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Welcome to Kerala Association Derry-Londonderry

Kerala Association Derry-Londonderry is a not-for-profit community organization that brings together and works for the socio-cultural development of the Indian Malayalee (Keralite) community residing in Londonderry city council and surrounding areas. Kerala Association Derry-Londonderry is neither politically nor religiously motivated and fully supports and promote equality and good relations as understood in Section 75 of NI Act 1998. The Association is registered as a charity organization in Northern Ireland (Reg.No. - XT26306). A group of people from Kerala, have been a part of LDerry life for quite a while, with around 80 families living in the city area. The need for a common platform as a community group has been long since felt, and with this in mind, Kerala Association Derry-Londonderry was formed on 20th September 2008.The Association organizes various cultural events and traditional festival celebrations by conducting many activities and events which will help its members to interact with each other and with members from various local communities and will provide an ample opportunity for the members especially for the young generation to understand, develop and display their talents and skills.

Our Activities
The Kerala Association organizes various cultural events and traditional festival celebrations by conducting many activities and events which will help its members to interact with each other and with members from various local communities and will provide an ample opportunity for the members especially for the young generation to understand, develop and display their talents and skills.

Aims and Objectives

-The Association aims to assist the Indian Malayalee (Keralite) community residing in LDerry city council and surrounding area. -The Association aims to promote the culture and interest of the Indian Malayalee (Keralite) community to all inhabitants of the area regardless of background. -To act and work for the welfare, integrated development and co-ordination of Indian Malayalee (Keralite) community members in L,Derry. -To take independent decisions and act as a spokesman for Indian Malayalee (Keralite) community as and when needed. -To assist and promote equality and good relations as understood in Section 75 of the NI Act 1998.

Our Mission

The Mission of Kerala Association Derry-Londonderry is to promote the social and cultural well-being of Indian Malayalee (Keralite) Community residing in LDerry City Council and surrounding area by preserving and maintaining the rich culture, heritage and values of our mother land, KERALA.


Kerala is a state located in the south-west region of India on the Malabar cost. Kerala was formed on 1st November 1956 by the States Reorganisation Act by combining various Malayalam- speaking regions. Kerala is made up of 14 districts as seen in the map above. Thiruvananthapuram is the state capital among the 14 districts; other major cities include Kochi, Kozhikode, Kollam and Thrissur. Kerala has a population of 33.3 million and is spread over 15,005 square miles. Kerala is a tourist destination: the backwaters, beaches, Ayurvedic tourism, and tropical greenery are among its major attractions. Kerala produces 97% of the national output of black pepper and accounts for 85% of the area under natural rubber in the country. Coconut, tea, coffee, cashew, and spicesincluding cardamom, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmegcomprise a critical agricultural sector. See Page 16 for more about Kerala.


A Message from the Editor..

Culture spotlight seems to be the top of these days and a key event as far as India and UK is concerned. There has always been a western cultural interest in India, with portrayals ranging from the Bollywood esque bombardment of colours in Bride and Prejudice to the gritty realism of Slumdog Millionaire. Recent films like The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Life of Pi and Midnights Children have explored Indias colonial heritage, religious diversity and unique philosophy of life. Such Cultural showcasing looks set to only increase, the influence in shaping the perceptions of the country held by the average westerner. It is truly exciting in many ways. Its an acknowledgement that India is rising and demonstrates an increased willingness on the part of India to exploit its inherent cultural appeal. It allows for a huge sense of pride in a country reaching deserved recognition as culturally rich and alluring. Of course, the cultural spotlight on India is not always going to be a comfortable phenomenon. Many western films choose to focus on aspects of India that the country would rather hide, prompting mixed reactions at home and abroad. Given the contrast between the India of Slumdog Millionaire and that of Life of Pi, it is no wonder that watche rs of India, as it is characterised through cinema, are unsure of what to make of it. Derry~Londonderry has made history in July 2010 when it was awarded first UK City of Culture 2013. It aims to act as catalyst to build the economy of the region and deliver a lasting legacy for the people and economy. Being designated UK City of Culture for 2013 enables the city to accelerate the pace of change and provide a new story for the city to tell to the world. The city intends to grow its digital capacity adding to the range of global companies who already do business here.. So let us as Indian/UK residents enjoy the richness of culture from both ends. Thus, let us enjoy Mayooram!!

Editor, Raichel Rajan


Derry~Londonderry City of Culture 2013

Derry-Londonderry has made history after winning its bid to be the first ever UK City of Culture in 2013. The momentous win means that in 2013 Derry-Londonderry will play host to a year-long celebration of culture in the city, opening its doors to visitors from across the world. Four shortlisted cities vied to host the prestigious UK City of Culture 2013 were Birmingham, Derry, Norwich and Sheffield. Derry-Londonderry won the honour and will spend the year hosting special events and festivals to place the city firmly on the map. Historical Derry is one of the oldest cities in Northern Ireland. The name Derry originated from the Irish word doire, but when the city was colonized by the London Trades Guild, they decided to rename it DerryLondonderry. This year, the city of Derry will host and entertain almost half a million visitors with cultural events that includes music festivals, Halloween carnivals, award ceremonies, pageants and art exhibitions to name a few. The scheduled program of events will in doubt highlight the citys cultural skills and ability to the world, and also boost the economy of the country in general. Derry is where its happening this year with over 250 exciting events set to showcase the city to the world. Be it the Turner Prize awards, the Royal Ballet, a show of the London Symphony of Orchestra, theres plenty going on to suit all tastes! Here are just a few of the highlights for the City of Culture 2013; Bollywood Film Festival at Waterside Theatre Lark in the Park Car Rally on 24th of April at St. Columbs Park City of Derry Jazz & Big Band Festival on May 2nd BBC Radio 1s Big Weekend on 24th of May The Peace Bridge Race Boat Race from 1st of May to 31st of May Carnivale of Colours on 1st of June Walled City Marathon on 2nd of June One Day International Cricket at Bready of Ireland vs TBD on June 24th City of London Festival on 24th of June The Maiden City Festival 2013 on 3rd of August International World Peace Summit on 17th of September at Waterside Theatre International Boxing Tournament on 1st of September Banks of the Foyle Halloween Carnival on 31st of October Foyle Film Festival from 20th of November The Turner Prize from 23rd of October and many more




