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Suri Like

104 Merna Ave, Hamilton, ON, Canada L8S 2L2

TEL: 905-537-1504 Email:

Bachelor of Engineering, Engineering Physics (Sep 2003 ~ Apr 2007)
McMaster University, Hamilton, ON
• Recently completed the four-year undergraduate Engineering Physics program
• Program focused on Electronics and Optics
• Cumulative average: 8.8 out of 12
• Awarded Dean's Honor List in 1st year Engineering I program
• Core courses taken: Electricity & Magnetism; Electronic Devices & Circuit Analysis; Signals
& Systems; Solid State Electronics; Digital Logic; Semiconductor Manufacturing
Technologies; Quantum Mechanics; Physical Optics & Optical Instrumentation; Fiber-Optic
Communication; Laser and Electro-Optics.

Project Related Experience

Senior Year Design and Synthesis Project (Sep 2006 ~ Apr 2007)
• Worked in team of 3 people to design, construct, evaluate and refine an automatic guided
vehicle for outdoor races.
• Utilized both mechanical (e.g. DC motors) and electronic (e.g. magnetic sensors and PIC
microcontrollers) components in the design.
• Used Microsoft Project 2003 to develop plans, assign resources to tasks, track progress,
manage budgets and analyze workloads.
• Demonstrated excellent problem solving, teamwork, time management and communication
skills; Proven ability to independently learn and apply new skills such as microcontroller

Senior Year Solid State (Microelectronics) Laboratories (Sep 2006 ~ Dec 2006)
• Worked in team of 3 people on fabrication of silicon-based integrated circuits, which involved
various processes such as wafer cleaning, oxidation, dopant diffusion, and photolithography.
• Demonstrated strong teamwork skills and attention to detail in implementing complicated
fabrication procedure.

Engineering Design and Solid-modeling Project (Jan 2004 ~ Apr 2004)

• Worked in team of 6 people to design customized walker for young boy with disability using
SolidEdge software package.
• Demonstrated strong teamwork skills, creativity and ability to identify and analyze client's

Software Engineering UML Design Project (Jan 2004 ~ Apr 2004)

• Worked in team of 3 people to design software system for controlling household thermostat
device using Unified Modeling Language.
• Learned and successfully applied UML independently within a limited period of time.
Lab Skills:
• General Electronics lab skills (oscilloscopes, signal generators, power supplies, circuit board
soldering, etc)
• General Optics lab skills (interferometers, polarizers, etc)
• Microchip PIC microcontroller programming using C language, MPLAB IDE and PICSTART
• Fabricating integrated circuits on silicon wafers

• C/C++ and MATLAB programming

• Familiar with Maple, Electronics Workbench Multisim, Adobe Photoshop and general
Windows applications
• Basic knowledge of Altera MAX+PLUS II, UGS SolidEdge, Microchip MPLAB IDE, and
• Familiar with Microsoft Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, Visio, and Word 2003

Operating Systems:
• Experienced with Windows 98/2000/XP
• Basic Knowledge of Ubuntu Linux

• Fluent in oral and written English and Mandarin

• Associate resident member of Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE).

*References available upon request