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Bachelor of Engineering, Engineering Physics (Sep 2003 ~ Apr 2007) McMaster University, Hamilton, ON • Recently completed the four-year undergraduate Engineering Physics program • Program focused on Electronics and Optics • Cumulative average: 8.8 out of 12 • Awarded Dean's Honor List in 1st year Engineering I program • Core courses taken: Electricity & Magnetism; Electronic Devices & Circuit Analysis; Signals & Systems; Solid State Electronics; Digital Logic; Semiconductor Manufacturing Technologies; Quantum Mechanics; Physical Optics & Optical Instrumentation; Fiber-Optic Communication; Laser and Electro-Optics.

Project Related Experience
Senior Year Design and Synthesis Project • • • • (Sep 2006 ~ Apr 2007) Worked in team of 3 people to design, construct, evaluate and refine an automatic guided vehicle for outdoor races. Utilized both mechanical (e.g. DC motors) and electronic (e.g. magnetic sensors and PIC microcontrollers) components in the design. Used Microsoft Project 2003 to develop plans, assign resources to tasks, track progress, manage budgets and analyze workloads. Demonstrated excellent problem solving, teamwork, time management and communication skills; Proven ability to independently learn and apply new skills such as microcontroller programming. (Sep 2006 ~ Dec 2006)

Senior Year Solid State (Microelectronics) Laboratories • •

Worked in team of 3 people on fabrication of silicon-based integrated circuits, which involved various processes such as wafer cleaning, oxidation, dopant diffusion, and photolithography. Demonstrated strong teamwork skills and attention to detail in implementing complicated fabrication procedure. (Jan 2004 ~ Apr 2004)

Engineering Design and Solid-modeling Project • •

Worked in team of 6 people to design customized walker for young boy with disability using SolidEdge software package. Demonstrated strong teamwork skills, creativity and ability to identify and analyze client's needs. (Jan 2004 ~ Apr 2004)

Software Engineering UML Design Project • •

Worked in team of 3 people to design software system for controlling household thermostat device using Unified Modeling Language. Learned and successfully applied UML independently within a limited period of time.

Lab Skills: • • • • General Electronics lab skills (oscilloscopes, signal generators, power supplies, circuit board soldering, etc) General Optics lab skills (interferometers, polarizers, etc) Microchip PIC microcontroller programming using C language, MPLAB IDE and PICSTART Plus Fabricating integrated circuits on silicon wafers

Programming: • C/C++ and MATLAB programming

Software: • • • Familiar with Maple, Electronics Workbench Multisim, Adobe Photoshop and general Windows applications Basic knowledge of Altera MAX+PLUS II, UGS SolidEdge, Microchip MPLAB IDE, and Silvaco ATHENA & ATLAS Familiar with Microsoft Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, Visio, and Word 2003

Operating Systems: • • Experienced with Windows 98/2000/XP Basic Knowledge of Ubuntu Linux

Languages: • Fluent in oral and written English and Mandarin

• Associate resident member of Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE). *References available upon request