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      The nation’s wealth to be distributed fairly Eradicate all the corrupted practice, abuse of power and nepotism Support the aspiration of the poor and oppressed Actively involved in the people struggle without expecting any return or special privilege. Equal rights, sincere development and true democracy Strongly against any attempt that try to divide the people based on race and religion.

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Udahlah tu! Tolak 56 Tahun UMNO-BN

13th General Election

A Pro People Government
People’s Interest Before Corporate. Social amenities such as healthcare, housing, education and public transport facilities should be adequately provided by the government to meet the needs of the people. Their supply shall not be commercialized for the gains of capitalists. True Democracy. The people should be involved at every level of planning and implementation of the government programmes in order for greater level of participation. Conserve And Protect The Environment. Environmental protection and conservation is everyone’s responsibility. Sustainable development that strikes a balance between meeting human needs and preserving the environment should be upheld. Exploitation of natural resource will harm our future.


ies n o r C / s e t a r o p o tC People First, No


Manifesto Pilihanraya Umum 13

Udahlah tu! Tolak 56 Tahun UMNO-BN

Main Points
PSM Specific Agenda




In the 2008 General Election, Malaysians have expressed a brave and clear message to Barisan Nasional (BN) ruling coalition which has been in power since 1957. For the first time in the history of elections, BN was defeated in 5 states. The warning for BN was that if the rakyat are not happy with their rule then the rakyat are capable and have the courage to change even the Federal government too. But it seems like, the BN government had turned a deaf ear to the rakyat’s message. We are able to see that since the 2008 election, the livelihood of the people has further deteriorated under the BN’s rule.

Policies and Programmes under BN

Subsidy of RM74 billion for the Rakyat have been withdrawn, while subsidy for corporate of RM84 billion have been maintained. Prices of goods have increased. RM 28 billion had been stolen from the Rakyat through biased contracts and tenders. The amount is 20 times the amount of Selangor state annual budget. The announced minimum wage of RM900 is lower than the union’s demand of RM1500 and it does not help to alleviate poverty among workers.
Manifesto Pilihanraya Umum 13


Udahlah tu! Tolak 56 Tahun UMNO-BN

There are no funds to assist workers when they are laid off BUT there is financial support to save corporate entities. Amended Workers Act 1955 (Akta Pekerja 1955) violates workers rights. FTA (Free Trade Agreement) with the US and EU – will destroy local industries and harm the rakyat. Low cost housing (650 square feet) price increased from RM25,000 to RM45,000 & the current affordable homes are being pegged at around RM99,000. Low quality low cost flats. Maintenance issues are becoming more serious, with no government funds to help in the maintenance of these flats. Hazardous industries that pollute the environment and endanger the Rakyat’s health such as Lynas were given operating license


BN illegally seized Perak from PR! The votes for change by the Perak Rakyat were not respected. Pornographic video to slander Opposition Leader. Racial and religious sentiment always being used to break up the solidarity of Rakyat Malaysia. Overtly dependent on foreign investors to develop the economy. BN does not prioritize production of local food source, very much dependent on imports. Privatize public services and basis utilities – water and electricity supply, hospitals and education etc. Fee charged to the public goes up with no enhancement in service quality.

 


Manifesto Pilihanraya Umum 13

Udahlah tu! Tolak 56 Tahun UMNO-BN


BN’s capitalist system has only prioritised profits for the corporate. In addition, neo-liberal policies open the economy to enslavement with the waves of globalisation. The government has been competing with other countries to attract FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) by offering cheap labour with loosely structured laws, while embarking on privatising basic services such as health and education. Cronyism ensures the political elites live in luxury by awarding contracts and licenses to themselves and their cronies.

Rulers live in luxury, while the common people suffer!
Due to this system, even though the country is rich, the people’s quality of life is affected and reduced. The disparity of income between rich and poor is increasing. The people have been divided by issues of race and religion. Crime rate has increased. The environment has been compromised and destroyed for the benefit of the corporate.


Manifesto Pilihanraya Umum 13

Udahlah tu! Tolak 56 Tahun UMNO-BN

In the 13th General Elections, the rakyat of Malaysia collectively have the opportunity to make changes at the central government level. In the 13th General Elections, vote for PR at state and Central level to provide the opportunity for PR to helm Federal Territories. PR is currently governing 4 states – Kedah, Penang, Kelantan and Selangor. The PR government is way far better in instituting pro people policies than BN. The financial management is far more efficient and less wastage as compared to BN. In addition, all civil servants in Selangor are paid a minimum wage of RM1500 monthly. Therefore in the 13th General Elections, let us all choose PR as the ruling coalition at the Federal and state level. In this General Elections let us show the people’s power can defeat the BN, and if tomorrow PR shows anti-people sentiments then we will also change them. We let people power rule for the people’s power is the most powerful.

