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Animal Totem Meanings Badger A powerful protector.

Bear Strength & Stamina, coupled with hibernation habits, make it an excellent guide into the realm of sleep and dreaming. A powerful companion. Bees Industry, Frugalnes and Hard Work Blackbird Associated with magick and the ability to pass into the Other World. Its song can put people to sleep or enchant them outside time. Can impart deep secrets of the Other World and transport the listener to another place. Butterfly Frivolous things, Non-essentials Cat Strong guardian and good protector of one's inner powers during times of confrontation. Wisdom, Intellectualism. Aloofness Cow Money or prosperity Crane Moon's August/September. Colour Brown. In healing, represents time and patience of the process. Keeper of sacred tools, and associated with its attribute in shapeshifting. Teaches the heart to open and shift into other worlds. Spiritual Life. Crow Moon's March/April Colour Crimson, green-brown, and royal purple. In healing, represents the power of fire: resurrection. Tree Alder, Courage. Crow is the protector of sacred records and respect. Teaches skill, cunning, and single-mindedness. Crow is sacred law. Deer Magickal creature who leads one to the Other World and which often takes shape of a beautiful woman. Grace. Dog Love, friends and fidelity Duck Moon January/February. Colour red. In healing, helps sustain and extend life. Rowan, quickening of the year. Creature of habit and attributed to humour. Teaches us to feel at home anywhere. Lesson is to enjoy true friendship through discipline of compassion, Power of emotion. Wealth & Plenty Eagle Qualities of swiftness, keen sight, and magick. Powerful ally when venturing into fresh territory.

Eel Protector Elephant Great memory, long life and strength. The strength and courage to face danger Fish Sexuality, Lucky speculation Goose November/December, green, aid overindulgence. The reed. The keeper of sacred time, attribute of summoner. Teaches us to pay attention to details of every situation. One can learn to detect danger. Sacred attention Gull Moon's March/April Colour Crimson, green-brown, and royal purple. In healing, represents the power of fire: resurrection. Tree Alder, Courage. The believer in universal abundance, attribute of providing. Teaches how to find necessary items required from what is before us. One can begin to see the clear path of deception, learning to look beneath the surface. Universal Abundance Hawk April/May. Colour is Haze. In healing, aids in dimishing fevers and headaches. Willow, sacred tree of the Triple Goddess; message: past, present, future, now. The messenger, attributed with responsibility. Teaches to observe, receive signals, and grab opportunity. One beings to connect with the far-reaching memory. Hawk is the ancestor soul. Horse Ability to know the ways into the Other World and to be a good and faithful guide therein. Strength, Travel & Grace Hound The hunt. Scent and tracking skills, a protective companion Hummingbird Communication, visitors Lion Influence, Royalty, Power, Strength & Fertility Mouse Poverty & Theft Otter Wisdom, skilful harbouring of essential abilities and inner treasures. Faithful and single minded, powerful protector, strong aid to recovery in illness. Owl Wisdom, November/December. Green. In healing, aid overindulgence. The reed, symbolizes music. Known as magick, the bearer of omens, attributed seership. Teaches us to silently observe. One can learn understanding. Sacred wisdom Parrot Brashness, Scandal

Peacock Luxury, splendour, vanity Pheasant December/January. Colour is blood red. In healing aid in purification. The elder, the tender care needed to restore the body, mind and spirit. You may begin. The risk-taker, attribute of the sacred spiral. Teaches us to assume the role of leadership, to lead. One can harmonize the dance. Personal Power. Rabbit Timidity Salmon Wisdom and the acquirement of knowledge Snake September/October. Colour varies. In healing, the tonic. The vine, the vintage season is a time of joy, exhilaration, and wrath. The transmuter of life-death-rebirth, attribute alchemy. Teaches that we are universal, we can bring about the inner fire. One reaches the spiritual plane, becoming wisdom, understanding. The power of creation. Wisdom, secrecy, knowledge. Snipe Moon February/March. Colour half clear, half deep blue. In healing, power of water, rebirth. Ash, from the viper's poison comes the tonic of life. The gatherer, attribute of precision. Learn to acquire goals through perfect aim of focus. Energy of Achievement Sow Fertility, greed and mere stubborn Spider Good fortune, Cunning, Secrecy, Hidden things. Starling July/August. Colour green-grey. In healing, power of preventative protection. Holly, sacred Celtic tree. Teaches the gift of enthusiastic action. One becomes gregarious. The power of the sacred clan. Swan October/November. Colour is blue. In healing, steadies the nerves. Ivy, I die where I cling. The power of women and attributed to grace. Teaches us to surrender to the grace and rhythm of the universe. One can learn to move into the spirit of the All. Spiritual power. Turtle slow, fertility, retreat. Universal symbol of chastity and emblem of the sword of the word of God Wren June/July. Colour is black. In healing, the power of cleansing and strengthening. Oak, symbol of strength, endurance, and triumph. The king of all birds, attribute of charm. Wren teaches the gift of song and good cheer. One begins to participate in the celebration of Life. The power

of Mythos. (Source Unknown)

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