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a Consultancy 1.0. Background

Land is an extremely emotive issue in Kenya and the National Land Policy represents a major point of departure in the way Kenyans have perceived the whole arena of land administration and management since independence. The Land Policy makes recommendations with far reaching social, cultural, economic and political ramifications. A National Communication Programme is thus critical in providing the general public as well as specific interested parties with correct information regarding the Land Policy recommendations and the resultant land reforms. Such a communication Programme must not only address the technical aspects of the land reforms but more importantly the socio-cultural aspects that might hinder their acceptance. The National Communication Programme must thus not just communicate the outputs of the Land Policy and land reforms but, critically, also address the fears of Kenyans on certain important recommendations as well as the benefits of the land reforms. In this regard, the overall objective of the Land Reforms Communication Programme is to sensitize Kenyans so that they rally towards the Vision 1

of the Land Policy which is to guide the country towards a sustainable and equitable use of land. At the broad level, the primary communication challenges revolve around the national scope of the campaign and the deep-seated and the deeply emotive nature of land-related issues in Kenya. In this regard, there has emerged a need to engage the services of a Media Consultant to provide expert guidance on effective ways of carrying out public education and awareness campaign in the Ministry of lands. 2.0 Consultant

The consultancy will be carried out by an established communication consulting firm that should have expertise in development of communication strategies and programmes, media relations, and implementation of nationwide communication programmes targeting a wide range of stakeholders. Profile of the experts The lead consultant must hold a degree in mass communication or journalism with over 7 years experience working at senior level in the communication industry, A communication consultant with over 7 years experience in working with the media in Kenya, The firm must have wealth of experience in media relations having worked with the electronic print media successfully, Editorial competency within the firm to produce materials such as speeches, press releases, newsletters, brochures, news monitoring and analysis, Must have participated in implementation of public education and awareness campaigns in any sector in Kenya, 2

Should have been involved in the development and implementation of communication strategies, Must have the ability to work in partnership and with minimum supervision, Must be ready to travel widely within Kenya at short notices and Must be computer literate. 3.0 Responsibilities

The hired Public Education and Awareness Consultant will support and assist the Ministry of Lands to: 1) Design an integrated public education and awareness campaign on the Land Reforms. The campaign would incorporate a comprehensive media relations programme and the implementation of a campaign that would utilize mass media channels. 2) 3) 4) Develop campaign slogans and themes. Produce a quarterly stakeholder newsletter in print and e-letter format. Develop creative advertisement concepts for the electronic and print media. Also develop campaign posters and billboards as part of the campaign strategy. 5) Assist the Ministry to produce simplified and illustrative information education materials such as an information kit on the reforms for the key stakeholder groups. The kit would contain a brochure, factsheet and Frequently Asked Questions on the Land Reforms for the Public Education and Awareness campaign. 6) Work with the mass media and other stakeholders in ensuring adequate and fair coverage of the Land reform programmes for the entire country. 7) Run a successful public relations campaign to support the process of implementing the National Land Policy and the subsequent land 3

reforms. The consultant will monitor and evaluate the media coverage of the campaign. 8) 9) 10) Arrange for public debates at different levels of the society and develop a system to capture views emanating from these debates. Assist the Ministry of Lands in monitoring and sustaining public confidence in the land reform process. Guide the Ministry of Lands in developing terms of reference for a firm/firms to undertake production of campaign materials and other media programmes. 4.0 Outputs/Deliverables clear A and detailed Public plan Education and and Awareness to support communication strategy that has: clear implementation budget implementation of the entire campaign. A media relations programme that incorporates activities such as media briefings, press conferences, and media tours for the Ministry of Lands during the process of implementing land reforms. A framework for nurturing public debate that will take care of public information demands. A schedule for running publicity campaign programmes on the land reforms through all channels of communication. A list of identified institutions and organizations that will form networks and land reforms. A Monitoring and evaluation framework during the entire campaign linkages with the Ministry of Lands for collaborative activities that promotes sustainable publicity on

1) A

2) A Comprehensive work plan detailing activities to be carried out by the communication consultancy team for the entire time they are engaged. 3) Creative electronic and print media concepts. 4) Regular media coverage reports and campaigns that will include content analysis and feedback. 5.0 Duration of Contract

The contract will commence on 1 st April 2010 and will run on parttime basis for the period of the contract but not beyond October 2011. It is expected that the consultant will be available on call during this period of the contract and be able to deliver acceptable outputs to the Coordinator of the LRTU. 6.0 Management Arrangement

a) The Communication Consulting firm will be answerable to the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Lands, through the Coordinator, LRTU and the Public communication unit and will be expected to submit a monthly report concerning all deliverables as defined in the action plan. b) The Communication Consulting firm will provide the Coordinator, LRTU within five days of engagement an action plan that has clear and definable deliverables and outputs.