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Email: Feedback Disclaimer: Of course I dont own these guys. Only in my dreams... Distribution: Sure, but you have to ask me. Or, you know, kinda run it by me in the form of a question. With me answering. Spoilers: This is an AU, people. Rating: NC-17 fic, language, violence (abuse and rape), and sexual content. Feedback: Oh, pretty, pretty please!!! Summary: Buffy is married to Riley, has been for eleven years. They lived in Iowa for the ten and moved to California for the last year, where Sunnydale doesnt exist... Guess who Buffy sees? Awards Won: Winner Best AU Fic at The BGA, Round 1 Winner Best AU Fic at The EFA, Round 2 Runner Up Best Overall Fic at WTSSA Runner Up for Best Romance at The Chosen Awards, Round 5 Best Romance at The Lie To Me Awards, Round 2 *** Buffy Summers-Finn had never seen her husband so angry in all of their eleven years together. His face was red and his hands were clenched in fists, as if ready to punch her to death. She cringed as his eyes settled on her. Where the fuck have you been? His voice was cold as he demanded her whereabouts and Buffy swallowed harshly as she realized he knew. Oh, god, how did he know? I said where the fuck have you been? Buffy opened her mouth to reply and was cut off as his slap hit her square in the cheek. The force of his hit rocked her to her core and she lost her balance and fell to the ground in a crumbling heap. She looked up at him in shock, holding her cheek. Dont you dare lie to me, you little slut! How dare you! Did you think you could keep doing this and I wouldnt hear about what youve been doing? Riley raged, staring down at his deceiving wife before grabbing her by her shoulders and shaking her. Buffy cried out in pain from his violent shakes and she couldnt stop the tears from flowing down her cheeks. How did he find out? *** Five Weeks Earlier Buffy parked her 1997 Jeep in the parking lot of the coffee shop her friend owned and locked it before walking inside. Deep down she knew that she could really care if anyone even thought twice about stealing it. It was old and was having trouble starting anymore. She knew she needed a new car and knew Riley wouldnt dream of buying her one. He was, in point of fact, the one who worked and put the food on the table.

She remembered with perfect clarity when he voiced that he had been brought up to believe that the women stayed home and tended to the housework and the children, never working or making a living for herself. That had been in Iowa where the women were all the same and were expected the same of. For the ten years shed lived there with her husband, she had been in hell. They had never had children and rarely even tried anymore, leaving her to stay home and do absolutely nothing. Bored out of her mind, shed started writing. And that was why they were back in California. Shed been talking to Willow, who still resided in California and owned the coffee shop/bookshop where she was headed, and had accidentally mentioned that she was writing here and there. Willow had finally persuaded her to send her what shed written and then had given it to one of her employees who gave it to an editor. Shed been called out of the blue a week later and was told her that they wanted her book to be published. Shed been shocked and when she told Riley, hed been angry. He wondered why a woman would even want to write anything. Much less anything remotely interesting. Shed gaped at him. She never realized that his outlook on women had been so ... well, negative. She knew that his family was old fashioned, but god, was it really that bad. They never saw his parents and rarely saw hers, who lived in California. Her joy and excitement at finally coming back home had been intense for Buffy. She didnt truly realize how settled shed become in the boringness of Iowa and was happy beyond belief to be back home. She was finally back with her true family, her best friends and the familiar beach and sun. It was absolutely wonderful. And of course, Riley hated it. Every night when he came home from his job as a Student Teacher at UCLA, he begged her to reconsider going back to Iowa. She said no and that she was more than ready to build her own life in California again. This lead up to many arguments and she ended up kicking him out of the bed and onto the couch in their apartment. That is, until he got sick of it and forced himself into their bed, where she finally went to the couch herself. The negative strain on their relationship was exhausting and Buffy threw herself into more writing and spent most of her time at Willows coffee shop. Tonight was one of those nights. She had her new laptop with her and was hoping to get a few hours of quiet writing and brainstorming in before she had to go home and argue some more. Opening the door, Buffy delighted in the quiet sound of the bell above the door chiming as she entered. Willow looked up from where she making a cappuccino and smiled brightly at her friend. Their close friendship had rekindled to the extreme when Buffy moved back and now they were practically inseparable. It was great and like high school. Willows marriage to Xander Harris had fallen apart three years after their wedding and he had left her, flying across the world to settle in Europe where he had started his new restaurant. Buffy had been surprised at his ability to learn French so quickly and his restaurant was a small success, leading to a quiet and mild existence. After the split, Willow also started her own business and it was doing surprisingly well, considering the obscure books she sold. The coffee was also absolutely delicious, a recipe she used that her grandmother had passed on to her. Buffy found herself envying her friend in many ways. Life seemed so perfect for her from the outside. Handing the coffee to her customer, Willow Rosenberg - recently Rosenberg-Harris -

grinned at Buffy. Hey! she said, The usual? Buffy grinned in reply. Willow busied herself. How have you been? Writing a lot? Oh, you know it. And arguing a lot, and fighting a lot, and, you know, just the usual Buffy Soap Opera thats my life, Buffy said, taking a seat at one of the stools in front of the coffee bar. Customers milled around, looking at books, reading and drinking their drinks. Everyone seemed content. And happy. Buffy envied them. Im sorry, Willow said, setting Buffys coffee before her. Buffy sipped at it. Is Riley being a dick about going back? Buffy nodded sadly. Its like he doesnt understand that this is my home, too. I hate it when he does that. He doesnt want me to have a life. He just wants me for children and cleaning the house. I hate it. Well, you could- Willows gaze ticked to the door as it opened and her jaw dropped in surprise. Oh, my- A small squeal erupted from her throat before she could finish her sentence and she darted around the counter and jumped into the arms of a man Buffy couldnt see. Turning around, she saw broad shoulders and a dark head. She may only be thirty-five, but she could see that he was a major hottie. Furrowing her brow, she stared before he turned around and her eyes grew wide. It was ... Angel! Willow said, smacking his arm playfully as some of the customers stared at the quirky redhead. Angel laughed and sat one of his oldest friends down on the floor once more. How have you been? Good. Ive been good. Angel looked up and his smile turned into equal surprise as he spotted the blonde hed had a crush on for years. She still looked absolutely beautiful and glowed with an inner radiance. A day hadnt gone by when he thought about his missed chances of taking her as his. That was of course, before shed married Riley Finn and moved to that godforsaken Iowa. Angel? Buffy asked quietly, staring at the man before her. Willow stepped back and looked between them. She remembered well that the electricity between them was hot and it was still there. They looked like they would worship each other if given the chance. She just never understood why they didnt get together. Then Riley had walked into Buffys life and, in Buffys words, swept her off her feet like Prince Charming. Willow had always thought that that had been Angel, and would only ever be. Theyd all remained friends for a few years after high school until Buffy moved to Iowa after marrying Riley. Theyd spent three years together and Riley had asked her and shed said yes. And then Angel had disappeared, moved away to New York and took over his fathers business when hed died. He looked like he was doing good by the Beamer hed driven up in. It was stunning. Buffy, Angel replied, stepping forward. She launched herself into his arms and hugged him tightly. Shed forgotten how wonderful it was to hug him. He was like a big bear for her comfort and only her comfort. Gods, how she missed him. He returned the favor and closed his eyes, savoring the feeling. She felt the same and smelled the same. Same, wonderful, fantastic Buffy. They stayed in each others arms for the longest time before Buffy realized what she was