You, centre of your World Hey you, why dont you Find yourself? You, your worst Critic Hey you, why dont you Accept yourself? You, your worst Chastise Hey you, why dont you Forgive yourself? 8 An Orangutan agonizes its purpose of persistence Why dont you? , the more evolved you, do the same!!! A baby attributes his fall to his peers, for inner peace Why do you? , the more grown you, does it to yourself!!! Ellie, just 17, who exploits disability like a ladder to Prosperity Why dont you? , the more born lucky you, is so abrasive to yourself!!! Because, Like Socrates once said, Man, Know thyself Because, Like Oscar Wilde once said, To love one is the beginning of a lifelong romance Because, Like Oscar Wilde once said, "Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes." Stelby Thomas

If you are looking for a novel that makes you think, a novel which is so great then look no further than Louis Sachers award winning novel called Holes. I have read this book and I must say it was a book that made me think a lot about whats going to happen next. The style is very simple but it has a way of making you to just to keep on reading. The main story is about a very unlucky boy called Stanley Yeltsin who was sent to Camp Green Lake detention camp for a crime he did not commit. Everyday has to dig a hole five feet down, five feet across under the blazing desert sun, with not that much water. He is told that it is character-building but he soon realizes that the camp warden is searching for something hidden in the dried up lake bed. Stanley finds tiny clues along the way and how this also ties in with his familys past and future. Stanley is a very sympathetic boy but at Camp Green Lake he toughens up. The Main characters are Stanley Yelnats, Zero, Mr Sir and The Warden. As I have said this is a wonderful and a must read novel I would definitely recommend this book to 12-14 year olds.

Josh John


A cat chaser A noise maker A face licker

A fetch carrier
A tail wiggler A poo leaver A bone eater A sheep guarder
I woke when the first rays of the sun hit me. Yawning I got up and looked at myself in a rain puddle. I was tall for my age with a mop of black hair. I should tell you that were an Amazon tribe and we survive by hunting meat and our camp is under a ravine. Most hunts are at dawn or sunset and we train the children how to hunt and survive. I completed my training long ago and I decided to see if I was needed for the dawn patrol. Blinking away sleep I looked around and saw the clearing was deserted. Hey Pero! a shrill voice yelled. Grumbling I turned to around to face a scary elder, Yang. Glowering she told me to fetch her breakfast. Suddenly there was a commotion at the entrance of the ravine. Dispelling all thoughts of the elder I ran to the entrance and gaped at what I saw. A dead body. My fathers dead body. Wails broke out through camp. I was still gaping when my uncle Silas climbed up to High rock and addressed the crowd. Today our noble leader Octivans time has passed. We were out hunting as always when we spilt up into pairs and I was paired with our leader. However while Octivan was stalking a deer a tiger appeared from nowhere and struck Octivan down, slitting his throat open before the tiger fled. Silas talked with a voice as smooth as honey but I wasnt paying attention to that, I was still numb with the realization my father is gone.

A biscuit muncher
A door scratcher` A playful companion A good swimmer A snoring sleeper A fox hunter A fast racer A man lover A bad drooler.
Rejoice Rone


Silas looked down at me and I saw a vengeful smile tug at his thin lips. Silas then called out to the crowd once more We all know the ritual when the previous leader is killed by an living thing. The next leader must kill another of its species in order to gain leader status. I felt the numbness go pricked by fear and I knew I was going to have to kill a tiger. Silas announced to everyone Peros hunt will start tomorrow at sunrise. Sighing I flashed a look at my grieving mother and knew nothing will be the same ever again. So I headed for the place where I might find comfort: the medicine den. As always I breathed in the sweet scent of comfrey and gagged at the yarrow. At the back I saw two dark blue eyes. Zara looked at me wordlessly and lead me to corpse. I was choked up again to see that my father so strong looked so feeble in death. I heard Zara clearing her throat and saying I know this is hard for but if it helps he died fighting something that threatened us. I felt the lump in my throat again but I noticed something Zara arent these marks too even to be a tigers I asked. Zara looked over my shoulder and said I had a point but Silas saw it happen so it was just unnatural. She then proceeded to kick me out and told me to go pick a weapon for my ritual. I had to think about that. A blade wouldnt be much use would it? Way better to stick some arrows in the tiger first and then finish it off. I decided to ask Silas if I could borrow his polished rosewood and flintheaded arrows. I strolled over to his hut and opened the door. There was no one in. I saw the bow and arrows but my attention was captured by a tangerine colored box lurking under his bed. I reached under and pulled it out. I quickly opened it and pulled out a stick with four tiger claws implanted into the head. I realized the object I was holding had been used to kill my father. Dont even think about it a voice from the doorway said. I whipped around to see Silas smirking at me. You havent got a scrap of proof Something occurred to me and I lifted up the contraption. His eyes narrowed and spat out You can take the bow and arrows. Now get out. Very civil isnt he? Yang saw me and told me to go to bed. The moon came and went all too soon for my liking and I was woken by Silas breath Wakey Wakey the early birds gets caught by the tiger. I threw him a glare. He merely grinned maniacally so that it was a strain for his shallow cheeks. I grabbed my weapons and

walked out into camp. Many pairs of eyes look up instantly. Silas followed me out with a fake sympathetic expression. I was heading for the entrance when Silas made a surprise announcement. That I was allowed a companion. I peered at the crowd and made a decision that shocked the tribe. I picked Zara. Zara and I had been wandering through the humid jungle for hours now and still no tiger. We had scared the living daylights out of about every other animal I know but alas no tiger. I sneak a look at Zaras face and am not surprised to see her face is flushed. I tell her to go refill the water skins while I check out the clearing. I hear a twig snap and as I turn around my temper snaps too. What do you want I hurl at Silas. Silas stares at me and says To kill you and become leader and with that he lunges forward and manages to scrape me. I pull an arrow out and its over in a heartbeat. As I stare down at his body I struggle to find a shred of remorse. Tell me what you just did I look over and see Zara with a shocked expression. Quickly I explain to her everything and at the end she manages a small smile. I suddenly realize that the sun is setting and we havent kill a tiger and when I inform Zara of this, she laughs and says Pero you killed the person who killed your father which means your leader and all we have to do is go home. I smiled to myself. Finally I get to go home,

