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Activity #1: Survey of Biotechnology Products Date Performed: 15 & 22 January 2013

In this time period, breads used to be flat and hard, then came the invention of yeast. Yeast is a microorganism that makes the bread rise. We can also see the effect of yeast in baked products like cupcakes and cakes.

I. Introduction According to the paper of European Investment Bank (2002), biotechnology is defined as any technical application that uses biological systems, living organisms or derivatives thereof, to make or modify products or processes for specific use. Biotechnology was adapted even in the period before Christ when people would utilize fermentation to make bread, cheese and wine.There is also the

BC Period

1 AD - 1900 AD

Gegor Mendel experimented with peas because he wondered why there are different colors and textures in his peas. He then began to mix or breed its families to improve the color and flavor. One example of this method is used in the square watermelons in china so that they can be restored in a more orderly manner.

emergence of what we call modern or new biotechnology which involves genetics and coming up with Genetically Modifies Organisms (GMOs). The objective of this paper is to highlight how long biotechnology has been present and to express its evolution in line with the improvement in the quality and power of technology.
1900-1970 People adopted classical breeding where they pick up the good characteristics of sto similar species and breed them. Examples are hybrid dogs, fruits and plants.

II. Materials & Methods The method was to show us the different results of biotechnology. Its effects can range from the foods that we eat, the pets and animals we see and all sorts of things that has something to do with living organisms. We were presented with 5 stations corresponding to 5 different time periods:
1970 - 1996 Scientists injected bovine somatotropin (BST) in the base of the brain in cows to increase milk production at a low cost.

scientists are already working on foods to improve their tastes, increase their benefits and to reduce health risks in food associated with cholesterol build up. Future

f. (Station 5) List one of your most favourite unprocessed foods. III. Results & Discussion a. (Station 1) Would you consider the ancient Egyptians to be biotechnologists? Why? Why not? For me, I would consider the person that discovered yeast a biotechnologist. But it doesnt mean that a person with the same race or culture discovered something which in this case is the yeast, makes that group of people biotechnologist. Of course, anyone can contribute to the existing knowledge about biotechnology since ideas are not limited to any race, gender or attainment. b. (Station 1) What do you think the Latin root bio means? Define the word technology. Bio means life while technology means the practical application of science (according to my notes). Therefore, biotechnology means the practical use of living things by coming up with new things that will be for our benefit. c. (Station 2) List one characteristic or desirable trait that may have been bred for the following: bananas, mangoes, chicken. Bananas for their potassium content, mangoes for their vitamins and chickens for their white meat. d. (Station 3) What food have you eaten that may be considered to be hybrid? I actually have no idea on hybrid foods, I dont even know if I even ate one. But one time, I ordered in Fruitas a mixture of fruits, namely: Melon and Mango and they tasted really nice. e. (Station 4) Some dairy farmers refuse to use recombinant bovine somatotropin (BST). Can you think of a reason why? Based on my opinion, some dairy farmers refuse to use recombinant BST because they are afraid to take risks since using unnatural methods of producing milk that might have certain side effects. V. References European Investment Bank (2002). Biotechnology: An overview. EIB Sector Papers. IV. Conclusion By reading the timetable of the evolution of biotechnology from simple yeast to something like 4-legged chicken or increased milk production by injecting BST in the base of the brain of a cow. We can really say that there are a lot of things to discover yet and biotechnologists should never stop coming up with new ideas because these ideas definitely benefit a lot of people. Technology eases the process of testing and making sure that hybrids work well. Actually my favourite unprocessed food is the ripe mango. It is healthy and good for the stomach. e. (Station 5) What new trait would make this food (ripe mango) even better? I think what would make it better is when you can eat the outer layer/ skin. But that would affect the taste of freshness of the fruit.