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winter 2009/2010 NEWSLETTER

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Year for Priests - Get acquainted with nine priests through a summary of their personal vocation

Brendan Collins

An evening at the dead sea View Highlights from Salt + Lights Fundraising Gala

is a seminarian for the Diocese of Derry, Northern Ireland who spent six weeks interning with Salt + Light Television. Brendan worked with the production team and hosted some episodes of our Zoom program. Brendan tells us his story of vocation, his hopes for the future and something of his work with Salt + Light Television.

Salt + Lights influence around the world

Blessed Journeys - Austria & Germany Join Father Thomas Rosica on a journey in the footsteps of Pope Benedict XVI By Brendan Collins, Seminarian and Former Intern, Salt + Light Television I am a student at the Irish College in Rome, in my second year of theological studies at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas. This is my fourth year of seminary formation, the first two years were spent at the Diocesan Seminary St. Malachys College, Belfast. So, why the priesthood? I am from a town called Omagh in Northern Ireland where I was brought up by my parents in a Catholic home, with my two brothers and two sisters. My grandmother lived close to us and was a great witness to the faith. I was involved in my parents business for several years and decided that this was an area I might pursue.

So, at the age of 20, I went to university to study Business Management. The next three years were spent studying while also managing a busy grocery store in Belfast City. The role brought a variety of valuable experiences, most of which were borne out of meeting and interacting with people on a professional and personal level. After the death of a close friend and a family member I realized the importance of the priest, and while I had considered a priestly vocation, I did not feel ready to pursue this path. I became friends with a young priest who helped me to see the wonderful gift of the priesthood and to understand that it comes as a gift from God. I recall a quote from Blessed Mother Teresa that summed up how I was to understand priesthood: we are the pencil in Gods hand, she said. ... continued on page 3

August 15 - 24, 2010


Dear Friends, Last June, Pope Benedict inaugurated a Year for Priests in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the death of St. John Mary Vianney. The Pope also chose a related theme for World Communications Day, 2010: The priest and pastoral ministry in a digital world: new media at the service of the Word. This theme is particularly relevant to our work at Salt + Light Television, and to all who work in communicating the Good News and the story of the Church through multimedia. We are called each day to engage all people in our efforts to tell the story of Jesus and the Church to the world. The past weeks and months, I have reflected on the media challenges faced by Salt + Light Television and the Church. I hear and read feedback from our many viewers both on air and through our interactive Salt + Light website who express a desire for us to give new forms of triumphalism, juridicism, and clericalism to the Church through our network. A triumphalist approach would require us to exercise authority through aggressive condemnation and excommunication, and believes that the Church and its representatives hold the truth but also the answers to every modern dilemma. The juridicism approach searches out laws new or old to justify personal positions or ideologies in the Church. Juridicists delight in focusing on liturgical practices, which often result in hoops through which people must jump. The clericalist approach exaggerates the authority of the priest or bishop, creating a new authoritarianism. The clericalist operates as if ordained ministers are entitled to special status and privilege in the Church and in society. Clericalists give little merit to collaboration with the laity and their involvement in endeavours like Salt + Light Television. This position contents itself with a series of talking head priests, sisters and Church leaders who simply talk at people rather than engaging them in a living creating dialogue. The ordained priest, consecrated religious and leaders of the Church, especially when acting as part of a public ministry, represent Christ the Head and Good Shepherd of the Church. When religious broadcasting and media are manipulated by or become instruments of groups that move the Church toward such forms of triumphalism, juridicism, and clericalism, we fail in our mission of helping people to grow into a dynamic, breathing, hopeful Church.