Geo George

85% of plant life is found in the ocean A bear has 42 teeth Unless food is mixed with saliva you can't taste it The most commonly used letter in the alphabet is E The names of all continents both start and end with the same letter The only continent with no active volcanoes is Australia All insects have 6 legs


There is not a THING as TRUTH

Rabindranath Tagore said, there are many facts but one truth. In this world of moral relativism and relative truth, is there a thing or principle called truth. This is not a discussion about relative and absolute truth, which in itself is a huge topic. But I want to share few thoughts about truth. Lets look at humanity, everybody lives their lives based on their understanding of truth or reality. So lets examine the beliefs of three categories of people mentioned below. 1) For many folks the truth they know is a principle called live for them selves. Their life revolves around toiling to prospering themselves by any means (by hook or by crook). Even deities are there to fulfil this purpose. Men try to please them and in return they expect their deities to answer their prayers. For these folks truth sometimes also becomes a thing called money, or pleasure etc 2) For some other folks truth is a philosophy or religion. They live their lives trying to follow those principles within that philosophy, hoping that their lives will be bettered or they could please their deities or reach a state of bliss. 3) For some other folks, truth is that they are a product of chance. They think everything evolved and someday some other evolved creatures will save them. For all the people above one thing is an undeniable fact that is one will die and death has a hold on all. For people in category 1 and 2 when death comes the truth they know is no longer true, since they cannot live for themselves. And the principle they hold fast in hope of betterment has no power to relieve them from grip of death, and that principle is no longer true. People in category 3 is worse, if they are product of chance, when they die they will not even know they existed on earth, so there is absolutely no meaning to their lives. And as scientists say universe is expanding and ripping itself apart, so eventually everything will die out. So species getting evolved into a more intelligent ones has no meaning. Since no matter how evolved species are all will end in cold death. So what is truth ultimately? Is it a thing? Is it a principle or a religion? No they cant be as they dont hold true for all time or in all places for a man or woman. Man and woman are persons with a personality this is a valid statement. So if truth is neither a thing nor a principle then it has to be a person. And there is only one person in the history of mankind who declared and told I am the truth, the way and the life. And he broke the power of death and rose from it never to die again. In that case all things exist for him and by Him and in Him we have the hope of redemption ourselves. So ultimate truth is that, truth is a PERSON. Seek this truth.

Mr. Ribu Thomas



Football is said to be the game of life, you tackle your problems, block your fears and score your points, when you get the opportunity. The game of football can be traced to as far back as the medieval period in Britain. The modern game of association football originates from the formation of The Football Association in London, England in 1863. Football or soccer, is a sport played between two teams of typically eleven players with a spherical ball. At the turn of the 21st century, the game was played by over 250 million players in over 200 countries, making it the world's most popular sport. The game is played on a rectangular field of grass or green artificial turf, with a goal in the middle of each of the short ends. The object of the game is to score by kicking the ball into the opposing goal. The Federation of Association Football (FIFA) is the international governing body of association football. Its membership comprises 209 national associations. Its headquarters are in Zurich, Switzerland, and its president is Sepp Blatter. FIFA is responsible for the organisation of football's major international tournaments, notably the World Cup. Our home country India is one of the best Football teams in Asia. The Indian team is governed by the All India Football Federation. The 1948 London Olympics was India's first major international tournament,

where a predominately barefooted Indian team lost 21 to France, failing to convert two penalties. The Indian team was greeted and appreciated by the crowd for their sporting manner. The period from 1951 to 1962 is considered the golden era in Indian football. Under the tutelage of legendary Syed Abdul Rahim, India became the best team in Asia. The Indian team started the 1950s with their triumph in the 1951 Asian Games which they hosted. Indias present captain is Sunil Chhetri. At the age of 28, Sunil plays for India and for league he plays for Churchill brothers in the I-League on loan from Sporting Clube de Portugal B. India in the mens ranking is 167 but in the womens ranking India is at an impressive 52nd position. Football in India and other countries are growing very fast and will one day be one of the most popular sport in the country. Football is a brilliant game and is certainly suggested by myself and others, it helps you keep fit and healthy and is the best or one of the best sport around.

Jermy Jomon
TOP 5 NATIONAL FOOTBALL TEAMS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Spain Germany Argentina England Italy TOP 5 FOOTBALL PLAYERS OF 2012 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Lionel Messi Cristiano Ronaldo Xavi Andres Iniesta Robin Van Persie


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Manchester United FC Barcelona Real Madrid C.F Chelsea F.C Arsenal F.C




Coming I shouted. We were all getting ready to go to Florida for a week. We packed our bags and our swimming suits too because we were going to go to a very big water theme park. Chloe, Come down stairs now . We are getting late for the flight! shouted my Mum. I rushed downstairs with my heavy, big bag and ate my breakfast as fast as I could, I am a slow eater you see and slow dresser, packer and all those other stuff so its always me who gets shouted at in the family, Anyway we said bye to the house and off we went to the airport. We went through all security checks, got our boarding pass and waited for the airline staff to call the name of our flight. At last at 2.30pm we got into the flight and sat on our comfortable seats. There were TVs in front of our seats so we were not bored at any time because there was cartoon, new movies, Hindi movies, Spanish movies and there was discovery channel even in it. We had a great time on the flight but then suddenly something scary happened! We saw one of our flight engines on fire. I heard men, women and children crying. It was so loud! I didnt cry but I was a little frightened. I didnt cry because I have seen lots of air crash investigations on the TV and this was exactly what happened and when I saw it in the TV the plane didnt crash. I was quite confident and brave but I prayed to God for nothing to happen especially to my family or myself and for nothing to happen to the people on board. The air hostess tried to calm down everyone but the people just ignored her. I felt so lousy for her! I knew how she felt when someone ignores her when she is trying to help them. Then she saw me and said I think you are very brave! I laughed and said when God is with me, I didnt need to fear about anything. Then she went away trying to calm down the people again. Then the speaker went on and the Pilate spoke to us. He said to fasten our seat belts and go to the crashing positions. When I heard that I really got scared. The pain had finally hit me. I was terrified. I got to my crashing positions, closed my eyes and said goodbye to the World. All of a sudden I saw the plane going slowly down more and more, I thought that it was going to hit the water but then I saw it landing on the runway and at once I got out of seat and shouted Thank you God Then the speaker went on again and said Welcome to Florida people! When the Pilate said that, the people clapped and hugged each other. I hugged my family so tight that they were squashed. From that day on I knew that you dont need to be scared of anything because when God is here, not to fear! After all, it was a very fun and adventurous journey. Really!!