Let people’s power prevail. LET’S VOTE FOR A PRO PEOPLE GOVERNMENT!


Manifesto Pilihanraya Umum 13

Udahlah tu! Tolak 56 Tahun UMNO-BN


The 13th General Ele
Guarantees the rights of workers

    

 

Minimum wage of RM1500 8 hours of work and overtime (OT) without coercion Amendment to Employment Act so that the sections that reduce workers’ rights are withdrawn To limit contractual work to seasonal and temporary work. Initiate pension scheme for workers in private sectors. While waiting for the implementation, a monthly RM200 will be remitted to senior citizens who do not receive government pensions Automatic recognition for workers right to association and to simplify the procedures for them to establish an association (union). To establish special workers assistance fund to provide relief for workers terminated from work Improve rights and services for migrant workers, and provide protection for them from oppressive employers


Manifesto Pilihanraya Umum 13

Udahlah tu! Tolak 56 Tahun UMNO-BN

ection Manifesto of PSM
To halt the privatization of public services
 

 

  

To halt privatization of government hospitals and health support services To improve conditions of government hospitals and control the growth of private hospitals which is motivated by maximum profits The public commodities including water and electricity will be managed by the Rakyat. Control the decline of quality education due to the increasing number of private higher learning institutions. Abolish toll concessions to corporations Nationalise all highways in the country Stop the intention to implement Goods and Services Tax (GST) Stop Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with the United States and European Union to protect local industries and to maintain import tariffs.


The 13th General Ele
Adequate, Quality Housing for the Rakyat

 

 

Stop forced evictions of urban settlers and to offer alternative public housing where needed. Housing prices to be controlled so that people with lower income are able to own homes. The government needs to provide subsidies and retain the purchase value at RM25,000. The government to takeover maintenance of low-cost flats by charging reasonable assessment rate such as ownership of low-cost terrace houses. Monthly maintenance fees to be abolished. Building of flats are disallowed if there is sufficient land to build terrace houses. The construction of people’s housing following a single or double-storey is prioritised. To create a hire-purchase housing system to enable the lower income citizens to own their homes. Make compulsory for plantation employers to implement home ownership schemes for estate worker within 2 years after the plantation is developed. The housing lots in the Chinese new villages must be given freehold titles at a reasonable premium.


Manifesto Pilihanraya Umum 13

Udahlah tu! Tolak 56 Tahun UMNO-BN

ection Manifesto of PSM
Stop the Politicizing of Race and Religion
   

Implement programmes to help families, irrespective of race, with income lower than RM3,000 a month Increase the usage of Bahasa Malaysia as the national language so that the Rakyat (marhein) are able to share perspectives. Guarantee the right to learn mother tongue language of every race freely without any restriction. Guarantee the religious freedom for every citizen as per the Federal Constitution to practice one’s own religion according to one’s individual aspiration. To enact Social Inclusion Act to address serious marginalization within Malaysian society

Eliminate Corruption and Abuse of Power

   

The Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) will be restructured to ensure it is really independent from the control from the Executive’s power and Attorney-General. Revive local council elections. Every Member of Parliament, State Assemblymen and Councilors of local councils has to declare their assets annually. Parliamentarians should be barred from involving in government project to avoid conflict of interest. Amend the Freedom of Information Act to provide avenues for the Rakyat to seek information on public issues.


The 13th General Ele
Guarantee the Production of Local Food

  

Promote and support local food production to guarantee food security. Reduce the dependency on foreign corporations to provide essential food. To provide land ownership to all legitimate agricultural settlers to increase the supply of vegetables and local fruits. Provide constructive support and protect the small scale fishermen as well as protecting the fishing industry from sea pollution and corporate fishing method that harmed the fish supply. Allocate green fields with basic facilities for small and medium-sized breeders.


Manifesto Pilihanraya Umum 13

Udahlah tu! Tolak 56 Tahun UMNO-BN

ection Manifesto of PSM
Recognise the Orang Asal’s Rights (Sabah, Sarawak & Semenanjung Malaysia)

 

 

To recognize customary land of Orang Asal and to give land grants in the name of the communities in the respective villages. Halt all logging activities on the Orang Asal’s land. Ensure that all the Orang Asal villages have basic facilities and services including schools, clinics, public roads, water and electricity. Assist them in taking over all plantation projects operating in their land and build-up their capacity in order for them to have ownership on these projects. Provide the Orang Asal communities with full authority in electing their Tok Batin or Village Heads democratically. Ensure the participation of Orang Asal in all policy making processes, development plans and distribution of aid to their communities. Respect the Orang Asal’s way of life and culture including their rights to practice their own culture and religion of their own.


