Fahrenheit 451 Questions

Fahrenheit 451: 1-31
Introduction Questions 1. What is Montag doing at the beginning of the novel? How does he feel about his job? "He strode in a swarm of fireflies" What are the "fireflies"? 2. Who does he meet walking? How does she react to Montag? 3. What doesn't Montag think about? What lies has he been taught? How has the girl upset him (think) 4. Was Montag happy? What does he compare his happiness to? 5. To what is his bedroom compared? What has Montag discovered his wife has done? 6. How do they fix his wife? What is the attitude they take? What is the attitude his wife takes during the next day? 7. How is the family next door different? Why might they be different? Why does society consider Clarisse anti-social? 8. What does the Mechanical Hound do? What games do they play with it? Why is it important that it rouses itself at Montag? In which we get introduced to Montag, a different sort of fireman. This world is a dystopia or a perfectly awful world. Think about how these people create and keep power.

Fahrenheit 451 Questions

Fahrenheit 451: 32-52
Introduction Questions 1. How does the woman act when they come for her books? Why might her neighbor turn her in? Why doesn't he take the book? Why do his hands do with it? Why is it important that all the people run out of their houses to see? 2. What doesn't Mildred remember? Why doesn't she? 3. What are the TV programs like? How are they similar to today’s TVs or other technology? 4. What happened to Clarisse? 5. Why does Mildred want him to go to work? 6. What are the rules of this society? What must you do in order to thrive? 7. Name three things that Beatty says that are true about our world. In which Montag runs into a stubborn woman who knows all about British martyrs.

Fahrenheit 451: 52-68 – End of Part I
Introduction Questions This section could be confusing, as Beatty gives a lecture Answer the following questions thoroughly. 1. How were movies, pictures and TV the beginning of "it all"?

Fahrenheit 451 Questions 2. Why do people read less and play more? Is this like our world in any way? How is it similar? Different? 3. How do the minorities play a role in the dumbing down of America? 4. "Magazines became a nice blend of vanilla tapioca" Explain this in your own words. 5. What do schools turn out instead of intellectuals? 6. How do firemen "keep everyone happy." 7. How is the society set up to discourage independent thought? 8. How can Guy get back in the good graces? 9. Why are there no front porches? 10.What is in the air conditioning vent? 11. Who's at the door? 12. Why do you think Beaty doesn’t just imprison Montag?

Fahrenheit 451: 71-100
Introduction Montag gets the faith and begins to read. 1. Who's at the door? 2. Why is Mildred acting strangely? 3. What is the rest of the world like? How is this similar to the world today? 4. Who is Faber? 5. Millie says that it will be either the books or her? How so? 6. What is the sand? What is the sieve?

7. Why does Denhams Dentrifice drive him crazy? 8. How is Faber a coward?

Fahrenheit 451 Questions 9. How do books have pores? What are the three steps needed to use books? 10. Why are firemen barely needed anymore? 11.How does he get the professor to help him? 12. What does the professor give him? 13.Faber says that "Those who don't build, burn." What does he mean? Apply it to our world.

Fahrenheit 451: 100-110 – End of Part II
Introduction Questions 1. What doesn't Montag want to do? Why must he trust Faber? 2. Why do they believe that it will be a quick war? 3. Why don't these women want children? How does the women’s behavior help illustrate the characteristics of the society? 4. 5. 6. 7. Why is this conversation bound to end in chaos? Why does Montag want to read poetry to them? What poem does he read to them? Why was she crying? Read the pages, imagine the scenes, listen to the voices, question the text.

8.Why is Montag a fool? 9.Why is ignorance good? 10. Captain Beatty drove the Salamander to whose house? 11. Beatty quotes Alexander Pope by saying “A little learning is a dangerous thing.” Review Beatty’s argument. How would you rebut his argument?

Fahrenheit 451: Burning Bright 113-165
Introduction Questions We come racing to the end, chased by dogs. Answer the following questions thoughtfully.

Fahrenheit 451 Questions

1. Who called in Montag’s house?

2. Why would Beatty make Montag burn his own house? 3. Why does Montag kill Beatty? Did Beatty want to die? 4. Why would he be in danger crossing the boulevard? Even if he weren't running, why would he be suspicious? 5. Who tried to run him down? Why? Why does this say about the society? 6. Why does he plant the book at Black's house? 7. How is Montag going to try an escape? What will Faber need to do in order to avoid the Hound? Why would the police televise the Hound’s search for Montag? 8. What type of society lives on the outskirts of town? 9. Many things in Fahrenheit 451 have come true. How has this hound search come true?

Fahrenheit 451: To the End
Introduction Questions 1. How does Montag feel when the bomb drops on his city? All of these questions are thinking questions. None of the answers should be obvious.

2. How are the books being saved? 3. How is what Montag starts to quote from at the end of the novel significant?

Fahrenheit 451 Questions 4. Does this novel end with hope? Explain. 5. If Bradbury were to look at our lives in Indianapolis, what advice would he give us.

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