Priya Biji



'VELLITHIRA' Revolution
Disclaimer Notice: This article will claim roughly 5 mins 33 secs and contains long sentences. Putting pen on paper is an action I rarely pursue.........well, totally true outside strict school hours, if you have correctly learned that this piece of writing is about the recent transformation of our Malayala Cinema! Many Malayali people put a halt on watching movies in their own language, not so long ago due to almost all films released being pathetically poor and formulaic, with only fans of so-called 'superstars' in the mind of people making these movies. I would rather settle for the PlayStation. 2012 has been different. Starting with 'Second Show' and departing with 'Da Thadiya'. What an year ! A fresh lease of life into the ailing industry and for the work on celluloid in their 'swantham' language. A year which pleased people with more unconventional, interesting and moving films. 128 films in total reached the viewers- a record. However, the name generally given to the revolution, I fail to understand- 'New Generation'. Fine, the arrival of many young people to the industry has contributed greatly to the revival, but I do not believe the name tag accounts for the more accomplished and experienced film makers like Ranjith. Reminder-he created our beloved 'Pranchiyettan', 'Manglassery Neelakandan' and many more appreciated characters and films. 'Spirit' and 'Bavootty' being the most recent creations. Anwar Rasheed and Anjali Menon the artists of 2012's mindblowing 'Ustad Hotel' for instance, have all came from the shade of Ranjith.(Oh, the spelling of 'Ustad Hotel' is the correct one according to it's censor certificate. 'Copyadi' has been applied widely to downgrade films which were are unconventional. I fail to understand this also. Plagiarism is wrong but someone cannot do anything without being inspired. Personally, I got the inspiration to write this piece of work after hearing some so-called Malayali 'uncles' are preventing their offsprings experiencing and enjoying watching films in their own language. I think this is pathetic as forcing children to study and parents feeling like it's their own gain. Back to 'copyadi'! Think about the way you converse, you might have a very strong Trivandrum manner of talking and you may say 'thanne' instead of 'aano'. What I am trying to convey is that you are likely to have been influenced to say it, by hearing it very often. Now, if you have watched films of Amal Neerad (Big B, SAJ Reloaded, Anwar etc), combined with a range of films in other languages, you will see similarities-some just call it 'copyadi' but still they watch it, as they know it is going to be a level above it and done more accordingly to their own taste of films. This particular film maker seems to be getting inspired to make super cool action movies by observing films in other languages. Different directors have different methods to getting inpired to make films.....well, it's what I the end of the cannot do anything without being inspired. :) I have gone bankrupt of words so i am stopping. 'Njan engane anu Bhai, Athinu enthanu By(e) Appu (Alan Placken)



Kerala, also known as Gods Own Country, is one of the most sought after places by travellers from all around the world. The cultural life of the people of Kerala is equally beautiful and is a major factor in attracting the tourists. So here I have selected for you the top ten destinations in Kerala.

1. Munnar - Munnar is without doubt the most beautiful place in

Kerala. The lush green mountains adorned by tea and coffee plantations are a sight to watch. Munnar gives you a heavenly feeling, with the thick mist surrounding you in the middle of the plantations. The nearby mountains present a spectacular view. There are also some waterfalls and trekking paths for the adventurous traveller.

2. Wayanad - Wayanad shows you how beautiful nature can be without

human interference. The mountains, the winding lanes and the thick forests on either sides give you an ethereal experience. In the Muthanga wildlife sanctuary at the heart of Wayanad, Animals like the Indian elephant, spotted dear, bison are easily spotted in their natural habitats. The Edakkal caves give you paintings that are some 4000 years old. The Bamboo forests are an excellent picnic spot. Other places of interest are Jain temple, Meenmutty waterfalls, Kuruva islands and the Soochipara waterfalls.

3. Anathapuri - Thiruvananthapuram ( Trivandrum ) is a must have

destination for every tourist visiting kerala. Kovalam, one of the finest beaches in the whole of India,is only a half an hour ride from the city. Another wonderful beach and pilgrimage centre, Varkala is also easily accessible by road. Kanyakumari is the only place in India where you can see both sunrise and sunset and it is only a two hour ride away from Trivandrum. The hillstation Ponmudi offers you a day full of beautiful sights. The Ananthapuri temple right in the heart of the city is a historic monument and is a magnificent portrait.

4.Kumarakom and Kuttanad - If you are looking for a place to relax ,to
relieve the tension that has builded up from your workload, to just enjoy peace and silence, this is the place to be . Located close to Kuttanad ,known as the Venice of the East, with its mangrove covered lagoons and houseboats made on bamboo, serving you the most delicious Kerala food , this place just amazes any visitor. Sailing through the calm waters of Kumarakom or enjoying an ayurvedic massage, life just slows down for you. Kumarakom is also a bird watchers' paradise. 5. Thekkady - Thekkady is probably the best place in Kerala to observe wildlife and hence nature. This place has it all, Elephants, deers, boars, bisons and lion tailed macaques are a common sight in the reservoir area. The tourism department offers trekking right into the heart of the forest either on foot or atop elephants. If you are more adventurous, you can take the road from Moozhiyar to Thekkadi via Gavi winding through the thickest forests of Kerala. Boating through the lake is a very pleasant experience and you can observe many waterbirds at close range. This place is ideal for wildlife photography. 15


