Daniel Clark
© 1997

Self-acceptance happens when certain things recur in your life so many times that you can't deny them any more -- you can't deny that they are you. I want to join the Goddess and God of atomic space as they worship the Goddess and God of everything. The devil has no power when you know that you are love. To lift up a heavy weight you have to get under it. Metal Blades For decades, a hypnagogic image of myself in silhouette panicked me awake. It conveyed a secret horror inside me. I couldn't confront it. In March 1993 I drowsed off and somehow went inside the black shape I used to run away from. It is a sewer of hate within my body. I live in that sewer. I plot revenge. I'm full of rage, a deep well of rage. Yet I'm gleeful as I examine a cluster of shining metal blades -swords and knives, weapons of death to destroy and obliterate the object of my hatred and envy. I worship the radiant silver's sharpened edges. I fully indulge in my feelings of vengeance. The metal is bright!

But the place is dark, and small. Who is it I want to destroy? A person? The world? God? Myself? I don't know. I don't know who it is I must forgive to release myself from my hatred. Or, really, if I should forgive! Maybe this place of delight-in-terror is meant to be this way. Maybe there's nothing "wrong" about it as long as I don't bring it into my daily life. And maybe it is my perception and acceptance of my evil, along with my perception and acceptance of my good, that keeps me balanced. Cooked Food The polemicist posed and shouted, "Obey it now -- the law against the crime of killing foods by fire! To eat cooked matter is to swallow factories, machines, bombs, and death. The screams of hell cry out from your stomach. Your intestines are Satan's swamp. Your entire body, inside and out, becomes a festering cesspool of disease and despair. Stop living off the death of others! Vibrate sympathetically with the life force!" Soon after declaiming this diet-tribe, he increased his intake of cooked food. Aromamemoire I smell you now, helplessly inhaling the fragrance that once issued from your pores

and perfumed your skin and lingers still in the quiet house. I fill my lungs, intoxicated and dominated by your passionate incense. Clothing Clothing distorts the energy of the body. Don't trust anyone wearing clothes. People in clothes tell only lies. Truth is the property of the undressed. Dress up the body and mess up the mind. Why are you hiding behind those clothes? Naked Naked we were born, and naked we shall die. But the clothing we put on makes our life a lie. The Switch On suburban streets after working late, you may walk, and look through heaven's gate. They're always out there shining bright, but to see the stars you need the night. When the blinding sun sinks below the west, a greater world is manifest. The daytime brilliance doesn't last. And what of the shadows the sunlight casts? The dark is the ground in which we grow.

It gives us life and makes us glow. The black is a body with solid form that the scattered white serves to adorn. They're all alive like burning sparks, but to see the lights you need the dark. So beware, when you're home, and you turn on the switch. The lamp can make your eyes play tricks. Yes When I'm dying, I'll be wrapped in the same blanket as when I was born. But I'll be crying out a different tune. When I'm dying, I'll be occupying the same house as when I was born. But I'll be the child of a different family. When I'm dying, I'll be sitting in the same car as when I was born. But I'll be driving to a new destination. Because I'll be singing praises to God, and I'll be reunited with the heavenly host, and I'll be living in the spiritual world. Yes, brothers and sisters, yes!

Trinity I am a Unitarian who believes in a Trinity of She and He and Love, and in a principle unvarying: Oneness and Multiplicity in each of the above. A Godhead of the Feminine, the Masculine, and Neutrality: here's what the three are made of. Mother Goddess, in the singular, is the source of all the essences, and Radha is her name. The Lord God in particular gets her service, dancing next to her. That's Krishna: he has the fame. Their Love is so spectacular! It's a Mystery, it's sensitive, but their controller just the same. When She appears as multitudes, the forms of Yin are full of grace, and they're the atoms that fill the worlds. His many selves have fortitude: they dwell in hearts, extend as space, and their actions thrill the worlds. Love multiplies, in a serving mood, as infinite Souls with worshipping ways, whose infractions can kill the worlds. When said and done, She is the One. But still, I sing: Three's everything! Haiku when the moon is full the sky is a lake and I'm a fish in heaven Traditions When I have no traditions that work, then I must go to learn from the Earth.

