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Bichev Gennady Nikolayevich, PHD in philosophy in Russian Academy of Science lecturing in the chair of professional development of teachers in the

MGTU named after N.E.Bauman.

Born under the sign of Aquarius, which has symbolical meaning, on the 11 th of February in 1961 in Semipalatinsk. Was brought up in the working family. Served in the Army, studied in MGTU named after N.E.Bauman. Successful entrepreneur. In 1996 started writing of a book Theory of the Trinity Unity of the worlds composition, published it in 2001. In 2006 defended thesis for the PHD title in the philosophy chair of MGTU named after N.E.Bauman. Name of thesis Background knowledge in mathematics. Currently involved in scientific research, and lecturing in Russia and abroad (USA, Switzerland, Brazil etc.).

Gennady Nikolayevich, you renowned scholar, postgraduate of one of the most prestigious Institutions of Russia, achieved a lot of success in business. Nevertheless at some point of time you changed your science vector of the mathematician for the path of spiritual and moral scholar. How can you explain such turn? First of all lets get exact: I am not a mathematician; I am engineer of the vacuum energy generating installations. I took part in development of technical appliances for our astronauts. Up to my opinion, any person involved in scientific activity who tries to think and understand our universe may, or should have a moral vector. Any reasonable person should be constantly involved in search of answers to the basic questions of our world, trying to explain life phenomena to understand

oneself and the environment, structure of the world generally speaking. I consider such attitude the most natural need of the human being. It is hard to argue that, however you as a scholar put before yourself a global task to introduce some new hypothesis related to the human intellect, it spiritualism, its moral values, in other words to make some discoveries in this sphere? Yes, currently I may say that we have managed to do so, while I was not seeking just such result, I was trying to answer questions I was asked most frequently. Being mostly a pragmatist I was trying to give scientifically based explanations, having considered that logic stands behind everything. How would you formulate the principal idea of your theses, of your scientific and research work in general? Mostly, scientific and research work. In or case a philosophic concept was offered by us. We are suggesting that what is based upon basic knowledge of the Soviet is available to everybody. Then the scientific hypothesis offered by us started being actively confirmed by the real life phenomena. It should be noted here that the latest achievements in science practically completely destroyed the old picture of the universe, so called theory of the Big boom, and supported our new scientific hypothesis. Why do we maintain that our hypothesis is scientifically based? Just because it is deriving out of scientific postulates: on the law of the conservation of energy, on the law of qualitative-quantitative restructuring of the energy, on the theory of ever expanding Universe, on the law of the reason-consequential links. On those four whales was our hypotheses formulated, which currently unifies such fields of knowledge as chemistry and physics. And what is the most interesting; probably for the first time in science we approached the figurative imaging and understanding of processes in psychology, of psychic energies and intellectual energies. However science that for the time being was unable to approach study of such phenomena as psychic and intellectual energy avoided serious discussion of them. Contemporary new hypothesis is just demonstrating the origins of electro-magnetic,

gravitational, psychic, intellectual, intuitive fields and even of time - the most mystic notion. I was all ears, all that sounds so beautiful and clever. But how your achievements may influence socially determined changes in described psychic phenomena? It is common knowledge that our society is filled with a lot of psychically handicapped people due to immorality that is being seeded into minds of people through mass media? Yes, its no secret that our civilization is experiencing a deep crisis. The fundamental reason for this crisis lies in the lack of the systemic world-view, while availability of the world-view is a foundation for upbringing of the society. But what is systemic world-view? This is how society views origins, constitution of and consistency with natural laws of our world, which answer the global questions: who we are, who and for what purpose created us? If we answer such questions we shall have a vision of world constitution, of the universe surrounding us and of processes developing in that universe, hence we shall have an understanding what we should do. Then society will be able to select relevant guidelines. And if and as soon as such guidelines are selected the society will define strategic goals and develop theoretical and practical means for achievement of such goals. So this is the ideology. Thats why the world-view is a fundamental basement and this is a roadmap while the ideology is a theoretical route on this roadmap leading to achievement of such goals and targets, i.e. desirable ideals. In accordance with ideology the policy is being construed just because policy is a practice of ideology; this is a Trinity interrelated system, and if parts of this Trinity would be realized independently they will inevitably bring us to a new twist of the world crisis and to new local problems. Again very interesting, very clever and almost incomprehensible for me. For me being orthodox Christian would be interesting to ask: is the divine component, the factor on which moral half of our society is trying to base its principles (Modus Vivendi), an integral part of the said Trinity?

