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IEEE Projects

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EMB_ST0001 The implementation of the intelligent transport system for the real-time roadside environment information transfer EMB_ST0002 Design of vehicle positioning system based on ARM EMB_ST0003 Automated voice based home navigation system for the elderly and the physically challenged EMB_ST0004 Development of a distributed data collection system based on embedded Ethernet EMB_ST0005 The Remote Control of Mobile Robot Based on Embedded Technology EMB_ST0006 Wireless ECG monitoring and alarm system using ZigBee EMB_ST0007 ZigBee/GPS tracking system for rowing races EMB_ST0008 Intelligence monitoring system based on ARM and information fusion EMB_ST0009 EMB_ST0010 Design and implementation of Pyroelectric Infrared sensor based security system using microcontroller EMB_ST0011 A GSM, Internet and Speech Controlled Wireless Interactive Home Automation System EMB_ST0012 Design of a Wireless Medical Monitoring System EMB_ST0013 Hazardous Gas Detecting Method Applied in Coal Mine Detection Robot

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Project Code Project Title MEASUREMENT FOR HOME ELECTRIC OUTLETS BASED ON A LOW-POWER EMBEDDED BOARD AND ZIGBEE COMMUNICATION IEEE Year IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 EMB_ST0014 REMOTE POWER ON/OFF CONTROL AND CURRENT EMB_ST0015 Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation Using Passive RFID in Indoor Environment EMB_ST0016 Hybrid Networking Infrastructure for Greenhouse Management System EMB_ST0017 A Novel Light-Sensor-Based Information Transmission System for Indoor Positioning and Navigation EMB_ST0018 A wireless portable behavioral state and physiological signal monitoring system for freely moving rats EMB_ST0019 A Forest Fire Monitoring System Based on GPRS and ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network EMB_ST0020 Application of GPRS Technology in Water Quality Monitoring System EMB_ST0021 The Ship Monitoring and Control Network System Design EMB_ST0022 Wireless Across Road: RF based Road Traffic Congestion Detection EMB_ST0023 Design of Ultrasonic Obstacle Avoidance System of FruitTransportation Gyrocar Based on ARM EMB_ST0024 Development on Gas Leak Detection and Location System Based on Wireless Sensor Networks EMB_ST0025 Measurement and Control System of Soil Moisture of Large Greenhouse Group Based on Double CAN Bus EMB_ST0026 Monorail Car’s Wireless Control System based on Smartphone Platform Page 2 .

Project Code Project Title IEEE Year IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 EMB_ST0027 Temperature gathering and Fuzzy control system of electric furnace based on the ARM EMB_ST0028 The intelligent embedded control warning system for car reversing EMB_ST0029 The real-time temperature measuring system for the jointless rail IEEE-2011 EMB_ST0030 A Reconfigurable Multi-Touch Remote Control System for IEEE-2011 Tele operated Robots EMB_ST0031 Vehicle Control System for Automatic Valet Parking with Infrastructure Sensors EMB_ST0032 Digital control for Home Lighting systems with Zigbee Communication EMB_ST0033 Implementing ZigBee Protocol as Assignments in Teaching Embedded Systems EMB_ST0034 Development of A Distributed Data Collection System based on Embedded Ethernet EMB_ST0035 Situation-Driven Control of a Robotic Wheelchair to Follow a Caregiver EMB_ST0036 Monitoring and Alarming System Based on Zigbee Technology EMB_ST0037 Monitoring Patients’ Signs Wirelessly EMB_ST0038 Implementation of CAN bus in an autonomous All-Terrain Vehicle EMB_ST0039 Design of a Power-Assist Wheelchair for Persons with Hemiplegia IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 Page 3 .