I just walk, in the place where I live. Soon I'm reading the message it gives. What the past was is part of what's now, and it's always inside me deep down. I belong here. This is my holy land. I have no fear: it will show me the plan. My tradition is not from outside. I am richer where my river flows by. All the voices of the pathways of time are rejoicing in this landscape of mine. I tried Eastern, tried West, North and South. But I ceased when some words left my mouth as my bare feet found grounding that fit. I gave a speech: "This is me, I am it." Glorification of the Serpent O Serpent at the root of the spine, Snake coiled under Vishnu's lotus feet, Reptile at the base of the brain, Cosmic Dragon of the rock-bottom deep, O spiralling Ego of God -Kundalini, Ananta, Sankarshan, Quetzalcoatl, Midgard, Uroburos -May your glory be sung on and on. O most Low, you complete the Most High. There is wisdom where dark rivers flow. You were not cast down from the sky. Heaven's also your rock-hard abode. O serpentine Ego of God -Kundalini, Ananta, Sankarshan,

Quetzalcoatl, Midgard, Uroburos -May your glory be sung on and on. O Shadow of contrary tricks, Teach us how to avoid evil ways. We descend, and we patiently sit In the quiet of your rock-ribbed caves. O iridescent Ego of God -Kundalini, Ananta, Sankarshan, Quetzalcoatl, Midgard, Uroburos -May your glory be sung on and on. O Guardian of the jewels of life, Tell the secret that will make us aware. Please guide us on our journey to Love. Raise your head from your rock-solid lair! O thousand-headed Ego of God -Kundalini, Ananta, Sankarshan, Quetzalcoatl, Midgard, Uroburos -May your glory be sung on and on. Ecopsyche Bow to Nature: the girl with a lash. You can't purchase the world with your cash. No use strutting around on your heap. Say a prayer and dive down to the deep. In the caverns below the white waves Lives a serpent who knows what you crave. Take a drink of the dark wisdom wine. It will fire up the spark that's divine. Then go live on the sun in the nude, Giving love to the one who loves you, Giving up what you thought you had owned, Finding Nature and God safe at home.

The Dirty Rhyme (a short skit about blaming) (Boy:) dirty girl dirty girl you make me do those dirty things dirty girl dirty girl you pull my dingdong til it rings (Girl:) dirty boy dirty boy all you want is you know what dirty boy dirty boy you pet my puss and I cant stop (Four Parents:) dirty kids dirty kids where did you learn such nasty tricks dirty kids dirty kids Im going to give you sixty licks (All Together:) dirty world dirty world the Devils in us thats for sure dirty world dirty world why wont Jesus make us pure Speech to the Assembled We now know that we now know. Yes, it's taken humanity a long time to come to this point. And we have Darwin to thank for that. So, if anyone's going to take the great leap forward, the rest of us had better get ready! On the other hand, as I said. After all, you can't take it with you! Of course, it's a wise child that knows its father, and it takes one to know one. Which proves my point: knowledge is power. Yes, if you say it, they will listen. People have a remarkable ability. We know it's great to be alive these days like this. There's some chance involved, but as Americans we'll take that chance! So, good luck until tomorrow!

Soul In A Hole "You're a soul in a hole," the sacred seer said, "captured by the devil and guarded by the dead. Your body's on the earth and your mind is up here too, but running on remote control, so you don't know who is you." I'd met the man one day in a city by the sea, and he pronounced that judgment when he first laid eyes on me. I could have walked away from his tin and cardboard hut, but I knew by his composure that he knew what was what. "What am I to do?" I heard myself inquire. "Do you have the water to douse the demon's fire? A cloud of stinging smoke has plagued me all my life, blinding me to goodness and binding me to strife." The words I spoke were strange. He had me in his spell. But what used to be confusion was as clear as a crystal bell. Criminal activity had sent me to the pit, condemned to negativity by refusing to admit, refusing to confess that what I did was wrong, afraid that my confession would show I wasn't strong. But people knew that I was weak, with my being split in two, demanding their assistance, never knowing what to do. A little while ago I had finally dared to say, "There's an error in my thinking that makes me be this way."

