Exponential Project

1. Form groups of up to 3 2. Choose a topic or invent your own (research realistic starting values and rates) 3. Come up with questions. Lots! (In the end you’ll need twice as many questions as people in your group.) 4. Choose one interesting question to work on. You’ll know a question is interesting if you need to put pencil to paper and/or use your calculator. If you’re still not sure your question is interesting, check with someone. 5. Repeat until you have 2 questions and answers per person. 6. Make your report.

Report Must Include:
•Context (write a story including all relevant information) •Equation with an explanation of what each value represents •Graph with labels and an appropriate scale •Questions and answers (2 per person) The question should be clearly stated. Include your process for finding the answer. State what the answer means in the context of this problem. •Reflection (each person individually writes how they contributed to the project and why the context requires an exponential function)

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