Project Code Project Title IEEE Year IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 EMB_ST0040 LED Indicator for Heart Rate Monitoring System in Sport Application EMB_ST0041 Real-Time Wireless Communication in Automotive Applications EMB_ST0042 An RFID-Based Reminder System for Smart Home EMB_ST0043 Obstacle Avoidance in Mobile Robot using Neural Network EMB_ST0044 Intelligence Monitoring System Based on ARM And Information Fusion1 EMB_ST0045 Design of Auto-guard System Based on RFID and Network EMB_ST0046 The Research on ZigBee-Based Mine Safety Monitoring System EMB_ST0047 The temperature humidity monitoring system of soil based on wireless sensor networks EMB_ST0048 Traffic Accident Automatic Detection And Remote Alarm Device EMB_ST0049 RFID and ZigBee Based Manufacturing Monitoring System EMB_ST0050 Design of Monitor-and-control System for Supermarket Fresh Area Based on ZigBee EMB_ST0051 Biometric Attendance System EMB_ST0052 Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Vehicle Driving Controller Page 4 .

Project Code Project Title IEEE Year IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2011 IEEE-2010 IEEE-2010 EMB_ST0053 Voice Recognition Based Wireless Home Automation System EMB_ST0054 Fingerprint Based Multi-Server Authentication System EMB_ST0055 A Note on Fingerprint Recognition Systems EMB_ST0056 Trial & Experimentation Of A Smart Home Monitoring System For Elderly EMB_ST0057 Home Automation And Security System via PSTN EMB_ST0058 Remote Monitoring Intelligent System Based on Fingerprint Door Lock EMB_ST0059 The electrical Ethernet monitoring system based on embedded Web server EMB_ST0060 Design of intelligent Mobile Vehicle Checking system based on ARM7 EMB_ST0061 Developing a voice control system for ZigBee-based home automation networks EMB_ST0062 Controlling digital dimmer through mobile phone EMB_ST0063 An Electronic Voting System for Haptic Touchscreen Interface EMB_ST0064 A Remote Home Security System Based on Wireless Sensor Network and GSM Technology EMB_ST0065 Real-Time Atomization Of Agricultural Environment for Indian Agricultural System IEEE-2010 IEEE-2010 IEEE-2010 IEEE-2010 IEEE-2010 IEEE-2010 IEEE-2010 Page 5 .

Project Code Project Title IEEE Year IEEE-2010 EMB_ST0066 Bidimensional Control System through Successive Monitoring for Obstacles Identification EMB_ST0067 Identifying objects using RF transmitters and receivers. and retrieving data using GSM EMB_ST0068 Role of Wireless Sensor Networks in Forest Fire Prevention EMB_ST0069 GPS-GSM Integration for Enhancing Public Transportation Management Services EMB_ST0070 Wireless temperature monitoring system based on the Zigbee technology EMB_ST0071 Remote control of smart household based on DTMF EMB_ST0072 Design of ARM-based embedded Ethernet interface EMB_ST0073 Design and implementation of nodes for the agricultural information wireless monitoring EMB_ST0074 Design of Ultra Low Cost Cell Phone Based Embedded System for Irrigation EMB_ST0075 RFID-based autonomous mobile car EMB_ST0076 ZigBee-based Vehicle Access Control System EMB_ST0077 ZigBee-Wireless Mesh Networks for Building Automation and Control EMB_ST0078 Handicap Assistance Device for Appliance Control using UserDefined Gestures IEEE-2010 IEEE-2010 IEEE-2010 IEEE-2010 IEEE-2010 IEEE-2010 IEEE-2010 IEEE-2010 IEEE-2010 IEEE-2010 IEEE-2010 IEEE-2010 Page 6 .

Project Code Project Title IEEE Year IEEE-2010 IEEE-2010 IEEE-2010 IEEE-2010 IEEE-2010 EMB_ST0079 Research and Design of Intelligent Temperature Control System EMB_ST0080 Development of Remote Waste Gas Monitor System EMB_ST0081 Automated toll collection with complex security system EMB_ST0082 The Smart Home Controller Based on ZigBee EMB_ST0083 Wireless fingerprint attendance system based on Zigbee technology Page 7 .