Our hypothesis is founded upon basic laws, that is why it is capable to explain reasons and essence of the origins of energies, which I mentioned earlier and which contain what you determined as divine component. Do you consider that ideas of the orthodox religious beliefs, and education to moral values of the orthodox church predominate above other values in your scientific research, as you being a philosopher, deal also with the human soul and conscience? I would like to stress once again the systemic world-vie is a foundation needed for people to understand who are they, what for they exist on this Planet and so on and this in turn will allow all members of society to come to mutual understanding. This mutual understanding now is possible only upon scientific foundation, there is no other option. Neither Islamic, nor Christian as well as not any other religion based upon mystic beliefs work nowadays as efficiently as needed for the contemporary civilization. And they will not work as they worked at the early stages of development of human society because the level of the human conscience, the human intellect has irreversibly changed. Whatever people would say or declare, at the level of intuition they still rely on their knowledge, which they trust just because knowledge is the highest degree of belief. Scientific picture of the world is such system of the world-view that may save our civilization - the whole civilization. But this, I repeat, will be possible only if we develop scientific approach to this problem. Only now I start to apprehend the depth of your philosophic world-view. One may think: here you have your church, which has the moral teaching; so

why dont you just go the cathedral, listen to the sermons and you will never become a criminal or murderer. Unfortunately this will be not enough. Notwithstanding how long we would hide our head into sand like ostriches do, thinking that it somehow would dispense, the problem stays there. More of that we see that quite opposite happens, which leads society to the systemic crisis. Interesting statement. You have almost convinced me that this is true. Firstly I am 100% convinced of this because I have studied this phenomenon, I looked in details of religious concepts and understood their directions. Oh, yes, they assist the education of society, but such society would be based only upon beliefs and it would be needing logical, intellectual explanation of this or that phenomenon. But today we are in desperate need in explanation of the leading processes of the world around us, and it is criminal to avoid this need. The more we alienate ourselves from search of solution to the described problems, the more disastrous will be the consequences of our lack of action. Do you feel yourself a person, who may be described with popular saying: the one who is a warrior while he is alone on the battlefield? Do you have supporters, confidents? As if answering my own questions I may recollect that at presentation of your book I saw several persons supporting you. They undoubtedly were the scientists heading your alma mater, i.e. University named after N.Bauman. Yes, there are people heading the Bauman university, they are people renowned by the society, they are practical, highly educated people knowing their job. Naturally they have their own natural needs as any other person would have, but they are capable to apprehend and understand the basic postulates of the Trinity theory of the worlds composition, the idea of which I am the author. And evaluate it? Naturally! Those are the people who can properly evaluate practically any scientific field or direction at the contemporary level of knowledge. But we also see that now is the time of fortune tellers

Yes, but if some asteroid or something else is approaching the Earth, people address the scientists for calculation of trajectory, time of impact etc., but nobody would ask the fortune-teller whether the celestial body would roam into the Earths surface or pass by?.. Unfortunately there are people doing just that on our TV If some Nuclear power generating unit would explode the other day, people will again address scientists for advice how to mitigate the consequences. But some people still would address persons who do not have any understanding of the event and reasons for its happening. Indeed any thought firstly comes into a mind of some concrete person. Than it is being processed by such person and offered as an opinion to the society. Which is capable to understand? Which is capable to understand, evaluate and is ready to further process the idea, of course if the idea is worth it. Same happened in my case. I was often asked about sense of life and of everything happening around us, and I managed to come to logical conclusions. The world is construed under the laws of logic, of the reasonconsequential links. If there is some phenomenon, there must be a reason for it, and if there is a reason, there will be a consequence. This is why logically unwinding this chain I dug into fundamental foundation of one of our problems and understood that all currently existing crises have one single reason a psychic behavior of a human being. And psychic behavior of a human being is based upon his (her) world apprehension. And this basic foundation should be provided to a person by a society. The society as a whole is capable more deeply and comprehensively understands sense of the processes, and the society has to provide a person with the most acceptable, the most adequate picture of the world. How can you combine business, as I understand quite successful one, because I constantly hear phone calls of directors managing enterprises which you supply with something, and the pure science, philosophy demanding effort of mind, of intellect? Or your scientific research is more of a hobby? Which field is more important in your life? Or is it all at one level? Or how it all is interrelated?