The Church as a whole and all her Pastors, like Christ, must set out to lead people out of the desert, towards the place of life, towards friendship with the Son of God, towards the One who gives us life, and life in abundance. Pope Benedict XVI
At Salt + Light Television, we firmly believe that Jesus Christ is indeed the Truth, and that its fullness is found in the Catholic Church. But we also embrace our role in seeking out with humility and in light of the Gospel how to respond to the many and varied demands of todays world. We do not impose the Gospel on the world, but propose it as an alternative vision of compelling beauty. We seek to persuade by grace, truth, beauty, faith and reason through our many television programs and teachings. During the homily of his Installation Mass nearly five years ago at the Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI said: The Church as a whole and all her Pastors, like Christ, must set out to lead people out of the desert, towards the place of life, towards friendship with the Son of God, towards the One who gives us life, and life in abundance. That is our mission at Salt + Light Television. Thank you for your generosity, prayerful support and financial assistance. Thank you for supporting priests in this special year of thanksgiving for priestly ministry in the church. The world needs Salt + Light Television now more than ever. We need the flavour of the Gospel to permeate the tasteless elements of the culture that surrounds us and the light of Christ to penetrate the darkness that encircles us. May the Lord bless you and your loved ones abundantly during these days of patience longing and joyful waiting of the Emmanuel, God truly with us. Sincerely yours in Christ,

Father Thomas Rosica, CSB CEO, Salt + Light Television


Salt + Lights influence around the world

God makes the decision, and it is our duty to grow to accept it. The will of God will not always be easy, however, when we encounter wonderful people to share in our experiences they make the journey worthwhile. I have been fortunate to spend the past two summers in different continents as part of my pastoral placements. I attended World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia in 2008 as a delegate of the International Liturgy Group, where I also had the opportunity to serve Pope Benedict XVI. During my time in Australia I met Father Thomas Rosica, CSB, and he spoke to me about Salt + Light Television. I kept in contact with Father Rosica and the opportunity to spend a summer interning for Salt + Light became possible. I had no background in media, but I felt the experience would be invaluable. Thankfully, the Bishop of my

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diocese agreed to the placement and I spent six weeks working at Salt + Light. As I look back I cannot recall a settling-in period. I felt part of the team from the beginning. I had a job and a purpose. I loved how the Salt + Light staff were at the centre of the network. The entire team worked together whether it was writing material, hosting programs or eating lunch. The presence of the Blessed Sacrament, reserved in the chapel, ensured a spiritual presence and a focus for our work. During my time at Salt + Light, I learned much about media and the Church. Thankfully, people such as Father Rosica and the team at Salt + Light make it their vocation each day to build up the Church and to be people of God showing others the gifts of God in the light of the Holy Spirit.

Salt + Light Television has contributed to my learning experiences and has given me hope for the future. May we all continue to bring Jesus into the lives of those whom we meet daily.

Portrait of a priest
Called by Pope Benedict XVI for June 2009 - 2010, this Year for Priests provides us with the occasion to rediscover the importance of priests in our midst. They are called to be exemplars of Christs love and shepherds leading us closer to Christ. Salt + Light asked a few priests about their personal calling. Sprinkled through this edition are their vocation stories. We hope you will be inspired by their messages.

Fr. Nicolas Tumbelaka, Associate Pastor St. Ann Parish, Abbottsford, BC Ordained June 2006 From the time I was seven years old, I imagined being a priest one day. When I grew up I realized that this vocation comes with great responsibility and so, I became a little discouraged. But then, I attended a meeting called Vocation in Progress conducted by the Vocation Office of Vancouver, and I gained a better understanding of the life and role of priests. With the grace of the Lord Jesus and the prayers of the people, I followed His call and it is a great blessing to be a priest today.

Fr. Timothy Harrison, Pastor St. John Bosco Parish, Brockville, ON Ordained August 1990 It doesnt matter if one has a successful business career, great social and prayer life, unlimited future plans or all kinds of material possessions. If God has a plan for you, you listen. There is no Ill get back to you later or lets strike a bargain or Youve got me mixed up with some other guy. Our ways arent Gods ways and Gods ways arent our ways, so I answered the call. Perhaps now its your turn.

Visit for all your favourite Salt + Light documentaries and films.