6. Cochin - Cochin is the main gateway to South India for foreign visitors and it offers many places of interest to tourists. The ride through the lagoons in Kerala style houseboats is an unforgettable experience. The famous Bolgatty Palace and the Jewish Synagogue are situated on the banks of the lagoons. There are also places of pilgrimage like the St.Thomas Church at Malayattoor. The Thripunithura Palace is one of the biggest of its kind in the whole of Kerala. The Chinese fishing nets in the lagoons are an enchanting sight. Being the only metro in central Kerala, it also gives you great opportunities for shopping. 7.Thrissur- Thrissur or Trichur is famous for the Thrissur Pooram, one of the biggest festivals in the whole of India. The two major waterfalls of Kerala, Athirappally and Vazhachal, which have been the locations for many Bollywood films , are only a few hours ride from the city. Anakkayam, Chalakudy River etc. are other famous places. 8.Vagamon - Vagamon is a pilgrimage spot , a picnic spot and at the same time a place for adventure. Situated near the Kerala-Tamilnadu boundary, in the district of Kottayam, the main attraction of this place is the hillocks stretching over a large area, with only grass and a beautiful lake among the hillocks. This is the ideal family picnic spot. The nearby pine forests are an ideal place for romantic couples. The Kurishumala church atop a hill is a famous pilgrimage place and the trekking to the church is a very adventurous task. 9.Kollam(Quilon) - Kollam is a mixture of hills,backwaters, religion and culture.The Ashtamudi lake is the largest in Kerala and boating in the lake is a tranquil experience.The Thankasseri lighthouse built by the Portuguese is a famous historical monument.The Thenmala hills on the farside hosts the first ecotourism project in Kerala and the butterfly part is just awesome.Palaruvi falls near Thenmala is believed to have herbal ingredients mixed with the water. 10.Agastyakoodam- Agastyakoodam (Agastya Malai), a towering forested peak of 1868 metres, and adjoining forests in the tail end of Western Ghats form the most diverse and unknown ecosystem in Peninsular India. These forests, falling in the Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram districts of Kerala and the Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari districts of Tamil Nadu habours many endemic species of plants that are unique to peninsular India.The undulating hills of these area, especially those at lower elevations, are also known for their abundance of medicinal plants. A sizable proportion of around 2000 medicinal plants used in the traditional systems of medicine are found here. Trekking to the top of the hill, you can observe many rare fauna and flora in their natural habitat. This place never fails to satisfy the adventurous traveller.

Josy Augustine



Walk in the footsteps of giants

Winter looks like, frosty mornings, Sparkling cobwebs, Snowy mountains, And robin redbreasts. Winter smells like, fires in the fire place, Pine trees, Turkey dinners, And Christmas trees. Winter feels like, Cold wet snow, Warm mug of hot chocolate, Smooth ice, And cosy clothes. Winter taste like, boxes of chocolate, Yummy candy canes, Hot soups, And ginger bread girl. Winter sounds like, clicking of knitting needles and strings, Jingling bells, Dropping snowflakes, And trees rattling in the wind. Riliya Riju

Volcanic crashing and burning, sixty million years ago, led to the formation of the Giant's Causeway, a coastline that inspired artists, caused debate amongst scientists and seized the imagination of locals and visitors for centuries. The Giants causeway is made up of nearly 40,000 basalt columns that stretch out to sea, the formation of this strange landscape can be explained by science but however locals have their own story to tell: They say the Giant's Causeway was the stomping ground of the giant Finn McCool, who lived in these parts about two thousand years ago and he certainly left his mark. You can still see evidence of this in the landscape today. Visit the Giant's Causeway and explore the science, myth and legends that surround this magical place. Hear the stories of the people who have called this coastline home. Explore the fascinating history and geology and find out about the wildlife and nature that thrives in the area and what the National Trust do to help conserve this special site. Watch the Giant's Causeway form before your eyes and spot clues to prove that Finn really did exist.

Josh John





I am going to talk about my experience in cricket. Cricket to me is a wonderful and fun sport to play. Cricket first came to my mind when I was about 7 or 8 years old I saw my cousins playing cricket and I learned from them how to play cricket. From then on I played cricket nearly all the summer days that went by. After that about two years I became quite good at cricket. Then I started playing for a cricket team in Derry called The Ardmore Cricket Club. I met lots of friends and they were really funny and challenging. I had lots of fun playing with them. And on my 10th birthday I got a cricket set with pads, gloves, some balls and a bat. I loved my birthday present and usually played with my friend when he came to my house. One of the most terrifying moments when I played cricket is that when I nearly broke my neighbours cars windscreen. It was a terrifying moment, but my friend was laughing his head off. I also went to Bready Cricket Club to practice my skills in cricket. My friend was also a great cricket player like me, but he is better at bowling and I am better in batting. We used to see who is the best at cricket was, but it has been like a tie because sometimes I win and sometimes my friend wins. But anyway it was really fun, and I am lucky to have a challenging friend. Now about my favourites, well my favourite cricket team is India and favourite player is MS Dhoni. He is the captain of team India and he is the one who let India win the 2011 World Cup. He is a fair and very hard working cricketer. I like and admire him because of his courage to support his team. I will say that he is a true a true legendary cricket player. And my second favourite cricket player is Sachin Tendulkar. A true legend in cricket and I will say that he is the best batsman ever in the cricket history. I like him because he is a great batsman. I will say you all to try out cricket and see how it feels. If you are quite good you might be able to join a cricket team. Cricket is a fantastic sport, you all have to try it out it is great!

My Cricket Life

Nithin. V. Joy
The London 2012 Summer Olympic Games were the most ambitious logistical exercise ever undertaken in the UK in peacetime. Combined with the Paralympic Games, which begin on 29 August, the Olympics have brought more than 14,000 athletes to the UK, along with 21,000 members of the media, and around 800,000 spectators. A further 2bn has been raised privately by the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (Locog), through sponsorship and ticket sales, merchandising and media rights. This covers the actual running of the Games. Altogether, the International Olympic Committee's broadcasting arm estimates that more than 100,000 hours of Olympic footage has been broadcast worldwide. Around 3,000 technical officials were involved in administering the Games. 900,000 different items of sports equipment have been used, from hurdles and javelins to trampolines and shuttlecocks. Of the 10,500 athletes competing in the main Olympics, 4,688 were women and 5,802 were men. Altogether, the Games required a workforce of around 200,000, including more than 16,000 caterers. Great Britain, which was the only team to compete in all 26 sports, contributed 542 athletes: 280 men and 262 women.

