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Hardware, Software, Internet Study Guide

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1. 2. 3. Describe the four basic functions of a computer Input, output, processing, and storage Describe a computer’s physical components Physicals parts of a computer that you can see and touch (mouse, keyboard, monitor) Be able to identify and describe the role of the following hardware:  Motherboard, Power Supply, Processor, Fans, Heat Sink, RAM, Hard Drives, Floppy Disks  Motherboard- backbone of computer  Power supply- supplies power to computer. Converts ac to dc  Processor- brain of the computer  Fan- keeps the computer components cool  Heat sink- removes heat from processor  RAM- Random access memory (short term)  Hard drive- stores memory permanently  Floppy disk- old way of storing data  Zip Disks, Network Interface Cards  Zip disk- another way to store information  Network Interface Cards- Allow computer to connect to internet (wired vs. wireless) Be able to identify different input and output devices Input devices- put into the computer (web cam, mouse, keyboard, scanner) Output devices- What you get from it (speakers, monitor) Identify what data is Information that is being translated into to computer (binary code) What has a negative effect on data stored on a hard drive magnets


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Software/Operating Systems/Size/Digitools
1. 2. Know the order of memory size of Networks, Hard Drives, Floppy Disks, and CD-R Floppy disk, CD-R, hard drive, network Identify the conversions of kilobytes to megabytes and megabytes to gigabytes (in order) Bit, byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte, ect… 1000Kilo= 1 Mega, 1000 Mega= 1 Giga Describe what happens when you change a file extension. It may not open again Identify the difference between applications and operating systems Operation system (windows 8) running to computer, Applications system (Microsoft word) interactive program Identify examples of applications and operating systems Operation- Windows 8, Application- Microsoft word Apply the concept of software Describe what AUPs are identify what they cover Acceptable Use Policy, How you can/can’t use computer with consequences for misuse

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facebook Protocol.http:// . 2.Graphic User Interface (pics.first version of internet made for military to create network where they can share information Identify what various domains are and the function they serve .company that provides you with internet service (comcast. Identify parts of a URL .gov .How you should behave on the computer GUI. century link. 4. or” for both items (helps make searching better) Describe what an ISP Internet Service Provider. icons.Documents may vary depending what programming they started off on (like sending a Document from Microsoft Word to a Mac computer) Identify definition of a GUI and netiquette Netiquette. ect) Internet Vocab-18 terms Describe the origins of the internet ARPANET. Be able to use Boolean search operators “and. Identify the WYSIWYG concept What you see is what you Subdomain: . 5. graphics) not just text commands Domain: .com . .Internet . 7.