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Aim : Prepare SRS document for current semester project using example shown in Rajib mall Book. Software required: Microsoft office Project 2007 Hardware required: Computer Knowledge required: - SRS Theory:

1.0 Introduction The Online Result management system is the service on the internet provided by the University for the Students & faculty Staffs & other persons. Under this web-site not only students can see their results but it will be useful to college members & faculties also. By using this, the faculty members can upload the marks directly on the web-site & central examiner can verify and approve it. The result analysis for the educational dean and other Administrative person will become very easy & user-friendly by this software. 1.1 Purpose The system is designed to provide the user(Students/Faculties,etc..) a mode of informing about the result electronically. Without using this type of software the university/college manages the result database manually & inform the students by doing lots of paperwork. It seems the effort wasted & wasting of time in this era. Besides this, our aim is to provide e-services that offers flexibility through the adding the college, generate the result, assigning the grade, upload the marks, modify the marks, generate the result graph, etc. 1.2 Scope The software contains: A home page which contains sign in, sign-up boxes, adding the college & university facility & different tabs like latest news updates, feedback & suggestions, reviews, photo-gallery, etc… A sign up facilities is logically divided into 3 categories like student, Faculty member, Administrative person/Central Examiner. Facility for adding the college in university Facility for generating the result grade from the marks Facility for uploading the internal & practical marks by particular faculty Facility for approving or modify the marks by the Central Examiner. Facility to generate the semester wise result graph or subject wise graph Facility to generate result analysis. Facility to inform the students by e-mail alerts.

References Technologies to be used Code-ignighter with php Ajax: Asynchronous Java Script and XML. Acronyms. XML (Extensible Markup Language): It is a Markup language that was designed to transport and store data. Web 2.3 1.0: It is commonly associated with web applications which facilitate interactive information sharing. interoperability. and Abbreviations Code-ignighter: It is one type of php which has been used for coding purpose. Web 2. XML: Extension Markup Language.Inputs: User Details New college details Services Result related details Outputs: Total Result with subject wise Grade & credits User sign up form Authority to modify the marks(only on Administrative log in) Processing: Verification of user information with the database Identify the user category from user ‘s charusat-mail id Store the information of newly signed up user. DB(Database): It is a database management system that provides a flexible and efficient database platform to raise a strong "on demand“ business applications HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol): It is a transaction oriented client/ server protocol between a web browser and a web server.0.5 .4 1. 2 1. user-cantered design and collaboration on the World Wide Web. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language): It is used to create static web pages.0: RSS Feed 2. Marks to Grade conversion & calculate the credits Generating the result analysis graph Definition. Ajax (Asynchronous Java Script and XML): It is a technique used in java script to create dynamic web pages.

1 Product Perspective 2.0 Web Server: Apache-wamp server.0 Overall Description 2. 2.2 Software Interface Front End Client: Code-ignighter 2. 3 .MySQL: for database.

This type of user has rights of modify the internal & External marks also.1 Software Context: The software is aimed to provide facilities to the student for informing about their results. They are may be class-coordinator or subject coordinator. 2.5. They can’t retrieve another person’s result Faculty Members: They can retrieve the category wise marks & upload the internal marks only.1 Major Constraints: 1.2 Graph-Editor: Y-ED graph editor 3. 3. 2. User profiles Students: Students can only see the results of their internal & external exams. after each semester the new database is required.Data Base Server: SQL Server Back End: MySQL command line client & MySQL Workbench 5.4 2. If any user get fail in final exam then the Backlog procedure module can’t be count by this software. Result will be declare for students. And to make the result related administrative work very easy & fast.3 Hardware Interface Client Side: minimum Pentium processor with 512 mb RAM & 4GB HDD Server Side: i3 processor with 3 GB RAM & 320GB HDD Product/Software Function 2.5 User Characteristics 2.4. For Backlog students. They can see only their personal result.8 & Microsoft VISIO 2. Administrative Person: They are not allow to modify internal or external marks but they have access to know any students results & they can generate the result analysis graph.6. they are not allow to modify the external marks. After the verification of this person. 2.6 Constraints 2. Central Examiner: They have the main access to the database.1. 4 .User who don’t have charusat mail id will not able to access this software.

