What I Am Going to Cover in this Document

The Unitary Plan as it stands is over 510 pages worth of large full colour maps and over 1200 pages of text if I was to have it in hard copy form. The Draft Unitary Plan covers a vast array of topics as a rulebook on Auckland that I could never be able to comment on them all. As a result I will be focusing on specific areas of interest (that I have) from the Unitary Plan and giving feedback on those specific areas accordingly. The points I will be covering (in order of this list) in this feedback document are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Why I am covering the respective points here in this feedback document Brief recap on The Draft Unitary Plan as it currently stands 400,000 homes and one million people – where are they going to go? My Housing Mix using the shapeauckland.co.nz Housing Simulator The Zones: My Alternative to the Unitary Plan Zones using work from my Auckland Plan submission – this will include: a. Implementing the Centralised Master Community Plan (CMCP), the Semi-Liberal Plan Districts (SLPD), and the Municipal Utility District (MUD) b. Reworking the zones including adding, deleting, or modifications to the Unitary Plan Zones using zone definitions from my submission to the Auckland Plan Over Intensification with the centres – who gets upgraded and who gets downgraded. Also covered is redrawing the height restrictions imposed on some centres Manukau and St Heliers; special places deserve special recognition as one size does not fit all with the Unitary Plan CMCP’s and SLPD’s and applying them to select individual places in Auckland as examples of my alternative in regards to the Unitary Plan. Papakura and the Southern Rural Urban Boundary Greenfield sites will be two of the examples used The Rural Urban Boundary in Southern Auckland: a. Which of the three options per the Rural Urban Boundary Addendum b. Why I chose that particular RUB option c. How it would work (this will tie in with Point 8) and its affects to wider Auckland d. How it affects me personally Observed Transport issues stemming from the Unitary Plan. The Auckland Transport Integrated Transport Plan will be mentioned here Other infrastructure (including social) issues stemming from the Unitary Plan Any other notes and observations from the Unitary Plan Conclusion(s)

6. 7. 8.


10. 11. 12. 13.

Urban design will be covered in multiple points rather than just one set specific point. These points however cover the often regional perspective of the Unitary Plan although there are some local aspects as well (Papakura being my home). Each point and sub-point will have its own dedicated section in this feedback document.

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