smile. 8. To start with the inevitable basic. will look dry and flaky. 5. This will help hydrate not just your lips. smoking must be reduced and best. 6. Soak a few rose petals in milk for a few hours. which many of us often forget to do. beautiful lips. If you suffer from vitamin deficiencies. ensure that you have a balanced diet. stopped totally. These can be used to effectively heal dry or cracked lips and will also prevent constant licking of lips. Use a lip balm throughout the day and at night. If that is a situation you cannot avoid. If you are having dark lips. Revive the pink tint of your lips by making good use of rose petals. you will find that your skin. Ensure you have a diet rich in vitamin A. One of the best things that you can do is to pay attention to your diet. Add a drop of lemon juice to two drops of honey and apply on your lips to get smooth. have a nourishing diet that consists of vegetable and fruits in plenty. This has to be repeated at least twice in a week for results to show. Cucumber slices seems to be a universal beauty remedy. Honey contains sugar crystals that exfoliate the skin of the lips and the honey itself hydrates lips. Aloe Vera gel is an excellent option to treat all types of skin conditions. Make a paste of these petals and apply them on your lips. but also your entire body. even if you are stressed. Alternatively. They are a part of your body which needs taking care and it is not hard at all. olive oil. Rubbing a slice of cucumber on your lips will help them heal faster than you can imagine. An alternative for milk is glycerin. In addition.

Protect your hands of sudden changes of temperature. If you have to sit in front of the computer all day your your hands are always on an overdrive. Good nail care Once a week soak your hands in soapy water for a couple of minutes and then file your nails before applying nail paint. TIPS FOR BEAUTIFUL HANDS AND NAILS Nails are an important part of the hand which can tell many things about you. 3. Do not forget to use moisturizing cream before going to bed. This is the secret in order to have beautiful hands and nails. Proper protection If youre washing dishes or clothes or simply dealing with lots of water wear gloves. Take care of your hands and nails even if this means using a moisturizing cream every day.Boil water and mix 1 tbsp of herbs such as chamomile calendula and sage. Home remedy:. 4. After they are dried. Home remedy:. Use gloves when you work in your garden or when you use chemical products for sweeping up. Always apply sunscreen on your hands before stepping out during the day. Dont scrap off nail paint because this weakens your nails. use the moisturizing cream on the hands. 4. Every other day.43. they play an important part in the process of communication that is why they have to look as well as possible as they will be noticed by any person you contact. Invest in a good hand cream Yes you know this one. 6. Otherwise simply oil your hands before any work involving water so your hands dont look and feel painfully dry. Washing up Water that is too hot or too cold is not good for the hands so always try and wash your hands in room temperature water. Hands tell how careful you are with yourself and your body.Mashed Potatoes mixed with milk are great for a hand mask. Neat hands which have healthy. Tips for nails 1. 3. then plain them once again. treat your nails with olive oil. Tips for hands 1. because if you provoke yourself a wound this can get infected easily. Home remedy:. You should not cut your nails cuticles.Eat foods rich in calcium like dairy products for healthy nails. Dip your hands for 15-20 minutes once cool. look for products which contain substances and extracts of horse hair. You can also opt for just a clear coat of nail varnish too for the more natural and clean look. Use moisturizing cream at least 4 times or day. 2. 5. beautiful nails should represent an important affair for a woman. 5 EASY STEPS FOR BEAUTIFUL HANDS Did you know that moisturising is not enough to keep your hands looking pretty and supple? There are ways to wash and exfoliate them and miraculous home remedies for younger looking hands. . moisten your hands after washing the hands with soap. But the trick is not just to invest in one but also learn how to massage your hands with your precious moisturiser. 4. 2. pour some salt in your palms. In order to remove the stains from your nails. healthy hands and nails. you should leave the nails uncovered every two weeks.Rubbing lemon on your skin gives your hand an even tone. The hand skin is delicate this is the reason why you have to pay a serious attention to its care. Here are some tips that will help you have beautiful. If you use frequently nail varnish. treat them with a mix of water and lemon juice. 3. 44. 2. 1. Home remedy:. So you must keep a moisturiser handy even in your office. For those of you who have dried hands. 5. In order to have strong nails. Dry off and apply a moisturiser.