doing. She was married and he must be, too. He couldnt have stayed single for long. Looking down, she rubbed her suddenly sweaty palms on her skirt. Shed forgotten how flustered she got whenever he was around. He grinned at her. How have you been, Buffy? Me? Good. Fine. Swallowing, she asked, And you? Anything ... new? No, not really. Just, running the business and traveling. Im surprised to see you in California. Didnt you move to Iowa? Angel couldnt deny himself the hope he felt that Buffy had possibly broken up with Riley. Then he would have a chance again. Uh, yeah, I did. But, we moved back here ... Buffy finished lamely. Of course they did. Why the hell else would they be here? Uh, yeah, she moved back here because her book is getting published! Willow said excitedly. Angel quickly covered his frown when she said we. No doubt she was still married to Finn. You wrote a book? Wow. Yeah. Nothing too exciting. What? Willow demanded. This is so exciting. Shes going to be insanely rich and finally have a life outside of the house. Willow covered her mouth when she realized what shed said and cringed when Buffy glared at her. Angel frowned, but let it drop. Thats ... great. Do you want anything to drink? Willow said quickly, covering Buffys embarrassment. *** Three hours later, Buffy unlocked the door to her apartment and stepped in, realizing that Riley wasnt home yet. Dismissing it, she allowed her mind to return to the nights events. Angel was back. Theyd hugged. Gods, how shed missed hugging him. He always held her gently and calmly. It made her feel safe. Closing her eyes, Buffy remembered back in high school how attracted to him shed been. The only time shed admitted to having any feelings for him was when she talked to Willow. And had she ever pushed them into a relationship. But Angel had always had a girlfriend, always. He was never alone. And that alone bugged her. He was a player. Shrugging out of her shirt and skirt, Buffy slipped on her nightgown and slipped into the queen sized bed she shared with her husband and surrendered to her familiar dreams of Angel. *** A week passed and Buffy saw Angel at the coffee shop every night. They spent hours talking and their conversations continued to get more and more intimate. Willow always watched them and noticed how close they were once again getting. Buffy quickly found out that Angel had been married, but only for a short while. Apparently to Darla Massey, her old rival in high school. She had been older, but never thought it a waste of time to screw with Buffys head. She had been a complete bitch and only after Angels money. He had gotten an annulment and hed left her with nothing. She learned that his business had grown extensively and he had added to his family

fortune. She learned he was ruthless in his business deals and known for his unforgiving attitude. She confided that her relationship with Riley was falling apart and that they argued now more than anything. She admitted to her boring life in Iowa and how that had lead to her writing her first book about, oddly enough, vampires. He laughed when he learned the subject and she smacked his arm playfully. Before she knew what was happening, she found herself in his apartment. It was huge, three times her and Rileys. There were two master-sized bedrooms and the actual master bedroom. Each room had its own bathroom and the living room and kitchen were beautiful. Each room was filled with furniture and everything you could possibly want. She stared at it, gaping in surprise. Angel chuckled at her expression. Do you want anything to drink? Angel asked, shrugging off his leather jacket and looking at Buffy expectantly. She shrugged. What do you have? Um, pop, water, beer ... He looked at her. Wine? Buffy brightened when he said wine. Wine, please. As Angel went to fetch their drinks, Buffy walked up to the picture window and drew back one of the curtains and looked down at the city of Los Angeles. It was absolutely breathtaking. His apartment was so high off the ground it looked like the city was merely a set of toy buildings. Here we go. Buffy turned in time to see Angel exiting the kitchen with two glasses of white wine. Smiling at him, she took the offered glass and took a long drink. Angel stared at her in surprise before doing the same. Buffy briefly wondered what the hell she was doing. She was married, after all. That was, until she looked back at Angel and caught him staring at her. He smiled sheepishly and took a seat on the leather couch and looked at her, asking her if shed do the same. She did not disappoint. They sat in comfortable silence. Buffy finished her wine and looked back to see Angel had done the same. Setting their glasses on the coffee table, Buffy turned to look at him and almost blushed at the look on his face. It was pure lust. Looking down, she said, I dont know if I- Angels lips were on hers before she could finish the thought and she instantly replied, wrapping her arms around his neck. As one of his hands slid against her thigh and moved under her skirt, an alarm went off in the back of her head. They may be arguing, but she and Riley were still married. Jerking away, Buffy looked down in embarrassment. Im sorry. Its just ... Taking a deep breath, she continued, Only Rileys ever touched me like that. Angel looked down guiltily before looking back up. Im sorry, I ... forgot, I guess. I didnt mean to. No, Angel- Buffy paused when he looked back at her and she saw his eyes. Feeling a horrible feeling building in her chest, she stood up abruptly and swallowed harshly. I think I should go.

Buffy, if I did anything- No, Buffy said quickly, I should ... just ... go. And with that, she was gone. *** Another week passed and Buffy avoided Angel like the plague. She did nothing but think about him. She didnt write and when Riley wanted to have sex, she just laid underneath him, arching and moaning at the appropriate times. She couldnt remember the last time shed faked that many orgasms with him and she didnt even give it a second thought. The only time she saw Willow was when she saw that Angel wasnt in the shop and only stayed until he arrived. He just looked at her sadly and they both kept Willow in the dark as to what had happened. As time went by and Buffy continued thinking about what had happened, she realized that she had wanted him to continue so badly that she could have blown up. And it scared the shit out of her. Shed only ever really been with Riley. She remembered always thinking that hed only ever been the one for her. Wasnt that why she married him? Then she remembered the time before shed even met Riley and the wonderful friendship shed had with Angel. And how much shed wanted him to take her and ravish her to no end. She remembered the racy dreams shed had in high school, how hot they got her. Things seemed so simple then. As the week passed, Buffy slowly pushed herself toward her final realization. She wanted Angel just as badly as she had in high school, possibly even more. Taking a long shower on the Friday, Buffy came to a hard decision. Angel was something shed thought about for so long and now she had the opportunity to have him. She wasnt going to let it pass her by. *** Buffy was breathing hard as she stared at the door to Angels apartment. Apartment 5G. It looked welcoming, but also dooming. She was going to cheat on Riley, with a man who had only ever been her friend. As much as she wanted this, she didnt want to hurt Riley, no matter how much he had held her back. Right now, Riley was in a late study session with a bunch of kids. As much as she had her suspicions, she knew Riley wouldnt cheat on her. Just like he probably thought she would never cheat on him. Feeling a new wave of guilt hit her, she contemplated leaving when her resolve hit her once more. She wanted this, and Riley was acting ever more like a dick. And no matter how much she tried to convince herself, she knew that she would always feel guilty for this. There was no getting away from it. Raising her hand, it took her a five minutes to finally get the nerve to knock. The sound echoed loudly in the hall and she looked around guiltily and then looked down when the door opened and heard her name in surprise come from Angels lips. It sounded wonderful anyway. Buffy? What are you doing here? Angel was confused beyond reason. He had scared her off when hed kissed her and touched her inappropriately and then shed ignored him for a week, and now here she was.

