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Angels of the Moon Angels of the New Moon Workings should be done from the day of the New

Moon to 3 days after. Envision these angels with glittering silver wings, dark hair, skin of dusky caramel, and sparkling dark gray robes. The closer to the New Moon, the better the energy. Issues of beauty and health, farms and gardens, job-hunting, love and romance, networking, and selfimprovement all come under the auspices of the New Moon angels. The best time for working with them is at dawn to dusk. I summon the angels New of Moon To weave their magick on enchanted loom Silver wings and caramel skin I slowly gather your energy in Begin the matter, bring to form Lend your power- the thing is born! Angels of the Crescent Moon This crescent faces west, and the phase lasts from 3 days after the New Moon through the seventh day. Because this moon rises at mid-morning and sets after sunset, check your astrological almanac for precise midpoint timing. Issues of animals, business, change, emotions, and matriarchal strength come under the reign of the Crescent Moon angels. Envision these angels with aquamarine robes, fiery red hair, peaches-and-cream skin, necklaces of seashells and peacock feather wings, with a glowing, milky Crescent Moon on their brow. I summon the angels of the Crescent Moon Minions of the Goddess, come to me soon Mother essence I now draw nigh Please send your energy from the sky Strength of the matter please take form Powerful magick I perform Hair of fire, wings with eyes The thought is born it will not die Deosil energy up and round I reach above and draw it down! Angels of the Waxing Moon This phase is from 7 to 10 and a half days after the New Moon. Here the Moon rises at noon and sets at midnight. Sunset is the prime period for magick involving the angels of the Waxing Moon. Those issues of interest to the angels of this Moon phase are courage, elemental magick, friends, luck, and motivation. These angels work extraordinarily well with fairies and devas. Picture these angels with robes colored like a vibrant sunset, fairy wings, olive skin, and auburn hair. Waxing angels, sunset bold I call your essence, energy mold Fairy friends and deva wings Power of the heavens bring Potent elements and mystic art I conjure these angels from my heart Olive skin and auburn hair

Build the thing from midnight air Autumn breeze and springs bright kiss Lend me, please, your heavenly bliss All good fortune spiral round Increase each turn, love abounds Angel force and energy The thing is set in eternity As I will so mote it be Angels of the Gibbous Moon This phase begins the 10th day after the New Moon and lasts to the 14th day after the New Moon. The Gibbous Moon rises at 10 or 11 in the evening and sets at 3 in the morning. Work with them at the midpoint between the rising and setting of the Moon. Angels of Gibbous Moon are concerned with issues of patience and star magicks. Visualize them with midnight robes sprinkled with thousands of stars, white hair, fair skin, and wings of gossamer. Gibbous Moon angels, patience divine I call you into this circle of mine Starry essence with gossamer wings Build the magick, vibrations sing I draw the energy of angelic love And pull your power from planes above Circle round as the moon doth swell Faster and faster, then seal it well As the moon turns from dark to light I release the power of angelic might Natural force and energy That moves the world I cannot see I bring to form my ardent choice And touch the strength of angels voice Angels of the Full Moon This phase begins at dusk and ends at dawn; therefore, midnight is the most propitious time to call the angels of the Full Moon. This Moon phase occurs from 14 to 17 after the New Moon. The issues of prime concern to the angels of the Full Moon are artistic endeavors, beauty, health, fitness, change, protection, competition, decisions, dreams, families, knowledge, legal undertakings, love and romance, money, motivation, Psychism, and self- improvement. Envision these angels with robes of white silk, blonde hair, peaches- and- cream skin, and iridescent wings. When the moon is full and fill with light I summon forth angelic might Beams of love from glittering orb The Goddess reigns at heavens door Angel essence and I are one Fortunes touch blessed by the Sun. I cast the circle and seal it fast With equal force the magick lasts As above so below I form the power, then let it go She rules the realm I cannot see And brings to form my reality

Angels of the Disseminating Moon This phase begins 3 days after the Full Moon and lasts until 7 days after the Full Moon. The moon rises at midevening and sets at mid-morning, making the hours of souls (3 a.m.) the best time for calling these angels. The angels of the Disseminating Moon are concerned with issues of banishment, and therefore you may see them with swords, knives, or scythes. Dont fear them; they only wish to cut away the negative energies surrounding you and do not wish to harm the human essence. These angels deal with addictions, decisions, divorce, stress, protection, and negative emotions in general. They can be envisioned wearing robes of black and white animal skins, heavy silver jewelry, with milky skin, dark hair, and falcon wings. Angels of Dissemination Help me with this conflagration Falcon wings banish evil From myself and all my people Addictions vanish with the wind Bring only positive energies in Cut the evil quick and fast Goddess love be made to last Break this tired and weary affair Replace the space with fortunes air Angels of the Dark Moon Timing here is 10 to 14 days after Full Moon. This moon rises at 3 in the morning and sets at mid-afternoon. Angels of the Dark Moon are known for their acts of justice. They deal with addictions, change, divorce, enemies, justice, obstacles, separation, criminals and their acts, and death by unjust means. Oddly enough, their strongest hour occurs around 10 in the morning. Visualize these angels with no irises in their eyes, only large, moist pupils that see everything in all realms. Their ebony wings are powerful, their hair a froth of gleaming jet. When they smile, you will see canine incisors. The skin is void of color and they prefer black cloaks edged in crimson over robes of shimmering gray gauze. Indeed, sometimes these angels are mistaken for vampires. Dark Moon angels hear my plight Come to me, bring second sight. Wings of ebony, hair of jet Forth the skies with justice met Circle round in shimmering gauze Add your power to my cause Banish evil here and now Bury it with heavens plow Dark Moon angels strong and wise Cast it out, split asunder Disseminate and bury under Smile of Crone and strength of Sage As above so below Break the hex and overthrow Summon, please, the heavenly host To spook this criminal from pillar to post Bring to end evil and strife Replace with harmony, love and light.