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Aerocore Vacuum Insulation Panel

About Aerocore
American Aerogel Corporations Aerocore product line, based on an advanced microporous insulation technology, provides superior performance characteristics to a wide variety of thermal insulation applications. Aerocore, an organic aerogel, is environmentally friendly. Its extremely porous, low density aerogel core is evacuated in an aluminized polyester bag to create a Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP) with a thermal conductivity of 1.9 to 4.2 mW/mK.
Microporous, low density materials are very efficient insulators because they do not rapidly conduct heat. When placed under a moderate vacuum, higher insulation values are achieved due to the core materials open pore structure. Aerocore VIPs are very effective at reducing heat transfer through solid conduction, gaseous conduction and radiation: Solid Conduction - Aerocores fractal, high surface area core material creates a tortuous path which prevents heat from effectively conducting through its solid structure. Gaseous Conduction - Aerocore effectively eliminates the transfer of heat from gas interactions through evacuation so that gas molecules hit the solid core structures within the panel instead of each other. Radiation - As an organic, carbon-based material, Aerocores aerogel interior quenches infrared radiation.

Aerocore Advantages
Energy Advanced insulation properties reduce the coolant or heating power required to keep payloads at their specified operating temperatures More energy efficient insulation extends shipping times Reduced overall insulation and power results in a lighter load that uses less energy to transport the same amount of payload as standard insulation (i.e. payload weight and volume can increase) Space Advanced insulation properties reduce the wall thickness required to maintain performance thereby expanding cargo space to allow standard dry pallet configurations in refrigerated trailers, thus allowing for backhaul capabilities Reductions in coolant power reduce the size and weight of necessary cooling compressors/devices Cost Spend less money on coolant power/material Expanded carrying capacity allows companies to ship more per trip Fit standard pallets in refrigerated trailers consolidates shipping fleets Extended shipping windows allow for reduced spoilage of valuable payloads Market Game-changing technology already proven successful in temperature sensitive shipping applications Material Monolithic core material has square edges for clean seam integration Resilient panel construction in customizable dimensions and on commercial scale Environmentally friendly core material made from a low energy input production process

Aerocore Properties
Property Thermal Conductivity Below 1 Torr 0.00418 w/mK to 0.00186 w/mK Atmosphere 0.0363 W/mK Material Color Density Thickness Panel Size (Up to) Length and Thickness Compressive Strength (ASTM D1621) Compressive Modulus (ASTM D1621) Pore Structure Puncture Resistance (FTMS 101C 2065) 0TR (ASTM D3985) 23, 50% RH Organic Aerogel Black 0.15-0.2 g/cc 12-25 mm 500 x 610 mm 2mm 444 KPa 3823 KPa Open Pore Aluminized Polyester Laminate Silver 97 micron Aerocore VIP Core Material Film Barrier

12-25mm 500 x 610 mm 2mm 343 KPa 5878 KPa

129 newton <0.0005 cc/m day
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