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Republic of the Philippines City of Butuan

EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 11 – 2010 , series of 2010

ESTABLISHMENT OF STREAMLINED BUSINESS PERMIT AND LICENSING SYSTEM (BPLS) AND CREATION OF THE STEERING COMMITTEE (SC), TECHNICAL WORKING GROUP (TWG) AND THE JOINT INSPECTION TEAM (JIT) AND PROVIDING FOR ITS COMPOSITION, DUTIES AND FUNDS THERETO. WHEREAS, the SONA 2010 of the President encourage LGU’S to find parallel efforts to implement reforms to make business start-ups easier; WHEREAS, based on the result of Doing Business Survey (DBS) conducted by World Bank in 2009 and 2010, respectively the Philippines is considered as one of the difficult nations in doing and starting a business; WHEREAS, based on the indicator of the same survey, most LGU’S in the Philippines are adopting several steps and longer days of processing permits and licenses compared to East Asia and the Pacific and the Organization of Economic Cooperation (OEC); WHEREAS, pursuant to R.A. No. 9485, otherwise known as the Anti-Red Tape Act (ARTA) of 2007, the standard of processing applications and requests shall be five (5) days for simple transaction and ten (10) days for complex ones; WHEREAS, DILG-DTI Joint Memorandum Circular (JMC) No. 01, series of 2010 dated August 6, 2010 entitled “Guidelines in Implementing the Standards in Processing Business permits and Licenses in Cities and Municipalities, provides for the standards of processing Permits and Licenses as well as the role of the program Stakeholders; WHEREAS, Join DILG-DTI Department Order (DAO) provides for the upscaling of reforms towards the establishment of a streamlined business One Stop Shop (BOSS) and defines the role of the DILG, DTI and the LGU’S in implementing the spirit of ARTA and JMC; NOW THEREFORE, I, FERDINAND M. AMANTE, JR., M.D., City Mayor of Butuan City, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby order, as follows:


ESTABLISHMENT OF STREAMLINED BUSINESS PERMIT AND LICENSING SYSTEM FOR THE CITY OF BUTUAN. There shall be established a streamlined application form, processing steps and process flow, processing time and number of signatories for business permits and licenses, Theses BPLS reforms and standards shall serve as a guide for business

CREATION OF CITY BPLS STEERING COMMITTEE.2 (2) above. either by manual signature or through electronic signature. Committee on Trade and Industry The City Director – DILG The Manager. (2) File the filled-up application form to the Business Permits and Licensing Division (BPLD) (3) Submit the approved application form to the City Treasurer’s Office for evaluation and one-time assessment and on-time payment of taxes. (2) Processing renewals of business permits shall only take one (1) day. SECTION 2. 1. There shall be created a BPLS Steering Committee to be composed of the following: 2. 1.3 Standard Processing time.filing of the Filled up application form to the Business Permits and Licensing Division (BPLD) mentioned in Section 1.1 Unified Form. The prescribed unified form shall be used in processing new applications for business permits and business renewals. fees and charges to the Business Permits and Licensing Division (BPLD) 1. CEED . fees and charges due’ (4) Secure Mayor’s Permit upon submission of Official Receipts of payments of taxes. These reforms and standards are as follows: 1. The prescribed time for processing of business permits shall be as follows: (1) Processing of new business permits shall only take five (5) days.applicants and other government agencies to make business start-ups easier. Business Permits and Licensing Division (BPLD) and approved by the City Mayor and/or the City Administrator: (2) Business Permits or Mayor’s Permit shall be signed by the City Mayor.2 –Standard Steps(1) Secure application form (unified) from the Business Permits and Licensing Division (BPLD).4Signatories in the Business Permits Application and issuance of Business Permits or Mayor’s Permit shall be as follows: (1) Business Permit application for new and business renewals shall be signed by the Chief. The counting of processing time shall part at Step 2.1Composition: Chairperson: Vice Chairperson: Members: City Mayor SP Chairman.

