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Essential Kitchen

Ideas Book
“Every tip you need to know
before buying a new kitchen”
The serious kitchen book if
you’re serious about kitchens
Living without a kitchen for even a matter of days
is a nightmare which is why this Essential Kitchen
Ideas book will help protect you from getting burnt
when buying a new kitchen.
Kitcheners has a proven track record of designing
tailor made kitchens where we work together step
by step and the customer knows exactly what
to expect and when to expect it. Now everyone,
not just our customers, can benefit from our vast
knowledge base.
So whether you cook for a living like Iain ‘ Huey’
Hewitson, or you simply love to cook, this book
will ensure you create a kitchen that is the scene of
beautiful meals for many years to come.

“Don’t get burnt by your new kitchen”


This priceless
book covers
Design Tips
Colour & Lighting
Products & Components
Company Backgrounds
Meeting Expectations
Avoiding Pitfalls
and so much more

Kitchen Design - what do
you want, what do you need
and what can you afford?
Before you commence, you’ve hopefully done
your research. Bought magazines, spoken to
friends and experts and maybe even done some
research online. Then you will have some idea
about the style of kitchen you want, as well as
what special features you desire.
You must also decide what existing appliances
you wish to keep plus whether or not you’ll have
enough space for all your cooking utensils and
essential appliances?

Kitcheners Kitchens - plan non contractual

Consider the following...

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• Do you have use for a breakfast bar • You will need a plumber and an
instead of a dining table? electrician to connect your appliances.
• Try to maximise your bench space. • You may need a tiler for the splashbacks.
• Do you need to separate your waste with • The finishes in your kitchen will greatly
a recycling bin system? affect your budget; EG, choosing stone
• Does the kitchen merge into other spaces? or laminate benchtops.
Perhaps you can merge the style of the • Some companies will allow you to deal
kitchen with that of adjoining rooms. with your own tradespeople which could
• Do you have enough lighting? save you some money.
• Avoid finishes that are prone to dirty marks • Keep it simple, you can always add to
and fingerprints. it later. The more detailed the kitchen the
• The main components that add up to bigger the price tag.
make your new kitchen are the cabinets, • Does the company provide a full design
benchtops, appliances, splashbacks and service by qualified designers?
all the tradespeople to make it happen. So Just some of the invaluable questions you
consider these when creating a budget. must consider before going down any path!

Designing The Space
A kitchen designer will help you design your ideal space however
it may help if you have some idea of what type of doors, handles,
shelves, flooring, lighting and benchtops you desire.

Colours, tone and light will affect your

moods and the way you enjoy a space.
Before designing your new kitchen,
remember some of the following:
• Ask to see large samples of benchtops, doors
and paint colours. Colours will often be bolder
when applied on a larger scale. When painting,
it’s advised that you test with a sample pot.
• If using dark colours in small spaces use a
lighter tone, otherwise it will make the space
appear smaller. Light, cool and neutral colours
create a sense of space as they make walls
appear to recede.
• Think about the direction of the room. Use
dark warm colours for south facing rooms and
cool colours for north facing rooms.
• If you want the walls & ceilings to match, tint
the ceiling paint only 50% of the wall paint. This
is because the ceiling receives less light and will
otherwise appear darker than then walls.

A hint of this and
a dash of that...
• Matt paint hides bumps and ruts so is
most suitable for rough surfaces.
However, gloss and satin can be more
practical in the kitchen.
• Try to stick to more neutral themes
and colours as fashion trends change
rapidly; you don’t want your kitchen
to look outdated in one year. You can
always change your accessories and
the paint colour easier than changing
the cabinetry and bench.
• Keep wall cabinets away from
windows - natural light is important.
• A kitchen should have good lighting,
especially in working areas. Halogen
down lights are best for work spaces.
• You can illuminate the bench space
more by adding lights underneath the
overhead wall cabinetry.
• Ask if your kitchen company provides
lighting options designed especially for
the kitchen.

