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by Joan McGowanMichael

For those buxom Knitty babes who wished for another design to suit their fuller forms, I submit for your perusal the Zaftig! Bralette. Shown on a dress form that is an actual 36D, this sexy little top is the perfect piece for lounging, sunning, sleeping or ...? The surprise here is that Zaftig! is actually two of my men's Thongth-thong pouches turned upside down and knitted onto one midriff band! Talk about doing double duty! Cotton/elastic yarn gives light support while a hidden wide elastic inner band lends added control. For a refresher in the execution of short rows, see the tutorial in the Summer 2003 issue of Knitty.
photos: Joan McGowan-Michael

34 C-D [36D-DD, 38DD-E] Note: To fit a larger ribcage, add more stitches when casting on for midriff band. (example: 11 extra stitches will add 2 extra inches)

Cascade Fixation [98.3% cotton, 1.7% spandex; 100yds per 50g ball]; color: 9478; 2 balls US 5[3.75mm] 24-inch circular needle 1 US H/ 5mm crochet hook 2 Stitch Holders Stitch marker 2" elastic, enough to fit comfortably around ribcage 0.5" ribbon, long enough to fit comfortably around ribcage and tie into a bow Tapestry needle Sewing needle and thread

22 sts and 40 rows = 4" in stockinette stitch

Left Cup Cast on 8 stitches. Work in garter stitch for 10 inches (this will be the neck strap). Switch to stockinette st and, starting with a RS row, increase as follows: (K1, m1) 3 times, k2, (m1, k1) 3 times. [14 sts] P 1 row. Next row: (k2, m1) 6 times, k2. [20 sts] P across 10 sts, place marker, p to end. PLEASE NOTE: It is important to read through the next 2 sections thoroughly before continuing. Short Row Sequence: *Row 1: with RS facing, work to last 2 sts. Wrap the next st and turn. Row 2: work to last 2 sts. Wrap the next st and turn. Row 3: work to last 3 sts. Wrap the next st and turn. Row 4: work to last 3 sts. Wrap the next st and turn. Row 5: work to last 4 sts. Wrap the next st and turn. Row 6: work to last 4 sts. Wrap the next st and turn. Row 7: work across all sts on left needle, picking up wrapped sts. Row 8: work across all sts, picking up remaining wrapped sts. Repeat from * 8 [ 9, 10] times .

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AT THE SAME TIME, inc 1 on each side of marker every 4 th row 16[18, 20] times. 52[56, 60] sts Place all sts on holder. Right Cup Work right cup as for left cup. Midriff Band Knit across all sts on both holders. 104[112, 120] sts Cast on 66[70, 74] sts for a total of 170[182, 194] sts and join into a circle, making sure work is not twisted. Work in the round in stockinette st until band measures 2.25 inches from cast-on sts. Bind off.

With crochet hook, work 1 row single crochet around all edges. Weave in ends, and steam lightly with steam iron. With tapestry needle, work a row of X-shaped stitches around inside of midriff band 2" high for elastic casing. Run elastic through casing and cut to size -- elastic should fit snugly, but not tightly. Secure ends with needle and thread. Thread tapestry needle with ribbon and weave in and out under bust as shown in photo for decorative ties. Tie straps behind neck for a halter look.

Joan McGowan-Michael is the owner of and designer for White Lies Designs. See more of her romantic designs at

Pattern & images © 2004 White Lies Designs -- Joan McGowan-Michael. Contact Joan.

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