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Volume 41, No.


April, 2013


Saturday, April 27
Acadian Baptist Center
1202 Academy Rd, Eunice, LA

Swimming, fishing, and relaxing begins at 10:00 AM Crawfish (with all the trimmings) will begin at 11:30 AM
RSVP by Monday, April 22rd to Melaney @ (337) 237-6956 or

Saturday, May 4
Little Pass Baptist, Charenton

10:00 AM - Executive Committee 11:30 AM - Meal Reservations for the Block Party Trailer
The forms needed to reserve the trailer can now be found on our website: If you want to reserve the trailer (especially close to VBS dates) please be sure and contact us at the number below.
Contact Melaney at 337-237-6956 or

Bower-Conrad Missions Emphasis/Offering

If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? James 2:16

Praying for our Ministers Giving for their Needs
May 19th—25th, 2013

Evangeline & Gulf Coast Baptist Associations
P. O. Box 81244 Lafayette, LA 70598-1244 (337) 237-6956 • Fax: (337) 237-4319



Lafayette, LA

PERMIT No. 201


Publication of Evangeline and Gulf Coast Baptist Associations of the Louisiana Baptist Convention
Volume 41, No. 3 April, 2013

Bert Langley
Director of Missions

Weldon Moak & Steven Kelly

Elizabeth Langley
Office Administrator

Melaney Dudley
Administrative Assistant

Mary Langford

DOM LINES According to Wikipedia the first advertising for “Lost and Found” appeared on papyruses in ancient Greece and Rome. The first collection of lost items in more modern times was ordered by Napoleon in Paris in 1805, when he told his prefect of police to take objects left on the streets of Paris to a central place. Eighty-eight years later (1893) the prefect of police started the first efforts to track down the owners of lost items. The “Transport for London's lost property offices (which handle items lost on the city's Tube, buses and taxis) handles over 130,000 items a year, including 24,000 bags and 10,000 mobile phones. Among the more peculiar items that have been handed in include a wedding dress, ashes in an urn, a longcase clock, a kitchen sink, and several wheelchairs” according to Wikipedia. One can only wonder about the owners of such items as a wedding dress, ashes in an urn, or wheelchairs. I am confident the list of lost items in America would be equally as strange and even longer if we had a central collection agency. There is a “Lost and Found” chapter in the Bible – Luke 15. Jesus tells three parables which include a lost sheep, a lost coin, and a lost boy. In all three cases, that which was lost was found. And in each case the owner of that which was lost and then found called upon his family and friends to rejoice with him/her. Only in the parable of the boy who came home was there sadness by the older brother. Today, we need a “Lost and Found” for Biblical words. Such words as sin, judgment, repent, God’s wrath, The Blood, and hell, are quickly disappearing from our vocabulary. As God sent Ezekiel to warn Israel, HE gave him this word of warning: “But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes someone’s life, that persons life will be taken because of their sin, but I will hold the watchman accountable for their blood (Ezekiel 33:6).” God didn’t say play the flute. He said, “blow the trumpet.” May the joy of finding that which was lost be our experience today.

In an effort to be better stewards of the resources God provides, we want to reduce the number of Entre Nous newsletters mailed out each month. If you receive multiple copies that are not needed, please contact us at 337-237-6956. If you would prefer an electronic copy only, please contact us at
COUNSELOR’S CORNER:. I don’t think I have told you about our new dog. She is a beautiful Australian Shepherd, mostly black, with a wide swath of white which she wears like a shawl around her neck and onto her chest. We obtained her as a sixmonth-old puppy and have now had her about nine months. We named her Mei-Mei (say May-May), which has the sound of the Chinese words meaning “pretty one”. When she first came to us, she was very fearful, not even allowing us to touch her. She ate her food quickly, keeping a watchful eye out for any nearby movement. We worked slowly and patiently for several days to bring her to the point of trusting us. As the weeks went by, she became more relaxed and much more lively. In fact, she has become downright rambunctious and very strong. She enjoys patrolling our big back yard, chasing squirrels, birds and stray cats. What she wants most, however, is to be with us. If we open the back door, she darts inside and races around with glee. If we step outside, she jumps on us with full force in her delight in our presence. As you can imagine, we find her boundless enthusiasm challenging and sometimes even dangerous. We’ve tried to teach and train her, but with little success. Finally, we decided to call on the expert. We hired a dog trainer. From her we are learning methods that are simple and effective, when consistently applied. Trust is basic, and that we had achieved. Next and on a continuing basis, we have to make it clear to Mei-Mei that we are in charge (the pack leader.) We are learning to communicate with her in her language: sounds and body language. We must repeat the same lessons over and over until she “gets it.” We never use physical force, but employ verbal correction and prai se. And it’s working! Don’t be offended when I tell you that it is occurring to me that our experience with our dog is somewhat similar to the way the Lord deals with us. First, we must come to trust Him. Them we must come to the place of acknowledging that He is in control and that we are happiest and most pleasing to Him when we surrender to His will. We need to look to Him often to see the signals and new directions He is giving to us. He has made it possible for us to know Him and His will by providing His word for us in our language. We can depend on Him to feel and provide for us. We can expect to be disciplined when we get off track and blessed according to His grace. And unlike us and our dog, He made us and knows our hearts.

ChurCh News …
1 - Rose (Mrs. Frank) Pellissier, First Baptist, Amelia 3 - Misti (Mrs. Adam) Whitney, First Baptist, Broussard 4 - Martha (Mrs. Soubanh) Keohavong, Highland Laotian 8 - Hannah (Mrs. Yoon) Shim, Lafayette Korean 9 - Debbie (Mrs. Fred) Davis, The Open Door 11 - Donald Washington, St. James, Lafayette - Toby Ronsonet, Coteau Holmes - Carol Mills, East Bayou - Monica Hornsby, First Baptist, Lafayette 12 - Jonah Callais, Bayou L’Ourse 17 - Frank Ducharme, First Baptist, Scott 18 - Marianne (Mrs. Gary) Ruffin, First Baptist, Lafayette 23 - Joe Sauce, Myette Point 26 - Loretta (Mrs. Frank) Ducharme, First Baptist, Scott - Nathan Rush, First Baptist, Morgan City 28 - Olivia (Mrs. Toby) Ryder, Duson Baptist

First, Ruston - is hosting the WMU Missions Celebration & Annual Meeting; April 5-6 First, Youngsville - is hosting the EBA District Bible Drill, Monday, April 15 at 6 PM & supper is provided; contact Lana Rhinehart @ 983-0992 or 962-0528 for more information Calumet - is hosting the GCA Brotherhood Breakfast, Saturday, April 20, at 8:00 AM

The EBA office is now producing an electronic newsletter. This will enable us to get information to you in a timelier manner. If you have a church event that you would like to advertise, send the information to