Without saying anything, Buffy reached out for him and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his lips softly. Angel groaned and pulled her to him, grabbing her waist. His tongue licked along the seam of her lips and she opened them slowly, cautiously. Angel caught her actions and forced himself to pull away. A small, barely audible whimper passed Buffys lips. She looked up at him in confusion. What? Buffy, what are you doing here? What about- Buffy pressed her finger to his lips and she shook her head. Dont. Just ... take me. Sighing at her words, Angel couldnt help himself as he kissed her once more, with more force. She completely surrendered herself to his touches and couldnt deny herself them when she felt the intense rush of excitement and pleasure. They were nothing like Rileys, whose were so familiar now that they lacked any excitement at all. Everything with Angel was new and fun and she allowed herself to go along with whatever he wanted. Picking her up, Angel pulled her into the apartment and closed the door loudly, fumbling with the lock before he secured it. Buffy moaned as he cupped his hands around her ass and picked her up. Buffy wrapped her legs around his hips and completely forgot about her guilt as new feelings rushed through her as Angel carried her to his bedroom. *** Buffy gasped and arched against Angels chest as he thrust into her tight heat, grunting with the exertion. Their meeting was wild and unexpected and Buffy found herself spinning. Angel felt so good, so completely different from Riley. He seemed to know exactly where to touch her and how fast to move. He was perfect for her and Buffy cried out as he sucked against her shoulder. It felt like an eternity of intense pleasure had passed before she found herself close to coming. It was too much. Oh, god, Buffy whimpered and felt as if her body had taken on a life of its own as she thrust up against Angels. Its too much. Come on, baby, Angel whispered, closing his eyes tightly. Come for me. Buffy half squealed, half mewled as she came, Angels words throwing her over the edge. Later she would swear that a bright light had flashed before her eyes as her orgasms hit her again and again. Riley had never done this, made her come so many times or talk to her while they had sex. Arching against him, Buffy opened her mouth in a silent scream and hugged Angel to her tightly as he shouted out her name in a short breath as he coated her inner walls with his cum, his body jerking violently. He collapsed on top of her and they lay in an exhausted heap as they both fought to regain their spent energy. Pulling his head back up, Angel stared down at the blonde beauty beneath and rested his forehead against hers. She panted against his skin and kissed him, feeling her body growing aroused once more. Closing her eyes, she attempted to play it down, wondering what Angel would think. Would he think her some sex-crazed freak? Against her will, she arched against his body and he responded, his kisses growing more passionate again. Again, she pleaded and Angel smiled against her skin, moving inside her once more as

he grew hard again. Buffy mewled in their pleasure as Angel hissed. *** After their third round of lovemaking, Angel fell into blissful unconsciousness as Buffy watched on. Watching him sleep against her body, Buffy relived the last few hours. She had never known that pleasure could be so intense when with a man. When she was with Riley, she felt like he was only using her for his pleasure and to produce his children. She felt unloved and unhappy and found little pleasure in the act. She remembered reading about sex and watching porn for fun with Willow and wondered how a woman could be so intensely pleasured, while she wasnt, even though she knew they faked it all in the porn. How come she got the short straw? Before seeing Angel, she had never dreamed of seeking out another man for her pleasure. But now, she was glad she had. Angel was the perfect man. It felt like he knew exactly where to touch her and how to touch her. She felt special and loved in his arms as he did things Riley never did, touched her in the right spots down there to make her come harder. Sighing in contentment, Buffy closed her eyes and allowed her spent body to finally rest. She never got it. Her eyes snapped open and she looked over at Angels alarm clock. The time read 12:15 am. Gasping in surprise and not having realized that shed stayed out so late, she gently tried to untangle herself from his arms. But Angel refused to let her go. Where you going? he mumbled, clearly unhappy that she would even think about leaving the bed. Buffy allowed herself a small smile. The entire situation was different to her and she giggled lightly. He tightened his arms around her waist and dug his face lightly into her shoulder. Buffy laid her head back against the pillow found herself wrapping her arms around his head in invitation. Then she remembered her original alarm. Ill be right back, she whispered and he finally relented, releasing her and allowing her to climb out of the bed. Looking over the floor for something to cover herself, she found his discarded t-shirt and pulled it over her head, hoping he wouldnt mind. Hurrying out of the bedroom, she closed the bedroom door and scurried over to the phone on the counter. Picking it up, she dialed Willows number. There was no answer. Thinking again, Buffy realized that Willow would probably be at the shop still, cleaning or doing a little book work. Biting her lip as she dialed that number, she sighed in relief when she answered. She sounded dead tired, but still awake. Hello? Buffy heard the confusion in her voice and realized she had Caller ID. She saw Angels name and number. Oh, gods. Willow? Buffy asked tentatively. She could practically feel Willows shock and confusion. Before you say anything, I need a favor. There was silence. Buffy, what are you doing at Angels? Please, Will, just do me a huge favor. I need you to tell Riley, if he calls, that I spent the night with you, okay? Please? What? Why? Realization struck Willow swiftly and Buffy heard her intake of breath. Oh, gods, did you cheat on him? With Angel? Buffys shoulders sagged and she looked down, more than enough guilt to last her a

lifetime hitting her. Yeah. Buffy, Willow admonished, the shock clear. What were you thinking? What if Riley finds out? I was kinda hoping he wouldnt, you know, Buffy said in a small voice. Then she became angry. Riley had been the one acting like a bastard. Shouldnt she be punishing him? Before she could voice her opinion on the matter, Willow interrupted. I knew it was only a matter of time before you two were all over each other. Im just surprised it took so long. Buffy didnt say anything for a moment. What? "Oh, please, dont play it off, Buffy. Of course I could see something going on. How long have you guys been ... you know? Buffy covered her mouth as a shrill giggle passed her lips. Oh, gods, I was so scared that you would bite my head off. Of course not. I am your best friend. So, how long? Well, I just came over tonight, so ... only tonight. Willow chuckled. Everyone knew you two were going to get together sooner or later. There was a pause. What are you going to do about Riley? Buffy paused as well. She hadnt really thought about the outcome. I dont know, she replied honestly. I actually didnt think I would let things go this far. But, gods, Angel is ... Willow giggled. What? He is so much better than Riley, as bad as that sounds. He made me feel so damn good! Buffy said excitedly. Rileys never made me feel that way. It was ... heaven. Wow, Willow said. You sound so happy. I am. Buffy paused when she heard Angel step out of bed and rummage around in his closet for something to cover himself. Both of their clothes had quickly become known with the floor when Angel had carried her to his bedroom. Her shirt was torn slightly at the bottom, if she remember correctly. I have to go. I think Angels getting up. Will you tell Riley if he calls? Willow grinned. Of course I will, you sex fiend! I want details later, though. Buffy grin was impossibly wide. You know it. Bye. Buffy hung up the phone just as Angel walked out of the bedroom and the grin never left her face. He returned it. Hey. Hey, yourself, Angel responded, his eyes traveling over her body appreciatively. Buffy blushed and looked down, playing with the hem of the shirt she wore. I hope you dont mind me wearing this, she said softly, a little self-consciously. He shook his head. I dont mind at all. You look damn sexy in my clothes. Buffy smiled warmly at him and responded to Angel immediately as he kissed her,

