October 16, 2008 Wanda Sarr Harriet Clark John Rosengren Chester Clark III Re: An Evaluation of the Six Lectures

in the “Healing the Mind Seminar” held this past February at the Forest Lake Church by Dr. Timothy Jennings Dear All, It has taken me longer to complete this project than I anticipated. The six lectures combined amount to about 7.5 hours of listening time. Dr. Jennings frequently goes overtime. But he is far from making a slow delivery. Indeed, I took well over 8,000 words of notes in real time while listening to these lectures. And I know how to abbreviate when typing notes. His lectures are content rich and are profusely illustrated. As you are all busy, I will (A) give a summary of my conclusions – 400 words, (B) give some data that I believe supports my conclusion – 2000 words (C) give an appendix that amounts to the entire 8,000 words of notes which I believe not one of you will probably ever read. But maybe I am wrong. So I will send them. Plus I will feel better about having typed so much if I think that someone somewhere, someday, reads it. (A) My summary Dr. Jennings is in grave danger. Like Dr. Kellogg of yesteryear, he has been used by God to uncover a great deal of truth in his professional studies. I found my self remarking repeatedly that this man was teaching things that I teach that I have never heard taught by any other person. His teachings regarding the relation of the various faculties of the mind (will, appetites, passions, reason, conscience, emotions, imagination, etc.) are profound and incredibly consistent with EGW’s teaching on the same (though Dr. Jennings doesn’t make use of her writings.) And like Dr. Kellogg of yesteryear, he has woven into his presentations a deadly net of falsehoods that destroy the most fundamental of Christian virtues – faith.

In short, Dr. Jennings believes that God takes no initiative in the destruction of the wicked, and that to prolong or cause punitive suffering is torture and that such a view of God destroys love and trust. But even worse than this view, which is explained thoroughly in two lectures and is alluded to in two others, Dr. Jennings has espoused the moralinfluence theory of the atonement. He does not believe in substitutionary atonement and mocks the idea that sins must be “paid” for. Not less harmful, and in some ways, more pronounced, is Jenning’s epistemology. He argues, when defending the views above, that we must reject any doctrine that requires us not to reason. But he explains this in such a way that if we believe that God is loving, and that God burns people for rebelling, that is not reasonable and the latter must be rejected. Thus he sets individual reason above inspiration. Jennings also repudiates the idea of the investigative judgment, of the keeping a record of sins in heaven, of blotting them out in the judgment, and mocks the idea that the our personal sins will be forever forgotten. These views, woven into such a collection of profound insights into human nature, make for an extremely cogent parallel to the book Living Temple with its incredible insights into physiology interwoven around a philosophy of lifeis-God. And like the book Living Temple, which was critically evaluated by Jones, Waggoner, and several other notable messengers of God, and was pronounced harmless by them all, the lectures of Dr. Jennings seem to have elicited no protest from the audience. (This I gather from the 30 minute question and answer period at the conclusion of the final lecture.) I must conclude that it would be irresponsible for us to ask our students to hear these lectures. (B) The Data Lecture One In his first lecture Dr. Jennings sets the stage for what he will develop more thoroughly in lectures four and six. He begins to explain that “lies believed” destroy love and trust. Then he begins to hint that the audience may even believe lies. Then, to paraphrase (all statements in quotes are quotes from my notes, paraphrases only of Dr. Jennings) him from my notes, “The most destructive lies we believe are lies about God himself. Some of you will be shocked by the evidence. I want you to look at the information and weigh it.]

This idea is important to him. He emphasizes repeatedly that: “Trust broken makes fear and selfishness…as a natural consequence. This idea is known as survival of the fittest – the opposite of God’s principle of love.” What comes clear later is that if one believes in the executive judgment and the substitutionary atonement, one will not trust God, but will become selfish and self protecting from such a cruel Being. The first lecture ends with six suggestions. Number 2 introduces an idea that will be repeated throughout the series, “If you have seen me [Jesus], you have seen the Father.” This Jennings develops into a hermeneutic such that if Jesus didn’t punish then the Father won’t, if Jesus could forgive men before dying, then the Father could forgive men without Jesus dying. But that comes in lectures 4 and 6, and the person listening doesn’t realize what the repetition of the “principle” is setting him up to experience. Lecture 2 This is the lecture on the Law of Liberty. It is fascinating. The short of it is that if a husband, for example, threatens to beat his wife if she will not obey, the natural consequence of this will be that “love is damaged, and eventually destroyed. A desire to rebel is instilled.” “If the woman stays, she loses her individuality, she becomes a shadow person.” The principle seems true and obvious as it relates to marriage. But Dr. Jennings has wider applications in mind, and he begins to make them in this lecture. If you believe that God threatens disobedience with punishment, “love is damaged” and see above for the rest. This places the cause for rebellion squarely at the feet of whoever inspired a prophet to threaten. Dr. Jennings indicates that he is very aware of the implications. On a light note in a serious article, he says that the “stimulus package of Bush is a example of the law of love.” I don’t think this represents his best judgment. Jennings explains that the sinner killed the lamb, not the priest. His point is about the relation of the Father to Christ’s death at Calvary. But it is a poor

way to make his point. Priests did kill hundreds of sacrificial animals in the sanctuary service. In this lecture Jennings introduces one of his lies, namely that: “One of the lies is that the law of God brings death.” He is saying that the law does not condemn men in such a way as to require their death. He says: “Does God have to use his power to kill? To inflict penalties?” The implied answer is “no.” There is an illustration that Jennings uses four or five times in his lecture series. Imagine, he says, a happily married couple. Someone approaches the wife with digitally altered photographs that falsely prove that her faithful husband has been having an affair. How will she react. Each time he uses the illustration he concludes: “Lies believed lead to fear and selfishness.” The problem with this illustration and conclusion is that it is one-sided. If the only kind of lie that could be told about God is that He is cruel, Jennings would be more sensible. But there is an opposite type of lie, that God accepts you as you are. What does this lie lead to? Not “fear and selfishness” but self-confidence and selfishness. There are many lies and they produce a plethora of evil effects. Lecture Three In this lecture, on the family, Jennings begins to really advertise for his future lectures on the issues. He begins by making the case that lies about God are commonly believed and are the reason that people have problems with their relation to God. He urges people to come to the fourth lecture. Like much in the first two lectures, this lecture is full of useful material on human-human interaction. But he makes one questionable point by suggesting a different translation of the proverb. I have not checked into this, but my gut reaction is that this is the wrong solution to the problem of wellraised lost children: “Raise a child according to his way and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Ironically, and interestingly, Dr. Jennings makes a good point about the damage done by threatening consequences to children and then not following through. He says the children will learn not to trust their parent. If only he had thought the implications of this through in relation to his theology regarding the judgment…. Lecture Four “Our weapons are not spiritual, the battlefield is the mind, a war over ideas about what God is like. What happened in [a patient’s] mind when the preacher said what he did? She was hardened.” This is the introduction to the primary lecture on what God is like. The lecture boils down to “seven basic strategies” Satan uses, and defense that “demolish Satan’s strongholds in our minds.” 1. from God. “God will examine our healthy brother Jesus in our place.” This second “lie” about God examining Jesus, is very subtle. It is the first attack on the idea of substitutionary atonement in the lectures. It mocks, by illustration, the idea of the Father accepting the righteousness of Jesus in place of our life in the judgment. And how do we escape the lies? “Defense: Examine the facts about the Father through the lens of Jesus. Don’t read the Old Testament to see Jesus, but study Jesus to understand the Old Testament.” He sets up this dichotomy as a standard that allows him to reinterpret obvious OT examples of executive execution. Satan’s next strategy: “2. Antithetical beliefs. These turn off our brains.” Examples “God is love.” “Burn you in hell forever.” “love and hell” are antithetical “god is love” and “burn in hell” these “CANNOT BE TRUE AT THE SAME TIME” “Lies about God.” “That he is cruel, etc.” Lies harden us, and we create schemes to be protected