Joseph Joy


Long, long ago there lived a boy called Eric. He was a mean, greedy and nasty boy. Eric was seventeen years old, lived by himself in a bungalow. On Halloween night, when it was around quarter to twelve, Eric sat in his living room and watched a movie called The Phantom. Suddenly he heard someone talking. He thought it was just his mind playing tricks on him, so he said to himself why should I be afraid for I can clearly see that there is no one in the house except for me? It must be those nasty children, whatever it is I shall ignore it. So he sat there watching the movie. The clock struck twelve and there seemed to be no children outside. Eric heard someone calling his name this time, So Eric felt a bit shaky. He finally said who is this? but there was no reply. A few moments later, Eric saw a mysterious figure emerging from the corner of the room. It said Eric, Eric come closer, in a really deep and ghostly voice. By now Eric could see an ugly phantom! He had big eyes, a short beard, long hair, a coat that was oversized and black boot. His face looked rotten but his hands were clean. Come here said the phantom. No said Eric I shall not come, for you are a.a phantom!. I am your ancestor, Borlath and I tell you to come closer to me! After a few moments of thinking, Eric slowly came closer to the phantom. The phantom said that he would take Eric to the underworld, the world of the dead. Before Eric could say no, Borlath grasped Eric by the shoulder and pulled him into a small whirlpool. I behaved exactly like you when I was your age, dear son, and I want to tell you a very important thing that you should keep in your mind. I dont have life anymore because of what I did when I was younger. My father tried his best to change my lifestyle, but I just ignored him and ran way and now Im at this state. As they travelled through the whirlpool, Erics mind felt light, he felt as if a heavy rock had been taken out of his mind. He saw all the sins hed been doing the past seventeen years and felt guilty. Borlath saw through Eric and felt that this was enough for one night, he returned Eric back to his living room and said Good night Eric, and keep all the things Ive told you in mind. Eric waved to Borlath and Borlath disappeared into thin air. From the next day onwards, Eric was the best boy in town. He gave charities donations and went to school. Six years later, he had a very good job as a teacher and he lived the rest of his life happily

Eliza Saji



Mayooram eternal love story Naturally white and one of the rarest metals on the earth, nothing brings out the radiance of diamonds better than platinum Platinum and diamonds have an eternal relationship. Naturally white and one of the rarest metals on earth, platinum is the perfect match for diamonds. Not only is platinum one of the most enduring precious metals, it's natural white colour maximizes the brilliance of diamonds and coloured gemstones like no other. Little wonder then those notable style icons, designers and jewellery lovers in the world would prefer precious platinum over any other metal to set their precious stones. One of the rarest treasures in the world, platinum has been coveted by discerning and influential individuals for centuries. Found in very few places around the world, platinum is 30 times more rare than gold. It's the rarity that makes it both eternally precious and desirable for anyone who values one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces Platinum epitomizes eternal beauty. And every piece created is evidence of this perfection. Whether it's simple solitaire ring or an intricately designed bracelet, platinum is one of the most secure metals for precious stones. Like all other pre opus metals, platinum also scratches, but a scratch on platinum is merely a displacement of the metal and none of its original volume is lost. Platinum is an enduring metal. And that ensures that your most pre opus and valued diamond jewellery can be handed down from generation to generation as heirloom pieces. Just as beautiful as the day you bought it. Platinum, one of the most enduring and pure precious metals, is a perfect commemoration of deep love. Since time immemorial, this naturally white metal with its everlasting radiance has symbolised eternity. And just like your love, platinum promises to be with you eternally. This awe-inspiring metal is as unique as the love it celebrates. Its innate strength makes it the ideal setting for diamonds and gemstones, as it will keep your stones safe and secure forever.

Raichel Rajan

How did you go about choosing your clothes this morning? Did you grab whatever was close at hand? Maybe you wear a uniform to work? Or do you tend to wear certain clothes over and over while others remain unworn? I used to choose my clothes the night before, iron them, run a lint roller over anything that needed it and then carefully lay them out. Sometimes Id even lay out a couple of choices, but now with limited free time, how I dress both of us is largely based on whats clean! I miss the ritual of getting ready, I miss the order, and Im convinced my day goes better when I feel good in my clothes. Researchers at North western University have found that the clothing we wear directly impacts on our psychological state, our confidence and sense of self, as well as our performance levels at work. 22

These findings were taken even further as it was shown that individuals can intentionally choose to wear clothing that will enhance task-related performances. This may be why a lot of companies have done away with casual Fridays believing employees werent as productive when they wore jeans as opposed to suits. These researchers claim that clothing holds a symbolic meaning for people. For example, doctors (who wear white lab coats) are generally thought to be highly intelligent, precise, and scientific thinkers. What items of clothing make you feel confident, composed, powerful, special and most importantly, happy? Once youve identified these pieces put them on a separate shelf so youll never fall short of feeling good in your second skin.

Raichel Rajan


The technology picture in 2012 was one of consolidation. Mobile remains the central battleground in consumer technology. The Google Android mobile platform continued to grow and the devices released to run it were better than ever. The major mobile phones released with android were Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X. Apple released versions of its key mobile products - the iPhone 5 and iPad mini - that are perhaps the best designs the company has ever produced. BlackBerry and Nokia continue to struggle in the mobile market but remain alive, seeking one big breakthrough for 2013. In computers, those who weren't shifting focus to tablets were talking Ultrabooks, rather than desktops, or even notebooks. A flurry of these new computers - thin, light, highly powered reached the market in 2012. Meanwhile Apple, which arguably created the template for the Ultrabook with the MacBook Air, was turning its attention to super-high resolution displays, adding so-called 'Retina' displays to its MacBook Pro range. Elsewhere, Google was attempting to push its own template for the future of computing with the Chromebook: a laptop which simplifies life for the user by running entirely from the cloud. It was a tough year for the video games industry. There were bold new devices released, such as the Sony PlayStation Vita and Nintendo's Wii U, but both launched into a

changing world. More of us are becoming gamers but many of those new players are using their smartphones and tablets or even playing casual games on Facebook. That's not to say that there weren't some brilliant games released. Journey, for example, was unlike anything else that had gone before, while The Walking Dead pushed the boundaries in video game storytelling and digital distribution. Also FIFA 13 set new selling records. Finally, what were the big technology products of the year? For many, Samsung's Galaxy S3 was the smartphone of the year. The choice between that and Apple's iPhone 5 will be a close one for many people. Likewise, when it comes to compact tablet computers, there are three strong choices available: Amazon's Kindle Fire HD, Apple's iPad mini and Google's Nexus 7. Each one offers a slightly different proposition for a slightly different market.

