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Banglalink began operations in bangladesh in february 2005. In a very short time Banglalink become second largest cellular service provider in Bangladesh

Banglalink currently has 14.22 million subscribers as of march 2010, representing a market share of 26%.

In August, 2006, Banglalink became the first company to provide free incoming calls from BTTB for both postpaid and prepaid connections.

Banglalink’s license is nationwide 15-year GSM license and will expire in November, 2011.

Its mission is to “understand Peoples need best and will create and deliver appropriate communication services to improve Peoples life and make it easier”

Functional Departments of Banglalink
Sales department Marketing department Human resource department Customer care department Billing and It department Administrative department Technical department Finance department • Internel-operational communiction

Implement effective way of communication to ensure the flow of information to all the levels of organization so that all important issues are communicated to the staff timely and properly.

Raise any point or idea of concern with a manager. Outdoor/Visibility All sorts of Billboard. • They set up individual objectives at the start of the year and is completed by evaluating performance after the completion of the business year. • • • • • • • • • Communicate in such a way that divers audience can understand both in writing and verbally. festoons. External communication activities. posters. placard comes under this heading. The brand name is now so popular that only by seeing the tiger strips people understand it is Banglalink™ • TV . • Regularly make face to face contact with individuals and groups to give support and recognition of performance. Lateral communication Internal communication channels External-operational communication means business’s communication with people and group of outside the business. • Ensure that the existing methods allow the free flow of information upward and downward. • Ensure that equal opportunity exist for each member of staff to receive and give information. downward communication.• Ensure all the information as far as possible. upward communication. is communicated internally before externally. Banglalink™ billboard now can be found almost everywhere in Bangladesh.

• Press & Publications Banglalink™ spent maximum amount for press and publications than the other mobile phone operators in Bangladesh. Tariff card. Events like Dhaka University Branding (in front of Charukola road). According to internal research of Banglalink™ the maximum attention of the customer is gained from the Press & publications.Television commercial is a very important means of communication in this electronic world. • Gift Items . The concept of radio ad already been praised among the different rural customer groups. Animation is often used in commercials. 2006 Banglalink™ starts giving ads in the radio in order to target the customers in the rural places. All sorts of leaflet. musical event at Sohid Minar. Events are run for publicity of the company. • Pos Materials . Showrowardi Uddan Branding. In order to communicate people properly TV commercial is a mast for a mobile company. • Radio Ad From March. • Events & Sponsorship Banglalink™ arrange color full events in pohela Boishak all over the country. printing materials comes under these criteria. water kingdom concert are few of the events of Pohela Boishak. on in the Independence Day the Banglalink™ color ad went to 22 daily newspapers. Like the competitors Banglalink™ also has series of TV ads for its different sorts of packages and VAS services. Ad also goes to different types of magazines also. Pos materials mainly help the customer to understand the product & services offered by the parent company. Fantasy kingdom concert. Now people spent a good amount of his/her time watching TV.

Scarf distribution Handbag distribution • Customer care department Banglalink ensures the quality of services and fulfills the demand of customers with just one call. Show piece. • Sales promotion Banglalink arrange conference every year among the dealers. The gift item helps the company in public relation. wholesalers and retailers. Company distributes their product (SIM. & Jacket produced for the clients. Scratch. T-shirt. watch. Cash card) among the whole salers and retailers by maintaining the excellent relationship.bangladeshinfo. . All the gift items are marked with Banglalink™ logo. having over 1076 customer care touch points to serve the customers. Mug. calendar. Web site like . and www. • Web Based Communications Advertisement of Banglalink™ in the renowned web sites is also been conducted. I-top. Gift items like key are few examples of web base ad campaign of Banglalink™. Unlimited GPRS facility etc. Banglalink has increased its customer service presence and visibility all across the country. CD.tigerscricket. They always try to influence and convince them for creating a market demand and sale their product. • Personal selling Banglalink uses personal selling in different stages of marketing anddistribution. Other facilities like National University's result. pen.Different types of gift items are given to the clients and employees of Banglalink™. • Banglalink offers bonus taka such as if any Banglalink subscriber recharge 300 tk for this purpose he or she will get 345 tk. Banglalink supports to various organizations officers and staffs through corporate services. Diary. load shading update.

For all employees and their family. They make face-2face contact. memos. Banglalink’s license is anationwide 15-year GSM license and will expire in November. telephone. was granted license in 1989 to operate in the rural areas of 199upazilas. aggressive improvement of network quality and effective communication that emotionally connected customers with Banglalink. It has been possible because of the strong communication activities of the company. Banglalink organize a full day family program where a total of 3581 employees and their family members attended in four different venues of the country. Banglalink offers negotiable price for large volume of customer • Employees communicate to each other and exchange their feelings. . Sheba Telecom (Pvt. brochures etc. Orascom Telecom Holdings purchased 100% of the shares of ShebaTelecom (Pvt. • Conclusion Banglalink became the fastest growing mobile operator of the country. Face-to-face: team meetings or briefings. • • • • • Formal network Electronic: email. In September. informal network transmit messages in a multi-directional manner. magazines. conferences.) Limited changed its name as Orascom TelecomBangladesh Limited. SMS Print: reports. 2005. 2004.Managing detailed information about individual customer and carefully managing all customer “touch point” to maximize customer loyalty. voicemail.) Limited (“Sheba”). 2011. 2008. verbal and non-verbal communication.  Sheba Telecom (Pvt. Company also organize some people involvement activity. matching its parent company name . This milestone was achieved with innovative and attractive products and services.) Ltd. intranet. round-table discussion etc.In March. It was acquired for US$ 60 million and re-brandedand launched its services under “Banglalink” in February. Grapevine leaps from department to department and jump between various management level.