planting his hands on the edge of the counter she leaned against on either side of her. As another rush of excitement and arousal shot through her, she smiled against his lips, allowing herself a moment to wonder again if it was okay to always want him. She never wanted Riley this much. She felt like a completely different person around Angel. Lifting her up on the counter, Angel proceeded to remind her just how good he made that different person feel. *** Buffy opened the door to the apartment she shared with Riley and found that he had already left for work. Sighing in relief, she proceeded to the shower to clean herself up. Before shed left Angels this morning, shed spotted a rather large hickey on her neck. A rush of panic had attacked her and she had covered it the best she could without making it too obvious. She took her time getting dressed, putting things on and then taking them off when she thought about what Angel would like on her. An hour passed before she decided on a tan skirt, a pink peasant top and heels that had straps that wound up her ankles. Looking in the mirror, she decided she looked good and did a little extra with her makeup and pulled her hair back with a clip, leaving some down to tickle her shoulders.Brushing it out of the way, she covered the hickey once more, which had faded slightly, and left for Willows coffee shop. It took her twenty minutes to get the shop and Buffy agonized over how long it was taking. She felt like a girl who was late for a date. She felt like she didnt even have a husband that she was cheating on. She felt free and happy, carefree. The minute Willow saw her enter the shop, she knew she could see the difference. Willow grinned at the difference. Buffy looked alive. She looked beautiful. Sitting down at her usual stool, Buffy took Willows offer to make her usual and giggled when Willow automatically asked what had happened. And Buffy relayed all of the information, making Willow blush at some intervals. It was three hours before Angel entered the shop and Buffy hadnt even noticed the time go by, having been so engrossed in her talk with Willow. He wrapped his arms around her from behind and kissed her lightly on the cheek before releasing her. Buffy was thankful. She didnt want to admit it, but she was dreadfully worried that someone would see them together and relay the information back to Riley. Hey, beautiful, Angel said softly, smiling at Buffy before turning his attention to Willow. Hey, Willow, how are you? Im fine, but it seems you two are much better, Willow replied with amusement. Angel didnt look surprised that Buffy had told Willow about their night together. It was another three hours full of secretive glances and small gestures and little touches before they were interrupted again. This time by Riley. Hello, Buffy, Riley said casually, taking the seat on Buffys other side. His gaze darted to Angel and didnt take notice when Buffy stiffened. I came to see if you wanted lunch. Buffy swallowed, looking back at Willow and a quick glance at Angel. Smiling at them,

she shrugged. Sure. Riley looked at Angel. Whos this? he asked suspiciously. Buffy turned to look at Angel, her mouth hanging open, at a loss of words. Angel saved her. Im Angel. Were all friends from high school. Buffy smiled. You remember, sweetie. I told you about him. Riley looked between the two of them and smiled easily. Oh. Now I do. How nice to finally meet you. Shes had so many nice things to say about you. You, too. Indeed, Riley said. What do you do, Angel? I own Angelus Enterprises, Angel replied snidely, feeling the need to show Riley up. What the hell was Buffy thinking when she started even dating this guy? Rileys look of surprise did not go unnoticed. Oh. Thats ... nice. Looking to Buffy, he said, Ready to go? She nodded helplessly. Taking her hand, he led her out. Buffy looked back once at Angel, longing for it to be him who was her husband. It was then that she realized that what she felt for Riley was nothing compared to what she suddenly felt for Angel. *** It was another week of sneaking over to Angels in the middle of the day to have a quick sex romp before returning to her normal life. As time went by, she began avoiding Riley himself. She spent more and more time at Angels and Willows shop was her cover, Willow gladly taking on the job. She didnt know what she would do without her. On her way over to his apartment one time, she accidentally ran into Faith and she convinced her to join her and some friends at the restaurant down the street from Angels. Smiling, Buffy agreed and right when they got there, Buffy ran to the payphone and called Angel, telling him she couldnt make it. He asked her where she was and before she knew what was happening, she was being pushed up against the wall to one of the bathroom stalls in the ladies bathroom in the restaurant, Angels cock pushing into her. Theyd almost gotten caught by Faith. It had been one of the most exciting moments in all her thirty three years of life. *** Buffys eyes fluttered open at the feeling of her lovers strong hands roaming her body freely, cupping her breast gently. She smiled softly, allowing herself a small moan. God, youre insatiable, she mumbled, turning herself around to face the man in bed with her. He grinned at her and without response began kissing her neck softly. Closing her eyes, Buffy arched into his touch. Mmm...not that I mind, she said softly, causing Angel to chuckle against her neck. He continued kissing his way down her neck, sucking gently and nibbling at her ear, continuing down. Buffy gasped as his lips found her pert nipple and sucked it into his hot mouth gently. She arched into his touch as he fondled her neglected one softly, rolling

her nipple between his fingers lovingly. Oh, Angel, Buffy whispered, her mouth hanging open in a plea for him to continue. She could feel the swirling pool of desire for the man on top of her settle in her stomach as heat rushed to the area between her legs. Her clouded mind didnt pay him due notice as he left her chest and continued down her body, obviously intending to go lower than he ever had before. Lower than any man ever had. Buffys eyes snapped open and she lifted her head to see what he was doing. She didnt miss her questioning tone and the slight fear in her own voice as she asked, Angel? Angels head snapped up at her voice and he met her eyes. She looked confused and he saw her suddenly withdraw within herself. Whats wrong, baby? he asked, fear and worry coloring his voice. Buffy stared at him as if it were obvious. What are you doing? she whispered harshly, pulling away from him slightly. Angel looked over her, confused. What do you mean? he asked, following her. Buffy didnt meet his eyes, but didnt push away either. She just looked over at the wall in shame and embarrassment. God, she was a thirty three year old woman. How could she tell her lover that a man had never gone down ... there? Riley always said it was wrong for a man to do and dirty and all those other things she couldnt remember. She believed him. She thought men didnt like that. As a matter of fact, she knew. What made Angel any different? You werent going to ... Buffy asked, leaving the question hanging in the air, hoping to God he knew what she meant. He caught on quickly and sent her slightly amused look. Taste you? he asked. Well ... yeah, I was. Whats wrong with that? Youre not- Buffy started, than caught herself. How could she ask something like this? You arent, well, you know ... you dont ... find that ... gross? Angel stared at the blonde woman laying naked half underneath his own naked form. She couldnt honestly be serious. What psycho bullshit had her husband been telling her? Did Riley tell you that? That men found it gross? Angel asked, catching her chin between her fingers, forcing her eyes to meet his. She opened her mouth to reply before shutting it. She looked embarrassed and she blushed slightly before looking away. Buffy? He told me that it was dirty, she mumbled softly, but Angel heard her perfectly well. Oh, baby, thats not true, Angel said quickly, pushing down the urge to find Riley and beat some sense into his head. Hed changed this woman so much and she didnt even know it. Thats not true at all. Its not? Buffy asked, confused. But he said- Im sure Rileys says lots of things. You just married a guy who likes to receive, not give. Buffy actually had the decency to blush again and Angel bit down a smile. This woman wasnt afraid of having sex in the most public spot imaginable, but she was so innocent when it came to oral sex. So ... you dont think its gross? Buffy asked meekly.