TOP 5 PHONES 2012 1. Samsung Galaxy S3 2. IPhone 5 3. HTC one X 4. Samsung Note 2 5. Nokia Lumia 920

TOP 5 TABLETS 2012 1. IPad 4 2. IPad Mini 3. Google Nexus 7 4. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 5. Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

TOP 5 LAPTOPS 2012 MacBook pro 15 inch Retina Display Dell Alienware M18x R2 Sony VAIO S Series Samsung Series 9 15-inch Ultrabook Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M5-481TG-6814

Josy Augustine



For thousands of years, Indians have celebrated love in all its diversity and exuberance. It he been etched on stone, enshrined in texts, painted in senscious colours and dramatized in the performing arts. In fact, some of the most evocative descriptions of the pain and sorrow of being separated from ones beloved are go be found in Indian literature.

This is a love story from the Mahabharata in which the lovers live happily ever after. King Nal, the emperor of Nishadha Kingdom, married the princess of Vidarbha, Damayanti. Nal, an inveterate gambler, loses his kingdom and wealth to his brother in a game of chausar(a game of dice). After the loss, Nal and Damayanti are forced out of their palace and have to live a life of poverty. Unable to witness his wife's plight Nal leaves Damayanti when she is asleep. In a message he leaves behind, he exhorts her to go back and live in her father's palace. A bereft Damayanti searches everywhere for Nal but cannot find him. Distraught, she returns to her fathers palace. Years pass, till on day a maid tells her about a man in the city who plays excellent chausar. On the suspicion that it is her husband, Damayanti confronts the man. As it turns out it is indeed, Nal. The couple get back together. Later, Nal wins back hiss kingdom.

The legend from the epic Mahabharata has been retold by Kalidas in his immortal play Abhijnanashakuntalam. While on a hunting trip, King Dushyant meets Shankuntala, the daughter of a sage who lives In the forest. They fall in love and get married. Dushyant returns to his palace, with the promise to send for Shakuntala. He presents her a signet ring before leaving. One day, a hermit, Durvasa comes to the ashram. Shakuntala, lost in thought, fails to hear the guest. The sae curses her saying that he whose thoughts she was immersed in would no longer remember her. On the plea of her companions, he relents and adds a cavethe at, she would be recognised if she showed him the gift he had given her. When nobody comes to get her, Shakuntala sets out for the palace. On the way, she loses the ring. Under the spell, Dushyant fails to recognise her. The spell is broken when a fisherman finds the lost ring inside a fish he has caught and brings it to the palace. Shakuntala and Dushyant are reunited. It is after their son Bharat, that india is called Bharat.

A young trader from Bukhara in Central Asia, Izzat Baig spotted Sohni at her fathers Pottery shop near Delhi. He visited the shop everyday on the pretext of buying pottery. Soon, he told Sohni of his love and the two began to meet clandestinely. But by this time Baig has enhausted his money and had to take up odd jobs. One of them was to graze buffaloes, this is why he was nicknamed Mahiwel or the buffalo -man. When SOhnis father discovered the affair he forcibly married his daughter to a young potter. Mahiwal wanders from village to village in search of Sohni. He finds her, and the two once again begin seeing each other. Each night, Sohni crosses a river with the help of a large earthen pitcher to meet Mahiwal and returns home before dawn. One night her sister-in-law replaces the pitcher with a leaky one. It was a stormy night and Sohni is unable to stay afloat. Hearing her cries, Mahiwal jumps into the river to save her. But the current is too strong and both of them are washed away. Releasing that love is big business, retailers have tapped into the Valentine Day market. The day celebrated all over the world on February 14, is a day when friends and lovers reaffirm their bonds of love and affection. Over the last decade, the day has gained popularity in India too. Now, it is common for well-to-do urban youth to exchange cards, gifts, flowers and confectionary on this day. This is just another manifestation of a culture which has its classical and romantic artistic currents rooted in love.

Raichel Rajan





flashing screen. Unfortunately the tourist had saw Hondo and quickly dragged him inside. Why are you following me the tourist demanded. Hondo felt his throat dry and managed to croak out that he was waiting for the chance to pickpocket him. While he was speaking, his eyes kept straying to the belt that the woman was holding. He now knew for definite it was the pendant that had been stolen for sure now. The woman had her nose high in the air and told the tourist to check Hondos pockets. In doing so the tourist discovered an interesting array consisting of 30 dollars, a box of matches, 2 filthy napkins and the black gem. The tourist and the woman both gaped at the last item and glared at poor Hondo Where did you find the diamond the woman demanded. Hondo for once decided on telling the truth. I found it on the ground miss he said in a plaintive voice. The woman narrowed her eyes and told the tourist to lock Hondo up. The tourist sneered and dragged Hondo to the surprisingly large attic. The room was luxuriously furnished with one queen sized bed and velvet rosepatterned wallpaper. The tourist locked Hondo in saying This is least most comfortable room. Hondo spend a good many moments admiring the room then a good many moments wishing he had just flogged the diamond and not followed the tourist. In his desperation Hondo lashed out at the wall. To his surprise a brick moved back. Hondo felt a thrill down his spine and began to remove the bricks. Soon enough there was a pile and Hondo was in the attic of the house next door. To Hondos incredible luck there was a window in this attic and it was only a matter of sliding down a pipe to be free. Hondo now had two choices. He could get the police or attempt to get the pendant on his own. Hondo glanced at the house and reached a decision. He was going in. This time Hondo crawled up the pipe to an open window. He paused to admire the pale pink silk curtains and leapt in. The pendant had been extracted from the belt and was now on a gold chain. Its black diamond was back in its rightful place. Hondo snatched the pendant off the mahogany dresser and was going to climb out when he heard people arguing. Hondo peered out into the hallway to see the woman and the tourist arguing over what to do with him. His eyes wandered to the lock on the door with the key still in it. He struck as fast as a snake and the couple only realised the door was locked when they heard the click of the key being turned. Hondo allowed himself the pleasure of hearing them yelling for a few seconds then exited the house. Soon enough Hondo arrived at the police station, and went up to the front desk, placed the Egyptian Eye Pendant on the desk and said How much is the reward for finding this thing again?

