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Tentative Academic Timetable June 2012

1st Week 2nd Week 3rd Week B.A. I General Introduction to geography B.A.II General Introduction to Climatology 3rd Week B.A.I Earth Size Motions and time Class Test B.A.II Atmospheric Pressure and Winds Atmospheric Moisture Class Test 4th Week B.A.I Physical Geography B.A II General Introduction to Oceanography

Admission Committee B.A.I

July 2012
1st Week B.A. I Origin of the earth Solar System Theories Class Test B.A.II Weather Climate Atmosphere Class Test 2nd Week B.A.I Hypothesis of:Kant,Laplace ,Jeans and Jeffrys Otto Schmidt,etc. Class Test B.A.II Atmospheric Insolation Atmospheric Temperature Class Test 2nd Week B.A.I Earthquakes and Volcanoes Cartography Class Test B.A.II Classification of Climates Introduction to Oceanography Class Test 2nd Week B.A.I Cycles of Erosion Cartography 4th Week B.A.I Geological time scale Earths interior Class Test B.A. II Air Masses and Front Atnospheric Disturbances Class Test

August 2012
1st Week B.A. I Earth Movements Cartography B.A.II Thunderstorms and Tornadoes Classification of Climates 3rd Week B.A.I Theories of Continental Drift Plate Tectonics B.A.II Ocean Floor Temperature and Salinity Practical Geography 4th Week B.A.I Rocks Origin and Composition B.A. II Circulation of Oceanic Water Practical Geography

September 2012
1st Week B.A. I Weathering Mass Movements 3rd Week B.A.I Cycles of erosion and Interruption 4th Week B.A.I Geomorphic Agents and Processes Class

Cartography B.A.II Circulation of Oceanic Water Class Test

B.A.II Marine Deposits Coral Reefs Class Test

Class Test B.A.II Oceans Storehouse of resources Practical Geography

Test B.A. II Human Geography Race Practical Geography

October 2012
B.A. I Erosion Deposition Transportation of Fluvial agents Cartography B.A.II Linguistic Groups of the World Religion Class Test B.A.I Erosion Deposition Transportation of Glacial agents Cartography B.A.II Human adaption to the Environment Class Test B.A.I Erosion Deposition Transportation of Aeolian agents Class Test B.A.II Hot region Inhabitants Bushmen Bedouin Practical Geography B.A.I Erosion Deposition Transportation of Karst agents Class Test B.A. II Highland Inhabitants Masai Gujjars Practical Geography

November 2012
B.A. I Marine Landscape Field work B.A.II Distribution and density of population Class Test B.A.I Field work Class Tests B.A.II Growth of Population Population and resources Class Test B.A.I Seminars Presentations B.A.II Migration Settlement geography Field work B.A.I Revision of Syllabus Class Test B.A. II Urban settlements Urbanisation Field work

December 2012
Commencement of House Examinations Evaluation of Test Booklets


Dr. Arvind Paul Assistant Professor Deptt. of Geography