Lectio Divina

Season 1 Sermon on the Mount (five-disc set) Lectio Divina is a personal encounter with God in Sacred Scripture, Archbishop Thomas Collins explained to the congregation gathered at St. Michaels for the first evening of the diocesan series. As Archbishop Collins Lectio Divina continues for its third year, Salt + Light Television continues to broadcast the evening to its viewers, and now is offering the first season in a special five-disc DVD set. This nine-part series captures the monthly encounter between Torontos chief shepherd and his flock as he explores the Gospel of Matthews Sermon on the Mount. From the Beatitudes to the Lords Prayer, Archbishop Thomas Collins provides the faithful with the opportunity to nourish their faith life by contemplating Christs teachings.

Nothing More Beautiful

The Beauty of the Human Person, Created by God and Saved in Jesus Christ
Nothing More Beautiful, an initiative of the Archdiocese of Edmonton, is a series of catechesis and witness talks that aims to renew the faithfuls relationship with Christ. The first year of encounters which explores the Beauty of the Human Person, Created by God, and Saved in Jesus Christ has come to a close and is now available on DVD.

Mary MacKillop
Australias First Saint
She co-founded the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart. She was wrongfully excommunicated from the Church. Her faith and trust in God did not waver. Her name is Blessed Mary MacKillop - a woman destined to be the first Australian Saint. Mary Rose Bacani and Kris Dmytrenko retrace her footsteps in Mary MacKillop: Australias First Saint.

1 Day
A home built in one day. An over-ambitious goal? Not for engineer Tom Pirelli who first achieved the dream in 2004 as a response to the realities of homelessness. 1 Day follows a group of eight high school students from Montreal who travel to Ensenada, Mexico to embark on a home-building mission that would forever change their lives.

Changing Course

A Catholic Project for City Schools

In response to the increase of violence, gangs and bullying in inner-city schools, Salt + Light looks at how one Catholic school boards vision is supporting at-risk youth. Changing Course follows students who are benefitting from the various mentor and social programs revealing their challenges, victories, and the limitless potential of Catholic education.

Portrait of a priest
Fr. Rick Krofcheck Pastor Christ the King Parish, Shaunavon, SK Ordained May 1977 I grew up in rural Saskatchewan, one of four children born in a very faith-filled family and part of a Catholic community that was very supportive. I heard Gods call to the priesthood in a very gentle and persistent nudging during my high school years as I sought to decide what I wanted to do with my life. God has been good to me. I have been richly blessed.

Father Patrick J. ONeill, Pastor Stella Maris Parish, Louisbourg, NS Ordained May 2002 The priesthood is indeed a great gift. I have been blessed greatly in my ministry over the past seven years. As the years pass I realize more and more that the Ordained Priesthood is a gift to the entire Church. I became a priest because Christ called me. I accepted that call because I want to serve Him and the people who I come in contact with throughout my ministry, every day of my life.

Austria & Germany - August 15 - 24, 2010 In The Footsteps of Pope Benedict XVI

copyright of the municipality of Oberammergau

Salt + Light introduces its newest project. True to our mission of Evangelization, we will be offering you a series of learning and spiritual growth travel opportunities, that we are calling Blessed Journeys. If you are looking for a faith-filled adventure, accompanied by Church leaders, this pilgrimage is for you. Connaissance Travel and Tours and Salt + Light Television have come together to create this new program that is designed to inspire. The first in our series takes us to the home town of Pope Benedict XVI in Bavaria. See the place of his birth and baptism and the surroundings that inspired him in his youth. We include the once-in-ten-years opportunity to see the Passion Play put on by the inhabitants of Oberammergau, Germany. The Oberammergau Passion Play was first performed in 1634 and is the result of a vow made by the inhabitants of the village that if God spared them from the effects of the Bubonic plague sweeping the region, they would perform a passion play every ten years. The play involves more than 2,000 actors, singers, instrumentalists and technicians - all residents of the village.