What you are asking is one more confirmation of the theory, which we are currently exploring. The theory is based upon process of gradual human evolution and development, development of the society as a whole and development of separate person. People are graded upon their energy levels, i.e. differentiated in accordance with everyones evolutionary age. In the process of our lives we accumulate knowledge, accumulate information, bur actually we enlarge a volume of the intellectual-intuitive energy. Intuition field is the finest substance of a man and the most valuable one. It is the comprehensive energy that formed all other field structures, including the human substance. And along the whole life cycle we are constantly accumulating this energy, which is a principal reason of the human life. Just this energy is energy of development and restructuring of a man starting from its most primitive form, and constantly accumulating in the process of evolution of human being and of the whole Universe. In the common language this is called Reincarnation. But actually our essence reveals itself in the intuitive energy. We are the processor of the intuition field and this field is forming all our thoughts, all our behavior, all our life. Whatever we do is 90% result of our intuitions activity. Is this what we call human spirit? Yes, we may say so. And our behavior will depend on the volume of our intuition. We accumulate and rearrange the whole set of different energies pumping it over from one field to another and ultimately we fill up our field of intuition. What does your rich intuition prompt you? Will number of people with greater and finer intuition grow in Russia, and how the science will assist such process? This is not an intuition per se, this is a contemporary knowledge, and it concerns not only people in Russia, it concerns the whole human civilization. Today, globally speaking, judging by the worldwide processes running on our planet, we have to say that not only Russia, but the whole civilization needs salvation, because saving only Russia means saving one cabin in the sinking ship. If we fail to provide new world-view system consistent with basic laws of the nature, if we confine

ourselves to the delusions that obsolete world-view systems can rescue us, one has to say that salvation will never happen. This is why it became obvious that new system of world-view is desperately needed, and such system may be provided only by us descendants from Soviet Union. Yes, Russia has been given a lot, we have passed through a lot of ordeals, but laws of nature have that specific feature maintaining that psychic energy in the moments of its maximum strain produces enormous quantity of the intellectual energy, of which we are the most apt containers. The whole intellect of ours that has been developing along 70 Soviet years is a direct result of unbelievably intensive psychic work, i.e. excitement of psychic energy brought up our intellectual development. As a result today we understand all global processes most comprehensively and exactly. Please, note that nowadays up to 70-80 % if not more of the most prominent scholars worldwide are descendants from Soviet Union. And in terms of percentage of scholars in the population we still are ahead of the whole planet and this in turn is also appropriateness. This is why such enormous responsibility rests with us just because such number of intellectually prepared people may and should produce a new quality. Tercium non datur (the third is not available) this is a law of quantitative-qualitative restructurings, which as was said above, is one of indisputable postulates. We are owners of the intellectual treasure, this is why we bear on our shoulders necessity of introduction into the modern civilization of the new, correct system of the world-view providing scientific picture of the universe. We believe into the power of knowledge. And notwithstanding how we declare our adherence to the Christianity, Islam, Judaism etc., we still believe only into the power of knowledge. You have already convinced me. As far as the spiritual energy is concerned, indeed it has been historically achieved by the Russian people through a lot of sufferings. Spiritual for us is our orthodox beliefs, our certitude that we are praising our Lord correctly while we all pray for the Country, for the People of it. Here we may se different aspects. There is a moral aspect and there is practical aspect of such action. On the one hand people are praying nowadays,

praising their Lord and asking for some kind of divine assistance, but what essentially may be such assistance? In reality such assistance may come from our mind, from our own intellect. Let me give you an example: if you have leaking roof, notwithstanding how much or how long you would pray, the leak would not disappear. In order to repair the situation you should claim onto the roof and mend the leaking surface instead of losing your time for useless praying. And our Lord has supplied us with intellect to know how the repair should be done. Our civilization possesses all necessary knowledge and has been supplied with all necessary conditions. We possess ready concept, which we have offered, and I am ready to pass any exam on it before any conclave of our scientific circles; that I have already done more than once. All people that were able to evaluate our work have already agreed and said yes just because there is no other way. On the other hand, introduction of this concept in the peoples minds is a tremendous task facing us right now. The state must help you to realize these tasks. I would put it this way: I do not need help. You see that I live well, I am ready to provide for needs of myself and of my relatives. The state in its capacity as a managing structure is bound to help not me, but society. Similarly the other states must help their citizens, and ultimately to the whole civilization. Principal task of any power is to create harmonic rules of behavior in society based upon new worldview and new ideology. This is a solemn duty of the state. As far as I am concerned I do not seek help, I myself would like to help my state and society. Would your own forces be sufficient to assist all of us? Today you are young energetic personality, but without governmental support of the ideas, put by you into foundation of your theory, the civilization may perish indeed. There is a common saying: you cant distinct each others features facing yourselves too close, in order to embrace something big with your sight, you should take some distance. So our renowned poet Sergey Yesenin expressed in verses the natural law. And we cannot, but agree with him. We are facing tactical and strategic goals. Tactical tasks have become very acute nowadays, here we face problems of fast raising household expenditures, while pensions are growing slowly, combination