You may have to trim the wraps slightly with cuticle scissors or nail clippers to customize the fit. HOW TO REMOVE OLD NAIL PAINT Nail polish is beautiful: it becomes more like an accessory than just paint. Exfoliate for pretty hands You need to get rid of dirt and dead skin cells by exfoliating your hands. However if you have acrylic tips you will be better off using nonacetone remover because acetone can turn the acrylic a bit gooey. allowing your nails to grow long. silk wraps provide strength and flexibility. Wash off and feel the difference. Massage away from the finger to prevent excess polish from staining the skin. Remove nail polish stuck between the finger and nail bed by wrapping a piece of cotton around a wooden cuticle stick to make a slender cotton swab.Remove resistant polish by holding a saturated cotton ball over the nail for 15 to 30 seconds before massaging. Home remedy:. Do not file deeply as this will damage your nail plate and thwart your attempt to grow them long and strong.Repeat for all 10 fingers. 46.Take two tablespoons of butter and one tablespoon of sugar.Wash hands immediately to remove any excess chemicals or color left on the skin or nail. Nonacetone remover is preferable if you have tips on but either will work. Exfoliating also improves circulation and keeps your hands looking pretty and young. 45. Acetone polish remover works best. This technique allows you to remove unwanted polish from the creases without damaging the desired polish.Lightly file the top of your nails to create a surface to which the silk wraps will easily adhere to. You can also purchase polish removing pens for this purpose. You can purchase the materials and supplies separately or in a kit.Match up the precut wraps to your individual fingernails. Trim your nails to a smooth even length. Things Youll Need: Cotton balls Acetone and nonacetone nail polish remover Wooden cuticle sticks Saturate a cotton ball with acetone nail polish remover. Use plenty of remover to prevent the cotton ball from sticking to the nail. Made of thin fabric that is glued to your natural nails. Beginners may find it easier to work with a kit that contains precut silk wraps along with the glue and other necessities for application. Lay the wraps out on the work .Massage the cotton ball over your nail in circular motions. HOW TO PROTECT NAILS WITH SILK WRAP Silk wraps can protect your fingernails by providing a physical shield against damage. Removing it after it has been on awhile can be quite a job.5. Massage your hands with this mixture till the sugar particles dissolve. There are many brands to choose from. Find a smooth flat work surface with plenty of light to apply the wraps. Remove any existing nail polish and wash your hands. Difficulty Easy Instructions Things You’ll Need Precut silk wraps Glue Compressor sheet Micro file Buffing oil Nail clippers Cuticle scissors Plastic sealer Nail polish Purchase a silk wrap kit online or from your local beauty supply center.

Use a base coat before applying nail polish. Never cut your cuticles. Giving your nails a manicure is a good way to take care of them and pamper them. Massage away dead skin using circular movements. 7. Hands are very much observable thus it becomes crucial to make it appreciable with little attention and care.surface in an organized manner for easy access. To begin with remove all traces of your nail polish. While polishing your nails being in the center of your nail. Then apply a color of your choice and do not apply a new coat before the previous one dries. HOW TO DO A MANICURE AT HOME Manicure is the process of making hands more beautiful. . 2. You should apply three coats of color.To shorten the nail use the course side of the emery board first and finish with the finely textured side. To prevent the cap from sticking apply a little Vaseline around it. Apply color after your nails are completely dry. Apply the glue to the surface of the first fingernail you intend to wrap. Press the appropriate precut wrap onto your fingernail. Beauty and makeup are broad perception. Repeat with all of your fingernails. tears and brittle tips. 4. Work your way all over your hand and repeat with your other hand. Work on your nails carefully and with respect. 5. You should paint a nail in three strokes. 6. Use as many cotton balls as needed. To check if your nails are well done run your nails over a pair of old pantyhose. Paint with your favorite color nail polish. 1. Apply hand lotion and massage your palm of your hand with the thumb of your other hand. Use a nail file or an emery board to shape your nails. makes the wrist movement smooth and flexible. This hand therapeutic process helps in preventing the nails from splits. After applying color apply topcoat and it will give added protection and help your nail color to last longer without chipping. Before you paint your nails clean them with an orange stick that has been wrapped with cotton and dipped in nail polish remover and rub over the surface of the nail. 10. Apply cuticle remover cream and gently push back the cuticles using a cotton bud. Do not go overboard with your manicure. Do not use the seesaw motion. Paint one stroke down the center and then the sides of the nail. These are not limited to nose.Apply the buffing oil to the surface of your nail wraps and buff with the micro file until smooth. NAIL MANICURE Your nails need to be taken care of too. Men and women both like their hands to be pampered with the art of manicure. Manicure Benefits Many people concentrate mostly on their face to look beautiful and ignore the hands. How to do manicure at home instructions. It also assists in keeping the hand skin soft and free of wrinkles. Store nail polish in the fridge. This beauty treatment includes cleaning and massaging for hands till wrist along with groomed nails. Manicure is very significant as soft and attractive hands with well spruced nails enhance ones personality. Follow with application of the plastic sealer to further smooth and protect the nail and silk wrap. 47. lips but includes all the body organs.Given below are the steps to achieve the perfect manicure at home. Remove any creamy residue if there is none then you can polish your nails. 3. 8.Your nails should not snag the hose. 48. File in one direction only. eyes. It is the wrong notion.This will improve blood circulation. 9. The word manicure has been derived from two Latin words manus that means hands and Cura that refers to care. The massage given on the entire hand improves the blood circulation in the hand veins. Let it dry completely before applying the second coat. Gently press to work out bumps and air bubbles using the plastic compressor sheet.