As a special feature, we will begin the trip in Salzburg, Austria, the home of the von Trapp family of Sound of Music fame. The city is also home to Mozarts residence and birthplace and boasts fortresses, abbeys and castles for lovers of magnificent architecture. Pope Benedict XVI said that Mozart thoroughly penetrated his soul in his early years. This trip will be a blessed journey that will allow you to continue your learning and spiritual growth.

Join Salt + Light Television on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as we immerse ourselves in the faith, culture, sights, sounds and food of this wonderful part of the world.
Space is limited. Reserve your spot today. Visit or call us at 416.971.5353

Portrait of a priest
Fr. Xavier De Pinto, Pastor St. Norberts Church, Toronto, ON Ordained May 1995 I remember when I was an altar server I wanted to be like my pastor, Fr. Thomas McCann. He was a prayerful leader and represented Jesus to our parish. I guess when I think of this Year for Priests, I hope I can be counted as a follower of Christ and represent him in the same way to my community as well. Fr. Tim McCauley, Pastor Our Lady of the Miraculous, Russell, ON Ordained 2002 My father was an Anglican minister, but my upbringing did not destine me to be a priest. After my conversion to Catholicism in 1995, Christ, the great High Priest, called me to be with Him, then sent me out to preach. My vocation continues to be a mystery, an exceeding joy, a via crucis, and the greatest of adventures!

On October 14, against the backdrop of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Ten Commandments, business and community leaders from across the country gathered at the Royal Ontario Museum to celebrate and show support for Salt + Light Television. The event resulted in an outstanding $1.9 million in funds raised and a renewed assertion that the world needs Salt + Light more than ever.

The event An Evening At The Dead Sea was the largest fundraiser to date for Salt + Light, a great success, and essential to continue this work of the new evangelization.

Archbishop Luigi Ventura and Father Thomas Rosica, CSB

Mr. Tony Gagliano

Archbishop James Weisgerber

The Honourable Hilary Weston

Salt + Light staff attendees with CEO and Board Chair

Salt + Light Television is giving viewers hope and access to Catholic programming amidst a barrage of secular messages. With continued support from our viewers and friends, we look forward to future developments and new and exciting projects.

This event was essential for the development of our network and I thank all those who took part, as well as everyone who supports Salt + Light through prayers and donations. Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB, CEO of Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation
Father Thomas Rosica, CSB


Letters of support

It is a pleasure and an honour for me to send my greetings and best wishes to you, your staff and all those who generously support Salt + Light Television. I am very impressed with what has been accomplished over the past six years since the start of Salt + Light Television, one of the fruits of the World Youth Day 2002 in Toronto, and a fine example of new efforts to share the good news of Gods infinite love for all humanity. Excerpt from letter dated October, 2009 from Archbishop Claudio Celli, President of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications

The apostolic work of Salt + Light is a great blessing in the life of the Church in Canada and beyond, and all of those engaged in any way in this splendid endeavour deserve the thanks of all Catholics. May Our Lord abundantly bless you and your colleagues at Salt + Light, and all who support its work in any way. Excerpt from letter dated October, 2009 from Archbishop Thomas Collins, Toronto ON

Mr. Dennis Savoie Deputy Supreme Knight, KofC

Mr. Nadir Mohamed, President & CEO, Rogers Communications Inc.


Congratulations to Mary Rose and Richard

It was no surprise for us to learn that Richard Valenti and Mary Rose Bacani chose the Beatitudes for the Gospel at their wedding Mass. The wedding of one of Salt + Lights most recognized on-air personalities and one of our very talented editors took place on October 3, 2009 at St Bonaventures Church in Toronto. The two were part of the crew that travelled to the Holy Land in 2005 for the production of Salt + Light Televisions Journey of Light documentary. Mary Rose recalled praying after Mass on the Mount of the Beatitudes: I opened my eyes to notice, for the first time since I got there, a stone that had one of the Beatitudes carved into it: Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God. I pray everyday for the purity of heart that will lead Richard and me closer to God. Richard added I remember leaning next to her as we meditated on this. At that moment I felt closer to Mary Rose and to God than at any other time on our trip. Congratulations Mary Rose and Richard, and may you grow closer to God and to each other over many happy and blessed years of marriage.

