EGYPT: SAHARA SANDSCAPES DAY-TO-DAY SCHEDULE This photo tour is a real adventure and it will take you

to the White Desert and the Western Desert of Egypt. We’ve selected the best photo locations for you and our experienced Bedouin guide, drivers, and cook will make sure you will be very well looked after. The drivers know the area intimately and have travelled with us before. You will learn a lot about landscape photography during this trip, shooting side by side with Marsel. As the night skies are often clear this time of year, we will try some night photography as well, shooting the stars as well as star trails. We travel the desert with 4x4 jeeps and set up camp next to or near the photo locations we have chosen for sunset and sunrise. Our crew will set camp up daily, and while we are shooting our cook will prepare our meals. The meals are simple, but very tasty. And the setting is beautiful. You can sleep under the stars if you like, or you can choose to sleep in a tent. Although you will be well taken care of, this trip is not for those who cannot do without the luxury of a normal bed, daily hot showers and 3-course gourmet meals. You will need to be flexible and must like roughing it a bit. In return, you will be highly rewarded, as the desert is stunningly beautiful, with incredible rock formations, endless views and high mountains for us to discover. On this desert trip all meals, coffee & tea and bottled drinking water is included. If you would like to drink anything else (soft drinks, beer, wine), please feel free to bring whatever you like. Egypt is a liberal Islamic country and drinking alcohol is not a problem. Day 1: 14 January 2012 Today everyone arrives with an international flight to Cairo, where you will stay in a 4* hotel. As everyone will arrive at different times, your stay in the hotel will be arranged based on bed & breakfast. Overnight in a luxury hotel in Cairo, breakfast included.

After lunch we head further south. as we will travel for 365 km by bus to Baharia. In this desert oasis we stop for a nice lunch in a hotel. Here we will meet our Bedouin crew. it is not hard to imagine that this was once the bottom of the ocean. When you look at the landscape. 2 in the back). We travel Squiver style. After lunch. combined with orange sand. which means only 3 guests per jeep. We set up our first desert camp and head out to take pictures of the landscape. we get in our 4x4 jeeps.Day 2: 15 January 2012 We all meet for an early breakfast. We camp out under the starry sky. who will take us into the desert for a full week. We leave Cairo behind. while our cook prepares a delicious meal for us. we will drive into an area with huge white and beige colored mountains. . to ensure you have a comfortable seating arrangement (one in the passenger seat. As we leave the tarmac.

Day 3 – 8: 16 January – 21 January 2012 We spend our days discovering the desert. you can prepare and make the most out of the golden hours of the day! . As we drive to the next location. we stop from time to time to enjoy the view or make pictures. This allows us to have some downtime in the early afternoon. and shooting until an hour after sunrise. with spectacular bird’s eye views and dramatic rock formations. in search of the best photographic locations. so we can make back-ups of our photos and discover the area we are shooting in at the end of that day and early morning. The daily routine is getting up before sunrise. That way. Some have a very distinctive shape and are known as the mushroom and the chicken. We return to camp for our breakfast. so we will have a lot of photography time. The distances between the locations are short. or a rhino. Just let your imagination run free! The Western Desert is more mountainous. We try to have lunch at the location where we will also set up camp. a sphinx. The White Desert is known for its unique (white) rock formations. After breakfast we pack up our stuff and get into the jeeps.

At night. temperatures can get close to 0 degrees. to our 4* hotel for a nice farewell dinner with the whole group. . After lunch we are picked up by a bus and return to Cairo. but evenings and mornings can be quite cold. there are a lot of spots where you can climb to get a great view or where you can go for a hike. so be prepared and bring some warm clothing with you.Temperatures are very nice during the day (T-shirts). We drive to Baharia for lunch. Day 9: 22 January 2012 After our morning shoot we have breakfast and pack up our camp for the last time. Although there is no need to be very fit for this trip.

com All photographs in this PDF were shot by Marsel van Oosten and Daniëlla Sibbing.Day 10: 23 January 2012 Everyone will fly back home today. All images and text are copyright protected. or would like to make a booking: trips@squiver. . Bottled water. A single room in the hotels as well as a private tent is available for a single supplement of 250 EURO. transfers between the airport and the hotel in Cairo. based on sharing. combining your landscape desert photo tour with for instance the pyramids. The fee excludes your international flight. You can download our terms & conditions from our website: www. Please contact us if you have any questions after reading this trip. Closer to departure date. we will have to charge you the single supplement. Participation fee & additional information The participation fee for this trip is 2495 EURO per person. tips for our Bedouin desert crew. visa and personal purchases.squiver. supported by our experienced Bedouin crew. Or you can opt for a longer stay in Egypt. you will receive a suggested packing list and detailed The fee includes all meals in the desert and on the last evening in Cairo. tea and coffee is included in the desert as well. This day-to-day schedule is intended to give you an impression of the trip. If you would like to share a room but we cannot find a roommate for you. The group is lead by Marsel van Oosten and Daniëlla Sibbing. Please do not use without our written permission. The group consists of a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 9 guests.

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