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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

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Software Architect 2 .

PERSONAL DETAILS FULL NAME NATIONALITY LANGUAGES DATE OF BIRTH : : : : Renato Gandini South African English 9th of October 1964 EDUCATION IBM Architectural Thinking Sun Certified Java Programmer (1.4) Sun Certified WEB Component Developer ( Page 3 of 10 . Soc. Soc.4) (88%) (82%) (2010) (2003) (2003) (2001) ( 66% 62% 74% Van Zyl and Pritchard – Java Programming Course • University of Natal Durban – B. Sci Majors: Economics Industrial Sociology • University of Natal Durban – B. (Economics) 13/04/10 www. Sci Hons.dearx.

 SARB ITT BOP – compliance project requiring integration to Siebel CRM for a call centre driven mandates solution.  Use of Rational Method Composer for authoring and publishing of SOA standard and practises  Implemented use of Websphere Service Registry and Repository for service management and automated publishing of content to the repository ABSA Bank (DeArx Services) (Current) Solutions Architect – WebSphere Platform • Designing and implementing a range of solutions on the WebSphere 6 platform within Absa’s SOA initiative embracing o Secure Web services  SOAP over https with mutual authentication  XML digital signatures  Generation of self-signed certificates  Configuration of the SSL settings within the WebSphere Application Server o XSLT for converting xml defined frontends into html 13/04/10 www.CAREER REVIEW TO DATE Nedbank (DeArx Services) (Current) Fulfilled 2 distinct roles during the period at Nedbank – Software Architect and Service Registrar Software Architect Role within the Nedbank Integration Services Team o Design.  NGI CVP .za Page 4 of 10 .Integration of a Service Registrar Role within the Nedbank SOA COE o Definition and implementation of  Source Code Configuration Management of services using Rational Clearcase  Knowledge management plan for SOA design and development standards.  Grants Automation – automation of the homeloan process. development and technical leadership of integration centric solutions based on the IBM product suite of Message Broker and Process server.

Seconded to 3 projects: 1. Leading development teams in timely delivery of projects using RUP o Managing of source control within the Rational Suite of products o Allocating and driving tasks o Clearing bottlenecks from the critical path Started a tech forum to provide an avenue for skills extension and ideas transfer within the development environment. • Migration of Java components to EP6 13/04/10 The Enterprise Portal using EP 5. • Coordination of testing and implementation.0 : Responsible for: • Development of processes for maintenance and governance procedures. • Architecting/Design and implementation of components and services including XML interfaces.• • o Use of MQ series for asynchronous messaging o Extensions to Absa’s eMessaging system o Interfacing with mainframe Systems. • Mentoring of junior developers. BUSINESS CONNEXION (COMPAREX AFRICA) (Dec 2003 – July2004) Consultant – Java-SAP Portal Senior Developer/J2EE Architect • Further renewal of Page 5 of 10 .

NET architecture.2. • Liaising with Business Representatives and Oracle Database Administrators. GPD – A client-server document capture system using the eclipse SWT library. • Design and development of XML documents and associated • Production of conceptual designs and technical specifications using UML notation. Renewed for a further 6 months following the successful implementation of the systems first Java iViews. Responsible for: • Research and Development of the technology as previously all iViews had been part of the .com – The internet site using ATG Dynamo: Responsible for and participation in: • Component Development & Design • Integration with WebTrends – a 3rd party web statistics application • Assessment of 3rd party applications • Writing of database scripts integral part of the biggest MES implementation worldwide. • Mentoring of developers new to the portal environment.dearx. • Coordination of testing and implementation. • Architecture and development of interfaces and the service framework. Page 6 of 10 . Responsible for : • Client liaison • Architecting the solution • Functional Design Specification • Database development and design • SQL scripting • Object modeling • User interface development and design. 13/04/10 www. • Development of Database queries and procedures using SQL and PL/SQL. • Code development COMPAREX AFRICA (Jan 2003 – Dec 2003) Consultant – Java-SAP Portal Senior Developer/J2EE Architect • An initial contract of 6 months to architect and develop Java iViews for Sasol’s SAP Portal implementation .

co. 13/04/10 Page 7 of 10 .• Portal configuration.

Framework included the ability to dynamically generate Xml from the server. ASTROLABE TECHNOLOGIES GROUP (May 2002 – July 2002) Java Programmer • On-site maintenance and extension of Standard Bank’s Image & Workflow system intended to take the Standard Bank Home Loans Department into a paperless era. Extensive use of Swing. and to overwrite the Xml read from the local machine. Responsible for : • Debugging and coding of Small Work Requests in Java. Achieved rendering of PlayStation2 quality graphics through the use of openGL4Java. • Custom painting Swing components for the display of animated 2D graphics. • Maintenance and authoring of FileNet VisualWorkFlow Instruction Sheets and the coding of Java queries to queues within VisualWorkFlow. if internet horse racing game for Aristis Consulting. JDBC. Java 2D.DATAMAGIC Java Developer • (August 2002 – November 2002) A short-term contract involving the upgrade of Digiturf. • Xml and DTD . • Writing of the resource loader for the Page 8 of 10 . which was responsible for locating the relevant Xml/DTD files and loading the resources from the relevant jars. XML 13/04/10 www. Responsible for: • Coding of Desktop apps in Java. background and foreground images as well as providing custom UI’s for scrollbars. Responsible for: • Component design and development. PANACEA TECHNOLOGIES (June 2001 – April 2002) Java Programmer Junior coding position.

life etc. Private contract teaching Business English to employees of Banco Comercial Budgeting to finance renovations. Organization and Planning: Renovations entailed moving premises for a period of 6 weeks without the loss of a days trading. JSB.dearx. Conceptualization and design: Responsible for creation of new look following renovations. training and management of 6 permanent staff members and various part-timers. Bank reconciliation. staff absenteeism etc. Entertainment: Arranging and running resort entertainment for company guests. UIF. Customer Relations: Building and maintaining one of Durban’s largest video customer bases.OSCAR’S VIDEO AND TAKEAWAY Owner • • • • • • • (Nov 1995-Dec 2000) Finance: Costing and pricing all items. travel Page 9 of 10 . Calculation and payment of VAT. CHRYSTAL HOLIDAYS AUSTRIA Ski Tour Rep • • • (Winter 1992 & Winter 1993) Troubleshooting: Dealing with guests problems regarding accommodation. Crisis Management: Troubleshooting equipment and or power failures. Cash Control: Ensuring all money taken from guests was correct and banked on behalf of the company 13/04/10 www. ILPA LANGUAGE INSTITUTE PORTUGAL English Teacher • • (1993-1994) Teaching English to foreign language speakers from beginner to advanced. Human Resources: Selection. one of Portugal’s leading international banks . Negotiation: Successfully negotiated the sale of the business over a period of 5 months.

za Page 10 of 10 .co. Administration: Setting and marking papers (1987-1990) Core Skills: Methodologies: RUP SOMA Design: OO SOA Development: J2EE Websphere Process Server Webphere MessageBroker Webphere Datapower 13/04/10 www.TOWNSEND CONSTRUCTION LONDON Labourer • General hand-dirtying activities (1991) UNIVERSITY OF DURBAN-WESTVILLE Junior Lecturer Economics • • Lecturing: First year Macro-economic syllabus.dearx.

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