5. This cures all the diseases of the eyes. Mix equal amount of almond oil and honey and apply a few drops on black circles for 23 weeks. Both wrinkles and black circles are cured. To make eyes beautiful after washing the eyes with triphala water apply olive or almond oil around the eyes and massage gently. It makes eye muscles strong and soft and the skin around the eyes looks healthy. they’re good are for reducing swelling. Keep equal amount of triphala powder and sugar candy powdered in a glass jar and take one teaspoonful with one teaspoonful of honey on an empty stomach morning and evening and drink 250 gm of milk over it for 23 months. 2. again! Avoid salty food which can cause fluid retention . Place a slice of raw potato underneath your eyes. Drink this once on the morning and evening to be relieved of constipation worm infection and acne. Do not take oils spices tea and other hot products. Start at the outside of the eye and roll them gently inwards. Here are few tips on caring for the delicate eye area: Certain moisturizers that swell up are not be applied. Cucumber slices are good one for reducing puffiness and soothing tired. Soak used tea bags in cold water for around ten minutes [making sure they are really cool] and place them on the puffy area. It counts much if you take proper care of them and make it shine with your inner selfconfidence. Elevate your head when you sleep to encourage fluid to drain away from the eye area. cool and reduce swelling. 6. 50. EYE CARE TIPS The eye area is the area to show the signs of ageing for many people and is also a problem area for fluid retention. Hold a metal spoon under cold running water for a few minutes and then gently press it onto the eye area to soothe. Hemorrhoid creams containing sharks liver oil or yeast applied to the puffy area. 4. 3. Natural Remedies for Eye Care 1. 2. Take 125 gm of tomato juice and squeeze half a lemon in it. Dip five almonds in water peel them and chew nicely in the morning or make a paste and take along with 250 grams of milk daily for 21 days. Separate eye creams/gels are a must if you suffer with puffy or ageing eyes. Apply cucumber juice on the black circles with cotton for 23 weeks regularly. sore eyes. In the cosmetic market you can find number of eye care kits and eye makeup cosmetics. Diet. Home Remedies for Dark Circles Under the Eyes 1. The potassium in them counteracts dark circles. NATURAL BEAUTY TIPS FOR EYE CARE Beautiful eyes are the first thing that one notices in your look. Add black salt according to taste. Take iron and calcium rich diet as their shortage are one of the dominant factors for black circles under the eyes. But as you know that our eyes are the most sensitive part in our body so rather than going for synthetic beauty cosmetics for eye care you must try natural beauty treatments for your eyes. Mash 57 leaves of spearmint in it.49.

