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February 2009

Volume II Issue 2
Probably one of the most important stages of an IITians’ life, placements witness tense moments of waiting for shortlists, noisy GDs, grilling interviews, sleepless nights and finally job “CRAXX” announcements on hostel notice boards are just some of the season highlights. As we draw to the close of yet another placements season here are some pointers we have collected, after talking with our DPNs, for the

fered can be estimated to be ranging from 3.5 lacs to 15 lacs with an average around 7.7 lacs. However, compared to other departments, students of the Mechanical Engineering Department are doing pretty well with an overall placed percentage figure around 60%. The BTech. DPN adds that IIT Bombay has done well compared with other IITs in terms of packages. Here are a few pointers for selection procedures of various sectors: •Technical – Good marks in the short listing tests along with decent tech knowledge/projects and some HR skills. •Analytics – Performance in the selection tests is of paramount importance in making it to the short lists. Good calculation skills with case study based interview preparation are essential. •Consulting – The major challenge is to get shortlisted after which a lot of gruelling GD/PI rounds have to be faced. Adequate case interview preparation is required. •Investment Banking/Finance – In depth finance knowledge and its current affairs, healthy inclination towards the stock market and finance projects/internships help a lot. Give the NCFM tests a break. They are inconsequential. •FMCG – Procedures are just the same as in their internship selection procedures. Target your companies well in advance and prepare for tech and finance interviews well. Almost all companies shortlist on the basis of their test so prepare well for them. CAT preparation material can help in non-tech companies tests. Most importantly, just a good resume won’t be enough. One has to be the same person in the interview as well. So work on your communication skills and prepare for

HR questions, case studies along with developing your knowledge of current affairs for GDs. Yet, no matter how hard you prepare at the end of the day it is the attitude you show towards the companies that make it or break it. Also, it is observed that a lot of students apply for companies they are not interested in as a backup option. This reduces the chances of interested students with

next batch. A majority of students have taken up technical jobs at companies like NTPC and HAL. Companies like Merill Lynch and Lehman Brothers which have recruited a good number of students from the Mechanical Department last year with astronomical salaries are not in a position to recruit freshers. However, the core sector, still standing tall, is recruiting IITians even during the recession. The salary packages ofQ1. What is the current placement scene in Mechanical Department? Ans. We did a small analysis of percentage students placed till now,’s and’s placement scene has been well, with above 60% have been placed, next to only Computer science and electrical departments. DDs placement scene has been very well with almost 70% have been placed. In all 83 students have been placed in 35 companies, out of 135 students registering for placements. Our department has done considerably well considering the fact we are the among the biggest department in terms of number of students. Recession has not effected the placements as much as the ratio of students taken by each company is almost the same as before. We have identified that

CPIs lower than theirs and should be avoided. More importantly, it gives a bad impression to the companies coming in to hire serious students. All in all, the placements season this year has been dull and next year doesn’t look any brighter. -Sri Teja -Shrikant Kshirsagar

Prof Babu speaks on placements 09
20 more companies are required to place the remaining students of (19) + M.Tech (16) + DD (15). Some companies are in the pipelines and also now we are approaching specific sectors like Automobile sector, Heavy machine building Companies etc. This year PSU are more aggressive and active in hiring than last year. Another intresting trend was that CIM students are getting larger variety jobs than other specializations. Q2. Which sector’s companies came this year for recruitment from Mechanical Department? Ans. In all 35 companies came for placement this year for Mech Students including 9 consulting firms, 15 engineering firms, 4 finance companies and 2 PSUs. Q3. Any other comments/advice for the students? Ans. Students should develop ‘Professional Affinity’ i.e. students should develop interest in some field and sit for companies based on their interest and not based completely on pay packages. Some companies don’t visit our campus because they think that people won’t be interested because of their lower pay profiles. I wonder why students are not

interested in higher studies. There should not be a mad run for MBA. ‘IIT Brand’ was developed by IITians working in corporate world and people in good U.S universities. Students not opting for higher studies is resulting in our decreasing visibility whereas lot of Chinese and Koreans are strengthening their visibility by opting for higher studies. I often get asked by professors from foreign universities why IITians aren’t opting for higher studies. This is resulting in diluting our ‘IIT brand’. I think that this depends on market forces and is a cyclic process. I hope the change in student’s mindset about higher studies starts earlier! Interviewed by Jai Methani Bhanu Pratap Singh