Jennings must sense that at this point some in the audience are feeling very uncomfortable. The last statement seemed to indicate that even a finite hell can not be true if “God is love.” “Someone says ‘I take God at faith, I just believe him.’ “you just turned off your brain.” This is a direct exalting of human reason over inspiration. But he comes back and challenges: “You think you have some verses, some inspired materials, that indicate that God will burn people? Bring them this afternoon, I would love to tell you what I believe about hell.” He says that the idea that “God will inflict penalties” is antithetical to “God is love.” He says “God not use his power to inflict external penalties. All God has to do is let go and if he lets go, we will die.” What is the defense against such lies (that originate in Bible verses…)? “Examine your beliefs in light of truth. Reject anything that requires you not think.” And by this he seems to mean, anything that challenges your understanding, such as the harmony of justice and mercy. Satan’s third strategy – to remove the meaning behind symbols. He talks about how we sing about being cleansed “by the blood” as an example of an empty metaphor. He explains that “blood is life” and “the blood of Jesus is the life of Jesus.” “We are cleansed by the life of Jesus.” But we are not cleansed, in the metaphor, by the blood in the lamb. We are cleansed by the blood spilled from the lamb. We are cleaned by the death, the shedding of the life, of Jesus. And this is an important point. The fourth through seventh strategies are mostly well explained and harmless. But on the fifth… “Surrendering judgment to others.” Here methinks that Dr. Jennings shows that he has read Graham Maxwell. He makes a point that we can not surrender our beliefs to the “28 beliefs” of the church and then launches into the “servants or friends” theme of Maxwell. But this is speculative on my part and he doesn’t make any applications here. Lecture Five Lecture 5 was on Depression. I didn’t take notes and was doing two things at once while listening to it.

Lecture Six “Our Goal is to know God better, to develop trust and love and faith in God.” Jennings begins with a list of myths about forgiveness. One of these myths is that “Forgiveness comes after the offender says ‘I’m sorry’” His good point, that we should forgive before persons apologize, is extrapolated into a statement about forgiveness of sins. God has already forgiven us, even before we ask. And while it is true that God loves us, gave all to save us, is not angry with us, yet the Bible places forgiveness as conditioned on confession and repentance. “Myth three: Forgiveness requires payment.” And this is the attack on substitutionary atonement. “Anybody heard that forgiveness requires payment for our sins?” “How many believe that Jesus died to pay our debt? That God forgives our debts as we forgive our debtors? If you collect the debt, can you forgive it? If you forgive it, can you collect it?” Thus he confuses the issue relationship and justice. I forgive my debtors as a response to God forgiving me. But I am not their Lawgiver. They sinned against God and hurt me. I forgive the hurt. The judgment deals with the sin. So God says “vengeance is mine, saith the Lord, and I will repay.” He observes that in 1 Cor 13, “Love keeps no record of wrong” and uses this to belittle the idea of a record being kept of our sins in heaven. He says that our view of atonement is a “split in the godhead” and thus false. “Did Jesus need appeasement? Where did this distortion come from?” Thus he equates the idea of justice with appeasement. And that is a great fault. He addresses this apparent objection to his views: “Without the shedding of blood no remission” He 9:2.

And his answer is the moral influence theory. Jesus died to show us love and thus change us. It is a truth pitted against another in such a way as to make the second look like a lie. “ ‘[You say] the Father applies Christ’s record to our record and declares us innocent when we accept him.’ In what universe will it ever be true that Adam never sinned. If we say God declares us innocent, we make God out to be a liar.” “The records will last through all eternity.” OK, I admit it. I am getting tired of writing on this. See the appendix if you want to see what else was in the sixth lecture. You will find an attack on the doctrine of the blotting out of sins; you will find an attack on the use of records in the judgment of consecrated persons; You will find that sins are blotted “not from a book” but from our character. You will find that the punishment for sin is the damage the sinner experiences in sinning. You will find him answer an objection or two about God’s OT threatenings by saying that God was desperate and risked being misunderstood by rebels by communicating in a way they might listen – in other words, didn’t mean what He said. You will find in the Q and A, after the lecture, that a lady asked him more about “hell.” His summary is that God is a fire that burns sin, not material things, so the people won’t be burned, but will die naturally from the brightness of God and the sin in them will be naturally consumed by the fire of God’s presence, so God will not actually do anything to destroy them. And this flies entirely in the face of both scripture and the Spirit of Prophecy. You will find the strangest argument from the Greek word for sulfur in the third angel’s message. THE END. I FIND THE ABOVE TO BE SUFFICIENT DATA FOR MY CONCLUSIONS. ***************** ALL THE NOTES ARE BELOW *********************** Lecture 1