I knew I was a pain, causing trouble all around. So I packed up and ran away, and wandered to this town. The wise man looked at me, but didn't say a word. Then I started praying all the prayers I had heard, asking people to forgive, and exposing to the light all the secrets I had held inside. And I gave up the fight. For an instant, like a flash, the wise man wore my face. And I sat where he'd been sitting, touched by godly grace. "Make your way back home," were the last words that he said. The devil didn't want me. I belonged to God instead. Still, I had to play some tricks to escape from Satan's snare. But my heart was in the right place, and I had love to spare. I went and made my peace with my family and friends, always cheerful, never fearful, ever since I made amends. And whenever I want to look at the old man by the sea, I look at my reflection and see his face in me. We Now Know (Recent Studies Show) Another handy hint for getting rid of lint. Nine out of ten women are not men. At a million miles an hour, milk won't turn sour. Passion runs deep, even when we sleep. Be cautiously optimistic when you quote a statistic. Houses with clocks need doors with locks. If only and unless, on the other hand, I guess. Deafness comes with years, along with slightly larger ears. Things are true only when they're new.

One thing is sure. The days are getting fewer. Women had no use for Henri de Toulouse. Mixups become muddles, potholes become puddles. Worker A and worker B want the job of worker C. Twice as much crime can be done in half the time. Human behavior necessitates a savior. The knowledge you gain clutters your brain. Gangsters and thugs get us hooked on drugs. We're up from slavery but down from living free. According to vice versa, the better will be worser. Maniacs with guns are spoiling all the fun. America's been dreaming. Gonna wake up screaming. Gummy substances and fright lurk behind our every plight. Taxes and death give you bad breath. The answer, my friend, is blown up at the end. Self Esteem Engine The size of the machine that is yours to control defines your self esteem, or so I am told. Dividends With one percent, you can buy a tent. Make it double, you'll be in a hovel. With one times three, you can house a family. Make it four, and soon, you'll be in a marble tomb. Sonnet For Watty God bless you, Watty Piper, for telling us we could. We'll carve your name in stone and carve it out of wood. Hooray for Watty Piper, for telling us we can!

May every boy grow up to be a Watty Piper man, and every girl around the world a Watty Piper dame, to give the words "I think I can" an everlasting fame. The little engine climbed the hill! Read it again? I think I will. Belonging to the Sebastian Community What group do I belong to, more than any other? The group of people who reside in the Florida locality defined by the St. Sebastian River, the Indian River Lagoon, and the Atlantic Ocean. The area can also be called North Indian River County and Southern South Brevard County. The largest town in the area (in 1996) is Sebastian. I live in Sebastian. For simplicity's sake I'll call the place Sebastian, and the people Sebastianites. However, I don't mean to exclude people who live in Fellsmere, Wabasso, Roseland, Vero Lake Estates, Micco, or on Orchid Island. I've belonged to other groups. I've been a Graftonian, a Bostonian, a New Yorker, a Washingtonian, a Los Angeleno, a Tarheel. I've been a Unitarian, an atheist, an Iskconist, a New Ager, a Pagan. I've been a film maker, an astrologer, a librarian. To one extent or another, I still belong to those groups. But they're subordinate. Primarily, I am a Sebastianite. People belong to this community because they live here. Some may live here because they have to, for occupational or other reasons, or because somebody they're attached to lives here. Maybe those people are Semi-Sebastianites. But real Sebastianites live here because, whether we moved here or grew up and stayed here, we like Sebastian. Affection for Sebastian is the central quality of Sebastianites. The locality we inhabit is, for us, a value or a principle worthy of service, protection and praise. The locality includes the land, water, air, minerals, plants, and animals (including the human beings), in the area. Human activities -- education, commerce, religion, recreation, family life -- are also part of Sebastian. All these aspects of our community are dear to