Usually international M.D. and M. reco and extra-curriculars. etc.S. If you are good at understanding the problem and can communicate well with your advisor. http:// tiger. so unexpected challenges would Piled higher & deeper? Amit S Jariwala. So. project into a commercial venture. This way you show respect to Profs and are certain of getting a reply. make sure you are satisfied with your selection of the specialization. I am working with a team of one MBA and two law students as a part of this program. Shortcomings if any can be justified in the SOP.S. with starting salaries between USD 60k and 100k. But make sure that your passion is noted.D : If your aim is just an international engineering job. and India: Clear vision about the impact of your work and a wellstructured student – advisor relationship.S.Technological Innovations: Generating Economic Results. Your applications are considered thoroughly. Trips are completely reimbursed by University and sponsor funds.D. Any false claims or hypes rule you out immediately. before deciding on embarking upon this journey. Job opportunities for PhDs: 1) Academia: Assistant Prof (USD 60-80k pa) 2) Industry: R & D (~ 90k pa) 3) Consultancy: Analytical & Problem solving (USD 120k pa) Travelling: Regular visits to sponsor company and various conferences around the world. “As long as you are committed towards working on a determined goal with passion and persistence. degree without funding and thesis. most of the time. This year the council. What do colleges look for in applicants? The entire package: Grades. Most university level studies in U. The road till now was fun-filled for. Ph.S. Then ask him/her if any projects are available.S. informal. Differences between Ph. Doing Ph. But they all have a significant social relevance. However.D.D is very boring and monotonous. after announcing certificates for all quarter-finalists. decide your career. has not left any for helping out with the cricket stone unturned and hopes that the and TT intras respectively.. As compared to industry projects. Most industry funded projects are related to development of cutting edge technologies and have clear practical relevance. Difference between only you will enjoy the sweet taste of success. Work culture: Professional.D and M. one selects the professor one wants to work with. workload. Received fellowship from a special university program (Ti:GER . Students defining projects on their own is to attempt to convert my Ph.S. SOP. projects.February 2009 Job profile: Experimental as well as numerical modeling and simulation of mask projection micro stereolithography process. Choice of topic: On deciding your area of interest. No daily monitoring.S. the organizers. Types of projects: Industry funded and Government funded Mine is an industry funded project and so I am required to present my work to company representatives as per a predefined time scale. Research is primarily funded by a company named. This is referred to as. After these two intras the scene at the department has of course changed and the council is extremely proud and happy to have been able to conclude these successfully. students weren’t quite enthu and thus registrations were slack. Conception: Ph. We were pleased to recieve mails asking us when the other intras would be held.html .D. but also. Comments: PhD is a long term commitment. Govt.” .D. A genuine email conversation with Profs is recommended – focusing on specifics instead of spamming. We thank the H13 sports co. Ciba Vision. an alumnus of IITB.gatech.iitb. rather YOU make the decision.+Ph. We started with cricket Intras as earlier planned and we recived registrations of 7 teams. www. that was surely taken care of! The intra had just the right number of participants and good execution. Also you should be prepared to learn with perseverance and value the fruit of hard work. Apart from these the year obPrashant Kumar served a lot of events like the Possible start-up after this placement season. in its endeavor to bring the department closer. but results are expected. presents his opinion on a PhD in the US always come in. which discourages plagiarism. Dept Trek to Karnala and the Kurta Day. students generally work on funded projects. students for same job titles. students compete with American B. in U. they might tend to be a bit theoretical and provide less exposure to industry. not only the players. Other remarks: Do not let pay-scale. experience”. Sincerity is of utmost It is also possible to receive an M. They gave a hard time to other teams as well as the umpire and made way to the finals. ‘non-thesis’ Masters. require students to follow a strict honor code. work which it has started shall be continued in the future. only MS will do. PhDs are treated with great respect because of their scarcity and expertise. and the insti TT secy After a big gap our department finally had Department Sports Intras. funded projects may not seem quite obviously practical.Interview by Miheer Desai Shrikant Kshirsagar Dept Activities The intra was amazing as we had some teams which were playing professionally and with a lot of seriousness and others coming for just the fun of it. If the above conditions are satisfied then you would enjoy Ph. Well-defined project milestones and clear explanation of expected work output. As we opened registrations for the TT Intra. is like solving a novel problem.S. The quirky rules made it even more interesting than a 20-20! The fight put up by the freshie team especially needs to mentioned as they were serious about their matches.. friendly and you will always enjoy the “Ph.