of these and other factors put before ageing population problem of survival. That is why we feel these problems so acutely, they are just too close to us, and the state limited its action to solving those problems only. But the first duty of the state is development and implementation of strategy. If we today forget about strategy tomorrow will be too late to think about tactic the irreversible processes will be launched. And those processes will bring with them either wars or terrorism, or crime or all those disasters together. To be precise, such processes have already been triggered, they grow, acquire larger and larger scale. And they can be stopped only by means of elimination of the principal reasons of their existence, because attempts to eliminate terrorism or corruption equals to fighting against superficial reasons, similar to fighting windmills by Don Kichotes. While roots of the problem are somewhere else. The main reason of the overall crisis derives from psychological state of the society, here is concentrated the omnipotent evil. Absolutely true. So we should concentrate our fight just here. And for this fight we need people able to understand, apprehend, evaluate scale of the problem and develop adequate strategic decisions. And not only take decisions, but realize them. And only state is capable to realize such strategy. The state should organize the whole set of activities, including the scientific one. The fact that the state so far has not organized such work can be attributed to the governmental miscalculation, lack of the states activity. Unfortunately we do not have enough people who are able to understand and evaluate global processes brewing inside our society. As far as politicians are concerned, they are only practitioners problems. They do not look far ahead. But we cannot blame only our own government. They are not aware of what they are doing just as any common persons is not always aware of what he is doing. But the person not aware of his deeds stands at the brink of insanity! capable to face only immediate tactical

Unfortunately every parson and every society pass this stage of its development. The higher level of intellectual development of society to very great extent depends of number of higher developed personalities. If I understand you right you are still optimistic in your mind. Absolutely optimistic. The education received by people during Soviet period is a spacious education, and it is now spread all over the world. Only Soviet educated scholars are able to actively disseminate new system of world-view, which will save civilization. But if we miss those people then lack of their numbers will render impossible transfer of mankind to a new quality i.e. transfer of civilization to a spiritual path of development. And this is also a Law of Nature. I would very much like that what I heard today from you would be brought not only to your own listeners and supporters, but also to the governmental officials who may be instrumental in development of strategy that you described so picturesque and so convincingly. Thank you ever so much. I would not even like to put you primitive questions whether you read books, visit theatres I know only too well that you do all this just because you are such a harmonic personality. The external attractiveness given to a person by our Lord is always justified by rich internal content. Unfortunately this is not always so. Nevertheless the laws of nature are such that every person develops gradually until the child turns into grown up person, whether the person himself wants it or not the process is irreversible. Similar to the common family our civilization maintains people of different evolutionary age, but still responsibility rests with the grown-ups because only grown-up people can arrange harmonic conditions for those who still are not capable to apprehend the whole scope of the process. If we manage to create such conditions, create environment where all structures of the state and society would be managed by highly developed and organized people the rest will be just technical task. And such people should seek that current young generation would not be a lost one due to psychological pressure on them by irresponsible mass media.

The world is so finely construed that each stage of its development has its own system of regulation. The wrongdoing person will face problems. Such is the order of things in the world. As ancient wise men used to say: We either follow path given to us by our destiny, or we shall be dragged by destiny along same track leaving bloody traces behind us But I am sure that you using your science and popularizing new knowledge will be of great help to the society in solution of the problems facing us. I want to do just that and I am doing it. But the question is; shall I be able, shall I have enough time to do so? Anyway, if not me others will manage to follow the path and their dedication will define more or less of problems we shall have to overcome. If we continue to lag behind demands of time we may return back to lower spiral of the global problems. In such circumstances a new world war may become possible, bringing with it extreme psychic strains as envisaged by the laws of nature. It means if we dont understand what has been said by words, the reason will be brought to us by whips, as happened with some of us in our childhood. Better not. It may be O.K. if the whip happens to be in the hands of father of teacher, but the whip may become doom saying symbol of total destruction. A comparison might be a common one, but very illustrative and understandable. Punishment of child may be beneficial, but punishment of civilization may become much more cruel and horrible leaving behind millions of deaths. The psychic energy has two possibilities of managing conscience of man and society it is a selection between benign and evil, and mechanism of impact is called whip or candy. Everyone is facing such choice. In general, the more person uses his intellect the less there are mistakes, more justified are human actions. What about end of world so eagerly discussed lately? End of world comes to someone every day and every day one goes to Eden the other to hell. I was recently asked just what an Eden is and what is a hell. Fact of

