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ECM-350 Crawlair@ extendible-boom drill

for 64-127 mm (2112-4") blastholes


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It's a fine quarry drill. Youcan drill a line of holes simply by extending the boom. Extendible boom reaches more holes. With an Ingersoll-Rand portable air compressor. .ECM. rugged design flips open at the touch of a foot. no springs. . Each track is powered independently by an IIA-hp piston air motor and an enclosed gear drive. All hydraulic positioning cylinders have lock-check valves. Trap-door centralizer. more efficiently. brakes ideal for rough ground. No latches.350a rugged air drill for pioneering work This agile. . '" . The spring-applied. adjust it for drilling on steep slopes or over ledges. and takes the punishment. Simple. too. The 1. hydraulicallyreleased disc brakes are equally effective in forward or reverse. The 1. and keeps doing it longer than anything else in its class. you've got a high-performance team that gets more work done faster. Traction.5-m (5') boom extension reaches out over banks. You've seen thousands of them on construction jobs of all kinds around the world.Locks shut with a quick-releasepin.2-m (4') hydraulic guide extension also reduces setup time. Oscillation may be locked out to permit a solid setup for drilling. Controlled hydraulic flow cushions track oscillation to minimize shock loads. The basic ECM-350 design has seen many improvements in its years of service-but every drill produced has set the world standard for reliability and performance in its time. powerful drill climbs steep grades over roughest ground. and multiplies the number of holes you can drill before moving.

To remove the shankpiece. Dry dust collector. (600 dm) Powerful feed motor. (600 dm) VL-671 76-102mm (3-4") 170 mm (6. if required.5") 92 mm (3. · · · options.69") 92 mm (3. The next generation of air drifters is here. just snap out a split ring and push out two pins. and all the pulldown you'll ever need. I Convenient controls. The internals can easily be changed by one man in a few minutes. Tramming con troIs are mounted on a swivel plate which can be pin-locked in any of three positions. Air required EVL-130 64-102mm (21.5 to 15 liters (2-4 gal. 1362-kg(3000-lb. you can save from 7. A fine-feed regulator helps the operator collar the hole and prevent stuck steels.) 1200 Less than 17 m3/min. I . (750 dm) VL-120 64-89 mm (2Y2-3W') 121 mm (4. Complete range of sizes.r New EVL. .) winch with reversing throttle and brake.125") 101mm (4.) of pullout power.75") 170 kg (375 lb. I I I I I The EVL-130drifter is easy to service in the field.130 drifter can cut air use and fuel by 30%.00") 222 kg (488 lb. A safety-lockout tow hitch prevents using the rear position when a compressor is being towed. couplings and shankpieces are made to take punishment and live longer.) 1900 17 m3/min.2-4") 130 mm (5.) of fuel per hour. There is a difference! Quality drilling accessories can reduce your drilling costs.) 1850 25. I-R carbide button bits. : L I L INGERSOLL-RAND DRILLING EaUIPMENT . Controls for all drilling functions are mounted on the drill tower. Ask your I-R representative how they can cut your cost per hole. Check these Threaded steel and carbide button bits. fully-threaded steels. Choice of four valveless drifters.62") 195 kg (430 lb.75") 70 mm (2.5 m3/min.2 m3/min. A piston-type air feed motor drives a heavy roller chain. Mist-injection dust control.Depending on the compressor used. Drifter Hole diameter Bore Stroke Weight Blows/min. This revolutionary Ingersoll-Rand air drifter has a new cycle and piston design that have opened a new horizon of drill efficiency. providing 1362kg (3000 lb.62") 238 kg (525 lb. (900 dm) VL-140 64-102mm (21/2-4") 140 mm (5.) 2100 21.

expressed or Implied. Ingersoll-Rand offers the widest choice of downhole drills. horiz. 12'0" 8'0" 18'10" 12 ft. 14'3" 5851kg 3645mm 2438mm 5753mm 3645mm 4356mm 40° left. vert. boom movement Max. Rock Drill Division 7500 Shadwell Drive Roanoke.Compact. 15° below 50° left. powerful rig for drifter or downhole drilling of 64-140-mm (2'h to 5W') blastholes. boom swing Max. which are available upon request.350 Crawlair drill specifications. guide swing Max. efficient penetration in hardest rock. Net weight Overall shipping length Width Height (vertical guide) Steel change Drill travel Max. Any such warranties or other tenns and conditions of saJe of products shall be in accordance with Ingersoll-Rand's standard tenns and conditions of sale for such products. . Ingersoll-Rand Co. Nothing contained in this brochure is Intended to extend any warranty or representation.900lb. including the world's largest-the Superdrill for holes up to 30" (762 mm) diameter.2-m (7'3") width makes it easy to transport. VA 24019 Form 4360-1 @ 1985 by Ingersoll-Rand Co. Fixed-length boom. Its 2. 12. it makes fast work of holes 44-64 mm (1% to 2112"). The CM-351 is a compact. .) rod change. regarding the products described herein. Valveless hammers use high-pressure air for fast. guide dump Ground clearance Grouser width Complete line of crawler drills.ECM. 35° right 45° above. but uses a 3-m (lO-ft. 35° right 180° 12" 10" 292 mm 254 mm The LM-IOO is ideal for small jobs in confined places. Printed in USA INGERSOLL-RAND DRILLING EaUIPMENT .