No, I dont, Angel said softly, lust developing in his eyes once more. I find it an incredible turn on. Buffy giggled nervously and looked away again. He grinned and took that as a good sign, kissing her softly before continuing his way down her body, feeling the incredible urge to now just give her pleasure, but show her what shed been missing out on for so long. Buffy wrapped her arms around her stomach, covering her breasts in a desperate attempt to keep herself from pushing him away. There was no way he could find this satisfying for himself. Riley always told her that men hated this sort of thing and that it was only right for women to do it for men. He continually spouted silly things like that to keep her on the know of what was expected of women. Shed had no idea how old fashioned her husband was when she had married him. Her thoughts were lost as she felt Angels soft kiss against the downy hair covering her sex. Gasping, she arched against his mouth anyway, momentarily forgetting what she had been so worried about when Angels tongue pushed between her nether lips and licked up until he came into contact with her clit. Flicking it gently with his tongue, he rejoiced in the feel of Buffy moaning loudly and pushing her face against him. He loved her suddenly innocent movements. Hed always taken a level of pleasure in giving women oral sex, feeling the undeniable rush of power it gave him. Their cries, gasps and moans of pleasure ... it was indeed something to be enjoyed. But when it came from Buffy, he felt like he was drunk on life. The fact that he was even here with her in his bed, sharing something so intimate that should have happened between husband and wife long ago was intoxicating. He felt a rush of feelings course through him he couldnt describe. Buffy couldnt think as his strong tongue pushed into her tight hole, tasting her juices and relishing them. She gasped and cried out his name, finding herself holding his head against her, urging him on. Shed never felt so exhilarated and arched her back, pressing against him more urgently when she felt her orgasm quickly approaching. As he took her clit into his mouth once more and sucked roughly, Buffy let out a throaty yell as she fell over the edge, riding out her orgasm as he sucked gently. Before she knew what was happening, he was crawling up her body and kissing her soundly, settling himself between her thighs, her legs opening for him naturally. She felt a blush color her cheeks as she realized she could taste herself on his lips. Shed never felt so close to anyone at that moment. Youre so beautiful, Angel whispered, thrusting into her gently, rubbing against her sore clit. Buffy closed her eyes in ecstasy. I love you, she thought. *** A soft knocking in the back of Angels mind woke him slowly. As his mind began to clear itself of his blissful unconsciousness, the knocking got louder and louder until he realized that someone was banging on the front door of his apartment. Opening his eyes slowly, he groaned at the loud intrusion. Burrowing his face deeper into the neck of his blonde lover, he laid there for several more minutes when he realized that

the person on the other side of the door wasnt going to go away. Who the fuck ... he moaned, lifting his head and squinting at his alarm clock. It read 11:30. Frowning, he began untangling himself from Buffy, watching as she curled herself around his pillow when he left. It brought a small smile to his face. Her husband was in Illinois for some convention with one of the professors from UCLA and had left Buffy all alone. Or, not so much. Shrugging on a pair of sweats, he closed the door softly behind him as he left the bedroom. He never heard a sound from Buffy. Rubbing his eyes as he yawned, Angel padded to the front door and scowled at the loud knocking. Unlocking the door, he pulled it open, prepared to bite the head off of whomever thought it necessary to pull this kind of shit at midnight. It never came. Darla Massey grinned slyly. Hello, lover. Angel gaped at the blonde on the other side of his door. She was wearing practically nothing as she leaned against the doorjamb, sauntering easily into the room and pushing him back. He hadnt seen her in at least five months, after they had broken off the little affair they had had a few months after getting the annulment. Itd been mindless fucking that they both needed. Angel had been in another relationship at the time. What was it with him at goddamn affairs? Darla. She didnt answer as she pushed him back and kissed him soundly. Angel frowned at the feel of her lips. Compared to Buffys, they were rough and unloving. Buffys soft, wet ones elicited shivers to cascade down his body. Darlas kisses felt used and boring. He pushed her back. What are you doing here? How's you find me? he thought Arent you happy to see me? Darla asked, her voice growing cold. What? Angel asked. I - No - I mean - Sighing, Angel closed his eyes, then opened them. It had become practice with Darla to go to her and find whatever his current lover was giving him. But Buffy wasnt lacking in anything. In fact, Darla was lacking in many things compared to his new lover. There was no way in hell he would cheat on Buffy, even if she was cheating on her husband with him. You need to leave. What? Why? Darla demanded, breaking his hold on her shoulders. Fucking someone else, are we? Is she in your bedroom? How did you find me? How do you know where I live? Angel asked, crossing his arms over his chest. Huffing, Darla glared at the dark man in front of her. That doesnt matter, lover, she spat. Sighing, Angel pinched the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger. He really didnt feel like dealing with his whore of an ex-wife. She stared at him expectantly, as if expecting him to say Fuck it and start ravaging her on the floor of his apartment. Angel? Angels head shot up as Buffys soft voice floated out of the bedroom. Before he could push Darla out the door, Buffy opened the bedroom door and stepped out, swimming in one of his silk shirts, the buttons uneven and her hair rumpled, obviously naked

underneath. She immediately blushed when she saw Darla. Darla, she said, acknowledging the other woman. What was she doing here? Didnt Angel say they were over? Oh gods, was Angel cheating on her? Swallowing, Buffy stared at the other woman, noticing self-consciously that she was fuller and had a lot more curves than her narrow body. No wonder, Buffy thought bitterly, then reminded herself that she herself was married. What was she and Angel if nothing more than petty lovers? Someone to go to for a little fun? Buffy looked down, feeling embarrassed and ashamed. Her little fantasy had just come crashing down, realizing her horrible reality. Buffy, Darla said, her lips curving back into a cruel smile. Angel narrowed his eyes at her, hearing the amusement in her voice. How nice to see you again. I heard you were married. Buffy visibly swallowed roughly, looking down at the floor, turning a slight shade of red. God, she was so stupid. When she didnt answer, Darla laughed shrilly. Oh, this is too good. Darla, Angel growled, grabbing her arm roughly and pulling her to the door. Before he reached it, she pulled her arm back roughly, causing his hard glare to settle on her. She didnt care. This situation had just turned into something much more better. She wouldnt dare let it pass her by. Theres not a chance in hell youre getting me to leave, lover. Darla didnt miss Buffys head shooting up at her word choice, nor did Angel. Darla met Buffys look head on. What would your dear husband say, Buffy? Who was it ... oh yes, Captain Cardboard, Darla mocked. Buffy cringed at the name Darlas ex-boyfriend, Spike, had chosen for Riley. Shed always hated it. It made her feel like the loser in the situation, whatever that may be. Whats she doing here? Buffy asked Angel, turning her gaze to Angel. He merely shrugged. Laughing once more, Darla stalked forward, not mindful of her clothing and pushed Buffy back into Angels master bedroom. He began to follow when she shook her head. Uh, uh, uh, she said, her tone turning from amusement to angry. Its time for girl talk. Slamming the door shut, she switched the lock on the door and faced the other blonde, who was standing in the middle of the room, glaring at her. Darla allowed herself a chuckle before becoming serious. Clasping her hands behind her back, Darla studied Buffy. She had changed. Grown. But she was still smaller and more petite than she, something she never understood Angel saw as something special in her. It was ... disgusting. Listen up, cheerleader, Darla bit out. Angels mine. Whatever other shit hes been spouting about our relationship is irrelevant. I suggest you never fucking ever see him again or else you will regret it. Cocking an eyebrow, she smiled mockingly at Buffy. Understood? Angel wants nothing to do with you anymore, Darla, Buffy said, feeling her anger rising in her chest. Her protective feelings for Angel were swinging in full gear. Whether or not they were seeing each other semi-officially or whatever, she still felt that Angel