You might have seen Prithvi. Manufacturing starts once the designing is complete. This is used primarily in resonators due to its very high mechanical quality factor. In a nutshell. IIT Bombay won the Best Engineering Design. Clearly.Rahul Shukla BAJA Diya!!! way. marketing and publicity take up whatever time remains. This discovery has passed more than 125 years and is playing a very significant role in the present day’s advanced technology through the development of sensors and actuators and electromechanical devices. or procured from outside. This is when the car moves out of the computer screen to a life-size car. Rochelle salt. from 28th Jan to the 1st of Feb 2009. was the cynosure of all eyes at the Baja SAE India competition held at the NATRIP testing facility near Indore. Researchers have continuously worked to fill the gap between the two extremes and have come up with many designs to meet the requirements. brake lights etc.February 2009 Introduction: Sensor and actuators are at the heart of many of present day’s mechatronic systems. microphones. Recently lead zinc niobate lead titanate (PZN-PT) and lead magnesium niobate lead titanate (PMN-PT) single crystals have attracted the attention of research community in the area of piezoelectric materials. Every new competition entails designing and manufacturing the car from scratch. developing their cars and introducing cutting edge engineering into the competition every step of the Piezoelectricity . sonars and non-destructive testing come under combination devices. significantly lower overpoling field and or stresses. dedication. . Newnham of Pensylvenia State University (PSU) is one the very successful device in this category. Piezoelectricity. Consequently. Cost Effectiveness (2nd) and Hill Climb (2nd) awards. events like the Formula SAE make for immense learning opportunities. suspension. These single crystals have much higher piezoelectric ability than ceramics. among other things. The event. The IIT Bombay Racing team has done it once again!! Their first all terrain vehicle. Present day’s quartz Watch is an excellent example. infra-red and surface acoustic wave filters are in the group of resonant devices. Unlike above. they had won the SAE Perseverance Award. welding. These are the two extremes in devices can be understood from the actuators point of view and this can satisfy a very limited range of applications. Previously. divided appropriately into engine. a phenomenon where electrical charges are generated on the opposite surfaces of the material as a result of applied mechanical stress and conversely mechanical strain can also be produced in the material when electric field is applied across the UK to be held at the Silverstone track. the team aims at doing well at FS-UK. Unimorph actuator can generate very high displacement of the order of few hundreds of microns and very low force whereas multilayer stack actuator can produce force in few hundreds of newtons with very low displacement. steering and brakes). All these put limitations on the applied electric field and stress on the contemporary actuators. combination devices (using both generator and motor aspects) and resonant devices. compared with PZT the all-terrain vehicle. With an eye on the future. Piezoelectric transformer. Actuators and ultrasonic motors are useful for the applications like micro positioning. IIT Bombay Racing has shown perseverance. This includes the chassis. piezoelectric device performance also acknowledges the contribution of mechanical design i. Electrical and bodyworks. The car is then tested on appropriate terrain. Apart from that. Confident from past achievements. the non-technical team strives to get sponsors for the team and arranging for the logistics of car.html . and the various parts are made within the institute. Journey from quartz to present day’s PZN-PT single crystals and unimorph to cymbal actuator was not very straight forward but contemporary material scientists and engineers have proven that nothing is impossible if challenges are handled collectively with courage. Of course. same piezoelectric material will work differently for unimorph and multilayer stack actuators. The technical team. USA in May 2008. There are materials available in abundance in nature which consists of this phenomenon like sugarcane. engine manifolds. Tartaric acid. Rubidium tartrate etc. Accelerometers. Piezoelectricity provides a unique solution while developing an actuator with nanometer precision in displacement and few hundreds of Newton’s as a force. Quartz is an outstanding example in the category of naturally available materials. Ultrasonic cleaning.a mechanical perspective Did you know that your quartz watch uses piezoelectricity? Uses: Piezoelectric devices are broadly classified as generators (where voltage is output). a number of projects have been initiated to conduct studies and research for better and more cost effective options available.iitb. . motors (where displacement and force are output). well known in F1 circles. Acceleration. marked the peak of their success in student motorsport competitions. igniters and variety of sensors are kept in the category of generator. single crystal has low coercive field and transformation stresses and. In addition. given to the best rookie SSB (Suspension. being test-driven on a track that the team made behind SAC.e. for certain cut.Gautam Salhotra www. Next on the calendar comes Formula Student. designs the car from scratch. It is also important to mention that single crystal properties are orientation (or crystal cut) dependent. History will ever remember PaulJacques Curie and Pierre Curie for their contribution in the area of solid state physics (and chemistry) due to the discovery of piezoelectricity in 1880. driving. Arguably it is the most glamorous technical activity on campus. which saw participation from over 120 universities across the world. at Formula SAE 2008 held at Michigan. Prithvi. Some of the top teams have been participating for over a decade. hydrophones. more than the competition. vibration control and buzzers etc. Top Speed. and a sense of ambition to achieve greater heights every passing season. Participation was from over 50 colleges nationwide. However. Cymbal actuator developed by Prof Robert E. they were at pole position at the Endurance Race. inkjet printing. while all the technicals are catered to by the technical team.