Introduction Picture: Jesus with hands on a disciple’s head Let this be your mental image – Jesus with his hands on your mind healing you Re 7:1 Sealing Forehead is where we do our reasoning, our thinking Sealing is healing the mind, bringing the character in line with God’s mind We will discuss God’s plan for the mind, self-esteem, seven things you can do to balance your mind. Our minds have orderly faculties Faculties – spiritual nature, not an entity, but these qualities of the mind These separate us from the animals Scamper – doesn’t reason well We – can reason Is 1:18; come let us “reason” together Ro 14:5; let every person be fully persuaded in his own mind. Then we must think, must reason Reason is a governing function of the mind, but insufficient Our conscience – the spiritual eye; the conscience can be healthy, unhealthy, blind Mat 6:22-23 The eye, the conscience, if it is full of light, then you are, if not, then you are not Paul wrote of those “seared with a hot iron” in their conscience, imagine the eye that way God can communicate with us audibly. Moses, God can communicate with us through conscience. Elijah, Spirit works through that conscience. What if we have reason without conscience? These are the sociopaths; smart, evil. Conscience, but no reasoning? Branch Davidians; Jonestown; Halebop Commit; Suicide bombers Carlos – healthy background; would not take medications He developed a psychotic depression; treated with hydrotherapy With prayer, lost weight; lost reason; eight months, With no improvement; spent time with he and his wife Protein changes; how the meds work; they told me,

It would be better to die than take meds; returned for Three months; taken back from his own custody; treated, Responded in a few weeks and recuperated. Reason and Conscience together – your Judgment Desire to Worship – another faculty of the mind What you hold to, on which you stake your existence – that is your God (a quote) What dominates, organizes, gives direction – in your God (a quote) Not, “Do we worship” but “What are we worshipping?” Why worship God? Because of the law of worship, the law of beholding In psychiatry that is called modeling. It is the reason to worship. Imagine praying to a frog god like that of Egypt? This is a currently used temple in India These are pictures are from inside the temple. They feed them milk and honey. Shoes are not permitted for the rats are holy. Study related to violence and television. 1945 – TV in the US and Canada 1974 – TV in South Africa 45 – 74, 93% increase in murder rates in US and Canada 74 – 87, 130% increase in murder rates in South Africa Neurobiologically the change in the brain when watched during youth, we will talk about that tomorrow. Healthy worship ennobles our judgment, helps our reasoning and our conscience I was at Harvard, ‘spirituality and medicine’ seminar. 1300 attendees. A lady rose to the microphone, representing the Wiccans. Place broke into applause. But not all beliefs are equally helpful. Next faculty: Your will. This is the CEO, the power to choose. Will was designed to follow reason and conscience. Will must be used, or even a smoker will never do what he judges to be best. Feelings are the caboose of the faculties… the last one in our list.

Heard of placebos? Give men placebo’s, and it actually works because the mind releases endorphins that block pain medication. If they doubt, they get no pain benefit, no release. Maids work, climb, … “Do you exercise?” They informed them … and they began losing weight. (laughter). (recent published study). Tube used on pregnant women and contractions watched. In every case stomach contractions decreased when given a medicine that they were told would cure their nausea. How would news of a recent death of your child affect you…even if it was a lie that you believed? Beliefs, unhealthy ones, affect you much. [Most destructive lies we believe are lies about God himself. Some of you will be shocked by the evidence. I want you to look at the information and weigh it.] Imagination – can be used constructively, or counter-constructively. I will show you ways to use it wrongly. There is a feeling not in original design – “fear.” It is part of the infection, like self-centeredness. Genesis 2:18 – helper suitable. Woman as man’s helper? No. Man is in image of God. Eve was created as an object of service for Adam so he could enter into godly experience. Reciprocal experience would imitate Godhead. The desire to unite is a spiritual desire. Then shouldn’t the desire for love be up in our spiritual nature. Answer: God’s invisible qualities are seen or explained by illustrations in nature. Animals can love each other – but not reason. No conscience. No moral decisions. Will and conscience must govern the expression of love. This gives the stability and legitimacy needed to make love useful. Our affections, our feelings of attachments, are another category of feelings. Imagine you save $ to buy a fancy car. If your new car has a big dent in the side, you feel badly. That is an emotional attachment. You must guard your emotional attachment to things…this is spiritual circumcision. Jesus said “those who prefer family to me are not fit….” We are crippled by our

affections so as not to do what must be done and said. We must cut those ties. Imagine that everyone in this room is in a healthy Christian marriage. Imagine that someone tells you a believable lie with digitally manipulated pictures and with tears, that your spouse is cheating on you. When you believe the lie, does that change you. Lies believed break the circle of love and trust. Broken love and trust produce selfishness and fear. Trust broken makes fear and selfishness…as a natural consequence. This idea is known as survival of the fittest – the oppose of God’s principal of love. Fear and selfishness produce destructive acts. They (sins) are the symptoms, the third step down, not the real problem, and they damage everything (mind, character and body) and lead to death. Unless there is a divine intervention. Warped by fear and selfishness. We are born with fear and self-centeredness. Ego-centrism is the natural wiring of humans. There are three main avenues -- sensualism, egotism, materialism…. Genetic connection is no surprise. We expected genetic connection to these things. Those who live according to the sinful nature set their mind to those things, converted minds live according to the Spiritual things. When the Spirit comes in, it begins changing the mind, purifying what is there. The converted mind is still tempted, but combats those temptations with trust and love. (Even though it doesn’t feel good.) Unhealthy worship – and other problems we will simply go over now: A FEELING ORIENTED LIFE [Judgment, Choice, Feelings] Examples: First baby, husband is gone on a trip, day has slipped by, at 11:00 you are tired. You sleep and baby wakes at 2:00 AM wet and hungry. You will get up despite how you feel. How do you feel in the morning? Feelings? I need to be in bed, sleeping like my husband. Now you get up in the morning. Sense of wellbeing? Self-confidence?

Sixteen year old cheerleader. She wished for a date from captain. On first date he tries to violate her virtue. She has feelings. She has a choice. If she says “no” does that feel good or tense? How does she feel the next day? Confidence? Up! Esteem? Up! But listens to feelings? Confidence and esteem, worth, always will fall, leading to insecurities, so we search for external approval, and we spiral down. Real story, pastor’s wife, in ministry for 28 years, several adult children, lifelong history of feelings of depression, insecurity, etc. She told how (way back) she had taken a class. She marked Wed night for preparation for a Thur exam. The church organist called asked for Wed. night, feelings flooded her, and she played…But living by feelings reduced her confidence, etc. Judgment creates shame. It speaks ill to you of you. Some have a real difficulty with this. “People who let feelings lead their lives are like bobbers on the ocean.” People who put their judgment in charge are like ships on the ocean. Jesus lived this way. Where do esteem, confidence, worth originate? They are natural functions of healthy mind activity. There is no need for artificial manipulation like “you, in the mirror, are a nice guy.” Persons with addictions are not low on information. Use imagination to help them instead of hurting them. If they aren’t careful when addicted, they will start going through the process of imaging good things. I tell them to imagine their flip box of cigarettes to open to be full of maggots or cockroaches. We can use our imagination to change the way we feel about the addiction. They want to supplant the warm-fuzzy feeling that goes with indulgence. PET scans regarding the imagination, (scan shows real-time action in the mind)…and they watch the mind firing while listening to a piano piece. When they imagine listening to the piece the same neurons fire as when they were listening to it. Jesus said “look on a woman” same as “with a woman” – this is why. Changes happen in our minds when we imagine things. As a man thinks in his heart, “so is he.”