could do so much better than this two-bit whore. Oh, tsk, tsk, tsk, Darla replied. Thats not the answer I wanted to hear. Staring at Buffy for a few moments, Darla finally stepped towards her. Buffy fought to not let herself step back, instead holding her ground. Breathing deeply, Buffy stared into Darlas eyes. Youd better get the fuck out of his life, or Ill tell your stupid-ass husband who his wife is fucking. Darla smirked as the color drained from Buffys face. Buffy was terrified of letting her husband know that she was cheating on him. Swallowing, Buffy felt the tears welling in her eyes before she tore herself from Darlas gaze, stepping back and moving around the room, gathering her clothes and leaving the room. Darla watched her leave, chuckling at herself. That was way too easy, she mumbled under her breath. *** Angel jumped back from the door as it opened, revealing Buffy. She looked sad and had her clothes gathered in her arms. Buffy? Avoiding his gaze, Buffy walked past him softly. Neither noticed Darla move to lean on the doorframe and watch the show. Angel followed Buffy to the door and frowned as she opened it. Buffy, where are you going? Sighing, Buffy stopped all actions. Looking down, she closed her eyes and counted backwards from ten. She could do this. She couldnt risk Riley finding out. She didnt know what she would do. He had been her home for the last eleven years. Buffy, whatever Darla said isnt true. Shes leaving. When she didnt respond, Angel grabbed her arm and spun her around gently to face him. She didnt meet his gaze. Buffy? Angel, Im leaving, she said softly, her voice bouncing off his chest and echoing in the dead silence of the room. After several moments of nothing, she finally lifted her eyes to his. They were set in confusion. Fighting the urge to erase the hurt she saw in his eyes, she looked away once more. I really think it would be better ... for everyone. Everyone? Angel echoed, looking at her in disbelief. Who ... did ... what did Darla say to you? She only said things that Ive been ignoring for so long, Buffy replied, finally meeting his gaze. You know better than I do that this is wrong. Im married, Angel! Then leave him, Angel said without thinking, gripping Buffys arms tightly. Divorce him, Buffy. What? Buffy half shrieked. I-I cant leave Riley. I ... no, Angel, I-I cant. Why not, Buffy? Angel demanded. Why the fuck not? I ... I just ... cant, Angel, Buffy said softly, feeling the familiar burning sensation in the back of her throat as she fought tears. This shouldnt be so hard. This was only an affair. Not her marriage. Then why was she actually considering his demands? God dammit, Buffy! Angel hissed, releasing her only to run his hands through his hair and close his eyes in irritation and incredulity. I cant believe this. Didnt anything that

happened - any of it - mean anything to you? I cant do this, Angel, Buffy whispered, I have to go. No ... Buffy. Angel caught her arm and sank to his knees before her. Hugging her waist, Angel pushed his face into her abdomen, relishing in the warmth she exuded. Please dont go. Buffy fought the urge to wrap herself around him and reassure him that everything was going to be okay. Either outcome would be bad. As convincing as this new life seemed, she couldnt bring herself to hurt Riley, hurt the one man who had been there for her through everything in the last eleven years. He was her comfortable, boring rock. But there was no way in hell she would admit that she was just scared of starting something new. Swallowing roughly, Buffy unwound Angels arms from around her and stepped back into the hallway. Feeling her resolve weaken as she looked down at him, she quickly averted her gaze, unable to see the pain on his face. It hurt too much. Forcing herself, she put one foot in front of the other and was down the hall before she knew what was happening. The last thing she heard from Angel was the door slamming. *** Angel stared at the spot where Buffy had been for a long while before Darla stalked forward and slammed the door shut. Turning triumphantly, she looked down at the sad man. He hadnt moved. His face was suddenly shuttered, but the look of abject heartbreak in his eyes didnt go unseen by Darla. She ignored it. Finally, she cooed, kneeling before Angel where he rested on the floor. She gripped his shoulders and moved to kiss him. He jerked back roughly. Dont you fucking touch me, he hissed, pushing her back before standing and retreating to his bedroom, the one he had begun to consider both his and Buffys. No longer. *** Ten days passed where Buffy and Angel didnt see each other at all. Or, at least, not directly. Buffy could feel his gaze on her back everywhere she went. It was reassuring and a little scary, afraid he would go running to Riley. But he never did. After she had gotten home from leaving Angel, she had cried herself to sleep for the next three days, never taking off his silk shirt, until Riley finally came back from his trip. Before his arrival, Buffy had cleaned up and hidden Angels shirt, making herself look presentable. Riley never noticed a difference in his wife. Didnt notice the new level of heartbreak and pain in her eyes whenever he mentioned anything a kin to Angel. Instead of throwing herself into writing like she would normally do in a similar situation, she sat around moping while Riley was at his teaching thing at UCLA, crying whenever Willow called or came over. She never went over to the shop, no matter how much Willow told her Angel never came in anymore. Angel wasnt faring any better. He had sat in front of his fireplace for the first couple of days, drinking himself into oblivion until Darla finally caught his attention. He had been so shit-faced the first night they fucked, he didnt realize that it was Darla and not Buffy.

He came so close to moaning her name before he realized the differences. This wasnt his soft, warm Buffy. This was his cold, calculating bitch of an ex-wife, who had taken it upon herself to threaten Buffy when she wasnt getting her way. So he found himself following Buffy around whenever she came out of the apartment she shared with her husband. He kept a close eye on her. He was so far away that he couldnt tell if she was miserable without him or happy that she was finally rid of this burden. The more he thought inside his dark convertible, the more he started hating her, before realizing that his love for her far out shined it. He found himself unable to not think about her. It was impossible and damn near killing him. *** Harder, lover, harder! Darla squealed happily as Angel thrust into her roughly. Angel obliged, hating himself every minute. Several minutes, Darla lay panting next to him, her anger growing. Did you even fucking come? she growled. Silence was her answer. God, youre so fucking pathetic! she yelled before bounding out of the bed, dressing quickly and slamming the door shut behind her as she left. Angel didnt move a muscle. *** It was late Sunday night when Buffy found herself walking in the deserted alley. Frowning, she shrugged her jacket on around her tighter and began walking a little faster. It was dark and windy, the dark clouds overhead warning against the huge thunderstorm about to hit any minute. She heard thunder in the distant. She saw lightening flash and illuminate the alley before her. She felt like it was never ending. And she couldnt seem to shake the foreboding feeling she felt in the pit of her stomach. The last week had been hell for her. She knew Angel followed her around, knew he was there wherever she went. It gave her a slightly reassuring feeling at the thought. She found herself loving the fact that he was there, following her, keeping tabs. It meant that he felt something. That he wasnt mad at her beyond reason. Shivering at the memory of his haunting kisses on her skin, she pulled the coat tighter. She couldnt escape him even if she wanted to. Finding herself nearing the end of the alley, she walked faster. She always felt unsettled in dark alleys where people got robbed and raped. Buffy. Buffy stopped dead in her tracks. Swallowing, she looked down fearfully, wishing he would go away. She knew if he talked to her and said all the things she was sure would come out of his beautiful mouth, she would melt and run back to him. She couldnt stand being this weak. It was terrifying. Can we talk? When Buffy didnt answer, nor move, Angel moved toward her, not daring to touch her, but standing close anyway.