the matter is that where Eden and hell, whip and candy are concerned they all are displays of the psychic energy processes. And the processes are not limited to the territory: there is a hell, here is the Eden. The difference is in time, not distance. If we behave correctly and actively develop our intellect, we take the most correct decisions, result of which are satisfaction, joy, positive energy thrust allowing us to live in Eden here and now. If we select erroneous ways they all lead to hell: at the end of each such path we receive murders, jails, psychic problems and all the rest of evil. We all move now to Eden, then to hell and the process bears unmanageable character. The more chaos in our selection of path, the closer we are to the gates of hell. Do you believe in hell and Eden? In eternal life of human soul that church is telling us, stressing that with the death of the physical body the process of life does not stop for the human soul, which goes either to Eden or to hell? The soul is in constant motion now towards Eden, then to hell. But ultimately you get neither here nor there i.e. you only may reach higher level of Eden or lower level of hell, that is you either create conditions for happiness or unbearable conditions for your further life. In other words the more we create problems for ourselves, the deeper will be hell of our everyday life. I say once again: its all temporal process and hell and/or Eden we create for ourselves. Just look at number of suicides in our society. I daresay people are killing themselves not out of over joy. Most probably they bring themselves into psychic state where end of world seems inevitable for them as a legitimate result of the life in hell created by them to themselves. But does our soul remains after our physical death? What is your point of view? Do you believe in orthodox teaching that our Lord at the Final Judgment will define where anyone should follow to hell or to the Eden? To give this postulate scientific explanation would be tantamount to answering a question of a child: is it true that under the hood of a car live horses are placed?. How will you explain to a child why the car is moving so fast? Because there are horses under the hood? And would velocity of a car depend of number of

horses under the hood?

Today when everyone knows what internal combustion

engine is, would it be legitimate to ask me whether I believe in horses under the hood? I would say yes and no. There are no horses, but there is a horsepower. So there are no Eden and no hell there is only peace of mind or excessive psychic strain. Your sense of humor is quite convincing. This also energetic process. Man is a processor handling enormous amount of energy, including psychic and intellectual ones. What we understand as death is just a process of decomposition of the physical part of the human being, but the energy component of such being is not decomposing. Of course, there also go processes possessing different temporal parameters. All field related to feelings and even intellectual field with flow of time also dissipate. Youre your intuition remains. We are sort of whirl in the intuitive part of our universe, and our identity, our Me is just there. And process of extension of that field, process of creation of energetic vacuum inside is the reason of attraction there of other field structures, including process of formation of matter itself. Generally speaking in the view of the contemporary science the whole world is an energy. For us as observers it is presented in three kinds: matter, fields and their radiation. And radiation is a process while matter and fields are eventual kinds of energy, and intellect, intuition and souls also are material fields, just more fine. Even time is a material field of our Universe. But we as observers see energy as matter, fields and radiation. As I have already said in the process of expansion of our Universe the matter is being disintegrated. Our Sun for example is turning billions of cubic meters of gas into electro-magnetic radiation. A human being is consuming food biologically transformed matter. With help of bio-chemical processes the human organism turn this matter into the thermal energy, into the electro-magnetic, then electro-magnetic energy turns into the gravitational one and the latter in turn into psychic and psychic turns into intellectual and intellectual into intuitive energy. And that is just essence of human being. The energy remains, it is immortal, eternal it is only being transformed from one kind into another under the law of conservation of energy formulated by Lomonossov and Lavoisier. This is why the human being does