I would love to hear your opinion on how to hide under eye dark circles. You will notice that were you to visit a dermatologist. cosmetic surgery is the last option. Concealer forms an essential part of applying flawless makeup. see how much concealer covers youre under eye dark circles. buy a pink or yellow tinted concealer. HOW TO HIDE UNDER EYE DARK CIRCLES IN FEW STEPS Dark under eye bags or dark under eye circles are every womans nightmare. This will reduce the dark wrinkles and dark marks around the eyes. you will be given additional multivitamin supplements to take immediately. Eyes being one of the main features of the face need special care. . If you are dark complexioned. Don’t forget to subscribe our RSS to receive latest updates. Use a sponge or even your fingers to do your makeup. Also eating the right kind of diet is necessary. you can easily use mauve or tan-colored concealer. A helpful tip for your eye makeup to look even better without dark circles is that once you apply your eye shadow and liner. depending on your skin tone and amount of coverage needed. Apply this mix and massage around your eyes. -Apply lemon juice on the dark circles two times a day. Make sure it is not cakey. natural remedies will be of use to you. Settle your make up with translucent powder to avoid it looking shiny in places and voilà you’re done. -Apply some raw milk cream around your eyes and massage it lightly. REMOVE EYE WRINKLES AND LOOK YOUNGER AND BEAUTIFUL Eye wrinkles occurs due to ageing. Dark circles are caused by either genetic problems or due to lack of sleep and eye problems. When buying a concealer try it before buying against your complexion. If you are stressed most of the time and have been compromising on your diet its about time you added the necessary vitamins to your diet.51. either by makeup or by natural remedies. you too will develop dark circles soon. Concealer is made of a better composition than foundation to provide more coverage. Your concealer and foundation together can easily hide your dark circles. if you still want a permanent solution and fast. Concealer come in different shades. -Apply cold cream and massage on dark circles for 15 minutes before going to bed. If you are someone looking for a permanent solution. Buy a cream based concealer and use a sponge or brush to apply it.There are two ways you can conceal dark circles. In this case once the foundation is applied. -Mix some cucumber and raw potato juice and chill it for some times. Not only will you end up with dark circles but also puffy eyes if you do not catch 8 hours of sleep every day. Exposure to heat cold and sunlight breaks down the level of collagen in the skin and as a result of this the skin becomes thinner causing wrinkles. 52. Some women might choose to go the other way by apply foundation early and then concealer as your may not need that much coverage. Drinking the right amount of water helps fade dark circles. -Use quality eye creams to tighten and tone up your skin. -Fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin A cures you from eye wrinkles. Please leave me a comment and let me know. So eat more vegetables and fruits to get vitamin A. -Apply a few drops of coconut oil around the eyes and massage gently to recover from wrinkles around eyes. You may think that dark circles are for women above a certain age but thats just a myth. -Mix a little turmeric powder with milk cream and apply it around the eyes. Cream concealer doesnt need that much settling as it glides easily. Use a shade of concealer lighter than your skin tone. Vitamin C and E include anti oxidants that are essential for radiant skin. Apply concealer only where needed and then apply your foundation over. If you are a student who studies under the lamp late and dont get enough sleep. Apart from these. sleep is critical for beautiful eyes. Also. Green shade concealer is for red spots or severe coverage and hence is not needed for under eye dark circles. apply a hint of added concealer to your dark circles if needed.

sizes of which are in proportion to your face. HOW TO CHOOSE EYEGLASS FRAMES The trick to choose eyeglass frames is simply to analyze the shape of your face and color and then understand what kind of eyeglass frames will look best on you. can go for accentuated frames with detailing to balance out the overall look. C. Different materials are available in stores nowadays. 2. Pyramid face shapes with narrow forehead that broadens as you move down. Square faces can try oval and round eyeglass frames. make sure you look for such frames that have squared lower edges. If you want to avoid the discomfort of your frame touching down on your cheeks every time you smile. but heres how you can make things easier. 6. you have an oval face. In shaping your eyebrows use your facial features.Brow Color . Blend the color with a brush. Work in the direction of the growth. 6. 4. 4. the opposite is best. On the other hand. 1. Rectangular glasses are ideal for round faces. Go for frames keeping your lifestyle in mind. 5. 5. B. Use a pair of tilt edged tweezers which can grip hair easily. Avoid over plucking always. 2. Seven basic face shapes and eyeglasses :---1. Few tips to look fabulous in frames ---: A. College kids and students can try glasses that come in funky designs and exotic colors. B. 3. 3. 