The 13th General Ele
Protect the Environment
 

Every development project must be approved with strict preconditions to prevent damages to the environment. Gazette all green fields, buffer zone and primary forests to ensure they are not grabbed and changed to some forms of private land use. Water catchment in particular, should be protected. Local development projects will only be carried out with the consent of the local residents. The Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) must be conducted with transparency and free from the developer’s influence. Experts that conducting the EIA study must be appointed and paid by the government itself and not by the developer. Serious transportation planning is needed. A more efficient and cost effective public transport system must be provided to reduce the usage of private vehicles. Implement a comprehensive systematic approach to recycle wastes. Serious studies are needed to be conducted for alternative source of energy and ban the proposal of nuclear technology usage. Stop the operation of Lynas Malaysia.

 

 


Manifesto Pilihanraya Umum 13

Udahlah tu! Tolak 56 Tahun UMNO-BN

ection Manifesto of PSM
Strengthen Democratic Institutions
    

Safeguard everyone’s human rights regardless of race, background, gender and sexuality. Abolish all draconian laws Safeguard press freedom Ensure a free and fair election Safeguard judiciary freedom. Reform judiciary system so that the appointment and promotion of judges are free from political influences. Ensure the right to assembly in line with the Federal Constitution.


Relationship between

*Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) sees Pakatan Rakyat (PR) as partner or comrade in defeating the public enemy UMNO-Barisan Nasional (BN) in the 13th General Election. PSM will be working together with all the opposition parties, NGOs and other community groups in battling against the UMNO-BN regime that had ruled for the past 56 years. *In Parliament, State Assemblies and Local Government Councils – PSM’s representatives will support PR (PR Friendly parties) and take an independent position if there is any position that is opposed to the PSM principles . *There are ideological differences between PSM and PR, as there are also ideological differences among the existing PR component parties. PSM will work together with PR in issues of common interest. *PSM is also involved in various campaigns together with PR and networks with other parties in various coalitions in various issues such as the campaign against privatization of public hospitals, Anti Good and Service Tax Campaign, Abolish ISA Coalition, Protest Against Petroleum Price Hike and many more.


Manifesto Pilihanraya Umum 13

Udahlah tu! Tolak 56 Tahun UMNO-BN

*Partnership between PSM and other opposition parties such as the DAP, PAS and PKR had been strongly build for the past 10 years and relationship between the leaders and members had been in good term. *PSM will form an electoral alliance with PR which will ensure that: 1. 2. PSM will support all PR’s candidates PSM is ready to use a logo together with PR if there is any in the coming 13th General Election and if there is none, then PSM will use it’s own party’s symbol that is the Fist. 3. 4. PSM endorsed PR’s Manifesto and Buku Jingga. PSM will also retain its own manifesto If the election pact cannot materialize for some reasons, PSM, however, will continue to support PR candidates in all constituencies except in those constituencies that PSM will also be contesting.



If the PSM candidate wins in any state assembly/ Parliamentary constituency, the candidate will: Open a Public Service Centre to receive and act upon immediately to assist the complainant. Visit the local area with emergency needs the soonest possible. Establish residents’ committee in every area facing problems and work with the community to overcome the problems. Initiate a process to have a People’s Negotiation Council (Majlis Perundingan Rakyat) which is a coalition between all residents’ committee in the respective DUN/parliament constituencies. MPR will convene at least twice a year.
24 Manifesto Pilihanraya Umum 13

Udahlah tu! Tolak 56 Tahun UMNO-BN

Declare Parliamentarian’s asset annually. Publish an informative bulletin every 4 months to inform the local communities about activities and issues actively pursued by the representative. Act as a full-time Parliamentarian (Wakil Rakyat) full-timely. Will not hold any positions in any corporate bodies. Will always practice transparency and honesty in all responsibilities. The elected representative will always be with the Rakyat and champion their cause. Will live simply and not subscribe to a luxurious lifestyle.


Declaration to fulfil promises of the PSM Manifesto if the candidate win the oncoming General Election

We ask the rakyat to obtain a black and white signed declaration of all promises in the PSM Manifesto as follows: I, _______________________________, PSM candidate for the Parliament/State Assembly seat of _______________________ am declaring that I will strive my fullest and take all steps necessary to fulfill the promises made in the PSM 2013 Election Manifesto.

Signature of Candidate

Signature of the Representative

………………………………….. Name: IC: Constituency:

……………………………………….. Name: IC: Constituency:

Signature of Witness

………………………………….. Name: IC:


Manifesto Pilihanraya Umum 13

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