I have an entire lecture on guilt that we won’t do tonight. Appropriate guilt is for doing something wrong. Inappropriate guilt occurs when you believe a lie. I had a patient with a two-year old sick child. Diagnosed ear infection. 105106 fever despite antibiotics. Middle-ear infection. Child worsened. Meningitis. Child died. Guilt ridden parent. But he did the right thing. He wasn’t responsible for the outcome. He did the right thing, experienced grief, and took those feelings as feelings of guilt. Mental gymnastics to find a fixable way…subtle selfdeception. Lies believed lead to guilt. Victims of abuse have these problems routinely. Imagine a filing cabinet. Each event is unchangeable. But you can put the fact in a different file. You can put it in a “poor man” file instead of the “gross girl” file. Many misfiled experiences affect the way abused people think of themselves. Ever walk in a cow pasture? Know what a cowpie is? Imagine you slip and fall in a cow-pie. Now you are a gross and disgusting person? Children don’t make this distinction, and they need to be helped to make the distinctions. “I wasn’t gross. I wasn’t the problem.” A lady was married, had a seven-year ago one-event one-night stand. Never was getting over the guilt. Confessed, repented, rebaptized. Why never over the guilt? Is an affair ever in harmony with judgment? No. She never balanced her mind in the right way, never went from feelings to judgment, so always dealing with false guilt, etc. (examples given) Mind dredges up the worst example and implements the guilt. She needed to get things straight. No one should say God temps, we are tempted when dragged away by our own feelings. –James 1. Seven changes:

1. Think for yourself. Friends better than servants. Fully persuaded. Discern right from wrong. 2. Establish trust in God based on the evidence. He said if you have seen me, you have seen the father. 3. Evaluate feelings in light of evidence. (We want to work through them, not ignore them). 4. Control the imagination. 5. Establish healthy religious practices 6. Chose to do what is healthy, right and reasonable because it is healthy, right, and reasonable 7. Missing number 7. ---- END OF LECTURE ONE --Lecture 2 Someone left his spouse, spouse not understanding Joe was a devout Christian; believing a wife should submit, he was a dictator. What to wear, spend, use of time, where to go. He concluded that she must be a lose women. He didn’t understand “The Law of Liberty” Illustration: Gravity works even if you don’t believe it, don’t think much of it. Law of Liberty is a natural law like this. Gravity is predictable. So is the law of liberty. The degree of violation determines the effect. How does a woman respond to a murderous proposal? When liberties are violated, love is damaged, and will eventually be destroyed. A desire to rebel is instilled where liberty is not. Third consequence: If you choose to stay when liberties are taken, you lose your individuality, you become a shadow person. Shirley came to see me after years of low moods. Regular basis of abuse. “I hit you because I love you.” It wasn’t his fault…if I hadn’t been late he wouldn’t have had to hit me. Mary was a 30 year old female, depression, panic, can’t think, make decisions, lots of meds under her belt. During a dating period, she was pressured into having sex. She tried to break up, he became demanding, and they went and got married at a justice-of-the-peace. Your swimming…but what if someone holds your head under water…the longer, the more the panic. This is what happens when you are in a

relationship where you are required to submerge yourself under the governance of another person. If you stay you will lose yourself and your ability to think for yourself. (50’s and 60’s ladies with martinis, self medicated for this.) If you don’t do what your spouse wants, they may pout, slam, etc. Love is damaged, individuality. John was in his 50’s, senior foreman of a construction company, ran several large crews. Received multiple bonus, married 30 years, father of three sons. Came to see me insecure, depressed, confused. Early in first year of marriage an argument his wife threatened to leave if he did not give up. If he didn’t back down when fear of her getting upset, he would be … losing himself. In his mind he frequently disagreed with his wife, but did not express his disagreements. We become shadow people. You can test these things in your marriage. When you give liberty, it works. When you take it away, the law works. Liberty sets you and others free at the same time. Love can not exist in an atmosphere without freedom. What is love? Where does it come from? How can we know it? Genuine is the thing to study today. Law of Love is the basis of all other laws. It is the law that emanates from God’s very being. God is love. Love is not “self seeking.” Love is otherseeking. God is not self-seeking, he is outward moving, other seeking. God is uplifting, being and giving blessing. His nature “can be seen in what he has made so that men are without excuse.” We can see it in nature? Yep. The oceans, and all life in the universe, operates this way. [water cycle described as giving cycle. Stagnation is result of separation from cycle.] [insect/plant relation; tree/squirrel relation] [o2/co2 cycle] [You want out of the cycle? Want to keep your CO2? You will die.] When God accomplishes his plan, it will be as easy to love as to breath. (We don’t stress over the need to love a lot.) (Electricity physics as illustration, circuit needed for flow.) For electrons to flow in your brain, you need full circuits. (galaxies, other circuits, etc.). What does Ezekiel see? Wheel in wheel, circle in circle. (Says stimulus package of Bush is a example of the law of love – hmmmm). Sinner, not priest, killed the lamb by stopping the circulation of the blood of the lamb. (Not the priest that killed the lamb… [but this is a poor statement.]

Life-blood of the universe is love. Ps 19:7 the Law of the Lord is perfect [rejuvenating] the soul. One of the lies is that the law of God brings death. Paul speaks of another law, the Law of the Spirit of Life sets me free from the Law of Sin and Death. God’s law is not the source of death. Does God have to use his power to kill? To inflict penalties? My patients don’t understand natural consequences. Have you stopped smoking? Then how do you pray for good lung function? (Illustrations of prayer as substitute for sowing and reaping.) I will come in and sup with him and he with me. How does Jesus knock on our hearts? With truth. We are faced with truth and decide to let the truth in or to turn away from it. God is knocking on our hearts. What is it that broke the “circuit of love?” Imagine a married couple. Imagine close to you lies about your spouse (repeat of last night’s illustration…) if you believe, does something inside of you change? This is what happened in heaven. Lucifer told lies and this caused the change in heaven. “God isn’t all he claims; he only loves those who have no autonomy. I’ve learned this from being close to him.” Go to God for wisdom. How do I respond? Lucifer says God is lying. How could you know who is telling the truth? Lies believed broke the circle of love and truth in heaven, in earth. Lies believed leaved to fear and selfishness. (EUGENE—OR SELF CONFIDENCE AND SELFISHNESS). Vilifies the law of survival of the fittest. Fear and selfishness result in acts of disobedience…three steps down before we get to the sins, the bad acts. Damaged mind, character, body, a terminal condition. Lust look and adultery, hate and death; Jesus is saying bad acts come from a bad heart and mind. Motivation from Texas story…fear of financial failure led to students and teachers to do wrong, fear of bad grades. Two principles war with each other. Self-sacrificing (to death) warring with survival of the fittest (to your death).