Blinking away the sand spraying into his eyes, the tourist struggled through the sandstorm and then paused briefly staring at the battered T.V in the dusty window. The reporter was going on about a priceless Egyptian pendant that had been stolen. The pendant was in the shape of an eye made out of gleaming gold, a black diamond where the pupil should have been. Angry the tourist glared at the pyramids of Giza in the distance and wondered why he had even considered coming here and strolled away. Unknown to the tourist Hondo snickered and held aloof the darkly coloured wallet. He too noticed the T.Vs flashing screen but paid no heed as he examined his price. Smiling notoriously he walked home silently so not to bring attention to himself. Hondo made a living by stealing. He didnt consider it wrong as he only stole from tourists and he didnt appreciate them infiltrating his country. Cairo was a huge and sprawling metropolis and a dangerous one at that. Drawing his hood over his face Hondo strolled over the sandy road to the grocer. Please sir may I have a plum I can pay for it he pleaded. The grocer grinned revealing his crooked black teethCourse as long as you pay me first. Hondo quickly handed some cash over only for the grocer to turn his head away and pocket the money. Hey, where is my plum Hondo asked indignantly What plum the grocer replied innocently. Give him his plum a voice said. Hondo whipped around The tourist was glaring at both Hondo and the grocer. The grocer gulped nervously and glanced at the heavily build tourist and gave Hondo two plums and a pear. Hondo stopped himself from grinning like an idiot and walked away. Before he could get away however the tourist blocked him. Id like my wallet back. Hondo merely narrowed his eyes and handed over the wallet. The tourist proceeded to pad away. Hondo was furious. He was about to go and pickpocket the tourist once more when he noticed a thin wafer-like black spot on the floor. Hondo quickly realised it was a gem. Smirking he stuffed it into his pocket and began to trail the tourist. The tourist led him down many unfamiliar streets into the posh neighbourhood. Hondo scowled as he knew he wouldnt blend in here so he mounted a nearby tree and watched from there as the tourist passed a threshold, entering a large house. Hondo frowned but decided to sneak up to the window via the bushes leading up to the house. He peered in the window only to see a large woman with too much eye-liner waving a belt and yelling at the tourist. Hondo noticed that the belt buckle had a gold eye on it and gasped when he recalled the T.Vs



FACEBOOK Facebook was launched in the year 2004, Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and fellow Harvard University students Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes there are over 7.5 million children under the age of 13 on Facebook now in 2013 there are over 1 billion Facebook users. There are other social networking sites but Facebook is the most used and common. COMPUTERS AND LAPTOPS Computers and Laptops made the life of people easier they can go on the WWW (World Wide Web) and search for stuff they need like information for a science project, doctors also use it to keep their patients information up to date and to date I am sure most people that are reading this cant live without computers. (Internet included). EMAIL Email is a place where we can send and share pictures, documents etc. Many people have an email it is simple to make there are all sorts of email accounts you can make like Yahoo Gmail Hotmail etc. Most business men teachers and many other people use it. C2K - C2K provides the infrastructure and services to support the enhanced use of ICT in schools in Northern Ireland. Most Schools in UK uses C2K it is a fast and reliable service. It also provides C2K email. Every student and teacher in a school has it. MICROSOFT OFFICE We often use Microsoft office all the time. We use it for our school work business men use it to type and send letters to make it look professional and application forms are usually typed from MS Office there are a set of tools like Word, PowerPoint, Excel Publisher and many more There are packs of MS Office starting at the price of 82.99 it is like this there is a MS Home and Student version, MS Professional Version and MS Home and Business Version. It came out in 1990 there is a 2003 a 2007 a 2010 and now a 2013 version out. I have used Microsoft Word to type this article MOBILE PHONES Nearly all the population in the world uses a mobile phone it is made to call and text and newly made mobile phones known as smartphones can act like a mini computer listen to music and radio search the web social networking , games, youtube and also can download apps. Phones are availabile from lots of companies like Samsung Sony Apple Htc etc. TWITTER - Twitter is an online social networking service and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as "tweets". It is easiest method to be connected with famous celebrities for us people as we can follow them in twitter. EBAY Ebay is an online auction and shopping website in which people and businesses buy and sell a broad variety of goods and services worldwide. It is an easy method to sell and buy products online cheaply. INSTAGRAM Instagram is an online photo-sharing and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures, apply digital filters to them, and share them on a variety of social networking services, such as media sites including Facebook or Twitter

1. Some months have 30 days, some months have 31 days, but how many have 28 days? 2. Take two apples from three apples. How many do you have? 3. If you enter with only a match into a COLD and DARK room which has an oil lamp, an oil heater and a candle in it. Which one do you light first? 4. You are participating in a race. You overtake the second person. What position are you in? 5. Which letter of the English alphabet flies, sings, and stings? 6. What goes up and down, but still remains in the same place? 7. Name all the numbers from 1 - 100, which have the letter 'A' in their spellings? 8. Which one is correct? "Penguins flies" or "A Penguin flies" 9. Larry's father has five sons, viz. Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Forty... Guess what would be the name of the fifth? 10. 10 Birds in a field. 2 were shot, how many were left?
ANSWERS : 1.All Twelve months, 2. Two, 3. Match, 4. Second, 5. B(Bee), 6. Stairs, 7.None, 8. Neither. Penguins don't fly, 9. Larry, 10. 2, other birds flew away



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