4. corporate individuals can simply try the ones which can give a corporate yet smart look. . Pluck hairs between the brows and any stragglers. By plucking eyebrows before sleeping redness disappears overnight. Remember that the color and shape of your eyeglass frames play an important role in making you look good. In defining your eyebrows choose a shade similar to your natural hair color. Choose frames. Rectangular faces. To tame stray hairs just use hair gel and comb through to neaten. 3. Comb hairs one way and then the other to remove loose hairs. bigger or rimless frames a try. Starting at the inner corner to work outwards. 7. Never remove the hairs from above of your eyebrows. Some basic information will help you choose the right frames :--1. should give wider. The frame you are choosing should not go higher than your eyebrow line.Brows should be a bit lighter than color of your hair. A. About two shades. with oblong outlines or square chins can consider large square frames. The shape of the frame should be contrasting to the shape of your face. Selecting the right pair of eyeglass frames is often confusing. 5. You have ample options to choose from and find out which complements your face the best. BEAUTY TIPS FOR EYEBROW Well groomed Eyebrows add definition to your face and can enhance your beauty. If you have a rounded chin and your face appears longer. which do not create this kind of problem. Pluck each hair individually close to the root. for instance. Triangular faces with broad forehead and tapered down chin should try small rounded or square frames. dont go for larger frames when you have a small face structure. 7. Thats also considered to be the ideal shape because of its balanced proportions. Read our beauty tips for eyebrow carefully to get that stunning smoky looks on your eyes.53. Diamond faces with wide cheekbones and narrow forehead and chin. When using a pencil you should apply in small feathered strokes. 54. if you are blond or gray. 2.

Grated cucumber juice is very useful for dark circles. It helps in reducing the dark circles. In the night apply a good companys under eye gel or cream to reduce the darkness around the eyes. Potato juice has bleaching agents in it. Most feet problems start off with the wrong footwear. 1. Make sure your feet are comfortable and there is enough breathing room in the shoes to avoid smelly feet and corns. Drink plenty of fluids at least 2 liters of water a day to keep the skin smooth and supple. 4. 3. The simplest way to get rid of all feet problems is by treating them in the right way as soon as you find the problems. which is one of the many reasons of getting dark circles. At least 8 hours sleep is must for an adult to keep the body and mind fit and to keep the dark circles at bay. It helps in reducing the dark circles. Food rich in iron helps in reducing dark circles because eat times one gets them because they lack iron in their body and consuming sufficient iron and reduce the dark circles. You can refrigerate this water in the freeze to make ice cubes. 2. TOP 10 TIPS TO REMOVE DARK CIRCLE UNDER EYES Dark circles are a very common skin problem. People get rarely any time to get proper sleep and they lack of nutritional diet also. Trying all such methods will definitely help you in reducing your dark circles. . 9. Put this paste on the skin on the dark circles. Be careful while putting anything around eyes because the skin around the eyes is very sensitive and if something enters into the eyes it can harm them. One needs to sleep properly and eat healthy diet to diminish the dark circles from the face. Take a teaspoonful of milk powder and apply honey to it. so you can take potato juice out and apply it on your skin.Take proper sleep. 56. Some cosmetic creams promise to reduce the dark circles but they might give you puffiness around your eyes. Also scrub your heels with a foot scrub or pumice stone before putting cream on it to remove dry dead skin and your heels will feel soft and smooth. You can boil tea in water and restrain the leaves. You can hide your dark circles with a lighter shade of conceler when putting make up on your skin. 2. 3. 10. Make sure they are well moisturized but avoid putting the cream between your toes as it is usually damp in those places. You can soak cotton balls in the juice and can keep them on your eyes for at least 20 minutes while having rest. Wash your feet with warm soapy water and pat them dry. You can apply it on the eyes the same way you apply potato juice. People who face this dark circle problem can try certain easy remedies to reduce the darkness of the circles but none of them promises to diminish the circles completely. Always go out in sun wearing sunglasses and after applying sunscreen lotion on the skin around the eyes. The most common feet problems are smelly feet. Include dairy products in your diet and consume green vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. 1. 6. FOOT CARE Tips On Foot Care Your feet contain the nerve endings of every nerve in your body hence it is essential that your feet are well maintained so ensure that you are in the best of health. Eat healthy nutritional diet. Cracked heels are usually caused due to dry heels. which is troubling every second person in todays stressful lifestyle. Keep these ice cubes on the eyes in a cotton cloth for 20 minutes. 5. Many people inherit this dark circle problem where they get it for no other reason. Make sure you dry well between your toes. 7. cracked feet or corns. 8. Tea water too reduces the puffiness and dark circles of the eyes and rejuvenates the eyes by refreshing them. Remedies for dark circles: try certain homemade solutions to reduce the dark circles but keep trying till you see the results because it takes to reduce the dark circles from the skin.55.

