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News Release #13-003 April 5, 2013

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Krista A. Kittle (315) 785-4504

Watertown, New York ----- Recently, the media has been reporting alarming lung cancer rates throughout the state of New York. Unfortunately, rates in Upstate New York are proportionately higher than communities in Downstate New York and across the country. The introduction of a new, potentially life-saving program at SMC is being announced on the heels of this concerning news report. For a nominal cost of $200 and self-referral, community members (if they meet criteria) can undergo a screening CT scan of the lungs to detect any abnormalities before symptoms are even present. Here’s how SMC’s Early Lung Cancer Screening Program works: • • • • • If you are over the age of 50 and a current or former heaver smoker, call 782-7001 (no referral necessary). The program coordinator will help guide you through the process using National Comprehensive Cancer Network Guidelines. If criteria are met, you will be scheduled for a low-dose CT scan of the lungs. During your appointment and prior to your scan, a physician will conduct a brief screening, confirm recommendations for the scan and complete order. The $200 payment will be due at your appointment. Once scan is complete, follow up will be done within 48 hours with results and next steps.

SMC’s Early Lung Cancer Screening Program is the result of months of planning and collaboration among members of our Medical Staff, radiology and others. Dr. Daniel DeBlasio (Radiation Oncology), Dr. Robert Johnson (Thoracic Surgery), Dr. Dean Phillips (Radiology), Dr. David Rechlin (Pulmonology), and Dr. Mario Victoria (Chief Medical Officer) have worked closely with staff to plan and launch this important new program. Typically, lung cancer is detected in later stages when treatment may not be beneficial. SMC’s Early Lung Cancer Screening Program was developed to detect any abnormalities before any symptoms may be present, thereby improving treatment options and prognosis. If you have a history of smoking and would like to take advantage of this program, please call 782-7001 today. ###