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FreeFlow® VIPP® Pro Publisher Simplicity and power in one package.

Combine VIPP Pro Publisher with Adobe® InDesign® to add variable elements to your promotional communications—and enhance their effectiveness and attention-getting impact in the process.
Powerful design
As a plug-in for Adobe InDesign, VIPP Pro Publisher programs your variable jobs without waiting for pre-composition or chunking your data, so you can focus on the document design. Using your Mac® or PC, you can easily add variable text, images, bar codes, layers, and styles. Then, view the results before you print by using the included VI Explorer for VIPP Pro Publisher, a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat®. VIPP Pro Publisher puts the power of personalization at your fingertips, with the speed you need to meet production schedules.

Unique options
VIPP Pro Publisher supports Fuji Xerox® Specialty Imaging Text, an easy and affordable way to add eye-catching effects and provide a basic level of fraud protection by using “hidden” text. Effects such as reflective text can add visual interest to documents and help enhance photos, illustrations, and backgrounds. It even allows you to create interactive educational tools such as answer keys, books, and flashcards that include a “reveal.” VIPP Pro Publisher also provides Clear Dry Ink support for the Color 800/1000 Press. With the click of a mouse, you can highlight images and text for visual impact; apply digital watermarks for artistic effect or security; and display variable data content in more vivid ways.

Transparent productivity
Complex variable data applications—which would otherwise take hours to go from submission to start of print—take only minutes with VIPP Pro Publisher. Using VIPP Pro (Variable Information Production Printware) output, variable elements are separated from static ones then dynamically constructed at the print server, saving time and network bandwidth. Variable job components are grouped into a single Variable Project Container to make managing and archiving easier than ever. VIPP Pro Publisher will even automatically impose your job based on the sheet size you select.

Digital Workflow Collection



VIPP Pro Publisher

Redefining the industry
If you’re looking to maximize your communications impact, increase productivity, and streamline your variable data workflow—all while using the industry standard for page design—look no further than VIPP Pro Publisher.

Windows Vista Home Premium.5 (Leopard) • 4 GB of RAM for PowerPC-based system. and Slug (Crop Mark) settings • Feeding and finishing options • Booklet and calendar imposition Minimum System Requirements. and InDesign® are trademarks of Adobe Systems. Inc. etc.txt. and layers • Patterned Ink • Support for Clear Dry Ink for Xerox® Color 800/1000 Press Data Sources • Single table or flat file –– . and Xeon® are trademarks of Intel Corp. rules. locate assets.4. as well as static and dynamic elements • Allows easy selection of database file and supports any standard database delimiter and quoted fields • Enables dynamic text flow along paths and text wrapping around objects • Static elements can contain complex attributes such as drop shadows • Powerful Rule Builder • Supports multiple layers • No VIPP Pro programming knowledge required • Record repeat—repeat a record multiple times • Record range—print a subset of your data file • Incremental counter—create serialization Variable Elements Available on InDesign document pages • Text • Text on object • Text on curve • Text file –– Plain text –– Styled text • Graphic • Visibility (layers) • Style Dynamic Print Printing your Variable Information (VI) applications is done using the Export option within the File Menu. Intel Xeon®.FreeFlow® VIPP® Pro Publisher Specifications • Data-driven bar codes • Rule-based text styles.024 x 768 monitor resolution with 16-bit video card • DVD-ROM drive Macintosh • Mac® OS X v10. Business. Design • Plug-in for Adobe® InDesign® CS3 (and later) • Macintosh® OS X (Intel®-based) or Windows® XP. . . XEROX®. graphics. and visibility to objects and layers • Add variable graphics by double-clicking or using Insert Icon • Supports design functionality of InDesign® for overall layout. Center. single-table data source • Rules can be created for text. Windows 7 • 4 GB of RAM for Windows XP or Windows Vista • 2 GB of available hard-disk space (additional free space required during installation) • 1. Acrobat®. Windows • Intel Pentium® 4.. styles. All rights reserved. Vista®. Margin and Gap. Macintosh® is a trademark of Apple Computer Systems. Windows®. Ultimate.8—10. images. Intel®. 4 GB for Intel-based system • 2 GB of available hard-disk space (additional free space required during installation) • 1. Options include: • Control Plex • Control Imposition (Multi-Up) –– Step and Repeat Processing settings include: • Output File Name and Destination • Cut and Stack. Microsoft®. Adobe®. Gutter. and prepare files for printing.024 x 768 monitor resolution with 16-bit video card • DVD-ROM drive © 2010 Fuji Xerox Co. Pentium®. or Enterprise. and Vista® are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. 11/10 . Ltd. Business Logic • Basic logic automatically created from flat. FreeFlow®. Core. . Intel Centrino®.csv. visibility. and VIPP® are trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Inc. Duplex. and Cut Marks • Maintain Postal Sort • Bleed. graphics.mdb. XEROX and Design®. and style using VIPP Pro Rule Builder • Data Transforms –– Control case and numeric formats –– Build counters for serialization –– Combine data fields or break a single field into smaller segments An intuitive toolbox and preview window make it easy to identify variable content. Centrino®. Features.xls. or Intel Core™ Duo (or compatible) processor • Microsoft® Windows XP with Service Pack 2. Windows 7 • Assign variable and static text.