for Operation. i) Provide the enabling environment for BPLS reforms. manpower. ordinances and directives relative to BPLS reforms.CTO The Chief.) Two(2) Representatives from the City Health Office . j) Conduct regular meeting. h) Ensure that BPLS reforms are aligned with other reform for enhancing the competitiveness of the Philippines in general and the City of Butuan in particular.T. g) Coordinate government in building the capacity of the city in implementing BPLS reforms. the budget and logistical support necessary in instituting BPLS reform standards to include. namely : the legal framework. CMO Two(2) Representatives from the Business Tax & Fees Division (C. organization and activities of Joint Inspection Team (JIT) and conduct of information. Business Permits and Licensing Division (BPLD) – CMO The Zoning Officer Two(2) Representatives from BPLD.there shall be created a City BPLS Technical Working Group (TWG) to be composed of the following: 3. f) Coordinate the various initiatives of government. b) Mobilize the Technical Working Group (TWG) in facilitating the implementation of the streamlined BPLS. d) Ensure the preparation and implementation of the requisite orders. particularly. SECTION 3.DTI Butuan Chamber of Commerce and Industry 2.2Duties and Responsibilities: a) Manage the implementation of BPLS streamlining reforms.O. the private sector and the development community on BPLS reforms.The City Legal Officer Butuan City Investment Promotion Council (BCIPC) The Provincial Director. the service standards on BPLS. education and communication campaigns (IEC). creation of the onestop-shop.1Composition: Team Leader: Co-Team Leader: Members: The Assistant City Treasurer. c) Ensure participation of concerned City functionaries in all BPLS reform activities that are initiated by the DILG and DTI at the City level. but not limited to. CREATION OF CITY BPLS TECHNICAL WORKING GROUP (TWG). e) Mobilize resources for the implementation of the various components of the BPLS reforms.

f.O.2 Duties and Responsibilities: a. C. d.City ENRO 4. One(1) Representative – C.City Health Office -Two (2) Representatives.).1.Composition: Team Leader: Members: The Chief.T. Establish and update databank of business establishments. c.M.M. One(1) Representative from the City Legal Office One(1) representative from the DTI Provincial Office 3. Prepare the BPLS reforms action plan.City Architect Office (CAO) -Two (2) Representatives. Guide concerned personnel in putting BPLS reform in place. and Conduct regular meeting.O. BPLD (CMO) -Two (2) Representatives. b.2. Monitor adherence of Business to City ordinances. Prepare and modifies report forms for analysis and evaluation. . Assist the Steering Committee in the formulation of draft Ordinances to support and institutionalized the BPLS reforms. There shall be created a City BPLS Joint Inspection Team (JIT) to be composed of the following: 4. Facilitate the implementation of the BPLS reform process. Makes available information that will be useful to management in planning and decision-making. h.Bureau of Fire Protection-Butuan City -Two (2) Representative. e. SECTION 4. i. g.Duties and Responsibilities 1. business Permits and Licensing Division (BPLD) -Two (2) Representatives.CPDO -Two (2) Representative. Conducts data gathering or benchmarking based on information requirement for the issuance of permits and licenses. 2. CREATION OF CITY BPLS JOINT INSPECTION TEAM (JIT). Inspect establishment of new business permit applicants with the prescribes period of Thirty (30) days from the issuance of Business Permit or Mayor’s Permit.Two(2) Representatives from the City Architects Office Four(4) Representatives from the Information Technology Division (I. j. Assist the steering committee in analyzing area for BPLS reforms.

00) or so much thereof is hereby allocated for the implementation of the BPLS streamlined reforms chargeable against any available funds in the 2010 Annual Budget. Formulate procedures/guidelines for the inspection. SECTION 6. the necessary funding of the BPLS streamlined reforms implantation shall be allocated in the 2011 Annual Budget. M. City Mayor . Recommend issuance of new. Butuan City Philippines. JR. Conduct regular meeting.D. Prepare consolidated inspection reports within twenty four (24) hours after inspection. FERDINAND M. SECTION 5. Overtime pay for overtime service rendered is hereby authorized. 4. renewal or non-renewal of Business Permit for Businesses covered by the inspection and jointly enforced penalties for any violations discovered in the course of inspection. SECTION 7. Team Leaders and members of The TWG and JIT shall be appointed by the City Mayor.. 2010. For Calendar 2011.3. This order shall takes effect immediately Done this 4th day of October . The amount of Three Hundred Thousands Pesos (P300. EFFECTIVITY. AMANTE. and 6. Funding.000. subject to the usual accounting and auditing rules and regulations. SECTION 8. monitoring and evaluation of the business establishments. All members of the Steering Committee. 5.