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Introduction: I intend to find out the relationship between temperature and rate of flow, determining the shape of the

graph it leaves. I choose this topic as an alternative to my original allthough simpler question of measuring pressure against flow rate both were ideas formed independent of the internet or written experiment ideas. This information would be useful to any situation where water needs to be transported through pipes quickly allthough are limited by space .

Experiment: using a thermostatically controlled water bath, checked with an independent thermonmeter the water will then flow through a 50cm length of rubber piping to an upside down bottle. The pressure will be kept constant by having an outlet half way up the bottle, acting as an overflow keeping the pressure constant, there will be a third pipe at the bottom of the bottle 0.5 cm in diameter and 40cm in length, which leads to a collecting container, the whole setup remains in the same position, the water collected after each 'run' of the experiment will be weighed subtracting the containers 'dry' weight to increase accuracy. Problems which occurred: 1: due you taking a average of two temperatures It was nigh impossible to do a repeat of a specific temperature this has left several anomalies in my data which presumably would have averaged out if I could have repeated values. 2: the original setup of my experiment ment only a clamp was used to hold the bottle up. When the extra weight of the water was added the bottle would slightly slip through the clamp, causing the pressure to change on the outlet pipe. This was solved by drilling through a stronger/thicker bottle a using a piece of dahl through the bottle to support the wieght on a pair of bosses. Aglue gun was used to seal the edges of the cut holes. 3: Heat capacity of the bottle Risk assessment: The main risks in this experiment are the use of sharp cutting impliments/drills used to cut holes in my water container as well as trip hazards as most of the experiment had to be on the floor to allow the water to flow by gravitional potential energy, these risk were minimized but containing be experiment to a corner of the laboratory where people do not need to pass through. A vice was used on the bottle while drilling/cutting holes to stop the bottle slipping out from underneath the drillbit . Errors/ sources of uncertainty The main places where errors occurred in the procurement of my data would have been due to the temperature of the water as well as parallax error, getting the water to a ceratain temperature to start with reqiured time depending on the room temperature and its starting temperature cooled at different rates a large reason why theoretically water flows in greater volume when hot is due to the excitement of molecules not only in the water but also the tubes it is flowing through, as I was changing the temperature of the water I was using every few minutes the equipment did not always be at the same temperature as the water. Stop taps had to be used while changing the water, isolating the equipment as the header (water bath) was only large enough to supply water for around 3minutes I could not run the system continuously. Another source of uncertainty would be