not disappear completely, only its physical material shell is decomposing as well as psychic and intellectual shells do, but intuitive shell most probably will remain and participate in the process of expansion of the Universe, after which it will again form internal field structures and matter (substance) in general such process we may call reincarnation. So we may say that the higher human intellect, the higher material soul of a man would rise into Heavens. Science does not know the term Heavens. Under the Einsteins theory all terms are relative: ther is no higher-lower, there is more or less. That means in the scientific language that our soul (energy component of us) is becoming more voluminous. Well, but people say: A soul went to Heavens It did not go to Heavens it remains here , it just lost some of its field structures, first of all its material shell. Then is it true that souls of dead may stay among us, may hear and understand us? Probably it will not be able to hear and understand, because there has not remained a processor for transformation of energy, and field structure alone cannot receive information from the other because of lack of the process of its transmission. A living human is transmitting energy from one field to another, from another to the third, from the third to the fourth, but after the man leaves our world, most probably only intuitive field would remain, i.e. his Me, and it will be another world, other identity, while it still remains here in this space. As far as in 2001 in my book I described a process of physical death of a human being and of decomposition of different field structures down to our intuitive field. But after that I have found a book where some Hindu yogi presented it the following way: in the process of our physical life we hear hundreds and even thousands of stories describing human life from birth to death, but I would like to tell you my story from death to birth. And he started to retell a story how he died, reincarnated etc. To my surprise I knew what would follow. He just described it in his own words. I was

telling that right after decomposition of the material field electro-magnetic and gravitation fields decompose and disappear, and only then at some stage the psychic field starts to decompose. But a yogi was talking about death of his sensitive body, of the death of fiery body of the brain. In other words he told quite the same story. Naturally, we could not agree with each other because he lived long ago. But in principle his story was true under the scientific point of view I was describing quite the same process. I.e. I described the process of death and process of new nucleus of life. Man is a processor and participant of the general process of expansion of the Universe and or restructuring of all kinds of material and field structures into finer and finer field structures. This is a process that I am describing, it is absolutely scientifically based and responds to all physical laws of nature. What a luck that we had a Soviet system of education, due to which I had a chance to obtain today such a lot of information. You possess sop powerful intellect, convincing force, you have so developed logic all that makes impossible to not believe in facts that you have found by scientific methods. Of course I try to self improve. Such meetings and discussions first of all help me to refine my capability to deliver information correctly. Less words more imagination. One may beat about a bush a lot of our scientists suffer just such syndrome. They would be using a tremendous lot of words, meaning of which only they know, as a result they say what nobody understands. If a person tells things other persons do not understand, we cannot name such person a wise one. Yes, sooner we should call such person quite the opposite. All of that may be presented in simple language available to any educated person. So I am happy that I managed to explain what I wanted you to understand. My teachers whom I deeply respect told me more than once: if you want to learn something, start teaching others to it. This is most efficient means of cognition. When I try to explain to a person simple truths, at some stage I start understanding those truths more clear, more exactly and then I start talking more clear and more convincingly. Who thinks clear, speaks clear. But if one speaks so that nobody

understands him it only means that the person does not understand what he is talking about. May I consider your words a compliment to my address because todays discussion was not only useful to me but not useless to you as well. All our life, people around us and all circumstances emerging around us may serve a teaching material for our conscience. And in such terms every person is a teacher. Good teacher, bad teacher, positive or negative all of them teach us life. If one is not lazy. And dont be lazy. If you commit mistakes, which is immanent to any person, one should treat such mistakes as not passed exam, as wrongly done work. In todays exam I put you five, while I am not your teacher its you who is my teacher. Today everyone evaluates himself as he knows better. All definitions are relative, all in this world is relative as rightly supposed Einstein. Wise person, silly person is also relative definitions. Every contemporary person would seem genius in the 10th century which testifies about general evolutionary growth. We all constantly learn. One wants to be educated, the other prefers to avoid learning efforts. Driving from the same theory, which we offered laziness is resistance of matter to its fragmentation. And if you would fail to organize energy process giving enough power to disintegrate such matter you will fail to break through the energy barrier, your laziness will defeat you. Let us finish right here, Gennady Nikolayavich. I would wish that people have less laziness and you have more force to resist such laziness and to bring to the peoples minds all that you have discovered by power of your own mind, your perseverance and your knowledge. Thank you ever so much again. It would be a pity not to use such knowledge and not to bring such information to the broad public opinion. Hence I consider it to be my solemn duty to give such knowledge to people, because the more of knowledge we pass to people, the less mistakes will they commit. Quite right.

We all learn from each other. I am 1005 convinced that only scientific worldview picture of the Universe may save our civilization. Knowledge is the only thing the person really believes, all the rest are just declarations. But force of resistance is tremendous, including counter force in the field of education. There is a known maxima of Einstein: We cannot solve a problem until we stay at the level of thinking, which brought such a problem. Exactly as we cannot change reality until we remain in the state of mind that created such reality. If there is an action, there should be its consequences. Lack of action on the side of some people irritates other people, and irritation of other people gives them energy for development of intellect in the process of search of ways to properly act. And ultimately people having developed their intellect will find a proper way.