To write God’s law in us, that is the covenant he wants to make with us. No one will say “know the Lord” for we will all “know him.” John 3:16. End-time people, must have selfishness purged from them. Saul killed, then “I would give m life” Moses killed, then offered his life. Rev 12 shows end-time faithful, “love not their lives so much as to shrink from death.” Open your hearts and minds to the truth about God. Join again the circle of love, of giving, of life. Prayer END OF NOTES ON LECTURE TWO. LECTURE THREE Four dead girls, ages 4 to 16, found three weeks ago, mother arrested for their murders. Six welfare workers have been fired. Mother met a social worker, was rebuffed. Mrs. Lobes called police concerned regarding no investigation. 890,000 children were victims of abuse in the US last year. Other statistics of child murder, abuse. 77% of deaths caused by one or both parents. 1/3 in 1985 born to unwed mother. ½ of all first marriages end in divorce. 2nd marriage divorce rates are higher. Four practical steps to bring healing to your families. 1. Know God well, his principles, his plans. (not a cliché this time.) (We may not have known God well, his law of love. Do we really believe that God the Father is just like Jesus. Does it really matter? Paul says six times in Romans 1, truth about God has been rejected. Mind becomes darkened, depraved when truth about God is rejected. Further, God gave them to a depraved mind when they didn’t want to keep the knowledge of God. They are insolent, boastful. They disobey their parents. They are ruthless. Our families can not be healed without knowing God. Mark this well, “There will be terrible times in the last days….disobedience, lovers of money,….brutal…” lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God. These are not atheists, they are the religious people! We have accepted false ideas about God into our hearts, minds.

Science has shown that extrinsic religiosity increases the risk of child abuse. Those that have intrinsic religiosity, it goes down. 2,000 years ago conservative faithful religionists had so many lies in mind that they didn’t like God when they met him. Matthew 7, professed Christians, depart from me, “I have never known you.” We have accepted lies about God into our belief system. Connecting to him, life eternal, they might know thee, the only true God. We know about our presidents, but we don’t know them. Analogous to our knowledge of God. Advertises future programs…. 2. Deal with your own selves first. Healthy relationships require healthy people; healthy people are in governance of themselves. Wife threatened to leave if he didn’t get help. He worked 60 hours, then watched TV. Wife didn’t work, but house was dirty. They argued in the evening. We discussed these ideas. He had authority to change himself, not his wife. He began coming home earlier, cleaning up some, spending time with her. He stopped trying to impose change, he used energies to change himself. She began to clean, cook, to enjoy him. Repeat HRRHPHPAIGOT. Healthy people own their own shortcomings. They aren’t blaming others. Sue admitted gaining 100 lbs in her marriage and then was upset that she is not attractive to her husband. Does he come out to you? Does he talk to you? Yes. She had blamed her husband and thus didn’t take ownership. If you have a loved person that has a problem with you, would you prefer that person to confront you or keep it in? You want to work it out, you must create an atmosphere where it is safe to come, safe to communicate. 4 Principles of communication. 1. Seek to understand before seeking to be understood. 2. After you hear what the other person’s concern is, sympathize. Thank them for informing you. Acknowledge, affirm their position. 3. After 1 and 2, clarify and correct and explain 4. If in fact you made a mistake in judgment or action, own your mistake, make it right, apologize. Ron was married to one wife, saw many deaths of Iraqi persons and of his own units. His marriage was strained, but he argued that he loved his wife.

Ron learned to use the tools above, and she began to describe how he was tense, wasn’t happy around her, he identified with her, clarified, made it right. She began to support and encourage, fear removed by accepting the truth. Healthy families require healthy parents. Roger was fed up when he came to see me. He had two teenage sons. He gave them assignments, chores. They didn’t do their duties. The played their xbox. Roger forgot that his authority rested in governance of himself. Healthy parents are in governance of themselves. When he began to change himself. He went to talk to his sons, talk to them, then appropriately explained his discipline. No argument, but identified with the pain they would suffer with their discipline. Healthy parents are in governance of themselves. Parents remember their responsibilities. Parents are not responsible for the outcome of their children’s lives. Children grow up to shack up, use drugs, etc. Parents are guilt ridden. Parents are responsible for their conduct in parenting. The proverb: Raise up a child the right way, and he will not depart from it. Accurate: “Raise a child according to his way and when he is old he will not depart from it.” [Interesting idea.] How do we know this is the way? Data: God parenting Lucifer or parenting Adam. Parents are not responsible for being their child’s friend, buddy, or for getting their approval. They are responsible for doing what is best for the children despite what he or she may want. Imagine on feelings of child…would you give him the vaccine? The vaccine is a metaphor and we pray to God, “I thought you cared about me!” “I am protecting you for something greater.” God is preparing you through whatever you are John wanted his son to love him and so couldn’t discipline his son without his son’s permission. Healthy parents do what is in the best interest of the child, not because the child will approve.

Healthy parents are united in love and don’t allow the children to split the spouses. You talk, you share your values, have a vision in common. Spouses…if your spouse makes a mistake…if it can’t be cleared up, don’t discipline your spouse in the presence of the child. Sheila was 35, anxious depressed can’t focus, two teen sons living with her and her second husband. She would object and tell the boys they didn’t have to listen, she would roll her eyes. Constant turmoil, shouting, in this home. Then she learned these principals. She apologized to her husband, he was able to get his discipline under control, and boys conformed. That angel didn’t have any history upon which to draw information about who was telling the truth, Lucifer or … God said “let there be light.” “Let us make man in our image” “new beings able to bring forth beings in their own image.” Imagine if Adam and Eve had done what they had been told. Adam and Eve would have been giving of themselves for the good welfare of their children. Image to expose the lies of Satan. Satan split the godhead, not literally, but in the illustration of the human family. Jesus vs Father, mean vs kind one. Do ever think like that? Jesus said “I and the Father are one.” Love your children, discipline in love. Healthy families require healthy parents in governance of themselves and who are united in their responsibilities and who set healthy boundaries and enforce the boundaries that they set. Imagine that you have a child in first grade and you tell them that if they get a grade they get $5, and you don’t give them the $5…what do you teach them? That you are not trustworthy. If you don’t pick up, no desert. Child cries, you give them. You teach that you can not be trusted. Never set a boundary that you are not willing to enforce. If the baby is wrapped securely, it settles. If lose, it feels insecure. Children need rules and boundaries for security. Security comes from consistency. Children act out their insecurities. For children: Secret – parents have a goal for you, number one, to raise you in such a way that one day they can quit parenting you. They want you to take over the governance of yourself. When you consistently govern yourself, you get more freedoms. Opposite is also true. Step One: Know God Well