us. We share a concern for these things. They give us happiness. When something goes wrong with one of them, we want to fix it to insure that Sebastian flourishes. We human inhabitants of Sebastian have many ways of serving our locality. Some may feel strongest about Sebastian's businesses. For others, it's the schools. Others may dedicate themselves to ecological issues. Churches and other religious groups are top priority for a large number of us. But the common goal is serving Sebastian. That's the purpose that unites us and characterizes us as Sebastianites. I belong to that group -- the Sebastianites. Why do I feel a strong connection with this commumity? Most of all, because it's my link to God. I'm not referring to a particular religious organization. I'm saying that the land itself, or the place itself, is my link to God. Here, more than any other place I've been, I can feel the Earth worshiping God. Here's where I can join that praise most readily. Here's where it's easiest for me to see all the varied residents of the community as divine beings. Here's where I can see God best. Some special places -- Wabasso Beach, Kashi Ashram, the field in back of the library, and the plot of land where Ellie and I share house and gardens -- are currently the best of all. But the entire area is special too. Sebastian is my church. That's why I want to serve the community of Sebastian, and praise it. That's why I'm a Sebastianite. God's Looking God's looking down from above, God's looking up from below. God's looking straight through the eyes of the animals, her wonders to behold. God's looking out from within, God's looking in from outside. God's looking 'round at the plants and the minerals with a father's pride. Your children love to work in a garden of flowers and trees. Do you find it beautiful?

Tell us what the answer is, Mother, Father, please. We're looking left and right, we're looking everywhere. We're looking hard 'til all we see is miracles on the ground and in the air. God's looking in our hearts, God's looking at our lives. God's looking lovingly at our humble offering, promising a surprise. St. One When it's written right, it's a copy of the words spoken by a stone. They could be products for sale. New! Wabasso Smoothstones! Rare naturally polished coquina! From the sands of Wabasso Beach! Brought to you by R-O-X-X! P. O. Box! Fax! WWW! "America's business is business." Clear plastic bubble pack hanging on a spinner rack! They could be. But not by me. I'll package them in words instead. When it's written right, it's a copy of the words spoken by a stone. Go to Florida. Nature worships God. Go to Indian River County. Nature worships God. Go to Wabasso Beach. Nature worships God. Walk along the beach. Nature worships God. Look for smooth tan stones. Nature worships God. They're coquina from the reef. Nature worships God. They're a million years old.

Nature worships God. Pick up a glassy one. Nature worships God. Hold it and rub it. Nature worships God. It feels good. Nature worships God. It's a skin stone. Nature worships God. It makes you feel good. Nature worships God. It's a wishing stone. Nature worships God. Rub the stone and make a wish. When it's written right, it's a copy of the words spoken by a stone. I will never give it up. My wishing stone. Broken off the reef before the humans came. Rolled around by the waves. Abraded by the sand. Tumbled to a glassy shine. This flat tan stone of Anastasia calcite, and perhaps some iron, because what else would turn white calcite tan. Holding shell remnants. I will never give up this ancient coin made of marine bone, now preserved in sun-warmed limestone, lying on the sand of Wabasso Beach. A variety of coquina. Rock of compressed shell-stuff. Smooth to the touch as my fingers rub it day in and day out. My talisman of God that I'll never give up any more than give up God. When it's written right, it's a copy of the words spoken by a stone. Amen.

A Triple Haiku Did you ever hear the stars at night call through the universe to you? From a riverbank, or from an ocean shoreline, receive their voices. Mother Nature says, "I am the glory of God. Sing along with me." The Glory of the Ninth Letter It would not be worth repeating if it were just something that the Poet said. But he heard it from the Earth, and then from God, and so The Poet said it too. It was only the letter that is a word that is a name, the ninth letter of the alphabet, you know. But when Mother Earth asked him to join in, and God said it like it was everything, then the Poet repeated it. What God meant by it was the declaration I Am That I Am, and Mother Earth meant I Am the Glory of God. As for the Poet, he held a stone in his hand, inscribed it with the letter and said This Is Me And I Am It. He joined the Earth and they worshipped the One, the I, the Ninth Letter, the First Person. God said I, the Earth said I, the Poet said I, the Poet said I, always I.

A representation of Uwa, the female deity of the Atlantic coastline of the Western Hemisphere. Her male counterpart is Heyoaha. I chant "Uwa-Heyoaha" to unite with the planet's urge toward Goddess-God.