You can have warmth and style

Products and Components
It’s all about availability,
quality and guarantee
Choose a company like Kitcheners, where
we complement our designs by only
associating with the world’s most loved
suppliers including Bosch, Blum, Corian®
and Caesarstone®. What follows is
construction of the highest standards with
the most resistant materials, guaranteeing
that your beautiful new kitchen will be the
scene of splendid meals for years to come.

• Check that there are warrantees on • Check what type of drawer system the
kitchen components & products. These company uses. Metal lasts much longer
will vary depending on the product. than plastic or particle board drawers.
• What type of board does the company • Keep in mind that gloss laminate
use in their cabinetry? It should be benchtops scratch easily. There are
moisture resistant and above medium alternatives such as textured laminates
density. The denser the board, the less which are one of the most durable
chance there is of screws coming loose in benchtops available today.
later years. • Gadgets like Lazy Susans do not use
• Be aware of how the cabinets are put space efficiently.
together. Cabinets should be screwed • Adjustable legs are important in kitchens
together. Some manufacturers only use to keep the cabinetry off the ground, and
staples which do not provide suitable can be levelled out on uneven floors or
rigidity or strength. adjusted for changing benchtop heights.
• If possible, check the bare cabinets
without doors and benchtops to check
for rigidity and sturdiness. The cabinets A quality kitchen won’t
should have solid backs, sides and bases. have a use-by-date

Smart design to ensure that food
isn’t the only thing that could burn

• Placing cook tops near windows is a fire • A fire extinguisher and first aid kit should
hazard and should be avoided. be stored in the kitchen.
• Electric cook tops should indicate • Slippery floors can be dangerous. Ask if
POWER ON. your designer has any suggestions for safe
• Flame failure features should be flooring materials.
considered for gas cook tops. • Cabinets to the ceiling can be dangerous.
• Make sure there is sufficient set Consider this when designing the cabinets.
down space for hot pots and pans near • Try to avoid sharp edges and corners on
microwaves, ovens and stoves. benches to prevent injuries.
• Keep cook tops at least 300mm from
tall items to keep heat away from other
surfaces and to give space for pot handles.

Keep the whole family

safe and secure

Don’t undo great design
with shoddy workmanship
When it comes to the building of your
new kitchen, ensure you have a team
of specialists in each relevant field.

• The measurements should be

checked a minimum of 2 times.
• Do they do site surveys or site
checks before manufacture?
• If you wanted to make any changes
to your kitchen plans, when is it
possible to do this?
• Make sure your installers are
licensed and make sure that you have
their contact numbers.
• Before the old kitchen, is removed
empty it.
• Leave any tiling and painting until
the kitchen is installed.

The team you’ll

need on board

Site checker





Your recipe to financial security

Before you commence any • If you don’t understand anything in your

work, you should have a contract terms and conditions always ask for
firm budget in which to keep • You’re usually required to pay 10% deposit
to. Naturally your budget when you purchase a kitchen.
will depend on the features, • Ask your designer about any special offers
fixtures and finishes you and financial packages available.
choose. • Progress payments are often required
before your order goes into production.
Let the designers know your • The balance of your kitchen may need to
exact budget as that is the be paid by cash, VISA or bank cheque.
only way they can give you • Be wary of companies who want you to
the best advice. pay 100% before delivery.

Make sure your kitchen doesn’t

spring any ugly financial surprises

The company
What do you know about them? Will you get what you want?
A new kitchen is a large investment, so you • How long has the designer worked in the
want to know you’re putting your money kitchen industry? You will want to be sure
into something worthwhile and you want to that they know what they’re doing.
be sure that your company can do this. • Has the company or its staff won awards?
• Ask the company to see customer • Are the cabinets supplied fully assembled
feedback and their dates to help you get or as a flat pack? Can you install it yourself?
a feel of their attitude to their service and • If the company has its own installers, ask
how satisfied their customers are. for their licence numbers.
• How many of their customers are either • If they don’t have their own installers, ask
repeat customers or referenced from past for any suggestions.
customers. • Ensure you have your designer’s mobile
• How long have the staff worked for the number.
company. High staff retention’s a good • Be cautious of companies that push
sign. for very fast delivery and payment as this
• Ask what it is that makes them more or can be a sign that they have cash flow
less expensive than other companies. problems.

