CONECTORES In spite of / despite = A pesar de In spite of/Despite the late hour, they went on with the meeting He arrived

on time in spite of/despite getting up late. Although, though, even though, in spite of the fact that = Aunque Although/Though/ Even though / In spite of the fact that the pupils had not studied as hard as they could, they all passed their exams. However, Nevertheless, Even so = Sin embargo She was quite ill. However/ Nevertheless/Even so, she went to school. On the one hand...............On the other hand = Por una parte........por otra parte On the one hand, the beach is fun. On the other hand, I don´t like the sand. On the contrary = Al contrario “I thought you liked classical music.” “On the contrary, I hate it.” While, whereas = mientras This soap opera is very interesting, while/whereas that one is quite boring Because/As/Since/Seeing that = Porque, puesto que, ya que We should all go home because/as/since/seeing that it´s late Because of/On account of/Owing to/ Due to = A causa de, debido a We stayed at home because of/on account of/owing to/due to the weather. In order to, so as to, to = Para, con la finalidad de She uses her video in order to/so as to/to record her favourite shows For example/for instance = por ejemplo Vegetables are a good source of vitamins; for example/for instance, pepper has vitamin C. Such as = tal(es) como, como Singers such as Michael Jacson and Madonna are popular throughout the world.

besides. I don´t have the money. después Second/Secondly/Then. she speaks three other foreign languages He eats nothing except (for) bread and fish. excepto Apart from English. The next stage is = El siguiente paso es The next stage is to view. First of all/To begin with/First/ Firstly = Lo primero de todo. except (for) = Aparte de. we must make a detailed plan. Apart from. Por consiguiente. in addition = Además I´m too busy to take a holiday. it always passes its annual road test. furthermore. en primer lugar First of all/To begin with/First/Firstly. In addition to/ As well as = Además de In addition to classical music. Therefore/As a result /Consequently/For this reason= Por lo tanto. Como resultado. she likes jazz. we should talk to the manager. Finally/In short/To sum up/In conclusion/Lastly but not least = Finalmente/En resumen/En conclusión/Por último/Último pero no de menor importancia Finally/In short/To sum up/In conclusion/Lastly but not least. we need to have good ideas before we present our plan to the whole company.. Second/Secondly. Moreover/Furthermore/Besides/In addition. The city has several main roads as well as a ring road aroung it. Therefore/As a result / Consequently/For this reason. Por esta razón Tina keeps her car in good condition.Moreover.. . Then = En segundo lugar.

(for) . she hasn´t stopped. letters. Owing to my illness. (because) 2. he bought it. There are many methods of communicating nowadays. Despite his age. Although the jacket was expensive. Everyone arrived at school on time with the exception of Jack. my sister is an excellent swimmer. (as a result) 11. There is a shopping centre in this town and many small shops as well. (even though) 8. faxes and E-mail. ( in spite of) 4. our phone bills are high. I took a cookery course in order to be able to make special dishes. Despite the doctor´s advice to stop smoking. Use the words in brackets. he´s very active. (In addition) 6. I cancelled my holiday. we all have long conversations on the phone. (whereas) 10. In my family. Consequently. (such) 12. (so that) 9. (result) 3. He drove through a red light and was given a ticket. Contrary to me. for example. 1. (whereas) 5. Rewrite the following sentences without changing the meaning of the original sentences.Exercises A. My sister is on holiday. My brother is very busy at work. (although) 7.

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