Step Two: Deal with your Own Self First. Step Three: Have a Vision; a vision to be just what you ought to be. Set your vision to see the children becoming like Jesus. Medals and money are not our goal. Sports Illustrated published study on athletes. You are offered a substance, 195 said would take substance if offered to not be caught, would win, more than half said “yes.” Step Four: Create an umbrella of Love and live under it. My class man said “My life is not perfect, but she wants to be.” “when she errs, I know she is already heartbroken over her mistakes, therefore I am never upset with her and her mistakes. And I want to be a perfect husband, and when I err, I am sad about it. And she knows that and treats me with grace.” You have a student that you believe is dropping the ball, and is doing it on purpose. Another failure is clumsy, but is trying. Same attitude in both circumstances? No. When your family goofs, how do you view them? As trying their best? Or as trying to mess things up and let you down. Prayer. --Lecture 4 I thank the choir for the song, “Be like Jesus in my Heart” We want to be transformed so that we will be like Jesus in our hearts. Laura worried about everything, be hired, was she liked, worried about losing persons close to her, married, unhappy, children in conflict, had been medicated, but not with much use. When I asked her if she believed in God, she said “don’t you dare talk to me about God.” She didn’t believe, but was angry. She saw God’s hand hurting her whenever something happened. God would take the goodness from her life. At 7 her mom was killed in an accident. She was still hurting as a grown-up. As the preacher went through the eulogy. Preacher said “Jesus took your mommy to be with him.” “I needed my mother.” Our weapons are not spiritual, the battlefield is the mind, a war over ideas about what God is like. What happened in her mind when the preacher said what he did? She was hardened. We are talking about demolishing Satan’s strongholds, his lies about God.

Satan got his foot-hold into the heart about humanity. [Illustration third time, about spouse having an alleged affair, lies believed break the circle of love and trust.] Lies – broken trust – fear – selfishness – acts, sins – damage to mind, body, death Darkness covered the people, gross darkness. Lies have been spread. Satan’s stronghold is in our minds. Light is in the world. Jesus came to set our minds free. Gates of hell will not prevail against God’s weapons. Lies do not stand against the truth. Jesus came to help by telling the truth about God. We open our hearts, without fear, etc. I was the Division Psychiatrist for the military. Man came to see me. Work problems, marriage problems. He was known as a Christian, but operated an Abram’s tank. He asked for holy oil, dedicated his tank. Invasion came. Radio was not working. Jones gave up his radio. Night fell, they mounted, having no way to see or hear. War. Everyone panicked. They thought they were going to die. He believed that God had abandoned him and left him to die on the field. Not one bullet hit you. He began to cry. He called me a week later and said he was feeling so much better he didn’t need to see me any more. End of nightmares, all went well. What made the difference? He had believed a lie, that God had failed to protect him. Truth set him free. I want to teach you how to free your minds, how to demolish … 1. We must know the battlefield. Our Mind is the location of the stronghold. (this afternoon we will talk about neurobiology and depression) 2. We must know God’s weapons which destroy Satan’s strongholds. His weapons are the truths. His weapons are love and freedom. 3. We must know Satan’s strategies and know his attacks.

Satan’s goal is to close the avenue to God. Satan wants to destroy our faculties that recognize truth, our judgment, our reason and conscience. Seven specific strategies. 1. from God. “God will examine our healthy brother Jesus in our place.” David prayed “search me oh God and see if there be . . .” We want the life of Christ IN us, not just over us. Defense: Examine the facts about the Father through the lens of Jesus Not OT to see Jesus, but Jesus to see the OT Woman in adultery, “neither do I condemn you.” Those were Father’s w. 2. Jesus treated Judas well…that is like the Father. Is 9:6 – a child is born, “everlasting Father” Antithetical beliefs. Turns off our brains. “God is love.” “Burn you in hell forever.” Said “love and hell” are antithetical Said “god is love” and “burn in hell” these CANNOT BE TRUE AT THE SAME TIME “I take God at faith, I just believe him.” Jennings says “you just turned off your brain.” He says “you think you have some verses, some inspired materials, that indicate that God will burn people? Bring them this afternoon, I would love to tell you what I believe about hell.” God will inflict penalties. God will not use his power to inflict external penalties. All God has to do is let go and if he lets go, we will die. God is love. God predetermined who will be saved or lost. DEFENCE: Examine your beliefs in light of truth. Reject anything that requires you not think. 3. Symbolism without meaning. If we embrace the symbol … Isaiah 1 Who told them to do what they were doing? Stop bringing meaningless symbols. Come let us reason together…red and white Ever clung to promises about being cleansed by the blood? Lies about God. That he is cruel, etc. Lies harden us, and we create schemes to be protected

Are we washed by the blood? Or do we understand the meaning? Do we understand the metaphors? Is blood a metaphor? The “life” is in the blood Life of Jesus… [BUT IT IS SHED BLOOD, NOT UNSHED BLOOD] Symbols without meaning. Defense: Search your belief for symbols without meaning, pursue the meaning. Substitute the meaning when reading. Blind faith. Science criticizes Christians for believing on faith without searching for evidence. Mark Twain, “faith is believing what we know aint so.” Does Satan want people believing things without searching? Or to search. If faith is just believing what you can’t see. “substance” – The foundation, the “understanding” “you wrapped up a present for your child.” Does your child go look for the present in the closet? They have a lifelong evidence of your trustworthiness and so go looking. But our faith is in the one that made the promises and we have a lifelong evidence that leads us to trust. Beliefs without evidence. Have faith with evidence. The evidence of the Word. The evidence from Christ’s life. 5. Surrendering judgment to others. “I don’t really believe that. Grandma was good, so.” Michelle wasn’t thinking for her self. Maybe we do that with a parent, or with the 28 beliefs, etc. God asks you to think for yourself. Servants don’t understand Master’s business. Friends do. Every person should be fully persuaded in their own mind. If you haven’t thought it through, Then it isn’t yet part of your character. Ditto for religious habits. God said, I believe it. – [HE SAYS THIS ISN’T GOOD] DEFENSE: Think for yourselves. 6. Emotionalism, feelings ruling over judgment. Feelings lead us into temptation. Self-control is the final fruit of the Spirit (not out of control, rolling on floor, etc.) Jesus and John had perfect self-control. Greater self-control and self-governance. 4.

