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North Tower (7th floor), Plot-107, Sector-7, Uttara, Dhaka-1230. Hereinafter called the -------- 1st Party Khandaker Catters, 343 Kowla Moddho Para, Dakhin Khan, Uttara, Dhaka. Hereinafter called the -------- 2nd party The second party offers the 1st party to supply food (lunch and tiffin) for the employees of offices (HOP LUN Bangladesh Ltd.) and 1st party cordially accepts the offer under the following terms and condition hereafter. Both party mutual agreed as follows: Terms & Condition: 1. The conduct would valid for the period of 06 (Six) month with effect of 1st November 2012. 2. Food would be supply Lunch rate 55/= taka per meal. Special lunch rate 80/= taka per meal. Tiffin rate 17.5/= taka per meal. 3. Tasty curry would be supplied as menu, quality and quantity. 4. 2nd party would supplied food as following menu: Weekly Menu Schedule SL. NO. 01 02 03 04 05 06 Day Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Lunch Items Rice, Fish/Egg, Vegetable, Daal Rice, Beef/Chicken, Vazi, Daal Rice, Fish, Vharta, Daal Rice,Beef/Chicken, Vegetable,Daal Rice, Fish, Vazi, Daal Tiffin Items Noodles Shingara, Puri Chicken Boon Shamocha, Puli Vegetable Roll Sharma/Luchi

5. Cooked food would be supplied at the quantity of per head 50 gms beef , 60 gms chicken, 75 gms fish, 100 gms vegetable, 100 gms varta and 20 gms pulse approximately continue to daily menu. 6. Special dish kichuri with chicken vuna, egg vuna last working day of each week. 7. In future rate, menu and other terms & condition will be changed by decided upon mutual understanding by the both parties. 8. The 2nd party will submitted the bill for the month of food providing by the 1st week for the following month and the 1st part would pay the 2nd party within 7 days from the date of received of bill. 9. Bill would be paid subjects deduct all VAT and TAX as per government policy. 10. C-TART Both the parties agreed to include the following clauses in addition the existing agreement. The 1st party will provide all types of support in formulation and implementation of security to 2nd party. The 2nd party will verify all staff/employee background and each law permit check, criminal record on a periodical basis. The 2nd party will evaluate their organization and provide report to HOP LUN (Bangladesh) Ltd. The 1st party will conduct evolution, give corrective action plan and follow up. That the 2nd party will develop and implement a sound security plan, policy and procedure to cover security mater related to physical security to their premises access control mechanism procedure security mater on personal security recruitment business operation, document safety, operational safety, education and training etc.

11. The 2nd party will provide lunch between 12.30 pm to 2pm and tiffin between 4pm to 5 pm. 12. The 2nd party would supply food by following all hygienic issues, i.e. clean gloves, caps, quarterly health check (Health certificates) 13. The 1st party will not entertain any excuse against short supply/ delay of food during lunch / tiffin time. If short supply delivered then 2nd party arrange within thirty minutes. Otherwise 1st party shall have every right to impose financial penalty upon the 2nd party. 14. If price of the commodities will increase during contract period then 1st party will have to increase the price of lunch and tiffin menu consult with 2nd party mutually. 15. The 2nd party will preserve the cooked food kitchen with utmost cleanliness. To ensure that the cooked food is suitable for human consumption, the cooked food must be kept covered and must be taste before distribution of consumption. 16. The both parties shall have the right to terminate the agreement. If any of the parties wishes to exercise the right 01-months prior notice must be given to the other party. 17. If the 2nd party violates any terms laid down in the agreement it will be liable to be reasonably penalized as the 1st party thinks fit and proper. And the 1st party shall also be able to cancel this agreement for violating the terms and conditions without assignment any reasons thereof. 18. Both the parties agreed to introduce the token/coupon system. 19. The 2nd party as per law of their staff weekly holiday must maintain minimum wages, OT calculation, salary, leave, and working hour. 20. Menu would be changed due to natural crises, if it so, written submission would be placed before 7 days for the consent of 1st party.

In witness both the parties read out all the terms and condition understood clearly and put their seal and signature as ascent on this agreement.