us and make us read our answers.we just used it to the class by 10 O’ clock. Their Families with members of varying statures represent mech engineering (5) what habits I must inculcate etc. The friend looking scared said. who looked at him sympathetically & said.He told him Then. Jai Methani.iitb.iitb. replied. far too many. after the exam was wake up the students who make but complete Prof 2) In our time we had a com. to speak the pulsory Russian course which we had to clear to graduate. Ishank Gupta. you are exhausted”. Prof 1) KYUNKI PROF BHI KABHI STUDENT THE. chains etc. was expecting the class to sympathize me. Swati Pathade. Shrikant Kshirsagar. Aneesh Jain. “Sorry sir. “I was not well”.that a student had taken those on Prof 4) Once i went to a class after bunking 4 of its lectures. An illustrious alumnus (10) 12. While taking attendance the prof. is not your fault. Though its literal meaning is clear and evident its text is anything but (6) 11. Anubhav Jain. Vineet Singh and Vipul Chandak Designed by: Vibhanshu Krishna Malpani www. taking a of the lab were missing. But to his surprise. you will find a brilliant light. rect gautam@me. we he won’t purchase anything for used to go to our rooms and mug the project no matter what it takes to complete hard the corOur prof. the project. If you look deep within. borprofs call us to had made it to the class. Looking at my thin physique.Miheer Desai & Varun Rajwanshi The MEME Team FEEDBACK Help us improve meme! or Chief Editors The Team Nishanth Parlapalli. Need for Speed (4) .6) 10. sit & relax for a while. Serve for life and then Die! (7) 7. H a r i p r i y a . Swarnim Gupta. Human Engineering (10) 9. Bhanu Pratap Singh. Too many. for checking list of the things to be purchased ing the lab in-charge he found out the answer scripts. On askwritten by hand. (7) 8. Havai-Jahaz (6) DOWN 1. A value dear to Gandhiji (9) 3. all were laughing ! -.Arvind Krishna CROSS WORD ACROSS 1. announced surprise the quiz at 8 O’ clock in the morn. Playful Equations (4. the prof. He told the student that now So. steal. Study of something which is sometimes useful(9) The prof. The came to the tated. Miheer Desai. read our anprof. Then the prof. But the answers to questions in the paper correct answers ! A few days later when the prof. Gautam Salhotra Anand Shah. Marriage of beings with different orientations (7) 5.February 2009 W e had a lab at 2 O’ clock. We went to the lab & told the professor that our friend couldn’t come because his grandfather died & had just now reached college from delhi. Arvind Krishna. they used to call for the project. calls the hostel warden to do whatever swer-scripts. The prof. Rahul . Vinay Gupta. ITER is international project to design and build an experimental fusion reactor based on the __concept. But to his amazement.html Give feedback at pnishanth@me. gave a 15 mins lecture as to what I must eat. nobody to beg. had to be written in english. beartyped english letters. Every other ings. “no. when the ing. Our friend woke up at 4 O’ clock & rushed to the lab & suddenly appeared before the professor. got irri. i won’t let that happen again”. Let your eyes adjust and bathe into ___ (8) 6. Durga Prasad. Our friend was sleeping. squint and turn away from the shine. They found a project under a prof. you can’t help it. MEME found out a few anecdotes about some professors during their student life his approval. Varun Rajwanshi. Thus the row. asked me why i was absent for so long ? I replied. in the machines it hard to read the english words day he went to the prof. he found that few Russian profs could read only Prof 3) There was a student doing components like pulleys. “You must be finding it hard”.iitb. So.