Emmaus. Jesus took them to the evidences of scripture. “our hearts burned within us.” “an ‘ah ha’ moment.” Satan leads men to feelings without enlightenment. Thread in all forms of spiritualism. The pursuit of knowledge without evidence, without reason. Knowledge coming without use of reason and scripture – Satanic. Reason for yourself. Examine the evidence and truth. Choose. Stop activities which inflame emotion at the expense of reason. 7. living. Shutting down avenues when we are … doing this. Guilt comes when we have violated the law. Repentance and restoration. – right way to be rid of guilt. Denial, transference – the wrong way to do away with guilt. Can’t bend truth; we can only bend our view of truth. Warps our minds, makes us less and less reasonable. Truth has to be applied. Warp unbends. Defense: Live in harmony with the Laws of God. Though we live in the world, we fight other ways. We demolish arguments and take captive thoughts to Jesus Christ. Satan is attacking to take down our understanding of God. --Lecture 5 on Depression --Lecture 6 Goal is to know God better, to develop trust and love and faith in God. Sinful living. Violations of God’s laws of health, worship, love, liberty,

Kate came, depressed. Distraught. Her husband cheated on her for the 6th time. She caught him first, threw him out. He cried and confessed to pastor. Pastor took him to Kate, pressured her to take him back. I pointed out…forgive him in your heart, but forgiveness doesn’t change him. Myth one: Forgiveness means restored trust. Trusting sincerity is not the same as trusting with responsibility. Many persons function like 6 year olds. Sincere, but irresponsible. Kate’s husband was like this. Scorpion frog story. Myth two: Forgiveness comes after the offender says “I’m sorry” Bob was angry, hurt. Sister had gotten him drunk then stolen his coins. He was bitter and untrustworthy. He said “I will never forgive until she confesses.” Church lady said “daughter married a spouse-beater.” She was a bitter mother-in-law. Forgiveness is the process to root out the evil from ourselves. How will I relate to mean person? I chase after a man to reconcile. Adam and Eve were afraid of God when he came calling. Why hiding? [He said “because they believed lies.”] God has been running after mankind. Ro 5:8; while sinners Christ died. (confuses death with forgiveness). Myth three: Forgiveness requires payment. Anybody heard that forgiveness requires payment for our sins? How many believe that Jesus died to pay our debt? That God forgives our debts as we forgive our debtors? If you collect the debt, can you forgive it? If you forgive it, can you collect it? Brother paid the debt, and you call it forgiveness? Ex 34 2Co 5:19 1Co 13: God was reconciling world, not imputing Love keeps no record of wrong

Did God forgive us, then Jesus died to save us Says atonement is a split in the godhead.

Ro 8:31 If God is for us, who against us. Gave up his son. God justifies. Who condemns? God intercedes with the powers of evil, holding them back God intercedes in our hearts and minds, “putting enmity” in the heart Did Jesus need appeasement? Where did this distortion come from. “Without the shedding of blood no remission” He 9:2. What do you want to happen to your son with Leukemia? Says “remission” is going back to restored ideal. Cancer cells are cells that have lost self-control. They are me-me-me cells. If something doesn’t “intercede” then death ensues. What if the reason that they got Leukemia is because they disobeyed you and exposed themselves to a carcinogen. Would justice require that you let your son die? Would justice require that you kill your child to be justice? What if justice is predicated on the law of love? If your child damaged himself, justice would still try to save him. If you had used the words “if you drink the pesticide you will die”, would that have been a threat? What does law of body say? Sin must go into remission? God will be forced to execute? Once infected by Adam what was needed was a remedy and cure. Myth 3, forgiveness equals salvation Problem with sin is actually a problem with God – this is the error. God wasn’t changed when sin happened. Son has power to forgive sins (Matthew 9). Were the forgiven persons at the cross now saved? Not transformed, still his enemies, lost though forgiven. Think salvation is an issue of legal pardon. Salvo – take something and put it together, heal it. Jesus saves, heals, people. Bitten by a rattlesnake. Doctor says “I forgive you.” Is that what you want? Salvation is bringing us into harmony with God’s principles. Then reconciliation happens.

Joined to Christ is a “new being.” The old is gone, the new is come. God changed us from enemies to friends. Our message was that God was making the race friends by Jesus. (Paraphrase of the passage). Forgiveness alone is useless. Child drinking poison, falls, writhing. He says “sorry.” Dying. What does he need? Imagine Bush pardons Dahmer? Happy to have him be your neighbor? What we need is much more than pardon. We says “that’s ok.” Child lies, asks forgiveness, we say “that’s ok.” We can distort things, but the relationship is ok. The Father applies Christ’s record to our record and declares us innocent when we accept him. In what universe will it ever be true that Adam never sinned. If we say God declares us innocent, we make God out to be a liar. “The records will last through all eternity.” Your child has terminal cancer all through the body. You visit the super doctor. You hand him the record, and he replaces all the records. Is that what you want? The doctor looks at the records, rather, and intervenes and heals and restores. The records will show the cancer, the treatment, the restoration. This is what is happening in the process. Myth 4 – forgiving someone means what they did was ok Myth 5 – forgiveness leads to greater vulnerability. Sheila had the regular manic fear depression problems. Reported that she was raped in college, still incredible amount of rage. She said she would never forgive him because her anger made her feel strong. She was ready to lash out at an attacker. Here in FL you go out in the sun and fall asleep at 10:00 and at 6:00 you awake. Your 5 year old jumps on you – you scream. Spouse hugs you. Scream. Friend slaps you on back. When you are burned, you lose the ability to tell the difference between play, love, aggression, everything hurts. Best strategy – keep persons from touching you? Or heal the sunburn. Many persons organizer their life on never being touched. Forgiveness allows one to enter life less reactionary.