This is not goodbye to David Naglieri and Michle Nuzzo Naglieri

In June 2004, David had just completed his post graduate studies in International Relations coupled with a thrilling experience interning at the Holy See Mission to the United Nations. It was during his time in New York that he was first introduced to Fr. Thomas Rosica. Upon meeting him and hearing about Salt + Light Television, David felt inspired to visit the Toronto-based station and quickly accepted an offer to join the team for what he thought would be a one summer term. Never would he have imagined that a four-month stint would turn into five years. He says, Between the atmosphere of faith and the privilege of working on a new project inspired by the spirit of World Youth Day, I felt called to set aside all other plans in order to contribute to this great initiative. Working his way to becoming an anchor, field producer, writer and director of several awardwinning documentaries in partnership with the Knights of Columbus, David began developing a strong appreciation for the charitable works and pro-life initiatives of the Knights. When the opportunity presented itself for both him and his wife to work for the Media and Communications Department of the Knights of Columbus at the International Headquarters in New Haven Connecticut, David knew the Holy Spirit was at work once again. With the Knights having recently established a strategic, long term partnership with Salt + Light Television, I dont view this move as our leaving the network. I am excited about collaborating on many future joint productions between the Knights of Columbus and Salt + Light Television. When asked to reflect on her own experience as a producer at Salt + Light, Michles journey to the studio felt equally unplanned, In my last year of post secondary studies, with Africa on the mind and heart, never would I have imagined that I would end up spreading the Gospel message from Toronto at a place that would become home, together with co-workers who would become family (one of them, quite literally). These past three years have truly been a gift, a time of professional, personal and spiritual growth and to think that these things could occur simultaneously at ones workplace! It was like finding an oasis of hope. Michle is looking forward to continuing to write and produce in service to the Church and under the auspices of the Knights whose dedication to humanitarian service and community outreach is unsurpassed. Commenting on her new long distance status with S+L she says, I am comforted by the fact that this is not goodbye. Instead, it is a chance to bring Salt + Lights message of hope south of the border, and a chance to continue partaking in the building of the Kingdom in partnership with the network. We feel tremendously grateful for this opportunity and are very excited about the new projects and challenges that lie ahead.


Merci & Dziekuje jasmin and Justyna
The love story between Justyna and Jasmin Lemieux-Lefebvre is familiar to many Salt + Light viewers. After their initial meeting in the 2002 World Youth Day office in Toronto, they parted ways: Justyna to her homeland, Poland, and Jasmin to Qubec. But, a new and promising Catholic Television network brought them back together again. Salt + Light Television has been part of their lives for the past six years. During this period, they got married, had their first child and were touched by many people through Salt + Light TV. This past summer, Justyna and Jasmin received a call from the archdiocese of Qubec that would change their lives for the next 15 months. Covering a maternity leave, Jasmin has accepted the position of Interim Director of Communication for the archdiocese, and Justyna will work for the production department of, the archdioceses television network, until her own maternity leave: the Lemieux-Lefebvres are expecting their second child in March. Before leaving Toronto, they conveyed their gratitude for Salt + Light in their lives. We hope that many more young Catholics will be able to experience the joy of working in the downtown Toronto Salt + Light broadcast studio, and that viewers around the world will continue to discover this one-of-a-kind, life-changing television network.

your Salt + Light television

Through our many inspiring programs, award winning documentories and interactive website, Salt + Light Television aims to nourish Your Life, Your Faith and Your Church. We are Your Catholic Channel of Hope.



