2. Major areas of strength: Major strengths were the areas of quality and schedule management.

  The high level design and order of estimates were appropriate. The project team did reasonable good job in planning the technical equipment and understanding the complexity involved. They were able to use previous research on soil. They took data from previous projects. The schedule planning during the development phase seemed adequate. The project finished a year late but that was force majeure. The project was delivered with high quality because of free reign given to IGC. The better of the two methods were adopted. Most advanced technological equipment and very little margin of error allowed. Focus of fairness was observed by both governments involved. Communication perspective related to project planning, negotiations and its flow was achieved and technical problems were solved smoothly. Monitoring of project objectives and its progress was accomplished.

    

3. Opportunities of improvement:   Inflexibility in some of the characteristics of the project Communication: There were two different companies on two different sides, having different language, managed by two different directors caused delayed communication near the end of the project Monitoring of project should have been managed to industry specific practices and agreed upon international standards. Incomplete requirements, scope changes and risk responses should have been mitigated to reduce likelihood of negative schedule and cost variance. IGC decision to change 600mm doors to 700mm doors delayed project by 9months

  

4. Lessons learnt: Project contracts and financing agreements should provide for sharing of risk and contingency plans Objectives of a project need to be identified and communicated clearly from the beginning. This was the largest and most damaging failure of both governments.

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