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What is spiritual practice ?

In ancient times people followed spiritual practices to achieve enlightenment. They stayed in a tranquil place or in the mountains and tried to find peace within. Monks lived a peaceful existence of prayer and meditation seemed to have achieved cultivation by taking themselves away from the world. However, when they returned to the world they struggled to maintain the peace within. Amidst all the distraction and noise they could not do meditation and keep the same peaceful and stable mind. They were affected by their surroundings and other people. True cultivation is maintaining peace, beauty and a good-hearted nature in any surroundings. Spiritual growth happens when we devote ourselves to others. We have to maintain peace even within the battle of life. Almost no-one can manage this. It demands such self-discipline and sincere practice. In ancient times people tried to accomplish peace, happiness, health and stability. However the more they practiced, the more they discovered there was something blocking them from making a connection between themselves and the Mind of the Universe. They called it evil in ancient times.

They did not know that spirit energy (Ancestors) exists between Heaven and human beings. The more they tried to cultivate and empty themselves, the more they opened the door to the spirit world. This had the effect of allowing spirit energy to connect with them, because there is no real protection. The power of the universe is incredible. Many people have wanted to reach out to this power. Ancestors energy frequency (from karma created during lifetime) can be negative, dark and heavy. There can also be unresolved emotional issues attached, and all these things combined can cloud the mind and heart of human beings. In ancient times people had a great respect for Heaven. They understood that life itself and all the blessings in life come from heaven. Heaven has the key to protect human life and give happiness. All the farmers relied on Heaven and respected Heaven. Heaven supplied water, air and sunlight.

They used to pray and play musical instruments, sending the sound out to Heaven as an expression of their heart and asking for what they wanted to achieve. This was at a time when human beings tried to communicate and make a connection with Heaven. They offered a ceremony to Heaven to show their heart and achieve their wish for rain, food, health and happiness. Without rain they could not grow crops, get a harvest and look after the fields. That is why they started to pray to Heaven with food. Human beings believed they made someone happy by offering food. This is the original way to show your heart, to impress the Mind of the Universe. With this attitude, they could achieve their wish for rain and receive what they needed. So, spiritual practice on the surface, looked like a meditative practice or a way to achieve calm or quiet mind. In reality though, we have to practice ways that allow us to open our heart more and demonstrate our love, care and consideration for others. This is what we are teaching and practicing here. Originally, this was the way for human beings to connect with the Mind of the Universe and Nature. The Mind of the Universe appears like a parents mind which is completely loving, giving and caring. When we need something, Heaven gives us what we need. Whenever we show a respectful, sincere and grateful mind, Heaven listens to us and then gives to us. Real spiritual training is not easy, because trying to connect to Heavens frequency does not come easily. Our mind and our frequency are very far from Heavens mind and frequency. We have to practice humility and really open our heart to the Mind of the Universe. Even though you do chanting and training, you need to show your beautiful heart to people and do beautiful work to impress the Mind of the Universe. Just as farmers show their heart to achieve rain by demonstrating respect to Heaven and making offerings, we have to open our heart and show our heart more to accomplish our wishes. We need to show our gratitude and sincerity to Heaven. This is such a simple and humble mind, like farmers praying to the Universe. The spiritual level is higher than the physical level, so if we develop our spirituality, by honoring and respecting Heaven, Earth (nature) and Ancestors, then we can achieve a greater level of happiness and health. People are suffering because the human spirit is disconnected from the source and not in control of the human body and mind. People dont know who and what they truly are and what they are really living for. They have lost the deeper meaning of life. They dont have proper spiritual direction. People are just living for making money and then dying without cultivation. So like their ancestors, they remain in darkness after death. During our life, we should follow and practice according to the laws of the universe. Unfortunately due to not knowing fully about the universal law, our ancestors have created a lot of karma, negativity, darkness, pain and suffering. We need to clear all our negative emotions and change our bad habits and patterns so as not to pass them on to future generations. We need to create light and brightness so that positivity, health and good fortune can be passed down to the next generations.