A fond farewell
In this, the last edition of lampstand for which I serve as editor, I reflect on my past year at Salt + Light. It has been an interesting and rewarding journey for me. I have had the pleasure of getting to know some very passionate and dedicated individuals those who serve on the Board of Directors, every member of the staff group, and many viewers, customers and donors. In each case, the Salt + Light experience seems to be the same. There is a common recognition of mission and community. This is a result of a small and committed staff group, strong leadership with a marvellous personal touch, genuinely human atmosphere and excellence in the industry. But the consistent link that makes Salt + Light a success has been to remain true to its Catholic core. It was the key factor in my accepting the term position.
Gabriella Catolino, MDiv Director of Marketing & Development

I have devoted myself to Salt + Lights mission for the past 13 months, but I daresay the personal rewards for me far exceeded the workload. I will miss much, primarily the people. With my new paradigm beginning in November, I hope to devote myself to a new regime family, physical activity and continued studies. Father Rosicas love of scripture, and translation of the readings into practical day-to-day applications, has prompted me to spend more time each day with the Word of God and to savour this personal time. I hope a part-time job in London, Ontario will also be part of what awaits me on this new journey. I will continue to invest myself in the work of Salt + Light from afar, and I invite you to join me in investing in this Canadian gem that is Your Catholic Channel of Hope through prayer, volunteer work, financial support and involvement in ongoing activities and events. My final message is one of welcome to Daniel Torchia, who will take over the reins of the marketing, sales and promotion arms of the operation. I know you will enjoy his warmth, skill and leadership abilities. Arrivederci.

Writing these few lines has been very difficult its not easy to embark on a writing assignment knowing I will fall so short in expressing my emotions. I feel an immense joy to be able to join the Salt + Light team in serving you, and all persons who have a relationship with Salt + Light Television. Salt + Light has a magical way of giving viewers a newfound appreciation for the television medium, a renewed hope in the future and affordable access, 24/7, to continuous Catholic formation. Having recently started to work with the Salt + Light team, I am inspired by the charity, devotion and skills of its members, and urge friends of the organization to get to know them better, whether through blogs,, podcasts or our various products.
Daniel Torchia Director of Marketing & Development

The Holy Spirit, that great force which yearns to drive all of our inter-personal communication, is palpable at and through Salt + Light. Together, through our various relationships and contributions, we are each invited to have a hand in the growth of this inspired and much-needed ministry.

Portrait of a priest
Fr. John Comiskey, Vice-Rector St. Peters Seminary, London, ON Ordained August 1990 I became attracted to the priesthood as an altar server when I was a young boy. I got to know the priests of my parish and realized how happy they were. Everyone demonstrated real joy in their work. As I got older, my friends and family, and the parish priests of course, encouraged me to pursue the vocation at the seminary, and here I am today. My life has been filled with the joy I saw in those priests so long ago, and the blessings have been innumerable. God is good!

Fr. Jacques Rigaud, Associate Pastor Holy Redeemer Parish, Charlottetown, PEI Ordained June 2009 The reason why I decided to become a priest: I had a desire to give myself to God totally in order to bring God to the people through my words, my works, my faith and perhaps, most importantly, through the testimony of my life. For me, to live as Christ is my motto, and in Christ we have everything. It is what I feel called to proclaim.

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2009/2010 NEWSLETTER

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How can we be greater witnesses to our faith? Shape our youth? Help our friends and improve the world around us? One of the most powerful answers is social communications: television, web, radio and social media. Clutter, noise and commercial interests often saturate our lives, leaving precious little time for spiritual growth. Backed by an increasing number of supporters, Salt + Light is gaining ground and giving an important presence to the Way, the Truth and the Life through modern media. Renew your support to our mission: Share the message of Salt + Light with people around you Send a link, e-mail or webpage to friends Buy Salt + Light DVDs as gifts Subscribe to Salt + Light Television Call us or visit us in person at our studio Visit our website Send us your ideas Join us in prayer Donate according to your means

Prestigious Award Given to Salt + Light Television Second Year in a Row

For the second straight year the Catholic Academy for Communications and Arts Professionals has awarded Salt + Light Television its prestigious Gabriel Award for Television Station of the Year. Established in 1965, The Gabriel Awards recognize outstanding artistic achievement in a television or radio program or series which entertains and enriches with a true vision of humanity and a true vision of life.



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