Johnny was frustrated as a Christian with anxiety and depression, 38 years married, troubled from 38 years ago when his wife had a one time one night affair at age 16. Johnny was still angry, bitter, resentful. He said if he ever forgave her he would open himself up to being taken advantage of. In reality, his failure to forgive was a wedge growing between them. He learned about forgiveness. He chose to forgive his wife. He has now a happy marriage. Myth 6 – Forgiveness means forgetting Is 43:25 – I, even I, blot out thy transgression. He 8:12 – I will forgive their iniquities, and remember their sins no more. A. What does it say? B. What does this mean? Does this mean things are blotted out from the records? Men are looking forward to the fact that there will be no record of the sins we have committed. So now we talk about David and Bethsheba. Do angels know about this? Or has this been blotted out? Do you expect to know your loved ones? Here comes Uriah, David, Solomon, Bethsheba. Will they know what happened? This is a misunderstanding that comes about regarding the judgment. Satan alleges that Christ checks the records, and finds nothing left there….. What happens is this: David is transformed, therefore the records are not relevant. Someone says before you vote on so and so, you should know that when he was 5 he had a terrible illness. So what? He is well today. That is the question in the judgment. That is what must be answered. Remember the woman being sniped at, washing feet with hair, if we have been forgiven much, we love much. If we don’t remember, we don’t have anything to sing. What, then, does it mean when it says he blots them out? He blots it out of character! That is where, not out of a book! Sin doesn’t happen in books, it happens in intelligent beings. Forgotten as far as relationship is concerned…but memory is still there. That is reconciliation. That only happens when there has been actual healing.

Myth 7 – Forgiveness means the offender gets away with it. Sheri was bitter, couldn’t relax, afraid of being hurt and exploited. Was molested ages 5-12 by her uncle. She refused to forgive because she thought that would mean he gets away with it. She misunderstood the nature of sin. No one ever gets away with sin. Sin damages the sinner. Who do you think got injured the worst? You or your uncle. Uncle has the worst of it, no one would chose his life. His conscience and purity is seared, blemished. Some struggle with Bible statements where it seems like God is meeting out the punishment. Eze 2:19-20 I myself will … destroy Jerusalem. Not pure until anger felt. I believe the inspired word. But what happened? It is recorded in the Bible. God stopped protecting them, let them go, and the Babylonians did the damage, not God. Then why does God speak that way. Hosea says, “they are stubborn, like a mule.” Heading for the cliff unconscious. Your son is stubborn, he goes over the cliff. Now you must go over and beat him? “He loved them enough to be misunderstood.” To get them stop. Ephraim, Ephraim, how can I let you go? Jerusalem, how I long to take thee as a hen. Oh son, you wouldn’t listen. We are in need of real healing, real transformation. “Evil shall destroy the wicked.” Ja 1:15, sin when full-grown brings forth death. “If God could get a little self-control, we could live in our sin” Satan says. We don’t run to God, we are afraid of him. QUESTIONS Pastor made the announcements. You can get your book signed. Q. Does grief affects the brain the same way as depression? Does it affect our reason and conscience?

A. Grief works through the pain centers, but if processed well, it doesn’t lead to depression. Guilt can infect the grief wound, resulting in depression. Q. I watched all six segments of this on the web and came down for the end. We should bring guests to lectures like these. What about race? I was born elsewhere and came here. America is not ready for a black president? Is the issue of race and issue of supremacy? I agreed with all you said today, everything is on track. A. Satan is a divider; God a uniter. Racism and sexism, manifestations of self-centered. There is no race, gender, in Christ. Christ said his kingdom is not of this world. If it were, he said, my followers would fight. If we identify with an earthly system, and this causes us to want to fight here. We struggle with patriotism. We want to be loyal to an extra-earthly kingdom. Supreme being found equality with God was not something to be grasped, but humbled himself. When we model after God’s kingdom, those serving the most, waiting the most, are the most supreme. Self-advancement is the earthly system. Q. Severe bi-polar. Her highs are other’s lows. Omega-3 helpful?

A. Absolutely yes, studies have shown that Korea and Taiwan and PR have the highest seafood consumption, bi-polar less than 1%, Germany 8%, USA in the middle, 5%. However, it has not been found to be treatment in isolation. Not a replacement that will undo the manic effect. We could talk an hour on the meds. Some real treatment may be needed. Q. A. What do you take? B2-B12, C, Omega 3

Q. Exercise? PTST. Was on meds, but until exercise, not much helped. Now off his meds. Can you explain. A. Exercise helps produce a certain thing; certain meds prevent exercise from helping. Exercise helps brain get nutrition, also produces endorphins, etc. This helps. More, we have studied that the frontal cortex is wired to the functional parts of the brain, and exercise helps the brain work better. So all those things in combination help. Until we say “I wouldn’t have chosen that, but I can live with that” we will keep reviewing traumatic experiences. Q. What about a severely raped, abused person?

A. Need to talk to them individually. Big hurdles. Those who engage and deal with their abuse are able to get better. Those who identify with their abuse may not deal with it constructively. Q. A. Q. A. Can God help a person you pray for without their cooperation? God won’t change a heart without engaging the victim. Ask me about hell, you said. So I am asking. Texts in the Bible talk Is 33:11-12 – who with eternal fire? The clean persons.

What did the bush do? It burned? Sinai? It burned? Were they consumed? Did the temple burn down when God filled the temple? Satan said you don’t want to be where God is, the place of burning. Moses wasn’t burned when he came down, he was glowing. But the people suffered just looking at him. They had him cover his face. Thessalonians are destroyed by the brightness of this coming. What are these pews made out of? This window? What is sin made of? Fire destroys sins. But sin isn’t made of substances. So the fire doesn’t destroy substances. So the fire destroys selfisheness. God’s love is a fire than can never be put out. Re 14: Third Message. “drink the wine of God’ fury, poured into the cup of his wrath.” “tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the lamb. And the smoke of their torment rises forever.” Burning sulpher = theon, similar to theos, God, Devine. Fire of God. In the presence. Fire burns through the lies, causing tremendous … [pain] Sun of righteousness…rising with healing in his “beams.” You have been in darkness for weeks, rescued into bright Florida day. If you come out at 4:00 AM, you can take it better. Sun is rising, truth is being poured in assimilatable quantities. But truth-rejecters will beg for rocks and trees. We should be afraid, not of Christ, but of sin. Q. With respect to God forgetting? Impossible? White as snow? Like wool? Does not the blood expunge?

A. Why would we need erase the record? We think that we are judged by the records. But we aren’t. One lady had broken femurs, needed blood transfusion. Pled with, pled with. Refused. She lost consciousness. We stopped when she lost consciousness. She died. What comes into evidence? Medical records. They defend the doctor. They are needed. For that, to exonerate God. Q. A. But for the saved? Erased from the character.

Q. We have separate conferences, separate camp meetings. We need to discuss and come together. I believe the antidote for these problems is love. A. I agree with you. Black conferences were good back when, but have outlived their usefulness. Q. I agree about sins being remembered? But what is this, as far as the east is from the west? They are there? What does that mean? A. No longer an issue in the relationship. Not between us and God. But doesn’t mean we don’t remember.

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