2. User Login activity l 1 Student Login Administrative sign-up 1.0 Specific Requiremen 3.2. OUTPUT: show the result with appropriate option 2.1.1 Functional Requirements 1.2 Upload the internal / practical marks 2.: Student Login 1.2 Faculty Login 1.1. subject and semester OUTPUT: generate the list of students result as per selected option 2.2 Generates Result on faculty login INPUT: asking for choosing option for branch/subject/semester wise external result or particular student’s external Result.1 Faculty Sign-up 1.1 Display the result for internal and practical exams INPUT: Student id & Password OUTPUT: Result of particular student with their internal & practical marks DESCRIPTION: applications itself compare the login with the database & identify that whether it is Student/Faculty/Administrative person 2. & Verify the internal & practical marks uploaded by faculties INPUT: asking to choose the appropriate branch and semester. OUTPUT: generate the student result as per selected option with 'Verify' & 5 .3.3 Internal & Practical Results 2.1.3 Generates Result on Administrative login 2.2 Faculty Sign-in 1.1.3 Student Feedback 1.1 View.1.: Administrative login 2.2. Generating Result 2.4 Application Pomo for Reassessment 1.3.3 Administrative Login 1.2.1 Generate the branch/subject/ year wise external result INPUT: asking to choose the appropriate branch.1 View the internal / practical Result 2.2 Display the result for external exams INPUT: Student id & Password OUTPUT: Result of particular student with their external marks & grade DESORPTION: application itself compare the login id with the database & Identify that whether it is Student/Faculty/Administrative person 2.3.2 Generate the particular student's external result INPUT: asking for student id number OUTPUT: generate the result of this student 2.1 Student Sign-up 1.1 Generating Result on Student Logon INPUT: select the option for internal and practical result & external result OUTPUT: Display the list box for choosing category 2.

8& Microsoft VISIO  Hardware Interface Client Side: minimum Pentium processor with 512 MB RAM& 4GB HDD Server Side: i3 processor with 3 GB RAM & 320GB HDD 3. 6 . For each required software include:   Name: MY SQL Server.3 Interfaces 3.3.'Modify' button.1 Hardware Interfaces   Printer Server Connection. 3.1 Specify:  The System is made in PHP and every user must be connected with the server for daily transaction.3.0 Web Server: Apache-wamp server.  The System will interact with the User through GUI. User can easily operate with the System. Data Base Server: SQL Server Back End: MySQL command line client &MySQL Workbench 5. When 'Verify' will be pressed then permission will be assigned to student & can see the result 3. Visual-Studio Source: Windows 2000/XP bootable CD.2 Non-functional requirements  Software Interface Front End Client: Code-igniter 2. 3.2 Software Interfaces Specify the use of other required software and interfaces with other application systems.2 Graph-Editor: Y-ED graph editor 3. So.3. DESORPTION: when admin will choose the proper option then result will be shown with two buttons.

initial loading.3. the SRS should explicitly state whether or not the Appendices are to be considered part of the requirements. 7 . export. 3.3 Communications Interfaces The System is Web based and interaction between users and administrators take place through Web Application.e. It includes:    Table of Contents Index Appendices The Appendices are not always considered part of the actual requirements specification and are not always necessary.4 Memory Constraints The Memory Constraints for running the project is: RAM: 256 MB Hard Disk: 80 GB 4. 5. or other requirements When Appendices are included. Supporting Information The supporting information makes the SRS easier to use. meeting.The System is made in PHP The user must have the PHP and MYSQL to have communication with administrator. They may include: (a) Sample I/O formats. Change Management Process The Change management Process is carried out by communication i. Changes to SRS or any other change in the requirement is carried out by written application.3. 3. descriptions of cost analysis studies. results of user surveys (b) Supporting or background information that can help the readers of the SRS (c) A description of the problems to be solved by the software (d) Special packaging instructions for the code and the media to meet security.