Please? He watched as she shifted and hugged her little jacket closer to her body. He frowned. Youre cold. You can take it! she snapped, immediately feeling guilt at her words. He didnt deserve it. After all, she had been the one to do the dumping. But he appeared to take it in stride. No, he objected, moving to take off his leather jacket. I mean you look cold. Buffy felt stupid and immature as he wrapped his jacket around her shoulders, stepping closer than was necessary. Buffy didnt fight it, but stepped into him, hugging his jacket over hers. Breathing in, she sighed at his familiar scent. How shed missed it. It was nothing like Rileys. Rileys scent made her think of a gym and old cologne. But it was something shed grown accustomed to. Angels was spicy and warm, his aftershave reminding her of the few nights she spent the night over at his place. It was comforting. Thanks, she murmured, looking up at him. Neither moved for several minutes as they reveled in the feeling of being back in each others arms. Theyd forgotten how warm and comforting it was. Then Buffy stepped back, coughing slightly. I ... I cant do this, Angel, she whispered. He frowned at her words. Neither noticed the rain that started falling in soft droplets before gaining intensity. The wind blew, but they both just stared at each other. Then Angel looked down. She could hear him sigh heavily over the wind. She felt her heart her breaking when he looked back up, his face a broken mask of pain. Buffy... No, Angel ... this can never work. Im married, for Christs sake! Buffy snapped once more, feeling her anger grow. Why didnt he understand? Oh, dont give me that bullshit, Buffy! Angel shouted, his voice rising as he struggled to be heard of over the rain. Why do you stay with him? Why? I can tell you were fucking happier with me than you ever were with that dickhead! Buffy gaped at his outburst. She had no reply. She blinked. The wind began dying down as the rain continued to beat down on the couple. Angel felt the cold of the weather reaching him. Felt the shivers run down his spine. He ignored them. Dammit! Angel yelled, turning around and pushing the large stack of forgotten boxes. The toppled from his violent shove. Buffy cringed as the loud sound echoed through the night. She didnt dare look away from him. Turning around, Angel fell to his knees, his head falling into his hands. Squeezing his hair between his fingers, he stifled the yell he felt building in his chest. Breathing heavily, Angel looked back up at the only woman he had ever loved. Shaking his head, he crawled on his knees towards her. Buffy stared down at him, her eyes wide, her lips curling back in a sob. She could feel the heavy rain seeping through her clothes and soaking her to the bone. Angel didnt look any better. She could see him shivering. But she didnt move. They stared at each other for what seemed like forever. Angels neck craned to stare at

the blonde, his eyes closing in exhaustion as he instinctively wrapped himself around her waist, as he had before she left his apartment that long week ago. They both breathed a sigh of relief. Itd been too long. Buffy wound her arms around his head and held him to her as he started to sob quietly. She felt her heart breaking a little bit more. As much as she loved this man, she couldnt leave Riley. There was a loyalty there she couldnt ignore. Angel pushed his face into her warm abdomen, squeezing his eyes closed as the tears ran down his cheeks. God, Buffy, youre the only ... I love you so much. Please, dont go. Buffy bit her lip. She was so torn. She didnt know what to do. Not thinking, Buffy placed her hands on his face and lifted it towards hers ... and let a sob escape her lips. Shhh. She had nothing else to say. She didnt hesitate as her lips found his. He responded with a passion shed never felt from him. It was more desperate than anything. She could do nothing but respond in kind. Standing, Angel wrapped his arms around her, pulling her against him tightly. Buffy moaned against his lips, leaning into his large frame as he lifted her from the ground slightly and pushed her against the wall in the alley, pushing her legs apart. She wrapped them around his hips tightly, thrilled to be in the arms of her lover once more. God, Riley couldnt compare. I need you, Buffy, Angel panted against her lips. Buffy nodded in her agreement, allowing him to slip his hands up her thighs and push her skirt out of the way. He accidentally tore her panties in his hurry, but neither noticed as he undid his pants and thrust into her waiting body. Moaning together, the lovers didnt waste time as they made love against the side of the building. *** It was the first thing Darla heard as she left the bar. Moaning and soft cries. Smirking to herself, she followed the sounds, feeling the urge to scare off the couple who were obviously fucking in the alley. After her incident with Angel, shed gone to Willys and drank until she couldnt see straight, which didnt take long. Before she knew what was happening, she was being fucked by some big, drunk lug of a guy on one of the sinks in the mens bathroom, gaining an audience when another man walked in on them. Darla shook her head in disgust before laughing in amusement. After the man had come inside of her, the other had quickly taken over. It only reminded her of the scum that frequented Willys place. Darla remembered the pain of being taken so quickly and roughly but had welcomed it, finding no pleasure in either acts. It made her sick that her arguing with Angel had affected her so deeply. And she felt so violated, for the first time in her life. Following the loud moans and obvious grunts of exertion, Darla rounded the corner into the alley and stopped dead in her tracks at the scene before her. Her Angel screwing that fucking cheerleader against the wall and obviously enjoying it. Neither noticed her, nor heard her gasp of surprise and anger. Gaping at the couple, Darla stumbled back and felt like ripping her hair out when she heard Angel come inside his little blonde whore. Snorting, she ran home, tripping and falling over her heels countless times before she

finally reached her rented apartment. Slamming the door behind her, she stared at the wall in an endless rage as she threw her purse across the room. Her things scattered everywhere as she reached for her telephone. Time to find her little husband and make her pay. That little bitch would pay dearly for making her feel this way. *** Buffy woke up, feeling safer and warmer than she ever had before. His arms held her softly, his fingers tracing the outlines of her smooth back softly, and Buffy looked up to find his dark eyes staring at her. She wondered how long hed been awake. He smiled at her slightly before switching his gaze to the ceiling as she began staring at the wall opposite his warm bed. Pressing her naked form against his more fully, Buffy swallowed as she felt tears rise and her throat constrict. Ill do it, she whispered. She felt him stiffen next her. What? he whispered back, afraid his hope was misplaced. Ill leave him, she said louder, although not for him, more to reassure herself that this was what she was going to do. He didnt even smile. He merely looked at her, then kissed her softly. I love you, he said softly. Buffy released a sob. I love you, too, she whispered, hugging him to her. *** Oh, god, Buffy thought, Darla. Rileys shaking had ceased, but his anger had quickly turned into more. His grip on her shoulders was stronger than she ever thought of him as. The look in his eyes chilled her. Did you, Buffy? Riley, please ... Buffy whimpered as he shoved her against the carpet of their apartment. He stood above her and stared at her coldly. I trusted you, Buffy, he said in a low voice. He kicked her swiftly in her thigh and Buffy cried out, scrambling to her hands and knees as she threw herself into a corner next to the couch theyd just recently bought. Throwing her arms over her head, she didnt see him approach her. Riley grabbed her arms and yanked her up, slamming her into the wall as hard as he could. Her head smashed into it and she cried out again, tears streaming down her face. Pulling his hand back, he slapped her again. Then again before pulling his arm back and punching her. Buffy felt pain explode in her head as his fist landed on her jaw, then her eye and finally in her shoulder. Buffys cries were completely lost on her husband as he let her drop to the floor, her body limp. She curled in on herself once more as her cries fell on deaf ears. Riley sneered at her broken form. You little slut! he spat. How long have you been fucking this guy? Who the fuck is he, you fucking bitch?! He threw another kick to her legs and she yelled out. He ignored her pain as he knelt