“As a chef I know how important it is to have a kitchen which looks great
but above all is cleverly designed and functional,” Iain ‘Huey’ Hewitson said.
“Kitcheners Kitchens creates custom made kitchens that make life easy when
whipping up those special meals. Their well-trained staff take the time to get to
know their customers and find out what they really need. They will then advise
on stylish, high quality and cost effective design and finishes in any shape, size
or colour that will work best for the space.”

Huey with Michael Kitchener

A few more things to remember
Don’t forget to...
• Always ask as many questions about the • If you are getting Caesarstone or solid
company, the design and the products. surface benchtops there is usually up
The only silly questions are ones that go to a 10 day delay between the kitchen
unasked. installation and benchtop installation
• Don’t be afraid of revealing your budget. because it requires a template after the
It’s best to give the designers all the info kitchen has been installed.
so they can help you as best as possible. • How easy is it to replace a damaged
• Don’t feel like you need to fill up every door? Is your range going to be available
space with cupboards. Your designer can in the future?
determine your storage needs. Overfilling • Is it possible to add to your kitchen at a
the walls with cupboards will only make later date? EG, more wall units.
your kitchens look cluttered. • Many kitchen companies offer specials
• Kitchen islands are not always a sensible and discounts on their first appointments.
idea and require at least 1 metre between If you are pleased with the design and
it and other items. understand the contract on your first
• Remember that fridges with ice appointment, you may benefit from the
machines require plumbing. discounts and specials offered.
• Consider wider and deeper drawers for
maximised use of space.

Creating your new kitchen should

be an enjoyable experience. Try and
get involved as much as you can to
ensure you’re getting what you want.
Make sure you choose a company and
designer that shares your enthusiasm.

Your Kitchen Requirements
Fill in this comprehensive kitchen checklist before you commence
Personal requirements
Height: __________ The ideal benchtop height should be based on bent
elbow to floor.
Are you left or right handed? This determines the location of the sink drainer.
Any special requirement or disabilities for you or your family?

Family requirements Other

Size: _____ adults _____ kids Do you do specialist cooking? ______
How many people cook in the What don’t you like about your existing
kitchen? ____ kitchen? __________________________

Dining Requirements Appliances

Number of seats _____ Wall oven or under bench
Breakfast bar Cooktop
Table Stove
Raised servery Fridge
Other Equipment Hot water system
Phone/fax Washer/dryer
Radio/stereo Water filter
TV/video/DVD Other
Intercom Tap
Answering machine Microwave
Computer Sink - Single Bowl or Double Bowl

Cabinetry & storage

Trays Utensils
Tea towels Spices
Appliances Liquor
Pantry Saucepans
Baking Above fridge
Chopping boards Corner access
Kitchen tidy Cleaning equipment
China Iron & Board
Glassware Other: __________________________
Cutlery ________________________________

Cabinetry Decor Requirements
Laminate Door style and colour
Timber Glass doors
Timber veneer Handles
Timber look Open shelving
Vacuum form Flooring
Polyurethane Lighting
Glass Capping/moulding
Steel mesh

Benchtops Other Equipment

Engineered stones Radio/fax
Other solid surfaces Radio/stereo
Stainless steel TV/video/DVD
Granite Intercom
Marble Answering machine
Laminate Computer

Splashbacks Special Features

Tiled Entertainment
Glass Desk
Laminate Wine
Painted Noticeboard
Stainless steel Hobbies
Stone Other _______________________
Other solid surfaces _______________________

Removal of existing kitchen

Plumbing, tilers, electrical etc

Installation requirements
Self Installation (avoid unless experienced)
Recommended installer including
plumber, electrician, tiler etc

Do you need a new floor?
What type of flooring do you want?
What’s the surface condition under current flooring?
Install new flooring before the kitchen.

World class custom designs
at down-to-earth prices.
Blending quality ingredients
with superior craftsmanship.

Showroom at 56 O’Riordan St
Alexandria NSW 2015
Free Call 1800 826 144


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