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April 8, 2013

This release is in response to questions raised over the weekend as to comments made by Chris Heisler about the status and structure of the investigation into the deaths of Mike and Cynthia McLelland and of Mark Hasse. This statement was prepared this morning following a meeting between the leadership of the joint investigation and addresses those comments. No other statements will be made in regards to Mr. Heisler or his comments. Many questions have been raised over the weekend following comments made by Chris Heisler in a press conference held at his Keller residence on Saturday. This statement is in response to those comments. The members of Mike and Cynthia McLelland’s family that the victims’ services branches of the investigation have been in contact with since Mr. Heisler’s comments were made have almost wholly responded that his self-description as family spokesperson and his statement of the family’s feelings are both inaccurate and unauthorized. While we appreciate and applaud Mr. Heisler's efforts to promote the honor and memory of this nations' fallen heroes and protectors, it must be remembered that Mr. Heisler is not a law enforcement officer and is not affiliated with the investigation into the deaths of Mike and Cynthia McLelland or Mark Hasse in any manner. All official information about the investigation, including information about the structure of the investigation, will be released through official media spokespersons from the Kaufman County Sheriff's Office, the Kaufman Police Department, the Texas Department of Public Safety, or the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Any information released about the investigation by any other source, including Mr. Heisler, is not official and is purely speculative in nature. The investigation into the deaths of Mike and Cynthia McLelland has been, from the onset, a collaborative effort between the Kaufman County Sheriff's Office, the Texas Rangers (Texas Department of Public Safety), and the Federal Bureau of Investigation - and it continues to be the same. The leadership of the three agencies remains committed to the current structure and is working together in all aspects of the investigation. We are being assisted by several other federal and state agencies in a team effort to successfully investigate this case and bring it to a resolution. As it was pointed out before, each of these law enforcement agencies has unique strengths and investigative expertise that are being utilized to complement each other in order to have a more efficient and effective investigation. The focus of the joint investigations into the deaths of Mike and Cynthia McLelland, as well as Mark Hasse, has been on investigating the crimes committed – nothing more, nothing less. That focus will remain the same until the investigation concludes. We understand and empathize with the desire of those concerned about the investigation to receive updates and information. Unfortunately, that desire not only lies with the media, the public, and the family of Mike and Cynthia McLelland and of Mark Hasse. That desire also lies with the person(s) responsible for these murders and in those who would like to hinder the investigation. Because the investigation is ongoing, we cannot – and will not – release any information about the investigations that we

Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office 1900 East Highway 175 Kaufman, Texas 75142 (972) 932-4337

feel will jeopardize the integrity and security of the investigation or of the safety of those dedicated officers involved in it. There have been many questions posed about the level of security being provided for our citizens and our elected officials in Kaufman County. For the same security reasons that we will not release specific information on the investigation, we will also not address specific questions about the security measures being taken. Measures are being taken to enhance the security and protection of not only the residents of Kaufman County, but also of the many people who visit our courthouse on business every day. While many resources are being focused on the investigations into the murders of Mike, Cynthia, and Mark, the daily police operations continue in the communities and rural areas of our county. The outpouring of assistance from local, federal, and state law enforcement agencies outside the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office, the Kaufman Police Department, the Texas Rangers, and the FBI have enabled the investigation to go strong and stay focused – while still allowing us to tend to the daily law enforcement needs of the area.

Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office 1900 East Highway 175 Kaufman, Texas 75142 (972) 932-4337