down next to her and grabbed her shoulders. Look at me when I fucking talk to you! Before she knew what was happening, Riley had her flat against the floor and he was ripping away at her clothes. Is he better than me, Buffy? Huh? Buffy attempted to fight against him but he slapped her again, silencing her attempts. He was so strong ... Forcing her legs apart roughly so her skirt tore up along the side, Riley tore down his pants and thrust into her. Buffy cried out from the incredible pain. She was so dry ... and it hurt so much. No ... she whimpered once more. Pulling out of her, Riley forced himself inside her once more, staring at her as she weakly attempt to fight him. Her face was bleeding and already swelling. It only made him madder. Did he fuck you like this, Buffy? Dammit, look at me! As he continued to force himself on her, Buffy screamed her throat raw before Riley placed his hand over her mouth and bit into her neck as he came in her unwanting body. She continued crying long after he left her and went to bed. *** Angel pulled himself away from his warm bed, annoyed that someone thought it important to disturb him. It had been the first real sleep he had been getting since Buffy first left. And now she would finally be his. Yawning, Angel pulled on a pair of pajama bottoms. It had taken him a minute to realize that there was soft knocking coming from his front door. It was so soft and there was so much time between each that he wasnt quite sure how he had heard it in the first place. Frowning as another echoed in his oddly quiet apartment, he opened the door and gasped. Buffy stood there, her arms hugging herself in a desperate attempt to protect herself and keep the shredded clothes she still had on her body. She was bleeding and bruised. Oh my, god, Buffy, Angel gasped, shock coloring his features as she started crying once more. Stepping forward, Angel gathered her into his arms, picking her up and slamming the door shut behind him loudly with his foot as he immediately settled on the couch in the living room, settling Buffy in his lap. Jesus Christ, he hissed as he took in her injuries. Her cheeks were bright red, her left eye bleeding and swelling before his eyes. He saw bruises forming on her shoulder and legs and her clothes were torn. There was also blood coming from between her legs. Oh, god, Buffy what the hell happened? Buffy began hyperventilating as she mentally relived what had happened and she started crying harder. Angel hugged her closer, mindful of her obvious injuries as he felt shock and anger settle in him. Who the fuck would do this to her? And then it dawned on him. R-R-R-Riley ... Buffy breathed, leaning into Angels arms, ignoring her pain as she sought the comfort she knew only he could give her. She felt him stiffen at her revelation. Riley did this to you? Angel asked calmly, feeling rage build inside of him. She barely nodded before continuing with her story. H-h-he h-h-h-hit me, she stuttered, her crying making her words barely audible. Thth- then h-h-h-he ... oh, God ... she whispered, burrowing her face into Angels bare

shoulder. He r-r-r-raped m-me. Anger like nothing else filled Angel and it took all of his self control not to jump from the couch and find Riley Finn right there and beat the living shit out of him. Who the hell did he think he was? Then he remembered the blood from between her legs. Oh, god, this was serious. Pulling her face between his hands, Angel looked into her blood-shot eyes. Shed been crying for so long. We need to get you to the hospital, he said quietly. N-n-no, A-Angel, she cried out, I-I cant. I-I-I hate h-h-hospitals. Angel shook his head. I dont care, Buffy. This is too serious. Buffy forgot the small disagreement when he began to put her down. No, Angel! she shrieked. Dont leave me! Its okay, baby, he said softly. Im not going anywhere. I promise. I just need to get dressed. She continued to shake her head but he untangled himself from her before rushing into his bedroom. He threw on a pair of black slacks, his long-sleeved black shirt and shoes before grabbing his keys. Turning to the doorway, he found Buffy making her way to the bedroom, crying his name softly through his tears. His heart broke. Its okay, Buffy. Im right here, he said as he took her into his arms once more. Gathering her against him, Angel left the apartment, not caring that he had just left his apartment unlocked, only caring that Buffy get to the hospital safely. *** Willow ran into the waiting room in a panicked rush, crashing into Angels large chest.Crying out, she threw herself into his arms as she resigned herself to the tears she had felt threatening to overcome her the entire ride over to the hospital. What happened? she asked loudly, staring into his eyes wildly. Willow had been the first person Angel thought to call. She was the only one he knew Buffy knew anymore that wasnt in Iowa. Thinking about the state where she used to live brought a fresh wave of anger coursing through him. Riley found out about us, he said softly. He hit her and raped her. What? Willow gasped. He-he-he ... no, ohmygodohmygod, no. He wouldnt do that, would he? He did, Willow, Angel said. He almost killed her. Willow gasped again before falling in his arms and crying. A half an hour passed before they finally heard anything from the doctor. He came out, looking sad and resigned. He looked over the two. Which one of you is Angel? he asked. Angel stood, Willow following him as they stood before the balding doctor. I am, he said. Looking at the young man, the doctor continued, It appears that she has been raped, he said. Her body is severely battered and she keeps calling for you, young man. Angel stared at the doctor. That was all he had to say? Th-thats all? I mean ... shes

going to be okay? The doctor stared at the friends. Yes. Do you have any idea who did this? I have already contacted the authorities. They are on their way. Angel looked down. Her husband. The doctor looked at him questioningly. Is that you? Angels head shot up, anger clouding his eyes. No. Several tense moments passed before the doctor spoke again, Shes calling for you. Shes hysterical. Im afraid to give her anything that might worsen her condition. Id like to see her reaction to you. Angel nodded and squeezed Willows hand reassuringly. Does she have any other family? the doctor asked and Angel fought the urge to shrug, looking back at Willow in question. She shook her head. Both her parents are dead. Riley is her only family, she said softly. The doctor nodded before motioning for Angel to follow. As they entered the ICU area, the doctor looked toward him. What are you to her? he asked suspiciously. Angel shot the doctor a dark look. I dont see how that is any of your business. I apologize, but when it comes to my patients, I feel it is, the doctor explained. We were having an affair, Angel said softly. She was cheating on her husband with me. The doctor stared at him for several minutes. They reached her room before the doctor could respond and Angel entered without another look at him. The small blonde woman sat in her large bed, her face buried in her hands as she cried. She kept murmuring Angels name over and over. An orderly was standing in the corner, ready to fight off any attempt to fight. Angel glared at him dangerously before rushing to Buffys side. Buffy, Angel said. Buffys head shot up at his voice and she started crying harder as she held out her arms for him. He didnt disappoint as he gathered her into his arms. She clung to him for dear life, pressing her face into his shoulder as she cried. He held her and comforted her as the doctor and orderly looked on. It was only a minute after Angel entered the room that Buffy calmed and pulled Angel onto the bed with her. He gingerly joined her, allowing her to press herself against him as he wrapped his arms around her. She was asleep in no time. The doctor gestured for the orderly to leave, following him down the hall. Angel kissed the top of Buffys head lovingly, inhaling her unique scent. She smelled like vanilla and the coppery smell of her blood. Ignoring the insane urge to rush out of the room and beat Riley Finn to death, he held his love in his arms, knowing deep down that everything would be okay. They would survive this, as long as they had each other. Together, they were strong. I love you, Buffy Summers, Angel whispered into her hair, leaving off her married name happily as she shifted in her sleep.

*** Riley Finn went to jail on accounts of beating and raping his wife. Buffy divorced him and he eventually killed himself in his jail cell with a dull knife hed snuck out from lunch. Neither Buffy nor Angel attended his funeral in Iowa. Willow Rosenberg continued running her coffee shop and bookstore before starting her own computer company that boomed and made her a very rich woman. Xander attempted to get back together with her, but she refused. She is now seeing a woman named Tara. It took Buffy a year to finally accept that Riley would never come after her again. The book that had been given to her editor was published and became a best-seller. Angel still teases her about the subject to this day. There is a television show in production based on the novel. Buffy Summers and Angelus Liam married and went on to have three children and lived happily ever after. The End