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Food Waste Digester

Low cost, on-site solution for food waste

improving hygiene and saving money. Less food waste to landfill Fewer trucks on the road Labour & money saving Eco-friendly and responsible. using existing services and saving you the hassle of dealing with solid food waste. whilst improving space. environmentally-sound solution Manufactured locally to improve supply chain & reduce carbon footprint . taking lorries off the road Economic. on-site solution that doesn’t require dedicated staff to carry food waste through the kitchen to the bin area . It’s a clean.. Everything biodegradable turns into grey water which is sent straight to the drain.Simply “throw in” the food and walk away. Water from food waste totally reclaimed Food waste separation encourages better waste stream management & recycling Uses existing drainage. on-site food waste solution No solids to manage. All components are sourced locally. reducing odour and vermin problems. ensuring the supply chain is short and quickly available.. Saves money and is good for the environment. delivering the additional benefit of Waste2 having a low carbon footprint. Easy. There is no need to store food waste. no compost to monitor Food waste digested to grey water Sustainable and affordable food waste solution.... Manufactured in Great Britain..

The Waste2 Food Digester uses a bio-enzymatic formula that is completely safe for drains and sewage systems. i. 3 Grey water is the only output .. 2 Micro-organisms digest the food waste and also start the breakdown of fats. 1 Food waste is added to the chamber through the hatch.Food Waste Digester How it works It’s completely safe and easy to install. low carbon footprint. They are regarded as safe worldwide and classified under Hazard Group 1. In effect the formulation boosts the population of beneficial bacteria in the system.. "The bacteria are perfectly safe. Microbiology) Easy as 1-2-3. Waste2 is an operational friendly. . There are also no harmful effects to local drains or sewage systems. " Dr. oils & grease (FOGs). naturallyoccurring and non-pathogenic. affordable food waste management system that is sustainable. environmentally responsible and commercially viable. and there would actually be beneficial effects further downstream.NO solids to manage.e. on-site. John Lear (PhD. they do not cause disease.

co.co. on-site solution All solids reduced to grey water Safe for drains – using existing infrastructure Reduces odour and vermin problems Encourages recycling Fewer waste collections cost less & reduce trucks on roads Improves carbon footprint Future Proofs against increasing collection charges You can Rent You can Lease You can Buy Want more information? Technical Details Dimensions: 1435mm high 1095mm wide 1015mm deep Connects to: existing 1 1/2 inch (40mm) waste standard 1/2 inch (12mm) mains water 13 amp power connection Phone us on 01260 223760 Email us on info@waste2.uk Waste 2 Limited The New Barn | Gawsworth Business Court | North Rode | Congleton | CW12 2NX T: 01260 223760 | E :info@waste2.Food Waste Digester Low energy & operational requirements Compact.uk . easy-touse.waste2.uk | www. hygienic.co.

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