FOOT CARE AND YOU Your feet are multifarious structures which may reflect your general health and comfort. . This is to avoid the shoes from getting smelly and remain clean. Both feet should be flat on the ground. . . . Sometimes a small structural or functional imbalance in the foot may cause problems further up the body.To refresh feet massage gently with a foot roller or better still ask you partner to massage your feet. Some socks made from man-made fibers can help keep sweat away from the skin keeping the skin dry and reducing odor. . . Make sure you use clean and comfortable socks before you wear your shoes especially in summer when your feet tend to get sweaty.Circle the alphabet with your feet. You can take your shoes with you for specific advice on footwear.Diabetes can affect the feet. . .Circle your feet ten times in each direction keeping your leg as still as possible.Vary shoe types. What you wear on your feet can affect you further up your body.Visit a registered podiatrist/chiropodist for advice.Change stockings or socks at least once a day. If for example you neglect a painful joint it can deteriorate and become acutely painful.Your feet can mirror your general health . .Vary your heel heights from day to day one-day wearing low heels and the next day slightly higher heels.Consider wearing shoes with a strap or lace over the instep rather than slip-ons. Do this with each leg about five times. . . . Even the smallest injury can lead to infection which if not treated promptly may lead to serious complications. Hold and slowly return to a standing position. Lean in towards the wall as you do you should feel your muscles stretching in your calf and heel. .If you suffer from knee hip or back pain which has resisted treatment consider visiting a stateregistered chiropodist. To stretch your calf and heel stand facing a wall with feet hip width apart and slightly bent at the knee. Anyone with diabetes should consult their podiatrist regularly and have a full annual review and assessment. .Wear footwear that supports the foot properly reducing the chance of injury.Consciously straighten your toes and wriggle them around. This will help stop your foot sliding forward a bit like a seatbelt in a car. . . .Choose footwear made of natural materials to help your feet to breathe. 57. Then you may start walking badly to avoid the pain and that can lead to more serious postural problems. . Symptoms such as persistent pain or soreness are warning signs. People suffering from diabetes may experience poor circulation and sensation in their feet. Seek further help if you experience problems doing this exercise.4. A good exercise you can do while sitting at your desk in the office.Dont wear the same shoes every day. .Sitting with your feet up for 10 minutes after a long day helps circulation.Raise point and then curl your toes for five seconds each repeated ten times which is particularly good for your toe cramps or hammer toes.Calf stretches help to keep feet supple and keep a good range of movement.conditions such as arthritis diabetes and neurological and circulatory disorders may show initial symptoms in the feet. You could also apply some powder to keep your feet dry.Air trainers before and after exercise to prevent build up of bacteria. Choose socks containing at least 70 per cent cotton or wool. . . If you have diabetes it is important to examine your feet daily. Take one step forwards and using your arms to lean against the wall keep your leg in front bent and the leg behind straight.For everyday use keep heel heights to about 2cm.

3. Put on nail polish. Put your legs and feet up for few minutes. Cracked heels are usually caused due to dry heels. HOW TO HAVE HEALTHY SOFT FEET We are always so beauty conscious. The legs can look much more attractive with better muscle tone. Use a good moisturizer or olive oil just after a bath to make your legs feel good by moisturizing it. wear nice ad fresh socks. 4. Make sure they are well moisturized but avoid putting the cream between your toes as it is usually damp in those places. Make sure your feet are comfortable and there is enough breathing room in the shoes to avoid smelly feet and corns. Cover each and every part of your feet-the ankle. When you wear sneakers and other types of closed shoes. So read on to know how to take care of your feet. 3. toenails. Make sure you use clean and comfortable socks before you wear your shoes especially in summer when your feet tend to get sweaty. 4. Some women having too fatty legs because of bad circulation. cracked feet or corns. Dont rub. Also scrub your heels with a foot scrub or pumice stone before putting cream on it to remove dry dead skin and your heels will feel soft and smooth. Start scrubbing now. Use a moisturizer religiously all over your feet. skin. Most feet problems start off with the wrong footwear. 5] Go in for a professional pedicure occasionally. The colour wouldnt chip off easy of you follow this routine. . But our hands are always on display and we pay heed of them. Use to walk up the stairs. We take care of our hair. 2. Walking and bicycling are wonderful exercises for shapely legs. it maintain your blood circulation. You could also apply some powder to keep your feet dry. 4] Dont wear high heels for a long time and this might cause health hazards. Now dry your feet gently. Wait 20 minutes. The most common feet problems are smelly feet. This makes the skin soft. Wash your feet with warm soapy water and pat them dry.58. The simplest way to get rid of all feet problems is by treating them in the right way as soon as you find the problems. 59. After applying the first coat. they can improve their legs by exercise daily. lose fat by going on a sensible diet and exercise. Steps:1] Pedicure at home:Take lukewarm water in a tub and mix some salt. Moisturize your legs skin. wait for to dry. Follow these simple rules and youll be showing off your pretty feet in no time. but we often forget that feet are also to be taken care of. Feet are very similar to your hands. etc. etc. Ugly feet are a big turn off. Make sure you dry well between your toes. instead of taking the elevator. 2. Add some shampoo. 60. Then apply a second coat. Start a regular sport activity or go to the gym. Women having too thin legs. Now trim your nails and push back your cuticles with an ear bud. 2] Choose the right footwear. TIPS ON FOOT CARE Your feet contain the nerve endings of every nerve in your body hence it is essential that your feet are well maintained so ensure that you are in the best of health. Avoid standing for prolonged periods of time to reduce the appearance of varicose veins. use a toothbrush in the smaller areas. They need extra care too. This is to avoid the shoes from getting smelly and remain clean. 1. LEGS CARE BEAUTY TIPS TO KEEPS LEGS BEAUTIFUL 1. You may even sprinkle some powder before wearing your socks. 3] Wear flip-flops and airy footwear during monsoons and summers. bottom.

If you are washing your hair in the morning give your hair a pretreatment overnight with a rich hair masque to replenish its natural beauty. Wash your face thoroughly before sleep with a relaxing cleanser until your complexion is squeaky clean. vegetables and fruits. 7. non greasy oil gently. Dont use too hot water to bath. Make the most of the repairing and remoisturising process that happens overnight and slather on a good quality dry skin replenishing cream such as Eucerin Dry Skin Replenishing Face Cream. . Before applying your repairing face cream for the night apply a small amount of selftanning cream to your face and neck you will wake up with a healthy glow which is a nice surprise and creates an instant good mood on a cold wintry morning. Another tip to create a fantastic hairdo overnight is to gather your hair together and twist it round and round holding it in place on top of your head with a scrunchie. Avoid carbs when making your evening meal bread potatoes pasta and go for a light meal of proteins and salad. Another great way to avoid puffiness is to avoid alcohol. If you want to keep your hair silky smooth for the next day slip on a silk pillowcase or tie up your hair in a silky scarf as this keeps hair from frizzing and knotting overnight. 6. in upwards movements. This will transform into a cascade of waves and curls with lots of body next day. Surely you will get good result from it. Try these legs care beauty tips make your legs hot and sexy. Protect your legs from overexposure of sun by using sunscreen or lotion. SLEEP CAN MAKE YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL Sleep on your back not only does this save you from getting a crinkly chest but sleeping on your front will also put a lot of pressure on your face causing puffiness. 10. Slowly released B vitamins can promote energy and glow from the inside helping you to wake up feeling more energized. Dermatologists can also tell the favourite side for a person to sleep on as they will have more wrinkles on that side of their face Sleeping on our backs suddenly seems like a good idea. Finally you can get a little help from the inside by taking a slow release B complex vitamin before going to bed. Drink enough water. Too many carbs in the evening can lead to a less defined and doughy complexion. eat less salt. Keep legs looking great always by keeping your posture straight and correct. Dirt and toxins left on your skin are just accelerating the aging of your skin. Eat plenty of fresh salads. These give energy and avoid cracked skins. 9. 8. 61. Elevate or raise your legs when sleeping for few minutes. If you have a water-retention problem. Get those romantic pillows propped up around you at bedtime keeping your head slightly raised encourages blood flow and lymph glands to drain which means less puffiness in the morning.5. Massage tired legs with a soft-textured.